Revenge Sex


I have been married for ten years now, and at thirty years old I still sport a solid hard body. I am a blonde with blue eyes, standing five foot eight inches tall, with long toned legs, a tight ass and 38DD breasts. I married my husband Bobby, who I met while we were in college. He was an outstanding football player at our school and because of that had quite a bit of notoriety.As Bobby was approaching graduation he was contacted by a number of NFL teams who showed interest in him. He was eventually signed as a free agent, but was cut during training camp. He had a few other teams that showed interest but nothing ever developed.Bobby did make some connections, because of football, and was given a very good job, with a financial firm, where he was bringing down some serious money right off the bat. We have always enjoyed a spectacular life both in the bedroom and out. In fact, because of the salary Bobby was making, I had no need to work. So I became involved in many charitable and community affairs, to bolster his career.About a year ago our lives changed suddenly. Bobby has been spending more and more time out of the house for a number of different reasons. Either it was long hours at work or even some trips with friends. Regardless of the reasons, I found myself alone much of the time. I not only became more and more sexually frustrated, I was thinking I was becoming paranoid as to what was really going on with Bobby.On those occasions when he was home, I did my best to always dress to entice him, prepared fabulous meals for him and tried to engage him in meaningful conversations, not wanting to come off as a blathering blonde bimbo. In reality, I did everything in my power to try to seduce my husband. Yet, I was failing miserably.And since Bobby hadn’t touched me sexually in months, I just knew he was having an affair, but I had no proof. I was so frustrated sexually I couldn’t keep my hands out of my panties. I was masturbating three to five times a day and it still didn’t satisfy me.I tried to burn off my frustration and spent more and more time at the gym working out. That turned out to only add to my frustration since my eyes kept checking all the men as they were working out. Through the weeks of mounting frustration, I found myself flirting with a few of the men that showed up daily for their workouts.I found myself fixated on this guy named Jamal. He was a six foot two and a very muscular black man. I had never been with a black man before, but had always wondered what it would be like. Jamal and I started talking daily and he would spot me on my lifting days. As the days went on, our interactions turned more and more to flirting.One day after our workout Jamal asked me if I wanted to stop for a cup of coffee after our workout. I hesitated at first but realized I had nothing else to do that day and I did crave some interactions with the opposite sex. So I agreed to have coffee with Jamal.After our workout, we walked about a half a block to a coffee shop where we spent a few hours chatting. In fact after a while I found myself opening up to Jamal about all that was going on in my personal life and how bad things had become. Jamal was very supportive and I felt myself becoming more and more attractive to him.As the morning turned into the afternoon we felt we had to leave istanbul travesti the coffee shop before they threw us out. As we left we stood outside the shop and I thanked Jamal for listening to me and being so supportive. I innocently told him I really didn’t want the afternoon to end. He took hold of my hand and smiled, as he looked into my eyes and softly said, “It doesn’t have to if you don’t want it to.”“What do you mean?” I innocently asked.Jamal told me he thought I was a beautiful, sexy woman and he would love for me to come back to his apartment and see where it goes from there.I was both shocked and intrigued with his offer. I really didn’t know what to do or how to react. It seemed like someone else answered him since my mind did not process my response but I heard myself saying, “I would love that.”Jamal took my hand and guided me down the street to his car, where he opened the passenger door for me. Almost like an out of body experience, I felt like I had no control over my actions, as I zombie-like entered his car.Jamal drove us to his place which was about a mile away. As I entered his upstairs apartment, I chuckled thinking to myself that I felt like I was entering a college boy’s apartment again. There were posters of a number of different sports team hung on the walls and homemade shelves with stereo, TV, and gaming equipment on them.I turned around to look at Jamal and I found myself suddenly in his arms. He was smiling down at me. His eyes were alive with lust, as he leaned in and kissed me passionately. I felt his arms around me and our tongues performed a lovers duel making me melt into his strong embrace.As our kiss continued our passion grew. I have always felt a passionate, salacious kiss to be analogous to two lovers trying to fuck each other’s mouths with our tongue; always a catalyst to the flow from my pussy. We ripped each other clothes off leaving a trail of discarded garments leading to Jamal’s bedroom. Soon we were standing next to his bed with the only cover between us being his boxers.My hands moved to each side of his hips and my fingers slipped inside his waistband. I went to my knees as I pulled his boxers down. As lowered them below Jamal’s hip, his thick ten inch cock popped out into my face. My eyes widened and I heard myself involuntarily react, saying, “Holy shit!”This was the first time I had seen a black man’s cock in the flesh! I was awestruck seeing such a big cock. I couldn’t help myself as I reached out to take hold of it. Caressing it in my soft hands, I examined every inch of it and even rubbed it against my face.Jamal whispered, “Ever been with a black man before?”He could see as my eyes danced with lust, just how taken I was. ”No, I never have been. It’s so big and thick.” With a full length mirror near by, I was taken by the color contrast of his black dick against my white face. A new experience, this was a total turn on for me. Again I could feel copious amounts of my girl juice forming at the center of my sex.I leaned in running my tongue up and down the full length of his shaft. Licking around the head of this amazing organ, I could taste his precum. Wanting more, I wrapped my lips around his cock and took what I could into my mouth. I was surprised that I had his cock as far in my mouth as istanbul travesti I could and I still had both hands wrapped around his dick.I worked my mouth faster and faster up and down his cock, as my hands stroked him and gently caressed his balls. His moans of pleasure filled the room. Jamal thrust his hips forward driving his cock deeper into my mouth making me gag on his massive cock as it pressed against the back of my throat.With my eyes tearing, we worked his cock in and out of my mouth, with the invading prick going deeper with each thrust forward. Jamal’s moans became more pronounced as I could feel his cock twitch and throb, as it slid over my tight lips. I knew he was ready to cum and I anxiously worked for his inevitable explosion into my mouth. Then with an animal like yell, he released the first ropes of cum shooting forcefully into my mouth. I tightened my lips and sucked and swallowed with all the talent and determination I could muster. Proudly I took every drop that Jamal emptied into my mouth, with all of his tasty goo sliding down my throat; not a drop wasted.I licked and sucked his cock milking every last drop that I could. As his dick went limp in my mouth, Jamal pulled me up to my feet. He then kissed me passionately as he embraced me. I could feel my hard nipples pressing against his muscular body. This was something new to me since most men would never kiss me after I sucked their dicks.After being so neglected for months by Bobby (you remember Bobby, my husband), I knew that with the ability that Jamal had just displayed for making love, I was putty in his hands, at least for the rest of this night.Jamal then lay me down on my back on his bed, as he hovered over me. With his knees on either side of my hips, he leaned down and gently kissed me. He proceeded to leave a hot trail of nibbles and kisses all around my face, down my neck, leading to my tits.He swirled his tongue around my areola before he took the right nipple into his mouth. Meanwhile his hand caressed and pinched my left breast and nipple. As he continued to suck on my nipple his hand moved from my left tit and worked its way down over my tight tummy. It was obvious he was blazing a trail to my hot wet smooth pussy. I felt his finger split my lips opened as he lifted her protective hood and found my pleasure button. He gently stroked my clit. Involuntarily my legs automatically opened, giving him total access to my hot cunt.His mouth left my nipple and kissed his way down over my tummy until his tongue replaced his finger on my clit. As his tongue flickered over my aroused nub, his finger slide into my wet cunt. My hips rose to meet Jamal’s invading fingers which were thrusting into my heated cavern. I closed my eyes and while enjoying his manly, but gentle probing of my juicy cunt, I heard my moans become louder and louder. All I could think of was just how very much I needed this. Oh how I needed to cum; a total all encompassing craving!Jamal’s tongue soon joined his finger stimulating my needy cunt. Both his tongue and fingers were now fucking me at the same time. My hips thrust to feel him take me deeper. My head thrashed from side to side as my body started shaking and convulsing. I erupted into a wild orgasm squirting my womanly nectar all over Jamal’s istanbul travesti face and tongue. I had lost all control as the most powerful orgasm that I had ever experienced ripped through my body. Wave after wave of unbridled pleasure emanated from my pussy like rays from the sun to every part of my body; I was totally consumed at this moment with pleasure.As I finished riding that crazy orgasm Jamal moved up my body, lowering his full weight onto my body. Overwhelmed with the pleasure this man had given me, I loved it as he began kissing me, tasting my own juices on Jamaal mouth and tongue. As he lay on top of me, I could feel his huge cock already recovered and pressed hard into my naked body.As our kiss broke, I begged Jamal to fuck me….”I need that cock deep in me, fuck me deep,” I begged him.“Oh you are a black cock whore are you,” he teased.“Yes, yes, yes I am and I need to be fucked so bad!” I screamed out.With that Jamal positioned himself over me, feeling the tip of his dick at my wet opening. He just stayed there resting his cock there. Tell me what you want whore? “I want your cock in me; fucking me, like the needy cumslut whore that I am!”“Beg me, bitch!”“Please, please ram that big cock in me; fuck me! Make me your white whore!” I screamed.Never speaking like that in my life nor being called any names like that was totally out of character for me. However, it was a huge turn on for me to step out of my comfort zone and into this new world of total depravity. I knew I wanted to be his whore; his slut and fucked like I was the discarded woman that my husband had rendered me. The more Jamal called me names and treated me as a filthy tramp, the more turned on I got. I knew this is what I wanted; what I needed; what I longed to be; what I deserved to be. I was a cunt to be used and boy did Jamal know how to use me and bring pleasure out of me like I had never experienced before.Jamal thrust his hips into me as his cock spread my pussy open and he filled me pushing into the limits of the depth of my womanhood. I remember thinking to myself that I never had anything this big in my cunt before in my life. I also thought, my God I needed this to badly; I needed to be treated like a whore!Jamal drove his cock in and out of me telling me how good my white married cunt felt around his big black cock. “Tell me how much you want this,” he commanded.“Oh yes, yes! I want, no, I need that big cock in me! Fuck me! Make me your dirty white whore.”The more I begged the harder Jamal rammed his dick into me. In the beginning I felt like he was going to split me open but as my cunt became more accustomed to Jamal’s cock, the more my excitement built.Wrapping my arms around Jamal’s neck as I pulled him tight into me I begged him all the more to fuck me hard. His thrust pounded into me, as my body started to shake and tingle all over. I screamed out that I was going to cum. Jamal drove deeper as I screamed and exploded into an incredible orgasm. I wasn’t sure if it was because I hadn’t been with a man in some time or it was because Jamal just that good, but I just knew that I was twice in the same day reaching new heights of pleasure from this man.Jamal rolled off of me, laying next to me. I laid there paralyzed from my orgasm. As I came down from my orgasmic high, I could see Jamal laying next to me with his cock glistening from my cum. My lord, the man was still rock hard! I rolled over moving between Jamal’s legs and I stroked that big cock before taking that slimy prick back in my mouth and sucking him more. Tasting my cum on his big dick made me want him to fuck me again!

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