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They hadn’t been roommates for very long at all, barely a few weeks. It was her apartment, but she needed the income from renting out the other bedroom or she couldn’t keep herself living in the style she most appreciated.

He was a friend of a friend, and came with good references. He needed a place to stay after his fraternity brothers had ‘accidentally’ burned down their house. Their hours were similar, which was something she had hoped to avoid considering she’d just taken on a near stranger, and a male one, at that. But they ended up having classes at the same time, and worked the same hours. There was little chance of avoiding each other.

She didn’t mind after the first while. He was very good company, easy to talk to. Not boyfriend material by any means. He didn’t intend on staying in the country once he finished his degree. He wanted to work abroad as soon as he was able. And she was the opposite. She was a hometown girl, determined to make it in the same city her family had always lived in, but independently, a new era woman.

He admired her for that, she knew. They talked often once they became comfortable with each other. And he was amazingly well house-trained. She had yet to find any of his laundry lying exposed in the apartment. He did his fair share of the housework, and he was an incredible cook. He was considerate about having guests over, and didn’t try and intrude on her small circle of female friends.

Her friends all thought it was very naughty and hot to have a male roommate. Every time they came by, they would ogle him with big wide innocent eyes. As soon as he turned his back, they would ask her.

“Did he try to sleep with you yet?”

“Has he crawled into bed in the middle of the night?”

“What about the shower? Has he tried to come into the bathroom while you were showering?”

“That saves on water bills, you know — “

“Does not. It’s just another male excuse to have sex with female roommates!”

They laughed in the end, every time. But she would have had to answer ‘no’ to all their questions.

He never tried to sleep with her. He didn’t crawl into her bed. And he didn’t care to save water by sharing her time in the shower.

She was showering now, and rather disturbed to find herself thinking about him as she soaped up her dark chocolate body. He was very pale skinned, Irish by the look of him; straight red hair that hung just over his neck, red beard, green eyes. And ivory colored skin, dotted here and there with freckles. He wasn’t a typical type of sexy, that’s for sure. She’d almost seen him without a shirt on, and he didn’t look half bad. He just wasn’t one of the muscle-heads, that’s all.

She shivered and turned around in the small shower stall, letting the water wash over her face. She tilted her head back, and the spray hit her neck, sending sheets of water cascading down her chest. She realized, then, as her soapy hand slid lower on her belly and caused a tingle in her loins, that she wanted him.

She wanted him badly. There was no more denying it. She thought about him too much, more than she did any of her other male friends. She wished he would try and hit on her, that he would show some interest Sakarya Escort in her. The thought of his creamy skin naked next to hers made her gasp. If he were to come into the shower, right now, she wasn’t sure she would stop him.

Suddenly, she heard the bathroom door creaking open over the sound of the running, splashing water. It was early morning. No one was home but her and her roommate. She turned her head away from the water, trying to listen. It was him, alright.

“Sorry, love. Mind if I just take a piss? I’ll be quick, just can’t hold it very much longer.”

She smiled. He couldn’t really see her through the frosted glass. He could of course make out her dark outline, maybe even the rounding of her breasts and the curve of her ass. It was nothing, really.

“Sure, come on in. Just don’t flush. I like my showers like I like my sex…hot!”

He laughed and she watched him as he pulled out his member and began to pee. His face was down, looking to the toilet. So he couldn’t see her watching him. The sight was nothing special. But it was intriguing to her. Here was the man she currently desired, practically exposing himself to her right there. She could make out the shape of his hand holding his manhood while he tinkled into the toilet water. It sent a shiver up her spine, imagining suddenly what his cock would look like.

Unable to help herself and feeling she had the security of the unwatched, she leaned back against the stall wall. Her hand, busy tracing circles around her navel all this time, now dipped to between her thighs, curving over her heated sex until she was cupping herself. She gave herself a good squeeze, barely keeping the moan welling in her throat from slipping out. She closed her eyes, picturing his body with hers, his cock brushing against her dark sex.

She didn’t hear him finish. And she didn’t notice him leave.

The frosted glass of the shower stall door slid open ever so slowly. And it wasn’t until he took the first step in that she realized she was no longer alone. Frozen in place, she forgot where her hand was and just stared at him.

He was smooth and creamy and naked, just as she had imagined him. The shower water was splashing off of her now, and landing on him, soaking his loose hair. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back, running his hands through the water over his face and beard. Then he lowered his face again and looked at her.

She didn’t know what to say, or do. Her mouth was open. and she had forgotten to breathe.

He reached down and caressed her hand, the one that was seemingly locked between her tightly clenched thighs. Without looking at her eyes, his gaze scanned down her luscious curvaceous body, coming to rest on her sex. His fingers tugged slightly at her wrist, finally managing to ease her hand away from her privacy — only to replace it with his own.

She shivered, closing her eyes. It was like so many fantasies she’d read about. Two people inexplicably drawn together, sharing lust and/or love in a world carefree of any worries. She was in that world, now. She wasn’t thinking of repercussions just now. All she could think about was the feel of his fingers, pulling her Sakarya Escort Bayan tenderly apart. And the slight bounce of his cock against her thigh as he stepped closer.

His other hand slid behind her neck, cradling her head and tilting it back. She thought he was going to kiss her. But instead, his tongue lashed out and tasted the water flowing down her chin. He licked along the trail, following the water down to the curve of her slender neck. Once there, he leaned in and sucked on her skin.

He was feasting on her flesh as if she were a treat, an exotic, exquisite piece of candy. His fingers deftly stroked her cleft, not yet seeking anything in particular. Only stimulating. Only exciting. She was wetter than she had been before.

His mouth pulled away from her neck and he looked into her eyes with a gaze so deep and potent. She’d known he was an intense man, had imagined what kind of lover he would be. But the fire in his eyes just then was still greater than she had expected. It was all she could do not to melt into it.

He held her upright, one hand on the back of her neck, the other rubbing persistently against her pussy. She couldn’t help herself. And wantonly she parted her thighs, giving him the access he wouldn’t take. His fingers curled up in her sex, stroking the inner folds of her precious cunt, finding all the hidden places and pleasures. She could feel her clitoris stiffening beneath his expert grasp. And the delicious way he teasingly stroked at the rim of her hole was driving her wild.

He pulled his hand away, his mouth dipping to hers. He bit her bottom lip, gently, tenderly, tugging at it with his teeth. And his hands both slid up or down her body until he was cupping her ass from behind. Carefully, he maneuvered her, his long artist’s fingers spreading her buttocks and forcing her to part her legs even more. He lifted her up, showing an unexpected strength. And he leaned her against the shower stall wall, most of her slight weight supported in the palms of his hands.

She could feel the head of his cock now. She lifted her hands and put them around his neck, gripping him as she carefully pushed her hips forward. He was seeking entry, and she intended to give it to him. Looking down, she realized how big his cock was. Apparently what she had seen through the glass hadn’t been as much ‘hand’ as she had thought. He looked down too, and she heard him hiss at the sight of his pale, engorged shaft teasing through the dark curls of her sex. She moved her hips again, and could feel the bulbous head of him pushing at her labia. They were swollen with lust and wet with her want of him.

He grunted. He wouldn’t be able to take much more, she knew. But she continued to tease him, just like that. She would push her hips forward, letting him poke and prod with his cock against her swollen fleshy petals. Then she would push back against the shower stall wall, just out of reach of his thrusts.

Finally, he couldn’t stand it any more. And with a quick, fast, and incredibly powerful thrust, he entered her.

She groaned, almost losing her grip on his shoulders as his throbbing meat stuffed itself up inside her crevice. Her tight Escort Sakarya cunt was virtually filled with his thick shaft and swollen head. There was no room for movement just then, he was so big and stretching her so completely.

Knowing, feeling, what she was going through, the shock of his huge cock suddenly inside her, he took action to ease her tension. His mouth dropped to her collarbone, sucking the dark skin there, nipping with careful teeth at the hollow of the bones and skin. He slid his thick tongue up her neck, licking at her ear as he whispered to her. And each time he whispered, he pushed himself deeper and deeper inside her.

“I have wanted to fuck you since I first saw you.”

She groaned, feeling her juices beginning to flow once more.

“Your dark skin against mine seemed so forbidden, but so poetic. Your eyes, deep and dark and mysterious. I wanted to bare myself to you, and see them light with fire!”

She clutched his shoulders and neck tightly.

“Feel me. Feel me filling you up. So fucking hot, so tight. I knew you would be. You know how to use your body, how to care for it. I had to have you, I couldn’t resist. I want to fuck you so badly.”

He was grunting now, and slowly withdrawing his throbbing meat from her pussy. She could feel the suction of her juices and her own aching sex pulling at him, not wanting to let him go just yet. But before he could withdraw completely, he was thrusting himself harder into her.

He pulled out halfway again, only to pound into her once more. And then, he was fucking her furiously. She felt herself slamming against the shower stall wall, her buttocks making a splat sound with every contact. His fingers, cupping her buttocks and the tops of the backs of her thighs, dug in firmly, slowly slipping upwards towards her more intimate regions.

She couldn’t believe how good it felt to have him fucking her like this. It was better than she had ever fantasized. The way he filled her, the sheer size of his massive member, all of it was so new and surprising to her. She completely forgot her reservations about him and gave in to total fucking abandon. Grinding against him, she forced him to go deeper with every stroke.

Then she felt her body betraying her. She was about to cum. And so was he. She could feel him swelling up, could tell by his ragged, grunting breaths that he was going to explode.

At last, he did. She could feel his hot seed pouring up into her canal, butting against her cervix and gushing through with his continued thrusts. She looked down between their bodies, at where his cock was so pale against her ebon thighs. And that is when she came.

Her cunt constricted around his throbbing cock. And she lost control of her body, her arms and legs flailing and kicking as she gave in to ecstatic release. He continued to pound into her, still slamming her writhing body up against the shower wall.

It was some time before they both finally climbed down from the heights of pleasure. The water in the shower was growing cold but as they untangled themselves, they let it wash over them, cleaning them of the evidence of what had just occurred.

“You know,” he said, suddenly looking shyly away from her. “Showering like this saves on water consumption. We should do it more often.”

She howled in laughter and hugged him around the neck, laughing to herself about what her friends had said.

Showering with him wasn’t all she planned on doing more often.

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