Rocker Girl Ch. 03


It was late when we woke up Sunday morning. I almost cried in frustration when the boys told me they had to check out in an hour. They didn’t have to be back at work, but Yellowstone was crowded and they’d only been able to get the room for a few days. Kevin went to the desk and came back looking glum. No rooms. I already had a plan.

“You can stay in one of our rooms,” I said, after making a quick phone call. “Nancy might want to join in, though. Are you all right with that?” The poles in the boys’ pants told me that was a silly question.

A few moments later, I was on my hands and knees, sucking Kevin’s cock. Dennis lifted my skirt, pulled my panties aside and fucked me from behind. I came as he was shooting inside my pussy. I sucked our mixed juices from Dennis’ still-hard cock as Kevin ate me to one orgasm and fucked me to another climax before cumming inside me. Dennis went down on me, making me come again.

The band wasn’t playing Sunday night, so we spent most of the day walking around. I love sight-seeing, although I usually pay more attention to men and women than to the scenery. This time, I was focused on the brothers but was aware that a lot of people were looking at us enviously. My nipples stayed hard and my panties remained wet all day.

With the mountains surrounding Yellowstone, night falls early, even in summer. We arrived at the passion pit three hours after dark. The band was in the other room of the suite. The communicating door was closed, but we could hear them rehearsing, Jame on acoustic guitar, Gurl with her electric bass unplugged, Janis whacking a practice pad, and Nancy playing an old Yamaha home keyboard.

We were kissing passionately before the outside door had swung shut. I reluctantly pulled myself away. “I need to talk to the girls.”

Nancy came back with me. “I’m so glad Tracy has decided to share,” she purred after looking the brothers over. Nancy can do the Marilyn Monroe thing – project sexiness at will. She had it cranked for Dennis and Kevin and I could sense their heat. I wished I had a dick so I could fuck her senseless. She didn’t do girls often, but Nancy loved causing wet panties as well as stiff dicks.

She was built like Marilyn Monroe, too. Tall, 5′ 8″, solid athletic body, wide hips, muscular buttocks, D-cup breasts that only sagged slightly when she removed her bra, curly light brown hair running halfway down her back, and a thick triangle of brown pubic hair above her shaved pussy. Seeing her naked always got me hot.

I stepped back into the room with the band. “We already know,” Gurl said, giving me an exaggerated thumbs-up. “Rock on, Babes!” I blew her a kiss before closing the connecting door.

“Yummy!” Nancy said, kissing Dennis and then Kevin. “How are we going to do this?” she asked, turning to me. “One on one and trade men later?”

“Let’s just improvise,” I answered. “I want to watch the boys play with you.” The brothers pressed their bodies against Nancy, making an instant hot sexual sandwich. Kevin kissed her while Dennis stroked her hair. She stood motionless while they moved down, gradually undressing her, massaging her shoulders and back, caressing her breasts, kissing her navel and buttocks, rubbing her front and back thighs, finally taking turns eating her pussy and ass until she screamed and came.

I sat in the big upholstered chair, staring at Dennis, Kevin and Nancy. I’ve been a voyeur since my early teens, when I spied on my parents making love. I’d frequently fantasized about watching Nancy with a lover. My nipples were already swollen when I unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it open. They grew even harder as I pulled and twisted them. I lifted my skirt, removed my panties and rubbed my inner thighs. My closed mound was already slick with my juices.

The men undressed quickly. Kevin lay on his back on one of the double beds and Nancy straddled him. They kissed briefly, then Nancy spiked her pussy on his stiff cock. Continuing to play with my nipples, I slid two fingers up my snatch and rubbed my clit with my thumb while I watched them hump.

“Holy Fuck! You’re really good!” Nancy exclaimed. Deciding I needed more than my fingers, I impulsively leaped up and ran into the other room. The girls were startled to see me wild-eyed, with my open blouse, bobbing breasts and erect nipples. I snatched the vibrator from my suitcase, ran back into the passion pit, removed my skirt and knelt on the unoccupied double bed.

Dennis was kneeling behind Nancy, working two fingers in and out of her butt as Kevin continued fucking her pussy. I positioned the vibrator between my legs. Nancy screamed softly as Dennis’ cock slid into her asshole. “God, that’s good!” she whispered. I’d named my vibrator “Super Bob,” much to my real Bob’s amusement. It was eight inches long and two inches thick, with prominent veins, bulging balls and a dramatically-flaring head. I switched Super Bob on low and slipped him up my cunt. I moved him around slowly while stroking my clit as I stared at the men double-fucking my Side escort best friend.

The girls followed me. Janis and Gurl came first. Jame continued playing guitar in the other room for several minutes before joining us. She stood still at the back of the room with her arms folded across her chest.

I’d never had sex in front of my band mates and I suddenly realized everyone was looking at me. Kevin, Nancy and Dennis stared from the adjoining bed. Her big tits were rolling with her body motion as she rode the brothers’ cocks. Gurl was standing in front of Janis, who was playing with Gurl’s nipples through her tank top as they watched. Wide-eyed, Jame was taking everything in.

We were as close as sisters in Fishnet Barbie. I was suddenly intimidated and embarrassed by my sisters seeing me masturbate. Erotic inertia made me continue moving Super Bob around my pussy. I pushed him in deep and the ridge at his base pressed against my swollen clit, triggering a mini-orgasm. A wave of heat flashed over my body and my senses became hyper-acute. I felt the focused lust of all the women. “Musically, we’re already lovers,” I thought. “Why not make it physical?” I switched the vibrator speed to medium and clamped it in place with my pussy muscles, moving both hands to my breasts.

Gurl and Janis had stripped and were standing face to face, fondling each other’s breasts as they watched the action on the two beds. The two women looked perfectly matched, although they were very different physically.

Gurl was a small body builder, 5′ 2″, her C-cup breasts and muscular buttocks large on her slender frame, pale skin, natural blond hair dyed a brilliant yellow, short on the sides and collar-length in back, totally shaved pubic hair, and chrome studs in her navel, tongue, nipples and clit hood. Onstage, she’s nearly dwarfed by her bass.

Janis was a buxom Hispanic woman. With Nancy’s size and build, she dominates her drums. She had rich olive skin, thick black shoulder-length hair, and a lush pubic thatch.

Each woman had a single identical tattoo on her right shoulder. It looked like a Chinese character, but was actually a highly-stylized intertwined “J” and “G.” Janis had designed it.

Nancy was moaning and writhing between the men. “Oh Gawd! I’m cumming!!” she screamed. The men had to hold her upright during her long violent orgasm. “Keep going!” she gasped as soon as she was able to speak. Kevin and Dennis had fucked her to several more climaxes when she shouted, “Oh God Kevin, shoot in my cunt! OH DENNIS! My ass! Oh! Cum boys! Shoot your hot . . . Oh God! . . . cunt . . . cum . . . ass . . . cummmmiiiinnngggg!”

I’d already had several orgasms. Now, Super Bob was on high and I was slamming him into my snatch. I came along with Nancy. Finally spent, I collapsed onto the bed.

Nancy was still limp when the brothers carried her over to my bed. The men lay down together and started stroking each other’s cocks. Gurl and Janis stood at the foot of the bed, fingering each others’ pussies while they watched. Jame moved closer.

Nancy sat up on the side of the bed. I discarded my rumpled blouse and joined her. She stiffened when I put a hand on her thigh, but quickly relaxed. Moments later, she turned and kissed me, a long open-mouth kiss. Our hands found each other’s breasts. Hers were so big and firm, a wonderful weight in my palms.

Dennis lay on his back and Kevin lowered himself onto his brother’s cock, slowly riding it as he stroked his own member.

“Take that big fucker up your ass!” Gurl cried approvingly. She was slowly grinding her pelvis as Janis thrust two fingers into her hot wet snatch.

I pushed Nancy down on the bed and kissed her breasts. She moaned and her erect nipples grew even harder as I sucked them. Eventually, she guided my face to her crotch. A thick triangle of dark pubic hair decorated the area above her hairless vulva, which was shiny with mixed male and female juices.

Nancy’s big brown outer lips were all puffy and tempting. “Oh yeah!” she whispered when I caught them between my lips, nibbled and pulled. She played with her swollen tits while I pulled her open and slipped my tongue into her pussy. Her juices were overflowing, but I could still taste Kevin’s cum.

Gurl had been finger-fucking Janis. She suddenly ran from the room, returning a moment later with an elaborate strap-on. “I bet Nancy would like the girl with something extra,” she said. Nancy and I both grinned and nodded. “Do you need help putting it on?”

It was the same model Liz and I used, a sturdy leather harness supporting a large outward-facing dildo and inward-facing vaginal and anal probes. “Sure,” I answered, looking innocent.

“All of it?” Gurl asked. I nodded. “The butt plug is the hardest part . . .” She giggled at what she’d just said. “Turn around and bend over.” She pressed a lubricated finger against my rosebud and was surprised when it slid in so easily. “I think you’re ready,” Gurl said, looking at me with knowing eyes as Escort side she picked up the harness. She worked the anal plug for several minutes, making me cum, before it snapped into place. “Now your pussy . . . that’s easy, you’re so wet . . . and the straps. Good! You’re really hot with a cock. You can fuck my holes any time.”

“Oww!” Gurl cried as Janis slapped her ass. “My sugar comes first,” she added, moving into Janis’ arms. “Cums and cums! And makes me cum just as hard.” They kissed passionately. I stroked my erection, moving the probes in my pussy and ass, as I watched the lovers.

Kevin lifted himself off his brother’s cock. As all the girls watched, Dennis bent over and spread his muscular buttocks. “Just a second,” Gurl said, grabbing Kevin’s stiff prick. “I want to help.” She squirted lubricant into the palm of her hand, then stroked his shaft and ran slick fingers over his head until he started to throb. At the same time, Janis slid lubricated fingers up Dennis’ asshole and stroked his penis. “Fuck you boys,” Gurl and Janis tenderly whispered in unison, still fondling the brothers’ bodies as Kevin slid into Dennis.

Nancy was sitting on the bed with her back against the headboard, playing with her nipples. She’d watched Gurl fitting me into the strap-on intently. “My girl’s got a beautiful cock, too!” she exclaimed, getting on her hands and knees. Her buttocks were open, revealing her tender rosebud, and her pussy was hot and juicy. The strap-on’s dildo was eight inches long and two inches thick. She moaned in pleasure as I slowly slipped it into her snatch. “Fuck! It’s so big!” she cried reverently.

The triple-pronged strap-on was wonderful! It was fucking my pussy and ass every time I moved the big dildo in Nancy’s cunt. She was rocking on her hands and knees, pushing me to drive into her harder and faster.

“Fucking rocks!” Gurl exclaimed as she got onto the bed, kneeling beside Nancy and me. “Boys fucking boys. Girls fucking girls. Fucking great!” She had one hand on Nancy’s breast and the other on my buttock. Janis got on our other side and fondled us the same way.

“Fuck me Tracy!” Nancy screamed. “I’m . . . CUMMMIIINNGGG!!” I was cumming too as I continued thrusting violently into her cunt, dizzily exulting in fucking my best friend to orgasm. I wished I could feel her snatch muscles clutching my cock. We came over and over as I drove the dildo into her.

Finally exhausted, we moved into each other’s arms, kissing tenderly. Janis and Gurl were beside us on the bed, making out. Gurl had her hand between Janis’ legs, doing something that made the other woman scream orgasmically. Kevin had stopped fucking Dennis and the brothers were sitting on their bed, watching us. Jame was still staring from the back of the room.

“Tracy . . .” Nancy whispered her request so softly I didn’t believe I’d understood her.

“You really want . . .”

“Yeah! Fuck my ass. Please!”

Gurl, Janis, Dennis and Kevin gathered to watch as Nancy rolled onto her back, lifting her butt into the air. Janis’ vulva and Gurl’s hand were shiny with lubricant. Janis’ areolas were unbelievably swollen. “Now Baby!” Nancy moaned. “Please.” Juice was leaking from her pussy and running down between her buttocks. Super Bob was lying beside Nancy’s head. I picked him up and positioned his flared head outside Nancy’s vulva. She grabbed him, rammed his length up her snatch and turned the vibration on high. “Do it now!” she begged.

Gurl smeared lubricant on my dildo. “Go!” she commanded, pushing me toward Nancy. I’d seen Dennis fuck her ass earlier, but the dildo was a lot bigger than his penis. I pressed my cock-head against her rosebud.

Nancy screamed with pleasure as I slowly entered her. “You love it, Baby,” I said. “You love me fucking your hot sweet ass.” I wanted to be gentle, but it was hard to resist my desire to pound her ferociously. Super Bob was deep in Nancy’s cunt and the dildo was transmitting his vibrations to my pussy, clit and asshole.

Suddenly I was a man, feeling her anal muscles gripping my flesh and blood cock as I drove into her, pushing ever harder and faster, until I sprayed hot cum up her butt. Still hard, I continued fucking her, cumming over and over.

Janis suddenly exclaimed, “Yeah! Fuck my ass!” She was bent over with Kevin behind her. “Fuck my ass!” she moaned over and over.

“Butt-fuck my Baby!” Gurl cried. “Fuck my hot dyke lover while your brother fucks my ass!”

Janis and Gurl screamed as the men ass-fucked them to climax. Nancy and I were cumming almost continuously as I fucked her ass and she fucked her cunt with Super Bob. Kevin and Dennis suddenly pulled out of their women and sprayed their cum on Nancy’s breasts. As soon as they’d finished, Janis and Gurl pushed them aside and began licking the male juices. Nancy came one final time, then lay limp on the bed. The rest of us collapsed in an erotic tangle around her.

Jame had watched the entire orgy, remaining silent and motionless the whole time. Side escort bayan She walked through the communicating door and locked herself in the other room’s bathroom.

We showered and paired off – two to a bed; Janis and Gurl, Nancy and Dennis, Kevin and me. We all fell asleep before Jame emerged from the bathroom and took the unoccupied bed. In the morning, she acted like nothing had happened.

The men stayed all week, sleeping in the passion pit with Nancy and me. The band was playing from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM, so we were all in bed before midnight. Jame stayed up playing her electric guitar through headphones, then went to bed alone while Janis and Gurl had noisy sex beside her. Nancy and I traded brothers every night.

On Thursday, Dennis and I made wild love for hours before I fell asleep. I woke up in the dark at 4:00 AM. I reached for Dennis, but he was gone. Long hair brushed my face as a woman got into bed, straddling my naked body. “Nancy?” She silenced me with a passionate kiss.

“God, she’s horny for a girl who’s been fucked all night!” I thought as her tongue stroked mine and our lips pressed together. I’d heard her screaming almost endlessly while she was in bed with Kevin. There was no sound from the next room, but I could hear Dennis and Kevin beside us. “Randy bastards!” I thought affectionately. Without Nancy, they were getting it on with each other.

Her big breasts were hanging down. I loved their weight pressing against my little tits. Our nipples, already hardening, continued to swell as they rubbed together. I put my hands between our bodies, cupping and fondling her breasts. They were satin smooth and firm. My fingers found her nipples. I began rolling and pulling on them.

Nancy was already breathing hard and I could feel the wetness of her pussy pressing against mine. She gasped in surprise and disappointment when I pushed her away. An instant later, she was purring in satisfaction after I pushed her onto her back and lay on top of her with my face between her breasts. I sucked her nipples, feeling them grow even harder and longer, and tongued her puffy areolas. Engorged with blood, her breasts were firm and sensitive. She moaned as I rubbed my lips over her nipples and caressed her firm flesh.

She stroked my shoulders and hair as I slowly kissed and licked my way down her body. “Aaaahhhh!” she whispered as I caught her bush in my teeth, gently pulling her hair. Except for Jame, the Fishnet Barbie members weren’t body shy and we’d all seen each other naked. I got wet every time I saw Nancy’s big Vee of lush pubic hair, pointing like an arrow to her shaved pussy.

I kissed her mound, extended my tongue and slowly licked up and down her slit, tasting her wetness. She opened her legs wider and I pressed my tongue against her pussy, pushing it deeper inside. “I want to see you,” I suddenly said, reaching for the light.

“No!” Nancy whispered urgently. “I want it dark.” Her voice was almost inaudible. Nancy wasn’t usually shy. I decided she didn’t want to be distracted by vision. The men were still making noises in the bed beside us. I pushed my tongue inside her, then slid it upward. She gasped as I grazed her clit.

Growing impatient, I pulled her open and thrust my tongue deep into her pussy. It was already wet and dripping. I sucked gently on her slick hot opening while tongue-fucking her. The taste of Nancy’s salty-sweet juices flowing into my mouth was wonderful.

She was moaning and working her hips, pushing her pelvis toward my mouth as I sucked and licked her cunt. I finally moved up to her hard clit, wrapping my lips around the little bud and stroking it with my tongue as I sucked it.

My finger slipped into her pussy easily, so I added another, sliding them deep inside. She was amazingly tight, hot and wet. As I worked my fingers in and out, I twisted my wrist. This was a trick Liz had taught me. The circular motion stimulated her sensitive vaginal entrance much more than my thrusts by themselves. I continued licking and sucking her hard clit as I finger-fucked her.

I quickened the pace as she screamed and her body stiffened. I brought her off several times before she went limp. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy while continuing to gently kiss her vulva. My face was slick with her juices. “Oh Nancy!” I whispered.

We lay there almost motionless for a long time, with Nancy softly stroking my hair. “Thank you,” she whispered. Later, she made love to me, playing with my breasts, then eating and finger-fucking me. She brought me close, but couldn’t quite push me over the edge to orgasm.

“I’ve got to cum,” I finally gasped, getting on my hands and knees. “Put a finger up my pussy. Get it good and juicy. Now, stick it up my ass.” She hesitated for a moment, then I felt pressure on my back door. “Oh! That’s good!” I gasped as her finger slid smoothly into my anus. I clamped my muscles, gripping her tightly.

“Now, put two fingers up my cunt,” I commanded. “Finger-fuck me. Yeah, work them in and out!” I lowered my face and chest to the mattress, freeing my hands to pinch my nipples and rub my clit while Nancy worked her fingers in my holes. She was startled by the violence of my first orgasm, but continued stimulating me until I’d cum several more times.

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