Revenge of the Defrocked Psychologist Ch. 03


In Chapter One of this story Josephine Baker, a psychologist whose license had been suspended, took revenge on Maria McMichaels, the person she holds responsible, by seducing and taking control of the mind of Maria’s husband Raymond Bier, then doing the same to Maria. In Chapter Two, learning Dawn Cameron, Maria’s stunning blonde protégeé, had uncovered her scheme, Josephine extended her control to Dawn and her fiancé Martin. The next target: Madison, Maria and Raymond’s beautiful brunette daughter.

Chapter Three will make more sense if you’ve read the first two.

In this Chapter we have a new narrator; Madison takes over from Josephine, who narrated Chapters One and Two.

As always, all story characters engaged in sexual activities are eighteen years of age or older.

* * * * *

I was waiting at the gate, drawing attention. My thick dark hair hung loose to the small of my back, I’d painted my manicured nails white, wore a leather choker and dangling loop earrings, and flaunted my 34-23-35, five foot four inch, 113 pound toned body in a collared white crop top, skintight jeans, and white sneakers.

He was with several army buddies. They were scrumptious, he better, even better than I remembered. He’d always been beautiful, blonde hair, masculine features, powerful body, but Special Forces agreed with him. His hair was neatly trimmed, his shoulders wider then ever, and he moved with a grace I’d not seen before. Even his jaw looked squarer.

I shouted, “Charlie,” skipped to him, jumped into him. Holding me in powerful arms he kissed me, his tongue delicious and strong, then lowered me to the floor and introduced me to his friends, leaving out the sister part.

We separated at baggage claim. The guys rendezvoused with rides, my brother and I checked into the airport hotel.

* * * * *

Drifting in a happy place on the edge of sleep I felt the mattress move, opened my eyes, saw his divinely muscled back, ran a finger on it, said, “Hey bro’.”

He turned his head, reached for my hand, said, “Sorry sis, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“You didn’t. How long did we sleep?”

Glancing at the clock next to the bed he said, “About an hour.”

“Wow. You’re a better fuck than I remember, and I remember magnificent. You been practicing?”

Smiling Charlie said, “Some. As Jack Woltz said, ‘I had ’em all over the world,’ but you’re ‘the greatest piece of ass I ever had.'”

I laughed. What girl doesn’t want to be compared to a gangster film?

* * * * *

My brother in the bathroom, I organized my thoughts. The Mom and Dad who met me at the airport acted like newlyweds, couldn’t keep their hands off each other. That was good, if weird. It got weirder. On the drive home, during dinner at my favorite burger place, Mom and Dad jabbered on and on about Josephine Baker, a woman I’d never heard of who seemed to be their new best friend.

I met her at the welcome home party. The way she and Dad looked at each other, touched each other, they were having an affair and if I could see it Mom could see it and not only didn’t she object, she fricking adored Josie. All evening Josie glanced at me, looking for an opening; I made sure to always be engaged in conversation. They invited her to the house for dinner a few days later, where my fiercely independent Mom, as she had all week, deferred to both her and my father. Something was seriously wrong.

Over coffee the next morning I asked Mom how she met Josie. She said she’d come in for counseling a few weeks ago, the two of them, then my father, had hit it off.

Mom did not befriend patients.

I called Charlie. His brigade was returning to the United States, although the information was classified (you’re right, he shouldn’t have told me). He was entitled to leave; we’d meet in New York.

* * * * *

My happy body resting against his, I told Charlie what I’d seen, what I knew, what I suspected, laid out my plan.

“Mom’s got a voice-activated system that records everything said in her office. It provides legal protection and is probably the reason her academic papers are so detailed.”

“How do you know about it?”

“Remember the gifted program I attended in junior high? It was downtown, when I got out I’d go to her office, play on her computer, wait for a ride home.

“One day there’s this guy, kinda cute, installing electronic equipment. I ask him what it was, he tells me, probably doesn’t know he shouldn’t, figures I’m the lady’s daughter, and digs showing off for the hot girl in the cheerleader outfit batting her eyes at him. Mom met Josie as a patient; we can listen to the session. There’ll be some built-in security, but with your training I figure that’ll be no trouble.”

Laying his arm across my chest he said, “Civilian off-the-shelf stuff is pretty easy. We should be able to play the voices and, depending on Mom’s system, produce a transcript. When do you want to get started?”

My nipple hardening on his arm, I ran my nails down his chest, Onwin giriş toyed with his pecs, traced the outline of his abs, breathed more than said, “After we play,” moved the sheet off his body. His engorged cock twitched and bobbed.

“I can help you with that.”

“Please do.”

Our earlier fuck, frenzied and hard, had taken the edge off, now I took my time. Dragging my fingernails on his dick, reacquainting myself with his impressive tool, I touched the head with the pad of my index finger, smeared pre-cum into his skin, said, “Army life agrees with you.”

“It does, but I’ve missed my baby sister.”

I kissed his mouth, said, “I missed my big brother,” leaned over, licked his dick, held it, squeezed it, stroked it, ran my hand over it, said, “I love the way it grows and stretches, the way it fills your skin, the way the head gets big, changes color from sweet pink to fierce purple. I love the first drops of excitement,” cupped his testicles, “I love your balls, the way they tighten, loosen, the way,” moved them with a finger, “they hang and swing.”

Wrapping my fingers around it I pulsed my hand on the shaft, loved its thickness, hardness, heat, encircled thumb and index finger below the head, said, “It’s a work of art.”

Drops seeped out. Touching the tip with a finger, I spread them over his cock-head, leaned over, my “B” breasts — nipples hard and pointed — swaying, licked the crown, held his erection straight up, stroked it, pumped it, let a thick gob of spit fall from my lips, smeared it into his skin, pumped, my hand twisting up and down.

I remembered the first time. He’d asked what I wanted for my eighteenth birthday. I said it’d cost him nothing, but he had to promise to do whatever I asked. He said sure and that night, after the party, Mom and Dad asleep, I told him I wanted to see, touch, play with his penis. He questioned me, giving me the chance to back out, seeing if I was serious, but didn’t say no.

When he took off his shorts I gasped. I’d seen it a few times, sometimes soft, sometimes hard, but never this close. Thick and long, it was clean, pubic hair neatly trimmed; I’d learn he was fastidious about both. Because his skin was invariably tanned golden brown I was surprised by its color, a delicate pink, thrilled when the shaft darkened to fiery red and the head, glans centered at its tip, purple as he hardened in my hand. I played with it, loved its softness, its hardness, its sensitivity, its strength, its masculine smell, the way it changed and grew. Finally, my brother, seeping pre-cum, told me he needed to come.

That was the first time I did what I was doing now. Varying the strength of my grip my hand wrapped around him twisted up and down. My free hand went to his testicles, squeezed, stroked, coddled. His balls tightened, began their retreat into his body.

While he was away I’d learned to talk dirty.

“Spray your juice on me. I can’t get enough of my big brother’s fat hard dick, his sweet hot seed.”

His groans sharpening, “Come, come on my face and tits.”

Moans exploding from his solar plexus, his dick swelling, his balls pulsing, “I’m so fricking hot for my brother.”

Drops of pre-cum rolled down his shaft.

“Over these last months, dreaming about this dick, I’d shove dildos in my cunt, come, scream your fricking name.”

I licked his nipples, squeezed his cock. He bellowed, his body jerked, his skin turned crimson, I said, “Do it,” and with a groan born in his solar plexus his first load splattered my face and tits, as did his second, the third leaked out, flowed onto my hand.

Leaning back, his body resting on the bed’s headboard, he watched me collect semen from my chest, chin, cheeks, and breasts, bring it to my mouth.

* * * * *

That day and the next, when we weren’t fucking, we studied Mom’s recordings, refined our plan.

* * * * *

Charlie, skills perfected in the Army, kept our parent’s house under surveillance as I pondered, re-pondered, re-re-pondered the transcripts and tapes. Monday afternoon we followed Josie home, where, after waiting for her to get in the shower, Charlie disabled her home security system and we found the gem.

The recorded sessions provided only two examples of its first time use. While I’d memorized every detail, I knew I wouldn’t be perfect, but I didn’t have to be, I just had to be good enough. Once Josie slipped under my control I could plumb her mind and Charlie her computer. We’d learn how to strengthen our grip.

Our surprise in the bedroom worked perfectly. By the time she processed what was happening her eyes were locked on the gem and although aware of its power, couldn’t look away. After several hours, confident of my control, I turned to Mom and Dad.

Could the process be undone?

Josie insisted it couldn’t. You could change a person’s attitudes and beliefs, point them in new directions, but you couldn’t make them follow a precise path, couldn’t walk them backyards. The people my parents had been were gone, they could not be stitched back together. And even if they could, how would Mom ever understand urging her husband to fuck other women, how would Dad forgive himself for coming inside Dawn and Josie while pretending, wishing, hoping it was me?

I knew she was right; my brother, reviewing her computer files, agreed.

Subject to modification, my parents were what Josie had turned them into.

Now she’d pay.

“Josie, you imagine yourself a powerful dominant, but you’re not. You just had a great tool, but deserved neither it nor its power, you’re not smart enough and far too sloppy. When we met, the way Dad looked at you, it was clear you two were having an affair. Mom couldn’t have missed it, but welcomes you to the house? If you know Mom, that’s impossible. My parents would never invite someone I didn’t know to my welcome home party and to dinner a few days later. You might as well have worn a sandwich board announcing you were up to something.

“I asked Mom how you met, she said you were a patient.

“Which brings us to your next fuck-up. You didn’t ask Mom the question I’m going to ask you. What safeties did you build into the system, how might you free yourself of my control, how might someone discover I’ve been in your head?”

Staring at the gem she said, “I’m programed with a safe word. If said by anyone other than me or the person hypnotizing me, and it’s common, you hear it every day, it undoes what’s done to me in hypnosis. The screen saver on my computer has the same effect. Neither system is perfect, but if exposed to either soon after the hypnosis the damage is undone.”

I asked her how to remove the safe word, then did so. Charlie attended to the computer.

“If you’d been smart enough to ask you’d have learned Mom’s office has a voice-activated recording system. Everything you did in there is on tape. Charles and I listened to your sessions, listened to your conversations with Dawn, to the sex, to you working on Mom and Dad’s incest inhibitions, we even have transcripts.”

“You fucked up every step of the way. You go to work on Mom and Dawn figures it out. So you go to work on her and she starts banging her father-in-law. As for me, well you’re at the mercy of a teenage girl. Your power came from the gem and now that I have it, you have no power. You’re incompetent, require control and guidance.”

She struggled against my words, my control imperfect.

But that was not a concern.

“Josie, teach me everything you know about this gem.”

* * * * *

Over the next days I cemented my control of Josie, but knew I had to go deeper. I could not eradicate her knowledge of the gem or memory of being the dominant, leaving her a constant threat. As Josie had done to Dawn, I needed to break her completely.

Josie had conditioned Dawn’s mind to obedience, weakened her will, increased her capacity to feel pleasure, but left in place Dawn’s aversion to girl-on-girl love, then forced herself on the beautiful blonde. Her compulsion to obey and the pleasure coursing through her caused Dawn’s weakened will to crack, then collapse. Immolated, Dawn saw the last remnants of her true-self burn and accepted that Mistress Josie understood her better than she did herself, that she would feel, do, be whatever Mistress Josie commanded.

Now we reinforced Josie’s commitment to her concept of family and its hierarchal structure, the strongest on top, the weakest on the bottom, leaving her convinced this family was the only world in which she could live. Next we cataloged her errors and screw-ups, emphasized the helplessness of her position, showed her she was the weakest of the weak.

“And what does the weakest do?”

“Obey and serve the others.”

I left in place Josie’s longing to be the dominant and her revulsion of anal sex — something only subservients enjoy. Soon she’d find she’d believed a lie, she was not a dominant, that if your mind, body, and soul respond like a subservient, you’re a subservient.

* * * * *

Her cunt was sore — she couldn’t remember being fucked so savagely — but as I sucked my brother’s cum from her snatch Josie gloried at the magic of my mouth, pain and pleasure merging as my tongue slid inside. Josie moaned, leaked juice into my mouth, squeezed her breasts — the woman had amazing tits — wished Charlie’s cock was back inside her. I pulled back, said, “That’s one yummy pussy, let’s try your other hole.”

Not wanting to, but her conditioned mind struggling, unable to disobey, Josie rolled over and I spread her ass cheeks with my hands, slid my tongue down her crevice to her butt hole. Josie gasping, my tongue circled, slid, pressed against it.

Josie had long ago placed her ass off limits; everybody wanted it, no one got it, but now she found herself enjoying the sensation. There were voices in her head saying it was disgusting, but it felt so damn good. She knew she should be embarrassed, should object to laying on her belly getting a rim job from a girl, but it was silly to complain about something so wonderful and Madison and Charles might be angry if she said, “Stop.”

So when I pulled back, and Charlie and I spit on her ass hole, and I pushed the spit inside, my knuckle resting on her spasming sphincter, Josie did nothing but enjoy the sensation, surprised by the pleasure available to a subservient.

“You’re tight as hell Josie, you ever have a cock up here?”

“No Mis…, no Madison.” What was she saying, wasn’t she the Mistress?

Saying, “You love this, don’t you submissive,” I moved the finger around, thrust it in and out. Josie cried and moaned in pain and pleasure.

Josie knew she should object, she wasn’t a submissive, but if she did I might stop and she didn’t want me to stop.

I pulled the finger from her asshole, said, “As you know submissives love anal sex,” replaced it with my tongue.

“Uuunnnnnnnhhhhh,” burst from Josie’s mouth.

I licked her asshole and when I had it winking open and close, re-inserted my finger, my movement longer, more forceful, added a second finger. My brother and I drooled spit on Dawn’s ass hole, kept it lubricated. Josie’s moans grew deeper, longer.

Charlie said, “Spread your ass cheeks like a good subservient.”

Josie looked up, defiance flickered, then faded from her eyes, for she wanted this. Her hands, perfect nails painted red, on her ass, she opened herself up. I tongue-fucked, rimmed, finger-fucked her. Josie knew she shouldn’t enjoy this — submissives enjoyed this — but she did enjoy it. Mis…, no not Mistress, just Madison, had asked if she was a virgin. Was Charles going to fuck her ass? She’d never taken a cock up her ass, certainly never a cock as big and wonderful and powerful and beautiful and perfect as Mas…, as Charles’ cock, and she remembered it in her pussy and how it had made her come over and over and how she kept coming even after she was sore and it hurt. She shouldn’t have come, only subservients came from pain, but she had come; Charles’ cock could made her feel whatever it wanted her to feel.

She could object, but that would displease Charles and Madison and she wanted to please them and, in any case, what choice did she have? They were stronger and smarter and more powerful than she was.

No, what was she thinking, that was what submissives thought.

But it was true.

I said, “Charlie, take over,” walked around the bed, fished something from Josie’s dresser.

Josie tensed as my brother ran his big hand on her ass and said, “Something on your mind subservient?” Fearing his dick in her ass — his huge cock had barely fit inside her pussy, it would shred her virgin asshole — she said, “It’s just that….” but her voice faltered. She sounded like a subservient, but she wasn’t a subservient, but why was she acting like a subservient, and feeling pleasure like a subservient, and why couldn’t she make herself tell Miss…., Madison and Charles to stop?

Charlie said, “Rub your clit subservient, it’ll help you relax.”

Obediently, she did, her body shuddering in pleasure.

“Getting yourself off subservient?”

She looked up, saw me looming over her, wearing the purple dildo she’d used on Dawn.

Fear and confusion flashed across Josie’s face. The dildo was bigger then Mas…., Charles’ cock, it would kill her. It was used to break subservients. She was not a subservient, but it looked right hanging from Madison’s perfect body, better than it had looked on her.

She could beg.

If she did she would have to call me Mistress Madison.

It would be okay.

Josie said, “Please please no, it will hurt, it will kill me,” paused, added, “Please Mistress Madison.”

“Of course it will hurt dear, but subservients love pain, love to be hurt, you loved Master Charles’ cock when it hurt, didn’t you subservient? And it won’t kill you. A subservient’s ass is are designed to be fucked. It will make you come, bring you pleasure.”

Doubt in her voice, “Please Mistress, I’m not like that.”

Saying, “Yes you are, I’ll show you,” I knelt, pressed it to her anus. There was panic in Josie’s eye; she should do something, say something, but could think of nothing. She knew Mistress Madison and Master Charles couldn’t be stopped, they were invincible.

I pushed; her virgin asshole split open; she cried out in pain. She was being penetrated by the special dildo, the one used to break subservients.

The large knobby head drove past her sphincter, lodged in her anus, I held it there for a brief moment, letting her asshole adjust, then pushed deeper. The pain was intense and Josie feared her rectal walls would tear apart, but they didn’t and when my thighs were pressed to her rump, when her ass had absorbed the entire thing, like I said it would, like a submissive’s ass, Josie discovered parts inside herself she hadn’t known about, parts only submissives knew about, parts that felt good.

I fucked her, nice and slow, and she rubbed her clit and felt a joy sublime and glorious and loved it and needed it and was happy that Mistress and Master were teaching her about her body.

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