Reunion Union


It was my wife’s 20th year high school reunion and she wanted to look her best. That she always looks amazing is beside the point. She’s tall, slender and brunette with a fantastic body. She has a great ass and nice firm tits. Not huge. Just right.

It was being held at a local country club. She was involved in planning the evening, so they really didn’t hold back. Everything was going to be first class. I was looking forward to seeing her decked out for the night and maybe getting between those fabulous thighs later on.

The night came and when she came down the stairs in out house I was blown away. She was wearing a tight, form fitting dark blue velvet dress that clung to her body like it was painted on. It came down below her knees and it was strapless leaving her shoulders bare except for her thick dark hair cascading over her shoulders. This also meant that she was not wearing a bra and I could see the hint of her nipples straining against the tight fabric. So basically all she had on was panties and they had to be sheer or they would be leaving a panty line, her dress and the black high heels with straps around her ankles. In a word, she was stunning and I told her so.

She thanked me for the compliment with a devilish smirk as well. She knew she was hot and wanted everyone at the reunion to see just how hot she still was. Not surprised by her behavior, my wife Denise tended to be somewhat of a tease sometimes. On occasion, she has flirted with other men because she knew I was turned on by other men desiring her. She found that out by stumbling on some porn I had read on line. I forgot to clear my browsing history and she found a few stories of men being cuckolded by their wives.

Anyway, she knew it turned me on to see her flirt with other men, but she wasn’t going to actually DO anything about it no matter how much it got me off. For my part, yes, I wanted to see her fucked by someone else with a big fucking cock. In my minds eye the man was black and hung. Not sure if she knew about that part.

So with the kids at their grandparents for the night, we drove to the club ready for a fun evening.

When we entered the club, we could hear the music and laughter of her classmates and my wife was complimented by everyone we met. Walking towards us was her friend Terri. Terri was a blonde that had never married, but played the field and had new dates pretty often. You never knew who she would show up with and tonight was no different. So when she walked up to us and introduced us to her date for the night, I wasn’t at all surprised to see a very handsome, bald, black man on her arm. His name was Reggie and he seemed like a good guy. I bet he was fucking the shit out of Terri and I briefly wondered how hung he really was.

After the introductions were made, they turned into the crowd and left us to greet other people. Denise, squeezed my hand and said, “He’s awesome” while staring after him, her eyes beaming. Yup – here we go. Just got here and she’s teasing me already. Her comment and interest, whether feigned or not had it’s desired effect. I got a boner right away. Still not sure if she new my kink of her and a black guy but intentional or not, she hit the button.

It was a great party. The drinks flowed, though not for me since I was driving and the food was great and the dance music loud. People were laughing and dancing. Denise and I took some turns on the dance floor as did Terri and her date. I caught Denise eyeing them while we danced and she commented that it looked like Reggie was a really good dancer. She was really pushing my buttons.

Well after a while, it was time to hit the men’s room and drain the main vein. I walked out of the main room looking for the restrooms and found them at the end of a hall leading into another part of the country club that wasn’t being used that night. The two buildings were connected by a down sloping corridor with large windows about waist high with a ledge running the length of the corridor. I just peeked in there and saw a couple smoking some weed. I did my business and left to rejoin the party.

When I got back to the dance floor I saw Denise maraş escort sitting next to Reggie talking. She had been drinking quite a bit already and I wondered if this was still a tease or if she was just being friendly. I wanted to capture the picture in my mind of her sitting close to him for the next time I would whack off to my fantasy so I hung back to watch. I also wanted to see if anything else would happen. I had no idea where Terri was either. After a couple of minutes they got up and went to the dance floor and started to dance. Denise had her hands over her head and was shaking that fine ass at him. He did have good moves and he was intently staring at my wife’s fine ass and body. They continued dancing for several songs and she continued to tease him. I was stone hard.

Finally they left the dance floor as she apparently had to go to the ladies room. I walked up to Reggie as she left and stood next to him.

He said, “hey man, how ya doing?” I told him I was good and asked if he liked dancing with my wife. He seemed uncomfortable so I set him at ease by telling him it’s cool. She loves to dance.

He then told me that she better watch out teasing someone like that and that someone might take her teasing as an invitation and go for it.

It just came right out of my mouth and I couldn’t get the words back.

I told him then you should fuck her…

A stunned silence hung between us. Had the husband of the hot brunette just told this black man to go fuck his wife? As we both processed my honest but fateful statement, we both realized that I had meant it. He looked at me and asked, “dude, are you fucking with me?”

Here was my chance to back out, but instead, I doubled down.

I told him that she was in the bathroom and right there was a darkened hallway that no one really would be in and that he should just wait outside and pull her down the hallway and just fuck her before she had a chance to object. A tease needs to be just thrown down and fucked.

“Seriously?” he asked.

I nodded and said you better hurry before she gets back.

Shaking his head with amazement, he got up and started to walk away looking back at me for confirmation to which I once again nodded.

Ok. Here we are. I just told this black man to go fuck my wife. At this point he is either going to do it, or tell her about what I said and NOT do it, or he would just blow it off and go back to the party.

I had to know one way or the other and if he was indeed going to pull her down that proverbial dark hallway and have her, I also had to watch.

I followed discreetly behind him and waited watching to see what he would do when she came out of the bathroom.

The door opened and she came out. She was a little wobbly from all the booze and didn’t notice him until he was upon her. Looking up briefly startled, but smiling at his presence, she was confused as he grabbed her by the upper arm and ushered her through the double doors into the dark hallway.

It happened so fast she would later tell me, that before she knew it they were in a dimly lit area and he was holding her tightly and they were kissing. Her mind was swimming with the haze of being a little drunk and the forceful passion from him.

She tried to talk and uselessly pushed against him and then she felt his hard cock pressing against her belly. Her first thought was that it couldn’t be his manhood. Nothing is that big, and while she considered that he wasted little time in pulling her dress up around her waist, revealing her almost transparent panties and her lower belly. Sputtering out what she could with his mouth pressed to her she asked what he was doing.

It was a redundant question as he tore her flimsy panties from her as he dropped his pants to his ankles. It was rough sex and it was happening in front me and she had little to no chance to stop him. It had been seconds since he dragged her down the hall and now her dress was pulled down exposing her tits and bunched up around her waist. With her panties gone in a shredded mess on the floor she was exposed to him. He picked her up mardin escort by her ass and put her on the ledge and then he got between her legs and parted her hairy vaginal lips and just stuck his cock in her. Nothing gentle. He just picked her up and started fucking her.

She held onto him around his neck looking dazed and confused as this man she had just met was fucking her. There was nothing she could do at this point and she honestly loved it. She liked being taken and used like this, something her husband would never do. This man, this black man with the big cock was taking her; using her pussy for his pleasure.

She was lost in the moment until he really began to hammer her with long, deep and almost violent strokes. As he held the submissive brunettes ass, pulling her onto his monster black cock, she had a moment of clarity to realize he was about to cum. He was about to cum inside her married pussy. Her unprotected and very fertile married pussy. She began to object. “Reggie – you can’t… uhn,. uhnn, we can’t. You mustn’t. Not in me. You’ll get me preg…” She was unable to finish the last word – pregnant – before he mashed his lips to hers and with one final forceful thrust he ejaculated inside her. Her quivering thighs spread wide by his flexing ass gave away her final orgasm as his pulsing cock drove her over the edge as it spit his semen into her fluttering womb.

As quick as it started, it was over. When his balls had emptied themselves inside her and his massive phallus began to soften, it fell out of her. He stepped back and simply pulled up his pants and left her there; legs still in the air leaning back against the cool glass, fucked and filled with sperm.

I was still standing at the top of the corridor having watched the whole scene realizing that only a brief few minutes had actually passed when he walked right past me to leave the corridor only acknowledging what had happened with a brief nod.

Looking back towards her, Denise put her legs down and briefly considered retrieving her panties until she realized the futility of ever wearing that shredded pair ever again. Standing on wobbly legs, she began to put her dress back into some fashion and started to walk, almost bow legged from the fucking she took back up the long hall.

This was my cue to exit and I went back to where I had left her; the dance floor, where I met up with both Terri and Reggie once again. I found out later that Reggie had told Terri already that he had just fucked my wife after I asked him to and that explained the sly smile on her face and almost mocking questions of my wife when she walked up to us.

Denise for her part had to get out of there. She stumbled up to the three of us looking very uncomfortable with the situation she was in and simply told me that it was time to leave. Looking between her legs, I could see Reggie’s semen on her ankles and shiny pumps as well as a clump on the floor between her legs. She was leaking cum and without panties it was just falling out of her stretched cunt. Her hair was mussed and her lipstick smeared. She looked like a woman that had just been used and fucked.

I agreed with her and we made a hasty goodbye to a grinning Terri and Reggie. As I followed behind my freshly fucked wife, I could see a dark damp spot at the base of her ass where cum had soaked into her dress.

She pretty much fell into the car, drunk and probably bred and when we got home she wobbled up the stairs in front of me, giving me a great view of her damp ass and cum covered ankles.

When we got to our room, she headed for the master bath, most probably to clean up but I stopped her short. I wanted her right now. I wanted her dirty and used like the cum filled, impregnated slut she was. So I pulled her to me and did to her what Reggie did. I mashed my lips to her as she tried to protest. I pulled her dress completely down to the floor this time, leaving her only in her cum covered shoes. She must have wondered if I even noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I dropped my pants to the floor and rubbed by hard as steel cock against the sticky mound mersin escort then I threw her on the bed and dove between her legs and while holding that fabulous ass pulled her into my face and I sucked her. I sucked her and she whimpered, disbelieving that her husband was now feasting on her adulterous cum filled cunt. Stunned and over stimulated she grabbed at the back of my heading pulling me deeper into her used sex. I lapped at her sex from her asshole to her clit and buried my face into her covering myself in his and her slime.

Then just as quickly, I jumped between her legs and trust deeply inside her in one push startling her with the sudden intrusion. This was the second time she had been manhandled tonight and while her husband wasn’t anywhere nearly as big as Reggie, her slick cum coated pussy was welcoming him. In the back of her mind she realized her husband wasn’t wearing a rubber either, something they always did and that maybe he had a chance of impregnating his wife instead of the black man and somehow that thought was disappointing. While Reggie was fucking her the thought of having his black baby was appealing, even turn on.

So she babbled something about not wearing a rubber to me which aroused me even further since I knew that I was pushing his potent sperm deeper into my fertile wife so when I was about to cum, I pulled out and jammed my spurting cock up her ass in one push leaving my cum inside my wife, but not where it could do anything about breeding her. Her eyes flew open at the sudden penetration and she came again as her ass milked my cum into her bowels and she surrendered to being used again like a sex toy for a mans pleasure.

I pulled my cock from her and we both fell into deep sexually satisfied sleep in the position we were in. I woke first because I was sober. I am sure she would sleep longer because of all she had to drink.

When I awoke, she was still on her back with her legs spread. He thick, almost black pubic hair was crusty with dried semen and there was a stain on the bed between her legs as both men’s cum ran out of her holes and stained the dark sheets. I took some digital pics off her used vagina and splayed body for my own remembrance’s and left her laying there exposed and used.

Hours later she came downstairs and there was an awkward silence between us. Surely I had to know what had happened with her and Reggie. I was sober so surely I had to recognize that she had been fucked. For my part I didn’t say a thing, except that I was leaving for a round of golf. What I hadn’t told her was that Reggie called me this morning to make sure we were cool with him fucking my wife last night. I assured him it was all good and that I was going to leave the house and if he hurried over, Denise was in the kitchen in just a robe having morning coffee with a shot of whiskey in it to kill the hang over – turns out she had a couple shots.

He laughed and asked if I was serious. I told him I was and that if he hustled, he could bend her over the kitchen counter and fuck her again like last night. I even told him to make sure to cum inside her again and that she really wasn’t on any birth control.

Well I didn’t go golfing. I drove around the block and walked back to my house just in time to see Reggie push her back from the front door into the kitchen. Wide eyed and disbelieving that it was happening again, he pulled the robe off her leaving her naked and bent over the kitchen counter as he simply fucked her again. Raw and primal mating, he used her and quickly left another load deep inside her. I watched from the family room and after he left watched her climb the stairs to our room as cum was draining from her and running down her thighs. And yet another repeat from the night before, I startled her by pulling her away from the bathroom and I repeated the exact acts of the night before. I ate her and then fucked her ass. This time there was no hiding that I knew she had been fucked as we were both sober and we shared his semen in passionate kisses as I sodomized her.

We did talk it out after that exchange and Reggie did come and fuck her like that from time to time. He had to stop though because she was getting too big. Yes. He did knock her up and she was going to deliver his black baby and everyone will know that my wife was had by a black man. She’s a fuck toy now and I have no idea where it will end, but there will be many more cocks inside her in the future.

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