Robert The Randy Married Bobby – Part Eight


I raised my smaller body off his larger muscled one and straddled the strong thighs under me. His eyes were closed and I admired his nude physical beauty. He definitely had it all going on. The cut cock lay semi rigid against his lower belly. A moist cock head glinted at me and, leaning forward, I placed my tongue on his right nipple. Sucking gently I felt it harden and pucker as its owner gave a slight shiver at my tender touch. Gently running my lips and then a wet tongue over the brown stub, I felt his cock twitch near my belly. Keeping any pressure off his cock, I moved my tongue from one nipple to the other, never letting my wet tongue lose contact with the warm skin on his chest. Glancing at his face, I saw Avrupa yakası escort bayan his eyeballs move behind his closed eyelids and felt my own body grow warmer at the idea of pleasing him.”Oh yeah, that feel so good,” he mumbled as I kept his nipples wet and hard for a few minutes until I felt he’d had enough and raised my head. Martin looked at me through half opened eyes while I gave him a shy smile. Wondering what to do next, I shuffled my bare bottom until it fitted over his warm cock and pushed down slightly. With a deep sight, his eyes closed once more and his head relaxed into the pillow. This time my tongue made a wet trail along his breastbone until Escort Ataköy I reached the soft skin of this throat. I pursed my lips and made a sucking motion to raise the indented skin and felt him jerk under me. I knew I should not leave any mark on him, so I let my lips relax and I licked my way past the jutting Adam’s apple until I felt the masculine jawline under my soft lips. Baring my teeth, I took gentle nips at the musky smelling skin covering his strong jaw bone and was awarded with some more cock twitching under me. Treating his handsome face like a prized glass statue, I traced sweet gentle kisses along the ridges of his lips, nose and bushy eyebrows. I was in no hurry Şirinevler escort and my tongue replaced each area I kissed. Tracing the outline of his short hair, I let my tongue, teeth and lips explore his flushed face and began to push my naked bottom against the hard ridge of his cock under me. Martin raised his hips slightly and pushed back but I shoved my ass down hard to keep him still. This was my turn to tease yet pleasure him. I loved the feel of his wet cock head under me and felt his pubic hair tickle my own bare ass hole at the same time. The sweat made it easier for me to slide myself along the once again thickening cock and heavy balls underneath. My own balls were drawn deep into their sacs, waiting to empty a good amount of stored hot cum. I wonder if lover boy under me shot huge hot and heavy loads as he had promised me. At this rate, we might not have a long wait as he enjoyed my gentle play. Mentally, I tried not to compare myself with any of his previous conquests and wondered if he was doing just that.

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