Root and the Lusty Professor Pt. 03

Big Dicks

Backstory: Picking up on previous accounts of Luther “The Root” Casey, it’s the late 1970’s and our well-hung hero is now a 19 year-old college student at a large Midwestern university. Having just completed his freshman year and recruited to play bass in a well-established local rock band, he has stayed on in the college town for the summer and is living with a couple of his band mates, working a day job on the university’s landscaping crew, and rehearsing or playing gigs a few times a week – all while continuing to spread his goodwill among the ladies.

Note: This is Part 3 in the story series, so reading Parts 1 and 2 is recommended. And per usual, this is a work of fiction and all characters are of legal age.


Having just attended an on-campus reading by a respected feminist author, Dr. Tess Stone went to join some of her faculty colleagues at a post-event reception. Grabbing a drink, she worked her way around the room trading faculty gossip and having a brief conversation with the featured author.

As the author was whisked away for more introductions, Tess felt someone approach her from behind and quickly take her by the arm and head her towards a door to a veranda overlooking the campus. Glancing over at her new escort, Tess saw that it was Laura Donnelly, the Sociology professor who had done the research on gay bars that had led Tess to visit Mimi’s, the lesbian bar in the city, a few weeks prior.

Tess and Laura had met several times over the years, but wouldn’t be described as more than just acquaintances, so Tess was surprised at Laura’s sudden interest to talk with her. Though her reasons were soon revealed.

After a bit of chitchat, Laura got right to the point, “So, I was in the city last weekend and I visited an old friend of mine, who is now apparently also a friend of yours,” she said with a conspiratorial grin.

Now realizing where this was going, Tess chuckled, “Oh, you must mean Mo. Yeah, we actually did become quite friendly.”

“She’s great isn’t she?” Laura inquired, the gleam in her eye getting brighter.

“Definitely. We had a lot of fun together,” Tess replied, though wondering how much Mo had shared with Laura.

“Yeah, she told me,” Laura continued with a sly smile, “Not in great detail mind you, Mo’s much too private for that. But she did say enough to let me know there’s a side of you about which I was unaware, Dr. Stone.”

“Oh, we all have our secrets, don’t we, Dr. Donnelly?” Tess said with her own crafty grin. “Though I have you to thank for my good fortune in meeting Mo,” and then she went on to say a bit more about how she had ended up at Mimi’s that particular night.

Soon laughing and talking like old friends, Tess and Laura got fresh drinks, and then another, and as they continued talking on the veranda the reception crowd thinned out.

Tess had always thought Laura Donnelly was one of her better-looking colleagues. About Tess’s age, she was tall – about Tess’s height – with wavy blonde hair, a lovely face, and a slim, sensuous body with nice full breasts. Laura’s husband, a psychology professor at the college, was abroad doing research for a month. So when the reception ended Laura invited Tess over to her home for a nightcap.

It was a sultry summer evening as the two professors walked through campus to the adjacent neighborhood where many faculty members lived. The flirty bartender at the reception had made sure their last round of drinks were especially stiff ones, so the ladies were a bit tipsy as they walked.

When Laura stumbled on an uneven section of the walkway, Tess caught her, and their steadying embrace lingered for a few moments as they grasped each other’s soft bodies, and then they slowly eased into a kiss.

Their kisses were tentative at first, and then as they leaned against a tree, the couple became more aroused and their kisses grew deeper and with probing tongues that reminded Tess of her first encounter with Mo.

Since her first fuck with Lute several weeks before, Tess’s sexual state had been on high alert. She was having some of the best sex of her life and found herself in a perpetual state of horniness. Her weekend in the city with Mo had also reintroduced her to the pleasures of women, so she was ready to get better acquainted with Laura, and remembered how Mo had offered that she ate pussy like a beast.

The two professors finally broke off their kisses and continued walking arm in arm along the dark street. By the time they approached Laura’s house, Tess had grown very interested to see just how beastlike Laura would prove to be. While Laura was likewise anxious to discover more about this curvy seductress that Mo had described so glowingly. And perhaps, after eliciting an orgasm or two, she might finagle a threesome with Tess, her young lover, and his magnificent ten-inch cock.

Laura had spent the previous weekend in the city engaging bursa escort in a two-day fuckfest with Mo. And when Mo produced her brand new ten-inch strap-on, which they used on each other to great effect, she talked lustfully of Lute’s monster cock while driving the huge rubber phallus up Laura’s ass. So Laura was especially interested to meet this young man.

Entering Laura’s renovated brick bungalow, Tess saw it was an academics’ digs much like her own: books, eclectic art, a good stereo and record collection, along with more books. As she scanned the shelves, Laura came in behind her and began kissing her neck. And when Tess leaned her head to one side, Laura reached around and began fondling her breasts, slipping a hand down the front of her dress and inside her bra, grabbing one of Tess’s large fleshy orbs.

“Mmmm…” Tess moaned as Laura cupped her tit and massaged its raised nipple, “That’s nice.”

“So you’ve decided you like fucking women as well as men, is that your story?” Laura whispered as she slid her tongue into Tess’s ear.

“Yeah, that’s about it,” Tess replied quietly, “It’s been a recent revelation. With no small thanks to Mo.”

“Um-hum, I see,” Laura said while reaching her free hand down to lift up Tess’s dress. Discovering she wasn’t wearing any panties, Laura began groping her shapely ass as she continued, “Did Mo happen to tell you anything about me as a lover?”

“Not a lot. But she did say you ate pussy like a beast,” Tess chuckled.

“Um-hum,” Laura whispered seductively, “So, would you like to find out about that?”

“Why, Dr. Donnelly, are you propositioning me?” Tess replied in her most proper British school proctor’s voice as she turned to face her seductress.

Grabbing her in the crotch, Laura kissed her saying, “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do!”

Then remembering her offer of a drink, she took Tess by the arm and led her to the kitchen.

Standing at the counter mixing them a couple of 7 he’s got a huge cock. The biggest one I’ve ever had.”

Definitely intrigued, but not wanting to reveal her intentions quite yet, Laura decided to leave it there for the time being as they sipped their drinks in the kitchen.

Patting a countertop, Laura helped Tess maneuver her ass onto the tile. And once situated, Laura pushed up her dress, spread her legs apart and shoved her face into Tess’s pussy and began to mouth her new lover’s vulva.

Moaning and shifting her hips forward, Tess ground her pussy into Laura’s face and soon learned that Laura Donnelly’s reputation as first-rate muff diver was well earned. Because she soon had Tess’s clitoris lit up like a fire alarm and was working her towards a wailing orgasm.

And to Laura’s surprise, she tasted cum when she first shoved her tongue into Tess’s pussy. And there wasn’t just a small amount of it. The deeper she worked her mouth and tongue, the more jizz she discovered. And this only further inspired her voracious cunnilingus work, guessing correctly that Tess’s well-hung lover had only recently deposited a big load of spunk inside her.

And knowing that Laura was eating her young lover’s seed as she explored her ripe twat only made the whole affair even hotter for Tess.

Lute had visited Tess that day during his lunch hour. Entering her office without knocking, he locked the door behind him and without a word began unzipping his pants as he approached her desk. He then pulled his huge cock from his pants and held it out for her. Without hesitation, she had slid out of her chair and knelt on the floor and started hungrily sucking his thick tool.

Once she had his cock fully primed, Lute had lifted her up and leaned her forward over the back of her leather desk chair. Brusquely lifting her dress, he ripped apart the crotch of her panties and shoved his fingers into her cunt, preparing her for his swollen meat. And then he began driving his member into her ready orifice from behind – fucking her pussy with the violent thrusts she craved, making her swoon and cum almost immediately when the big mushroom head of his cock rubbed against her clit.

Loving how his cum felt inside her, Tess had made little effort to get rid of it after he left. And having no intact panties to absorb Lute’s spunk, she let it ooze from her pussy and down her thighs. This went on throughout the afternoon in her office, at the author’s reading, and then at the reception. And now Laura was discovering the impressive extent of Luther’s load.

Tess’s legs were wrapped around Laura’s neck as she continued pillaging her soaked cunt. Unbuttoning her dress, Tess draped it open and unfastened her bra so she could work over her fleshy breasts, finding they were still tender from Lute’s earlier ravaging.

When he’d had her stretched over her office chair that day, Lute had hurriedly unbuttoned the top of her dress and yanked out her big luscious tits, groping them from bursa escort bayan behind as they fucked. Begging him to grab and squeeze them in the rough way she loved, Tess incited him to a wild and ravenous state that only subsided when he finally exploded. Then, leaving her draped across the chair, sperm-filled, disheveled, and with a well-fucked pussy, Lute had tenderly kissed her reddened ass and given it a playful slap before repositioning his slick cock back into his jeans as he exited her office.

Tess had remained splayed across her chair for several minutes after Lute had departed. His barging in and fucking her in the domineering way that she wanted had caught her off guard. And this element of surprise only added to the ongoing state of sexual arousal that was now such an exciting part of Tess’s new life.

But as Laura brought Tess towards her first orgasm of the evening, Tess put thoughts of Lute aside and focused on her new lover – a sexy cunt-eating beast with a luscious body she was anxious to explore.

“Take me to your bed, lover,” Tess whispered anxiously as she held back on the climax Laura was coaxing from her. “Let’s do this in bed!”

Liking that idea, though for reasons unknown to Tess, Laura eased her head out from between her legs and grabbed their drinks as she escorted Tess down the hall to the bedroom.

While Tess undressed, Laura slid open a closet door and pulled off her clothes and hung them on a hook. As she did, she hit a switch that turned on a few strategically placed mood lights that gave the room a warm sexy glow, very suitable for videography. And then she flipped a second switch.

This second switch was connected to a small video camera her husband had installed in an innocuous looking box on the shelf next to the closet. The camera was wired to a video control rig in their basement studio positioned directly beneath their bedroom that was now capturing the video feed from the shelf cam, as well as the feed from another camera cleverly hidden in a recessed ceiling light above the bed. And for additional audio, there was a microphone concealed in a bedside lamp. So, between the cameras, microphones, and the lighting, Laura’s husband had created a nice little video set for capturing his wife’s escapades.

Michael, Laura’s husband, was a dedicated voyeur. Early in their marriage Laura had reluctantly agreed to indulge his voyeuristic tendencies. Which at that time mostly consisted of his peeping in a window when she brought home lovers. But with the advent of video technology, Michael had rigged this recording set-up, and Laura, who discovered she really enjoyed being filmed in the act, was now a very willing participant.

She hadn’t been sure if she would record her lovemaking with Tess that night. But when the opportunity arose she took it, knowing Michael would be pleased to watch the video and see her fuck their buxom British art history colleague. And this would no doubt lead the couple to a bout of pleasurable fucking – the kind that only watching such a video provoked in Michael, who was otherwise a somewhat uninspired lover.

But if Michael was turned-on by watching Laura make love to women, he was over-the-moon thrilled to see her fuck another guy. And when he and Laura watched those videos together he became a man possessed. He would fuck her with unbridled enthusiasm as he watched her having sex on the large TV screen in their bedroom.

So, though Laura was looking forward to her night with Tess, her real objective was to get Tess’s new boyfriend over to her house and in her bed. Having a video of her getting fucked by that stud’s massive cock would be the perfect present for her husband when he returned from his travels, and would hopefully provoke them to many nights of rampant sex.

Closing the closet door, Laura turned to see Tess lounging naked on the king-sized bed. She was propped up against the headboard sipping her drink and had been watching Laura get undressed.

“You’re a beauty, you know,” Tess whispered with the singsong British lilt that Laura found so beguiling.

“Thank you,” Laura said quietly as she stood at the foot of the bed admiring her new lover’s curvaceous body. Tess’s large 36DD breasts hung down her chest and their big dark red areolas and nipples were begging to be sucked.

Smiling, Tess spread her legs apart and slid down a hand as she began to touch her pussy lips, still wet from Laura’s recent tongue lashing.

To better accommodate her summer wear, Tess had recently trimmed the vast jungle that had surrounded her cunt. It was now a more modest bush and allowed her lovers a better view of her lovely twat, with its large dark lips that extended out like butterfly wings around her deep crevasse.

Laura enjoyed watching Tess touch herself, and knew she was giving a perfect view to the hidden cameras. Wanting to extend this scene a bit longer, she put escort bursa one foot up on the bed and slipped a hand between her legs while meeting Tess’s gaze.

As they touched themselves, Tess scanned Laura’s suntanned body, admiring the bikini tan lines that accentuated her big white tits and light brown nipples and the neatly trimmed V of her blonde covered pussy.

Sliding a finger into her twat, Laura whispered, “Your pussy is full of cum, you know. Is that from your young lover?”

“Yeah, it is,” Tess grinned, “We fucked this afternoon. In my office.”

“Really, in your office? Wow, that’s so hot! Is that when you lost your panties?”

Knowing Laura was interested in details of her lovemaking with Lute, she decided to indulge her, “Yeah, he ripped them apart when he pushed me over my desk chair and fucked me from behind.”

“Mmm…so you like it rough?”

“I do, as long as it doesn’t hurt too much.”

Both ladies were now unconsciously fingering their cunts with a bit more vigor as they continued discussing Tess’s midday fling with Luther.

“Does it hurt to have a dick that big inside you?”

“It did a bit a first, but I’m gradually getting used to it. My ex-husband also had a nice big dick, though not as big as Luther’s.”

“Sounds like you might have a bit of a big cock fetish, Dr. Stone.”

“No doubt about that. And it’s probably more than just ‘a bit’ of one. Also, I gotta’ say, I really love the way his cock fills me up, both when he shoves it inside me, but also when he cums. He shoots off like a bloody fire hose!”

“Yeah, I believe that. There’s still enough cum inside you to impregnate a whole sorority!”

“Well, I guess what I need is for someone to come over here and help me get cleaned up. I’ve been oozing his cum all afternoon!”

Dropping down and sliding across the bed, Laura replanted her head between Tess’s spread legs and resumed the mission she’d started in the kitchen.

After a year of filming in this room with her lovers, Laura had learned what makes a video especially compelling. Sure, part of it was getting sexy and attractive partners in the bed with her. But she’d also discovered that some good sexy dialog and sounds made the films especially interesting. And she had developed a few effective techniques for getting her lovers to spice up the soundtrack while they fucked.

“Mmm…I can taste his jizz, baby. He really did fill your tank!” Laura whispered as she slid her tongue deeper into Tess’s pussy. “What’s that like when he cums inside you?”

“Oh, god, it’s like an explosion, it really is! It feels amazing! And once he starts cumming, it seems like he’s never going to stop.” Pausing for a moment to giggle, she added, “And he just keeps pumping it out like some Vegas slot machine that’s hit a big payout!”

“Mmm…amazing!” Laura said as she now focused on Tess’s hooded clitoris, running her tongue over it and making Tess shudder as she did.

“You’re gonna’ make me cum if you don’t stop doing that!” Tess moaned.

“Is that a promise?”

“Oh, yeah…I promise…mmm…yeah!”

To further incite her, Laura slid a couple of fingers into her pussy and was now finger-fucking her lover while she lapped on her clit.

“Oh, god, baby, that’s right…that’s right!”

“Are you gonna’ cum for me, Dr. Stone? Are you gonna’ scream and cum for me?”

“Oh, yes I am! Yes I am!” Tess moaned as she gripped her tits and squeezed their tender nipples.

“Scream for me, baby! Let me hear you scream when you cum!”

“Oh, god, yes! Yes! Yes!” Tess wailed as Laura’s tongue and fingers pushed her over the edge, “Fuck me, baby! Yes…Yes!”

Knowing she was getting some excellent footage, Laura continued working over Tess’s twat and slid a good portion of her hand into her now gushing pussy, giving her a bit of the rough treatment she apparently enjoyed. Getting no complaints from her climaxing lover, she slowly inserted her hand farther into Tess’s pussy and shoved her legs wider apart as she began to drive her hand in and out of her stretched cunt.

“Yeah, that’s right…that’s what I want! Do me! Do me!” Tess growled as she squeezed even harder on her sore nipples, “Do me! Aww…fuck, yes!”

Laura had fisted many women, but compared to Tess, none of their pussies opened up as easily as hers. Getting regularly fucked by a guy with a thick ten-inch cock had evidently stretched her cunt, as did the years of good service her ex-husband’s big cock had provided.

To give the cameras a prime view of the action, Laura moved to once side of Tess’s torso as she fist-fucked her lover’s gaping pussy, sliding her juice-slickened hand in and out while working over Tess’s big clit with her free hand.

Tess was now on the verge of a major orgasm, and sensing this, Laura did all she could to make it an award-winning event.

“Are you gonna’ cum for me, baby? Are you gonna’ scream and cum like you do when your lover fucks you with his big fat cock?”

“Oh, god, yes! Yes!” Tess panted as she neared her climax, “Oh, yeah!”

“Is his cock as big and thick as my hand when he fucks you?”

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