Rude Interruption IV


She continued to stroke him and he began to stroke her through her yoga pants. He broke their kiss and pulled her t-shirt up and off. He twisted the nipples on her emerging tits and enjoyed the look of pain on her pretty face. He then pulled her to him and she wrapped her arms around him and they kissed deeply. He kneeled in front of her and began to peel her yoga pants off. She made a half-hearted effort to stop him and said, “I’m all sweaty,” and she wrinkled up her nose.He smiled and continued unabated and pulled them down to mid-thigh and nuzzled her ball sac with his nose. He breathed deeply and then licked and kissed his way up her dick. He pulled her pants down and she stepped out of them.and he said, “I love how you smell when you’re sweaty.” He led her to the bed with a good grip on her hard dick.She said, “Let’s lay on our sides and 69 that way.” He agreed and they got comfortable on the bed and her hard dick was right in front of his mouth. He was on his left side and he felt her mouth begin to service him and he moistened his middle finger and gently slid the tip up her ass as his mouth engulfed her dick. They both moaned as they simultaneously pleasured each other. Very soon they both had their reward as they filled each other’s mouths with hot, thick, and salty cream. They milked each other and repositioned themselves on the bed and cuddled. Jim pulled the cover over both of them and they drifted off to sleep.They awoke together later and she said to him that she feels like a girl now and wanted to be referred to by a girl’s name and he asked, “So, what’s the new name?””What do you think about Bridgette? I had an aunt named Bridgette and she was beautiful and sexy.””Well, that fits you to a tee, I like it.”She raised herself and kissed him and said, “You are too sweet,” so Bridgette it is.” She snuggled back down and thought about how to bring up the topic of a possible relationship.They napped for about Ataşehir Escort an hour and Bridgette woke up and Jim was awake already. She kissed him and asked why he didn’t wake her and he said that he liked watching her sleep.She was hesitant but went ahead anyway because she had to know if they could go forward in a relationship so she just went for it. “Do you mind if we talk about us for a minute?”Jim responded, “No, that’s a good idea because I’m very fond of you and we need to figure out where we stand.”Bridgette’s voice sounded relieved when she said, “That’s wonderful because I’m very fond of you as well. I’m so fond that I don’t ever want you to leave. I know that’s jumping way ahead but I just want you to know I’m ready.”He was tracing her eyebrow with his finger and kissed her and said, “It’s hard to believe that just forty-eight hours ago I was rubbing my pistol up and down your hard clit while you were standing with your hands behind your head.””That’s what captured my heart,” she said with a smile and then added, “That and your finger up my hole, whispering in my ear as you made me cum everywhere.”He laughed and kissed her again, “This has been such a highly unlikely meeting that I am still amazed at how naturally this has evolved but I need to tell you about myself before we go much further to see if you are still in.””I inherited a home here and a somewhat sizable sum when my parents died about two years ago. I have several interests, some legal and some not so legal, which is why I punched a cop a couple of nights ago that led me here. The law has been on my ass for one reason or another since I was in high school, sheriff’s deputies are generally ok but local cops are assholes. I was arrested for assault several times in my youth but never convicted or even been to trial. I am now very careful and have not been caught yet but these activities involve drugs, Ataşehir Escort Bayan specifically cocaine.” He saw her reaction and caressed her face and said, “It’s not hands-on, I’m just a regional coordinator of sorts. I just make sure it gets where it’s supposed to go for distribution. I have that delegated out to several old friends and my housemate.”She looked up abruptly, “Housemate?””Yes, my housemate. Her name is Carol and she moved in there shortly after I inherited it. She’s been a partner in crime and a roommate with benefits. Yes, I have slept with her and I have shared her with several close friends.”She got up from the bed and walked naked to the railing that overlooked the living room and stood there with her arms crossed. He lay there and watched her for a few minutes. She had a beautiful ass and that elliptical was making it better.He enjoyed the sight for a bit longer and then walked to her and put his arms around her and kissed her ear. “The housemate is something I can live without sexually. It’s more of a business thing anyway. If you meet her I think you’ll like her.”She turned around and wrapped her arms around him, buried her face in his chest and she said very quietly, “OK.””There’s one more thing.” she let go and backed up so she could see his face and he continued, “I am a little bit freaky, if we go forward I have to have a little kink. It’s nothing extreme but we will have a Master/slave relationship in the bedroom and there are other things that we can discuss later if this isn’t a deal breaker.”She stood there with her hands on her hips looking at him intently and he could see her clit was slowly becoming erect and she said, “It’s not a deal breaker.””Good, I have to go back tomorrow and take care of business. Would you like me to bring things over and leave them here?””Yes,” she said immediately.”I’m also going to bring some toys over here Escort Ataşehir for us to play with also.”She hesitated and then walked to him and embraced him and said, “I’m a little scared of this. you aren’t going to hurt me are you?”He brought her face up off his chest and kissed her and said, “If you mean permanent, scarring pain, of course not. If you mean controlled and strategically applied erotic pain, then yes.”She pouted slightly and said; “I think spanking will be one of the things since you seem to enjoy slapping my ass.””That’s what you get for having such a beautiful ass,” he said, cupping her balls in his hand and kissing her.He led her to the bed and said, “I am going to lube you up and take you a couple of more times before I leave. I will bring some things back with me to help you stretch back there. I want to make you mine and collar you, if you don’t fully understand, look it up and read up on it. It’s a very intimate step, for both of us. I want you to love me and trust me and most of all, respect me. Do you understand?””Yes, I mean, Yes, Master””That’s a good girl, go put your makeup on and bring the lube back with you.”She stood up and said, “Yes, Master” and walked into the bathroom. He made himself comfortable on the bed and lightly played with his dick until she emerged with her hair freshly brushed and tasteful eye shadow on and appealing red lipstick. She was carrying the jar of lube and handed it to him.”Thank you,” he said, you look beautiful. He took her by the hand and led her to the small couch and he sat down. He ordered her to turn around and spread her cheeks and he applied a generous amount to her tight little hole which elicited small grunts every time his finger went in.When he was finished he told her to turn around and the head of her hard clitty brushed his lips. He licked his lips and licked the head clean. He lay back on the sofa and spread his legs. “On your knees Princess, get me ready for you.”She complied immediately and began to suck his balls and stroke him and then bobbed up and down on him enthusiastically. He lay back with his legs spread and enjoyed her ministrations, occasionally ordering her to stop and come kiss him and then go back to her knees and resume her duties.

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