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This story is autobiographical, in that it relates something that happened to me recently. It was a lot of fun so I wanted to share it with you all. Please let me know if you like it.

* * * * *

My name is Cinnamon. I am a graduate student in Classics at a big university. I’ve finished all my classes and most of my doctoral research, so I am spending most of my time now at home, writing my dissertation. I live in a nice, quiet, suburban neighborhood, and my husband is away most of the time with his work, so I am free to spend most of my time working on my dissertation. My husband is a very nice man, and a great conversationalist, but unfortunately he had an accident a few years ago which left him impotent. He has essentially told me that I should probably look elsewhere for sex, but until now I really hadn’t followed up on that suggestion. I must confess, however, that I was getting pretty horny and what happened next did nothing to cool me off!

What happened is this. I went out to pick up my mail at the mailbox on the street. There was the usual pile of ads, bills, and other stuff, most of which I threw away, but there was a big envelope that looked interesting so I tore it open without actually noticing that it was not addressed to me. Inside I found a manuscript with some editor’s marks and a letter from a pornographic magazine! Now I looked at the envelope again and realized that it was addressed to my next-door neighbor, Roget.

I didn’t know Roget very well, but saw him outside occasionally or sometimes we shared the spa that our group of little houses shared around a patio under giant live oaks. He was quite a bit older than me, maybe as old as 50, but was well built and good looking. He lived alone and worked at home, too, but I’d never tried to come on to him, figuring he was really too old for me. In the spa sometimes, however, I could tell that looking at me in my bikini got him a little excited between the legs for I could see the bulge of a stiff cock beneath his shorts. I thought sometime it might be nice to skinny dip in the spa with him, but didn’t dare suggest it.

Anyhow, I looked at the manuscript, entitled “Summer Sues,” and could not resist reading it. It was highly erotic and really got me hot reading it. One section read like this:

Moments later I was in the bedroom waiting for young Sue to emerge from the bathroom. I could hear the hair dryer blowing and guessed it might take her awhile to dry all that hair on her head. I was still contemplating what might occur next, my thoughts keeping my cock strong and erect, when the bathroom door finally opened and Sue emerged naked and dry. She hopped onto the bed with me on all fours and immediately focused on my rigid cock. “I want to suck your cock,” she said unashamedly.

I lay on my back and caressed her head as she lowered it over my shaft, first running her tongue around the ring of my cockhead and then slowly up and down each side of the pink and purple rod. I spread my legs wide to give her full access to my balls as her tongue lathered over them and brought my cock up to a new plateau of stiffness. Her mouth opened and she swallowed my cock, deep into her throat with more expertise than I would have expected from a virgin. As her mouth and tongue fucked my cock, my fingers roamed over her body, pinching her nipples, then finding her pussy. My thumb dipped into her wet, pink tunnel, while my longest finger probed her rectum. I squeezed both fingers together and finger-fucked both her ass and her cunt at the same time. Her cocksucking skill was phenomenal, and her own excitement seemed to grow with each stroke. She moved her body to straddle me in 69 fashion and I eagerly licked and penetrated her cunt with my tongue, while still keeping my fingers there and in her asshole.

My tongue found her swollen clitoris and I sucked it between my teeth, licking it feverishly with my tongue and feeling the tiny squirts of her sweet juice in my mouth. . . . and on and on . . . . I couldn’t keep from fingering my own juicy pussy as I read the hot prose and before I finished I had managed to bring myself off with a very satisfying orgasm. I tried to be careful not to get any of my wetness on his manuscript, but didn’t entirely küçükçekmece escort succeed. I put the manuscript and letter back into the big envelope and pondered as to what to do. I now saw Roget in a whole new light and really wanted to take it over to him, apologizing for opening it by mistake, but hoping that we might get it on together in the style of his own story. I sprayed some cologne in the right places and almost ran next door to Roget’s. I skipped up onto his front porch, where I have often seen him working on his laptop, but he wasn’t there now. I rang his doorbell, full of excitement, but also a little afraid. When he didn’t answer a wave of depression flooded over me. I rang again, but still no answer.

I decided to write him a note, but not having a pen with me I had to go back to my house. Once there, I wrote across the back of the big envelope: Dear Roget, I’m so sorry, but this envelope was in my box by mistake and I opened it before realizing that it was addressed to you. I couldn’t help but notice the story inside and once I started reading it I couldn’t stop until I finished.I REALLY LOVED IT!!! You weren’t home when I stopped by your place to deliver it, so I am just putting it back in your box. Please forgive me.Cinnamon

I needed to go to the library, so I left the envelope in Roget’s mailbox and headed for my car in the little parking lot next to our houses. I noticed that Roget’s car was gone. It was already mid-morning and it took me more than a half-hour to get to the university. All the time I was in the library I kept thinking about Roget’s story, and imagining me naked with him, eager to suck cock and fuck him, too. I could fee the juices running from my pussy the more I day-dreamed. The result was that I didn’t finish my research at the library until after 2 that afternoon. I was so horny! It had been too long since I had enjoyed real sex. I grabbed a quick bite on the way home and it was nearly 3 when I pulled into the parking lot. I noticed immediately that Roget’s car was there now.

As I crossed the patio I could see that Roget was working at his laptop on his front porch. He saw me immediately and waved, shouting, “Thanks for returning the story, Cinnamon.” I waved back and decided to go for it! “I didn’t know you had so much literary talent,” I called to him. Do you have any more like that I could read?”

Roget had a drink in his hand and he invited me in to join him for one. As I climbed the steps up to his porch I told him I though it was still a little early in the day but, what the hell, that I would love a gin and tonic. We went inside while he mixed my drink. Roget acted like he was glad to see me, but at the same time seemed a little embarrassed. He asked me not to tell anyone else about the story I had seen. I promised him I wouldn’t and gave him my sexiest smile, as I told him, “but I wouldn’t mind reading some more of them.”

We sat down on the sofa and chatted small talk for what seemed the longest time. We talked about my dissertation and how I didn’t have much time for erotic literature these days. I told him that he must know a lot about sex to be able to write such erotic stories.

“Its mostly fantasy,” he replied. “My imagination is over-sexed.” But he moved closer to me and began to ask about my husband. I think he said something like I didn’t have to depend on imagination since I had a husband.

I had to laugh at that, and I blurted out that my husband was an impotent celibate. I went on to say that he had suggested that I probably should go elsewhere for sex and wouldn’t mind if did. I hoped that Roget would take that rather obvious hint! Roget was dressed only in a tee shirt and shorts and I think he was getting my message since I could see the outline of an awesome erection rising through his flimsy shorts. He got up and mixed us another round and when he stood up it became even more obvious that he had a very respectable cock poking his shorts way out in front and he confidently seemed to make no effort to disguise it.

When he sat back down next to me on the sofa his hand brushed over my breast and it felt so nice, so right. I leaned back against the küçükyalı escort back of the sofa and looked him straight in the eyes, letting him know without saying a word that I wanted him now. He brought his face close to mine as I felt his fingers clutch my stiff nipple. A surge of erotic sensation rippled through my body all the way down to my toes. He said something like he guessed we could fantasize a bit here then and pressed his open mouth over mine. I opened my mouth and let his tongue join mine in a welcome touch and then we both explored each other’s mouths with our tongues for a long time. I could taste the scotch from his drink in his mouth as my arms embraced him and sucked hard on his tongue, letting him fuck my mouth with it over and over. I could feel the juices surging in my pussy.

I felt his hand go between my legs and clutch my pussy through my jeans. I suddenly felt an enormous urge to get out of my clothes and fuck this man . “Let’s get naked,” I whispered in his ear and pulled my polo shirt over my head and threw it aside. Roget wasted no time in ripping off his tee shirt and shorts, exposing a beautiful, hard, stiff cock protruding from his crotch. He grabbed my jeans and pulled them off me as I wriggled my way out of my bra. I was feverish with desire. He helped me get out my panties. I wanted that cock in my mouth. But Roget had already taken one of my tits into his mouth and began to chew on one nipple and pinch the other with his fingers. Waves of delightful electricity vibrated through my body. I reached down and found his hot cock. Its skin was so soft, yet it was so hard and stiff at the same time. I ran my hand lightly over it and could feel it throb and grow even bigger.

We wiggled on the sofa for position. His mouth left my breast and roamed over my abdomen, kissing and licking as he moved closer to my pussy. At the same time I pulled his cock toward my mouth so we were lying side by side on his wide sofa. As his tongue traced my slit I shuddered with the ecstasy of the feeling it gave me as I pushed my pussy into his mouth and wrapped my tongue around his beautiful pink and purple shaft. I could feel his tongue fucking my cunt and it was wonderful. He began to slide his cock back and forth in my mouth, as his fingers roamed over my ass, pulling my cunt against his mouth. God, his tongue felt so good licking and fucking my cunt. Then I felt him move upward with his tongue and find my clit. He sucked the swollen button in between his teeth and I was close to cumming as he ran his tongue all over and around it.

I was moaning in my heat as I continued to suck on his cock and rub his balls with my fingers. It felt so wonderful as waves of sexual energy rippled through me. Just then his cock squirted its hot sperm into my mouth. He came enormously. I did, too. I swallowed most of his cum, but some of it shot onto my face and neck. I lay back in an ecstatic swoon as he continued to lick my wet pussy.

We turned back to face each other and Roget put his arms around me held me close as he kissed me again on the mouth. I could taste my own juices in his mouth and it caused a surge of desire to fuck to run through my head. I pulled back from him and pushed him on his back on the sofa. I was almost violent with desire. His cock was still extended, but not so stiff as before. I bent over him and ran my tongue around the circumcision ring near the top of his penis and it immediately became more erect. I licked him from the tip down to his balls as it stiffened even more.

I straddled him, facing away from him, and pulled his cock up into my pussy. He pushed upward and entered me; I pushed downward and felt his stiff prong slide easily up into my wet cunt. It felt divine. I pushed down on his cock as hard as I could, feeling him penetrate me fully as we began to move together in rhythm as his cock rode back and forth in my cunt. I squeezed it as tight as I could with my cunt. The wonderful sensations radiated outward and all through my body as I rocked back and forth feeling my juices once more flowing like a bitch in heat. I could also feel his hand pinching my ass and then he shoved one finger up my ass and began maltepe escort to finger-fuck me there. This additional stimulation pushed me close to climax. I moaned and screamed with delight. “Don’t stop,” I shouted. “Fuck me, fuck me, don’t stop!” Then suddenly we both exploded together, streams of our cum blending deep in my cunt. Waves of pleasure once more overcame me. I think I passed out momentarily. His penis came out of me. I turned around to face him and lay down on top of him, feeling his limp, wet cock against my sopping pussy. I bit the nipples of his chest playfully and said simply, “That was great. . . . And I don’t think it was a fantasy!” Roget kissed me and told me for sure that it was real. I could feel his cock once more stiffening against my pussy.

Then, after a while, he pushed me off him, still on the sofa, but pulled me up on my keens with my ass facing outward. He got up and stood behind me, grabbing me by my ass and hips and ramming his hard-again cock back into my cunt. Once deeply in me his hands moved up to my tits and, pinching a nipple in each hand, he began to fuck me hard. I responded immediately, rocking my ass back against him with each thrust. He was deeply in me and sending heavenly shocks through me with each banging of his cock. My head was down on the sofa now and I was laughing excitedly and screaming for him to fuck me harder. I quickly came again, but it took him longer this time. He kept banging and banging and I didn’t mind. My orgasms came in wave after wave of ecstasy. We were perspiring freely now. His cock felt so hot and good and powerful in me. Then suddenly he stopped, and I could feel his penis throb in me as it squirted new shots of sperm into my womb.

He collapsed on his back onto the carpet, obviously happy but exhausted. His eyes were closed. His flaccid cock lay limply along one thigh, drooling drops of cum from its tip. I got off the sofa and knelt beside him. I licked that bit of cum off his cockhead and continued licking it. I held it up in my fingers so I could lick his balls and as I did the cock began to stiffen once more. I licked along one thigh down to his knee and all around it, tasting his salty sweat and cleaning him like a mother cat. My tongue slowly licked his shin and down around his foot, sucking each toe into my mouth like a little penis. Then the same on the other foot. As I worked back up his other leg I could see his beautiful cock standing at attention, as if waiting for me.

Roget lay still, but moaned softly as I continued to lick up his leg back to his cock and balls. I admired his shaft. I could be obsessive about a cock like that. It stood straight up, no curves, proud and tall. Purplish pink in color, the cockhead was smooth and soft . The ring around his cockhead rose up on the back side to form a seam that lined up with his pee slit at the top. The main part of the shaft was rougher, with veins and ridges showing in darker or bluish tones. His cock was pinker at the top, then turned more purply as it approached his sack of balls. The sack had a rough surface, with little tiny bumps all over it. The texture felt great on my tongue as I licked his balls some more. He didn’t have much hair on his balls. They were not shaven, but it look like he clipped his public hair and kept it short. I ran my tongue all along his cock shaft and over his balls again. His cock swayed and throbbed as if to thank me.

Pre-cum dripped from the tip now and I knew I could make him cum yet again with only a little bit of sucking. Instead I resumed my licking of his body, prolonging his pleasure. Over his belly, into his navel, along his waist, across his hairy chest, nibbling at his nipples in the process. I went up and down each arm to his hands, licking his palms and then sucking on each finger a little. I was getting juicy in my pussy the more I did this. Then his neck. I tongue-fucked his ears, licked his forehead and his eyes, and then sucked his nose into my mouth before kissing him on the mouth gently. He smiled without opening his eyes, but hardly moved. He was mesmerized in a deep sexual trance. His cock remained rigid and I knew he wanted me again, but I wanted to leave him wanting me, looking forward to the next time. I arose and quickly dressed myself. “Let’s fantasize again sometime,” I said as I headed for the door.

“Anytime, Cinnamon, anytime,” he said softly.

I stepped off his porch and headed for my own house immensely satisfied. It would be a little hard getting back to my dissertation writing, but I knew there would be more of that cock for me. I’ll tell you about that later.

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