Rough Trade


It was downright crazy. It was stupid, dangerous and sordid. It was unthinking, unplanned and unusual. It was also fucking marvellous.

I was forty-three at the time. I was married and still am, just, to a successful businessman who is away on business about as much as he is home with me. We had two children one of who, the boy had just started work and our daughter was at university. We lived in a large house in a London suburb called Hadley Wood. We were financially comfortable and led quite an upscale life-style. I had my own money from an inheritance, did some charity work, played golf and tennis and lunched as ladies do a few times a week. More for something to do than anything else, I had recently taken a part time, copywriting job in an ad agency in London.

An ideal life many would say, but I was bored out of my mind.

Oh I nearly forgot, my name is Tina, I have long, shoulder-length, black hair, I wear glasses, black horn rims actually and I have big tits.

I met James at work. He was twenty-three, hugely bright, good-looking and a junior art director. We were paired up on a number of projects, he did the design and drawings I provided the words. From the very first campaign, we got on well despite the twenty-year age gap and, after getting to know each other a little we started to flirt. PC has not infiltrated the ad industry as much as it has many others! I loved the banter in the agency and was starting to enjoy flirting with James, but also with other guys. It was a great atmosphere. All of the creative department got on well and James and I became ‘partners,’ a team I suppose. He was a remarkably creative person and whilst his job was the ad design, the pictures as they call it, he could write better copy than I do.

We had worked together for three months or so when we had to visit a client in Manchester where we had to stay overnight.

We dined together and then went to the half-full bar. I was a little reluctant as I did not like people thinking I was out with my toyboy. Most of the customers in the bar were businessmen, but there were a few females dotted around. As usual, James was in a tee and jeans, but I was wearing a crisp, fairly tight, white, button up the front blouse, skinny, blue jeans and heels.

In the bar, he changed, maybe it was the drink, maybe he had put some stuff up his nose or maybe it was the real James coming out. He became colder, harder, firmer, more controlling and confident. He ordered a bottle of Pino without asking me. He leaned across the table and blatantly looked down the front of my blouse. His knee touched my leg under the table and twice he rested his hand on mine. I hadn’t been pulled for years and was not too sure of the etiquette or even if he was trying to pull me. I find the young of today so hard to read.

“I think it is time for bed,” I said after looking at my watch and seeing it was nearly ten.

“What’s the hurry the meeting doesn’t start ’til twelve tomorrow,” he retorted grabbing my hand as I went to stand up.

“At my age I need my beauty sleep.”

“Not in my eyes you don’t Tina,” he went on still holding my hand.

He looked up at me and said, sternly. “Sit down and have another drink.”

“No I had better not,” I said as I was already feeling a little tipsy.

He pulled on my hand forcing me to bend forward.

“I said sit down Tina and I fucking well meant it,” he snarled looking down the front of my blouse where it gaped as I sat down. I didn’t know what to think. He had never been like this with me before. He simply stared intently at me for a few moments. It was as if there was a rage going on inside him and he was deciding what to do next. He was still holding my hand quite tightly. I looked around to see if any people were looking and a few were. I tried to pull it away, but he held onto it tightly.

“Forget them,” he said without looking up.

I didn’t reply or, for some reason try harder to pull my hand away as really I should have done.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“They don’t matter, it’s just us,” he said staring deeply into my eyes.

“What’s that mean?” I asked, as a shudder of I was not sure what went through me.

We looked at each other. It seemed to me that he was trying to make his mind up on what to say or do next. He smiled. I smiled back. Then, rather too loudly and probably so that someone could hear he said.

“You have got a great pair of tits Tina.”

“James don’t,” I replied now trying to get my hand away, but he held on tight.

“Well you have and I have been ogling them ever since you joined the agency.”

“Please stop,” I whispered seeing two guys staring at us.

I felt odd. Part embarrassed, part flattered, part a little scared, but also, I realised to my surprise, part aroused.

“You know you have got great tits Tina and that’s why you show them off.”

“I don’t.”

“Look at them now. That fucking blouse is far too tight.”

“I’m going,” I said taking the opportunity of him taking a swig from liseli porno his glass to stand up.

“Sit down Tina,” he said coldly.

“No I am going.”

“Sit down or I will tear that fucking blouse open so I and all the dirty bastards in here will see those tits,” he said again a little too loud.

I decided to take a chance and walked, almost ran from the bar. He caught me at the elevators and bundled me in. It was empty. He seemed to have calmed down.

“What was all that all about?” I asked.

“I got a bit carried away, sorry.”

“Why, though?”

He moved closer and put his hand on my hip. “I want you, badly,” he said looking right into my eyes sending tingles through me.

“James, I am old enough to be your mother.”

He replied quickly. “I’m not ageist.”

That made me smile. “But maybe I am?” I said.

“But maybe you aren’t,” he said slipping his arm round my waist as we walked along the corridor. “And in any case that makes the idea of fucking you even more of a turn on.”

I was in a quandary. How the hell was I going to get into my room alone, without causing a big scene? As it happened, I couldn’t.

As I got to the door with my card in my hand he said.

“Just one drink,” holding up the half-full bottle of wine.

I couldn’t think of what to say and we were in my room before I hardly knew it.

He walked to the mini bar, got two wine glasses, filled them and handed me one. We were standing facing each other beside the king sized bed. It was a hugely suggestive scene.

“To us,” James said raising his glass.

“What do you mean?”

Laughing and taking a gulp of wine. “Well tomorrow of course, I hope we work well together with Glaziers.”

“I see.”

“Amongst other things that is Tina.”

“What other things?” I asked as I noted his tone again getting harder, his gaze more intense and his demeanour more confident.

“What I said in the bar, those other things,” he went on staring very obviously at my chest.

“Not, now James, leave it will you.”

“Actually Tina, no I will not leave it, I want to look at them, show them to me.”

“Don’t be crazy,” I replied feeling a little shocked, but nevertheless also slightly aroused. Young men can do that to women approaching or in middle-age!

“What’s crazy, you’ve got great tits, I’m a tit man and we are alone in your hotel room with the night ahead of us.”

“We do not for I have to go to bed.”

“Good I can watch you undress.”

“No you can’t,” I replied as he moved closer.

“Yes I fuckingwell can and will,” he said very authoritatively.

“James please.”

“Look Tina, one way or another I am going to see your tits. Either you take your blouse and bra off or I do. It doesn’t matter to me, it’s up to you.”

The wine must have got to me more than I had earlier thought because all sorts of strange things were running through my brain. I had let him into my room so I could not really feel that scared of him and in fact, I was somewhat in awe of him, I realised. As he took control, started directing me and began to dominate me so, amazingly I was becoming aroused. In turn he was making me feel submissive and open to his suggestions. As he demanded to see my tits and threatened me, so incredulously he was turning me on more and more, but in a way and of a nature that I had not experienced before. I hated that and hated myself for letting this all get to me so much, but I did not seem able to resist his advances.

I finished my drink noting that we had drunk two bottles between us. That, I was aware, had relaxed me, but more alarmingly yet, at the same time excitingly, it had also reduced my inhibitions. Suddenly him seeing my breasts did not seem that big a deal, and frighteningly neither did sleeping with him. That realisation hit me hard and made me wonder what was happening to me and my, usually, quite strong sense of sexual morals. For some time they had in the virtual world of the net been reducing, but not in the real world. Now, it seemed, they were plummeting in both my parallel existences.

That really shocked me for in the twenty-five years I had been married I had only been with one other man than my husband. Of course there had been chances and several guys had tried hard, but other than Gareth, with whom I had a six-month affair and believe was the real, true love of my life, I had resisted. Until now that is.

“So what’s it to be Tina?” he said softly, but very firmly. “Me or you to take it off?” he went on brushing the back of his fingers across my cheek and down my neck to the collar of the blouse that he held gently between his finger and thumb. “Well?”

Now I was totally torn. How could I do such thing as take my blouse off, let him see my breasts or even more so let him take it off? How would we ever be able to work together again? How would I ever be able to look myself in a mirror and how would I be in front of my husband and even more worryingly in front of the other mobil porno young art directors and copywriters who James might well tell?

As he stared at me, his fingers still holding the lapel of my simply, I felt my resolve weakening. I felt myself thinking. ‘So what, I go topless on holiday and in the end result what is a fuck with a young bloke? After all, I have been sexually active for nearly thirty years and have probably been fucked over four thousand times, does one more matter? Rather worryingly also I found myself thinking, ‘why not, after all soon might be too late!’

The steely look in his eyes, his authoritative, confident manner and the way that he seemed so able to read me all added up to me feeling under his control, his direction and his command.

“Come on Tina, take it off, no one will ever know,” he said in little more of a whisper his eyes boring into mine and seeming to see right into my mind. “You know you want to don’t you?”

That also hit home and big time, for James was in a way correct, I half did want to take it off and show him my breasts.

“No James. No I don’t want to,” I lied, rather unconvincingly.

“Yes you fuckingwell do you have wanted to flash them ever since we started working together.”

“That’s not true.”

“Don’t lie Tina, don’t make it worse. You only come to work to get fucked admit it to yourself.”

“Don’t be silly.”

“Well you don’t need the money, that cunt of a husband and you are stinking fucking rich so why work?”

“Because I want to.”

“You work because you are bored and you want some excitement in your life,” he went on as we both finished our wine and he went to the mini bar. “Fuck there’s no wine, order a bottle on room service.”


“Well if you don’t I will and think how that will look?”

Not wanting the hotel to know I had him in my room I picked up the phone and started to order a bottle of Chablis.”

“Make it two, it might be a long night,” he whispered into my ear. I did.

“Don’t worry I’ll go in the bathroom when the waiter brings the wine, though he will think you’re a right old lush ordering two bottles at this time of evening,” he said rather cruelly.

“Gee thanks. Why don’t you go to your room now and leave me alone?” I ventured.

“Because Tina, I want to see those tits and you don’t really want me to go do you?”

“James this is crazy,” I began as he came very close to me. He put his hands on my hips and looked deep into my eyes.

“It is not crazy Tina. We both want each other, admit it.” I tried to fight him off knowing that it was rather half-hearted.

“Oh James I can’t.”

“Go on admit it Tina. I bet you can’t deny that you have thought of me fucking you can you?”

“Don’t,” I groaned as his arms went round me and he pulled me to him. “I haven’t.”

He gripped me harder. “I see the way you look at me at work. I know you want to get laid, it’s just who that’s in question, so come on get that fucking blouse off.”

His words were getting to me, because deep down I suspected they were true, although I was yet to admit them to myself.

“How can you say that? And I can’t do that.”

“Oh yes you can, Tina, and oh yes you will,” he went on kissing me just as there was a tap at the door.

I was hugely embarrassed as the female waiter brought the two bottles of wine and an ice bucket in. Fortunately they were screw tops so the embarrassment was limited to her putting the wine down and me signing the bill. James was as good as his word and he stayed in the bathroom and kept quiet as the wine was delivered. He poured two more glasses.

“Now where were we?” he smiled. “Oh yes,” he went on putting both glasses down and once more taking me in his arms.

“Now James stop it,” I said knowing full well I lacked conviction. He ignored me and pulled me against his body. He was erect.

“What you gonna do Tina, scream?” he said smiling.

“I might,” I rather ridiculously said as his hands ran up and down my back and he pinged my bra strap.

“Don’t be fucking daft and just go with the flow, you know you want it.”

More and more he was getting to me. I knew that and I am sure he did as well, but I was not prepared to give in just yet. I was not used to such situations and I was worried about my reputation in the agency if I let James have sex with me. Deeper down though, somewhere between my nipples and my pussy, I was beginning to realise that it was inevitable.

As his hand ran unhindered up and down my back and onto my bum that he stroked and squeezed I began to sort of relax. Maybe this was how the young of today went about things? Maybe they did just ‘do it?’ Maybe reputations were no longer important? And, as I had thought earlier, what really was a flash of my tits or a fuck, I had done both loads of times!

As he forced his mouth against mine and as both of his hands squeezed the cheeks of my bum and pulled me more firmly against his erection, the other aspect of this öğrenci porno situation hit me, and hard. That was not simply what he was doing, it was how he was doing it and the manner in which he was doing it. I had never been with a man who so seemingly easily took control of the situation, decided and directed what was going on and seemed to have no interest in what I needed or wanted. I had never been dominated or humiliated, abused even, in the way James was doing now. And I had not ever thought of myself as being a submissive. But as his tongue slid into my open mouth, as he writhed his body harder against mine, as he grabbed hold of my shoulder-length hair and as he took complete control of me and the situation, I began to realise that might very well be what I was.

He broke the kiss.

“No Tina, stop fucking about and get those fucking big tits out for me.”

“Oh James.”

“Just do it for fuck’s sake.”

I felt hypnotised as my hands somehow, as if with a mind of their own reached up and found the top button of my blouse.

“You won’t tell anyone will you?” I rather ridiculously asked.

“I might, but then I might not,” he answered, which was a somewhat more realistic answer than was my question.

I fumbled the top button through the buttonhole and looked at him. I didn’t really like the look of triumph on his face, but did feel good when he said.

“That’s good Tina, that’s a good girl.”

Fumbling the buttons undone one by one, strangely I did not feel embarrassed at him seeing my boobs inside the Janet Reger pale pink bra. that gave the DD cup mounds the support they need, but hid little as it was completely see through.

“Oh yes babe, they are gorgeous,” he said staring intently at my bra covered breasts.

I am proud of them and I felt good as he looked at them and complimented me on them. Looking right into my eyes as he closed the gap between us and without asking or any hesitation he slid his hands inside the cups and under my boobs. He scooped them out of the bra.

“Fuck me yes they’re gorgeous,” he said, pinching the nipples far too hard. That made me wince, but that did not deter him and, in fact he pinched them harder. “Lovely nipples Tina, want them sucked?”

I didn’t reply.

“I asked you a question, slapper and I want an answer. Do you want me to suck your tits?”

I had never been asked quite such a degrading question, but for some reason I didn’t mind as it seemed part of the ‘ritual.’

“Well do you?”

My whole body was crying out for some form of sexual gratification, but I could not decide just what form that would take. I had never had such indecision before as with Robert and Gareth it generally took just one direction, full, penetrative sex. Now, though, that did not seem to be the only choice, but I could not make out for certain what else was on the menu. What I did know, however, was that my breasts were crying out for attention and my aching nipples were demanding to be sucked.

To my horror in some ways, I heard myself whispering. “Yes James I do.”

“Then ask me to do it?”

“Suck my nipples please?”


“Please suck my nipples,” I said louder, trembling slightly at the way I so naturally did what he was telling me.

“You hold them and feed them to me,” was his surprising reply.

I took a breast in each hand, lifted them a little and held them as he bent forward and sucked one into his mouth as he pinched the other between his thumb and forefinger.

He was, if there can be such a thing, a very aggressive tit sucker. Starting by firstly taking the actual nipple between his lips he sucked it hard and then as he heard me gasp with pain, he sucked the entire areola into his mouth. Once that was inside, he put his teeth round it and bit me.

“Christ James, stop.”


“Because it hurts,” I told him trying to pull my breasts away from his mouth.

“Well that’s what you want isn’t it?” he growled taking the other nipple and areola into his mouth. “Old frustrated tarts like you want a bit of pain, don’t you. You’ve had everything else.”

I could hardly believe that as he said that, I found myself beginning to agree with him. And that was with both wanting some pain and being a frustrated, old tart.

Somehow, I got used to his teeth biting into the flesh of my breasts and the pinkness of my areola. The pain, though sharp and intense, seemed to merge with my arousal. I began to tingle all over my body, I started to shudder a little, I became hot and, I realised, started to enjoy it and wanted more.

“Oh yes,” I groaned my hands going round his neck and my fingers ruffling his long, dark, unkempt hair.

“See you like it don’t you?”

I mumbled. “Yes, in a way I do James.”

“Good, I’ll stop then,” he said shoving his hand roughly between my legs the side of it and his forefinger pressing right against my clit and pussy through my jeans. As he did that he gulped a large lump on the side of my left breast into his mouth and sucked on that as he rubbed me through my jeans. I knew that he would be making red marks on the soft fullness of each tit as he gave me, what as teenagers we called, love-bites.

“Undo my jeans, slut,” he muttered, somehow seeming to know just what I needed and wanted.

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