Roommate Ch. 01


Anne pulled open the door without looking as she went into the bathroom and almost walked into her suitemate.

“Hey, watch it!” Jenn said playfully as she dodged her suitemate and the opening door. Anne snapped back to reality quickly and looked up. She saw her mostly naked suitemate standing in front of her. Jenn was standing there in her slippers and a loose t-shirt that was so old it had shrunk to the form of her body and nearly become transparent with age and wear. Anne’s eyes followed her body down to her crotch and into the fluffy nest of golden hair at the junction of her thighs.

“Oh, sorry, Jenn. Didn’t know you were in here,” Anne said, prying her eyes off Jenn’s body. Her rapidly de-glazing eyes shifted to her friend’s and she giggled. “Must have just been spacing off.” Jenn giggled with her. She had seen Anne’s eyes devouring her body like a starving lion with a herd of zebra before it; and it wasn’t the first time.

“No problem. I’m almost done in here, anyway,” Jenn said smiling and moved over, giving Anne room at the sink they shared. Anne, trying to keep her mind off Jenn’s tight little body, started brushing her teeth. She almost wished that Jenn would take care to wear more when in her room or in the bathroom. She was always wearing things that were nearly see-through, so tight that they left nothing to the imagination, or she was wearing nothing at all. Jenn was famous for leaving her curtains open while she was dressing in the morning, giving anyone looking a perfect view to her athletic body.

They carried on in silence and Jenn started brushing her hair and she sighed, reaching the inevitable conclusion she’d been avoiding. Her suitemate, her friend, her confidant for the last two years of college was a lesbian. The looks, the stares, the quick comments under her breath, şişli escort all of them just started to be more than coincidence. It did seem strange that Anne didn’t have a date in two years of college; she was a 5’8″ red-headed beauty, with her creamy skin and her legs that never stopped and her big firm tits. Jenn was envious, and Jenn was the type of girl that other girls had to hate. She was 5’7″, had long blonde hair, a tight little waist, a tight stomach, and a good pair of tits on her that were a healthy B-cup and never needed a bra.

Jenn almost stopped brushing her hair and she realized that she was staring at Anne in the mirror.

“What’s wrong?” mumbled Anne through a mouthful of toothpaste, looking at her friend in the mirror.

“Oh, nothing, just thinking,” Jenn said. She flashed a quick smile and went back to brushing her hair. That smile was the most beautiful thing in Anne’s world and she could feel her mound swelling in the loose running pants she was wearing. She could feel her pussy starting to moisten, too, as her mind wandered to what that tongue behind that beautiful smile would feel like. She looked in the mirror at herself as she spit her mouthful of tooth paste out and could see her nipples standing out, trying to poke holes in the t-shirt she was wearing. She got a glass of water and could see that Jenn was in the same boat, her pink nipples swelling up and almost tearing the thin cotton of her shirt. The swell of her pussy was getting bigger, and lips started to try to devour the thin cotton sweat pants, her camel toe really starting to become prominent.

The smell of hot, wet pussy was in the air, but both girls thought the smell was coming from their own excitement Jenn was getting hot over having her suitemate check her out like she was a piece of meat, escort şişli and Anne was getting wet over seeing one of the most beautiful girls in school practically naked right beside her.

“Well, it’s all yours,” Jenn said after a second of thinking about being eaten by her friend. She picked up her hairbrush and her toothbrush and stepped through the door into her room. “Damnit,” Jenn muttered under her breath as her hairbrush slipped from her fingers. Anne looked over to see what was wrong and looked just in time to see Jenn bending over to pick it up, her legs spreading apart as she did so, and her wet pussy opening up slightly. Anne’s eyes locked onto her pink glistening sex and didn’t notice Jenn looking back at her through her legs. All she could see was her pink pussy, her patch of thick blonde fur growing only at the top of her slit, the rest of it was completely bald. The only thing she could think of was how much she wanted to taste that piece of sweet meat, and how much she wanted to drink her as she came.

Anne felt her pussy juice up immediately. She could feel herself running slowly down her legs as she stared into Jenn’s sex. Her nipples were steel, her heart was a jackhammer, pounding in her chest so hard she thought she would faint.

Jenn was enjoying giving the show. She could feel herself get hotter by her friend staring at her pussy so wantonly, wanting to do god knows what to her. She had always harbored a secret hope that Anne was bi, but lesbians were fun, too. Jenn had done her share of carpet munching and loved the taste. She preferred eating pussy to sucking cock, but when it comes right down to it a good hard dick in her cunt was better than fingers or a dildo.

Jenn cleared her throat loudly and stood up. Anne blushed almost as red as her cherry mane/ eskort şişli Her eyes were locked onto Jenn’s as the blonde slowly stretched and turned around, her hips swaying her legs parting as she walked, giving Anne a gorgeous view of the blooming flower under the golden curls.

“You were staring at my cunt, weren’t you,” Jenn said, not questioning her friend’s actions. Anne couldn’t answer. She wanted to bolt back to her apartment and flee the shared bathroom between the two rooms. Jenn moved up on the girl, her feet planted to the ground like a deer in the headlights.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind,” Jenn whispered, planting her feet on either side of Anne’s, blocking her escape and backing her against the double sink. “In fact,” Jenn continued huskily, dipping two fingers into her pussy. Her eyes rolled back and she moaned, more for the effect on Anne than for the pleasure that shot through her body. She pulled her glistening fingers from her pussy and held them in the air between the two girls. “You’ve got me all excited,” Jenn continued and stuck her index finger in her mouth. She moaned throatily in pleasure as she tasted herself.

Anne’s lips parted to speak and she found her voice gone and the taste of hot pussy on her tongue as Jenn slid her other cum covered finger between her soft lips. Without thinking about it, her lips closed and her tongue wrapped around the invader, savoring her suitemate’s delectable taste. Anne’s eyes closed and she imagined drinking the flavor straight from the blonde’s pussy, just as she had a thousand times before. This time, though, she wasn’t sucking her own cum off her fingers and imagining it to be Jenn’s. This time it was the real thing, and her knees got weak. The finger pulled slowly from Anne’s mouth and she whimpered, her half-lidded eyes opening to see the sultry smile of the friend.

“I think we’re skipping classes today,” Jenn said, her sapphire pools glinting with her horny, evil smile. Anne didn’t disagree as their lips met and their thighs found home against each other’s pussies.

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