Robin , Rowan


Robin and I lay together on the bed panting, caught in the warm afterglow of our lovemaking. Robin sure knew how to get me going. That was the thing with Robin, nobody else had been able to drive my desire so passionately, nor for so long.It was just a bit over five years since I met Robin, at a friend’s engagement party. I knew the groom to be, while Robin knew the bride. As we mingled I felt the odd sensation that I was being checked out. And there was Robin, tall, slender, dapper in a two-piece suit, along with short dark hair. A cheeky touch of rouge and lip gloss highlights, and deep brown eyes that made my heart flutter.“Would you like to dance?” Robin asked, smiling, the voice husky and sexy.My knees wobbled, “Yes please.”Oh my god! Robin sure could dance, I was just about swept off my feet. I began to wonder if Robin was actually a professional dancer. We danced and chatted for most of the evening, then as we parted, we swapped numbers and then Robin kissed me. I just about melted.I looked across at Robin beside me, now breathing more slowly and beginning to drift off to sleep. My breathing had eased, but I was not quite ready for sleep. Damn it, I needed to go pee. After slipping the sheet over Robin, I made it to the bathroom.Back in bed, I began to recall the next few meetings with Robin.A few days after the party we arranged a date. A movie and dinner, a wonderful evening, we kissed again and I knew deep down that Robin was someone very special. We both took this time slowly, learning about each other before the desire began to overwhelm us.The next few dates were fun, witty, and somewhat romantic. We visited a range of trendy places, but each time parted after we kissed again.While I was ready to take Robin to bed, I sensed and felt some hesitation, I didn’t mind waiting, that kind of added to my sense of desire.I relaxed in bed, happy to be with someone so wonderful. Then the cramping pain hit. A few seconds later it was gone, I sat up, unsure of myself. Was I dreaming? Everything seemed normal. I was ok, nothing to worry about. Just a trick of my imagination.Oh, Robin, you had to go away for work. A month without you in my life, still we called and texted each other but it was not the same. How I missed you over that time, I was just about ready to jump you when you came back.Then I hatched a plan to meet you at the airport on your return. There were only a couple of flights you could be on, so taking the day off, I staked out the terminal gates ready for your return. The first two flights arrived, but you did not. As I suspected, it would be the last flight of the day.The flight was crowded, and I almost missed you coming through, I did not recognize you as you went past. It was only when you stopped and came over to me, and called my name that I suddenly realized it was you.“Rowan, what are you doing here?”“Robin, I, I, I came to meet you.”Standing in front of me was Robin, not as I envisioned, but very smartly wearing a white lacy blouse, blazer, and navy skirt, with heels. I was very confused.“Come, Rowan, let’s get my bags and go back to my place. I’ll tell you everything.”Somehow still dazed, I went with Robin, then with bags on the trolly, we went to my car.“Robin, what the…”“Rowan, bahis siteleri please, I’m dying for a wine, and I suspect you are too.” Robin took a deep breath, “I guess that’s what you had planned anyway, yes?”“Yes, but…”“No buts, it’s okay. Hey, it’s really good to see you again.”We drove to Robin’s flat in an odd cold silence, the drive a blur for me. Then we were there, and I helped carry everything back inside. But I was still feeling very put out.Robin poured the wine and then we sat.“Let me tell you what’s going on, if you don’t like it, then it’s okay, but please, don’t judge me too harshly.”“Okay, I’ll try.”“Thank you. What am I? You may very well ask, it’s a fair question, I used to be a fairly normal, slim, typical guy, but not anymore. When I was nineteen I was cruising about town on my motorbike, but then I got run over by a big truck.” Robin paused. “I was quite a mess for several months, but the worst part is I lost my vital bits below, nothing much left at all.“Ouch!”“Yeah, ouch. So, anyway, it’s a bit more difficult to go dating when you don’t have your own bits. Oh, a strapon helped sometimes, but nothing lasted more than a couple of nights. So I began to review my options. Then a friend suggests that I might like to go the full way and change over to being a woman, and yeah, it kind of made sense to me.“So a bit more surgery, and other treatments, I changed. But then I found dating guys really awkward. So I was in a bit of a bind.”“So, what happened next?”Ouch, that was my own ouch, stronger than last time. I began to sit up, my hand hovering over Robin’s shoulder, but then I waited, I looked at my alarm clock, it was just after midnight, no need to rush.“Well, next I tried Lesbian dating. I learned heaps about sex, but relationships didn’t go so well. So now, here I am, I’ve got a guy’s mind, along with a woman’s body, looking for some kind of long-term relationship. It has not been easy at all.”“I see, this makes things quite awkward for me, to be honest,”“I do understand, not quite what you were expecting, I know. But let me tell you, I’ve been the happiest in my life for quite a long time when I’ve been with you. You have been different and special to me.”“Thank you, I just don’t know what to do or what to think. And, yes, you have felt special to me too.”“So, how about another glass of wine, I’ll throw a pizza in the oven, and I’ll try to answer any more questions you have.”“Yes, some more wine would be good, it’s going to take me some time to get my head around all of this.”We chatted more over the pizza, then we kissed and I began to relax. It felt a bit odd, but the good sensations came back to me, God! Robin sure could kiss. Then Robin invited me to stay the night. Ouch! Another cramp, it was time, no doubts about it, a double check on the alarm clock, twelve forty, no need to panic, but yeah, damn, I need to pee. Back in bed, I began to recall that first night with Robin.To be honest, I had no idea what it would be like to make love with Robin, but I quickly found out. Robin gave me three nipple orgasms before even touching me between my legs. Robin’s fingers danced, excited, and teased me, and all I could do was gasp, whimper, and groan.I did try to pleasure Robin too, Robin canlı bahis siteleri laughed when I tried to suck on her small nipples. “Sorry, not a lot there as yet. Hopefully, they will begin to grow some more soon.” After, as we lay together, I reflected on the most sensuous night of my life. My world had just been turned upside down, inside out, and topsy-turvey. Robin was an amazing lover.Over the next few weeks, we were seen about town as the hottest new couple. A few months later we found our own place to rent, it simply was bliss. Slowly we began to formulate ideas about our future together.Another contraction, a bit stronger this time, but still time to reflect back. We had developed a deep trustful relationship. Then we had some good news, the Parliament passed a new law allowing for same-sex marriage. We went out for a celebratory dinner where we both proposed to each other.I also knew deep down that Robin still wanted bigger breasts, but she was getting nowhere fast. So for Robin’s birthday, I managed to get a Noogleberry breast enhancement kit. She was totally delighted. That night after making love we tried it out, I found it fascinating to watch her breasts in the cups. For just about the first time Robin was speechless. We watched as Robin’s small breasts began to expand as they were sucked out, then the pumping action took over.“Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh,” Robin whimpered as we watched the drawing out of her breasts and nipples, then easing back as the pump released some of the pressure. “Oh my God, Thank you, thank you, thank you.”I laughed and then rubbed her belly, for once, Robin was just about helpless, and I took my chance. Robin was beside herself as I teased her back to be fully aroused. With the cups still on her breasts, she was about as weak as a two-day-old kitten. Then Robin had her most powerful orgasm ever, she arched up, squealing in shock, and her total body cramped and quivered. Oh yeah, that sure was fun.Plans for our wedding took up most of the next several months, even though we had a bit over a year to prepare, we both ended up getting flummoxed. Not only did we have to visit each of the families to get the “Nod” of approval, but we needed to jell well with all involved. Both families were very accepting of our situation.Slowly over time, Robin’s breasts began to expand. Her work trips away unfortunately caused some interruptions, Then she would need to do a catch-up to try to get back to growth mode again. Slowly and surely, she went from a AAA to an AA. But it took almost another year to get her up to a full A cup. She was quite delighted, the A cup suited her.The wedding was a totally magical affair. We had a wonderful lawn ceremony. The sun shone, the small puffy clouds drifted slowly by. Just about all of the people we had invited managed to attend. We both wore white dresses, and we were simply fabulous. Later that night we headed off on our honeymoon. We fucked ourselves silly.It didn’t take too long before a few of our friends began to start families, and I began to feel the social pressure too. I knew that it would not be so easy for me to get pregnant without some external assistance. Maybe an adoption would work, but I began to get the itch of wanting to go through canlı bahis a pregnancy.Still, there was plenty of time, beginning a family was something we could happily put off for a year or two. So instead we bought a house and had a lot of fun renovating it. However, once we were complete, it could not be helped to notice there was a “spare room” which could very easily become a nursery.Robin’s dad had a heart attack, and we rushed to be with the rest of the family. We were relieved it had not been so bad, but still quite a fright for all involved. We ended up camping out at Robin’s mom and dad’s house. It turned into a bit of a pre-Christmas family gathering.On Christmas day as I helped get everything ready, I ended up alone in the kitchen with Robin’s mom, Diane. She looked at me as asked.“You want to have a baby, don’t you?”Stunned by the directness of the question, I nodded a few times before I could get out my “Yes.”“When Robin had his accident, we were worried that he would never be able to have children. We almost resigned ourselves to knowing we would be unable to become grandparents.”“Yes, I know the damage was just about total for him. Then with the follow-ups, it would be impossible for him to ever start a family himself.”Diane laughed, “I don’t know if he told you, but we were able to get a few samples of his sperm in the hope he might meet someone who could understand him.” She paused, “Come to think of it, I can’t recall if we ever told him about that either.”Later that night we discussed our options. It had been news to Robin that samples had been collected and stored. It would take us a few months to track down where the samples had been taken. We went through a few formalities, and I had to go under a full medical, to ensure everything was ready.Robin and I attended the clinic and I had a small vial of semen inserted deep into my pussy. We had a second visit the next day to try to ensure the effectiveness of the timing.A few weeks later I had a positive pregnancy test. We both were ecstatic. Later that night our lovemaking was much slower, much more considered, as we took out time to celebrate the beginning of our new family. We decided to keep the fact I was able to use Robin’s sperm a secret for a while longer.News of my pregnancy began to leak out, not helped by me suffering from a few days of morning sickness. The big question was just who had been the one who did the deed, and we both consistently told whoever asked, it was just a miracle.The contractions were beginning to happen more frequently, So I woke Robin, then I went to ring for the midwife. A double-check of my bag, and we headed out to the birthing unit. There we would meet up with the midwife. I was going to have our baby.Four hours later I delivered into the world a son, we called him Rupert. The birth had been an exhausting but wonderful experience. We cuddled Rupert on my belly for a few minutes, then the midwife began the clean-up procedure. Another cuddle then we turned to Robin.I watched as Robin took hold of Rupert, sat, and looked into Rupert’s big brown eyes. I just couldn’t help noticing the changes going on as Robin began to undergo a new, slow metamorphosis. Her style and classy features melted, then as she turned towards me, I knew she was undergoing a fundamental and final shift in her persona.Robin’s eyes began to sparkle with tears as her smile grew broad, at last, Robin became her true self. Robin muttered, “I’m a daddy.” 

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