Subject: Ryan’s New Life Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you enjoy this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill RYAN’S NEW LIFE Seventeen-year old Ryan lay on his bed slowly jerking his stiff little cock wondering how he could improve his life. He had lived with his widowed aunt since his single mother had run off to Kuala Lumpur with a lover a few years younger than herself and, while she had taken good care of him, he had never felt any real love from his aunt. Ryan lived in a small town in northern Malaysia. He was of Chinese heritage but the majority of the townspeople were Malay. He couldn’t see much future for himself there and, to make matters worse, he had never done well at school. Ryan’s biggest problem was his sexuality. He was gay in a country where gay sex was illegal and he didn’t think he would ever find a boyfriend locally. “Well, boyfriend might not be the right word,” thought Ryan. “I want a daddy. A big strong daddy who will take care of me. I will do anything to make him happy.” He thought of some of his favourite movie stars. All were forty years old or more and all were white. “I don’t suppose men like them would want a skinny little Chinese boy like me.” Ryan had thought previously of moving to the capital, Kuala Lumpur. He thought he might get an unskilled job working in a factory but he would need to save up a lot of money for food and rent so that he could survive until he received his first wage. He was currently working part-time in a local coffee shop but it didn’t pay much. “Maybe I could find myself a sugar-daddy,” Ryan thought. “He doesn’t have to be handsome like those actors. Just a nice person. That’s all I want.” He sighed and closed his eyes, wanking as he thought about what he might do if had an older lover. “I definitely want to suck his cock. Most of the men I’ve seen in gay videos have big cocks and I want a man with a big cock. I want him to fuck me.” Ryan wet the middle finger of his left hand and slowly eased it into his tight hole. He had done that often in recent months while wanking. It didn’t take him long to cum. He used a tissue to wipe up the mess and then drifted off to sleep. After school the next day Ryan decided to search for a daddy on the internet. “Older guys are less likely to use apps,” he concluded before deciding on a website which promised to link mature men and their young admirers. He said he was 18 in his profile because that was the youngest age allowed but everything else he wrote was honest. He started with the basics : Height 170cm – 5ft 7in Weight 63.5kg – 140 lbs Hair Black Eyes Brown Body Slim, smooth Role Bottom Hobbies Swimming, reading, watching movies Then he wrote : I’m looking for a daddy to take care of me. In return for a home, I will offer you my devotion. I’m willing to work hard to support myself. Feel free to ask me any questions. He attached a small photo of himself and then hit the Send button. It took over 24 hours for Ryan’s profile to be approved but the day after that he received two responses. The first was from an overweight 55 year old Chinese man living near Kuala Lumpur. Ryan thought the man seemed nice but he wasn’t very keen on having a Chinese daddy. The second message made Ryan’s cock stiff. That message came from an American living in Thailand and there was a photo attached showing a topless man with silver hair and a hairy chest. Ryan studied the photo closely. The man had green eyes, a grey beard and a darker moustache. Ryan hadn’t fantasised about bearded men but there was something about the way the man stared into the camera that turned Ryan on. The man wasn’t smiling and Ryan decided that was the look was one of someone who would be in control of any situation. Only the top half of the man was in the photo but Ryan thought he looked very strong. His biceps were huge, the pecs large and well-formed, and he had `washboard abs’. The grey hairs made it difficult to guess the man’s age but he looked very fit. Ryan gave his hard-on a squeeze and then scrolled back up to read the message. “Hello Ryan, My name is Neil and I was very interested to read your profile. You already know something about me from my profile name `American _in_Thailand’. 🙂 I actually live in Krabi, on the south-western coast of Thailand. I run a small hotel here and so I could offer you employment as well as a place to stay if we are suited. I’m 49 so perhaps older than you are looking for? I have to say I liked what I saw in your profile pic. You look younger than 18 but many Asians do. Perhaps you can send me another pic. I’d love to see you in swimwear. I’m a top so I was pleased to see you describe yourself as a bottom. Do you have a lot of sexual experience? Naturally at my age I have quite a lot. LOL I’m into all kinds of things and I have a high sex drive so I can promise you plenty of sex. You don’t live too far away so I could visit you if you’re interested in meeting up. Anyway I hope to hear from you soon. Hugs, Neil” Ryan shivered. He couldn’t remember when he last received a hug but he loved the idea of being held in the arms of this big hairy man. “How tall is he?” Ryan wondered. He clicked onto Neil’s profile and found that the man was 188 cm (6ft 2in) tall. He read through the other stats and learned that Neil was originally from New York. He smiled when he learned that Neil was into twinks. “I’m a twink,” he said to himself. “He likes watersports too. That’s good because I love swimming.” Ryan wasn’t exactly sure what role play was but he saw that Neil had written father/son, teacher/pupil and master/slave in brackets after role play. He smiled and thought, “I would be happy to have him as my father or my teacher. I don’t know what kind of games a master and slave would play together but I guess it would be fun.” After sending a brief note to the Chinese man, Ryan replied to Neil. “Dear Neil, Thank you for writing to me. You are certainly not too old for me. I think you look amazing and I’d love to meet you. I have been working in a small restaurant after school and at weekends so I think I would enjoy working in a hotel, especially one next to the beach. I’m sorry that I have had very little sexual experience. I’d love to learn more with you as my daddy or my teacher. I love watersports too and attach a photo where I’m wearing only swim-shorts. I hope my body isn’t too skinny for you. Hugs, Ryan. He quickly stripped off so that he could take a selfie of himself in swimwear. He took a few before he was satisfied. After attaching the photo to his email, he added a postscript with his mobile phone number and sent it off. Ryan then had a wank while looking at the picture Blog İçerik Tabanlı Sosyal Ağı Sitesi of Neil. To Ryan’s delight, Neil replied that same evening. “Dear Ryan, Thank you for your sweet message and for the lovely photo. No, you are not too skinny! I love the fact that you are slim and smooth. I don’t really like the shorts though. I would prefer to see you in speedos or similar swimwear. I’m actually pleased that you have little sexual experience. I will enjoy teaching you how to please me. Don’t worry – I will give you plenty of pleasure too! I am very keen to meet you. Will you be free if I book into a hotel in your town next week? I will probably arrive on Tuesday and stay for two nights. Hugs, Neil” *** Ryan was both nervous and excited as he walked to the hotel late on Tuesday afternoon. He had spent some time thinking about what to wear to meet Neil but, since the hotel was one of the best in town, he decided on a pair of dark blue trousers and a pink polo-shirt. “Smart but casual,” he told himself. Neil had a huge smile on his face when he opened the hotel room door. “Ryan! I’m delighted to meet you in person. Please come in.” Closing the door, Neil looked the teenager up and down. “You look great. Come – give me a hug.” Ryan was immediately wrapped in the man’s arms, feeling the warmth of his body and smelling his cologne as he was squeezed. He could feel his cock stiffening and he blushed when Neil pulled away and looked him up and down again. “You really are gorgeous,” smiled Neil. “Sit beside me and tell me all about yourself.” He took Ryan’s hand and led him to the small sofa. “There’s not much to tell,” Ryan began. He was conscious of the man’s thigh touching his own as he told him about growing up with his aunt. “I realised some time ago that I was sexually attracted to men and recently decided that I had to get away from this town. That’s why I set up the profile online.” “You must have received lots of replies,” said Neil. “Quite a few but yours was the only one I really liked,” Ryan said, blushing again. Neil nodded. “You said you have little sexual experience. Tell me more.” Ryan looked down. “Erm, only masturbation. I’ve watched some gay porn videos online but I’ve not been with another guy,” he said softly. “You’re a virgin? Now I want you even more!” responded Neil. Ryan turned and looked into the American’s eyes. “Really?” “Yes. It will be fun teaching you about sex,” smiled Neil. Then he squinted at Ryan and said, “You wrote that you love watersports. Do you mean solo action?” Ryan looked puzzled. “Solo action? I went on a jet ski once when I visited Penang but swimming is what I love.” Neil laughed and patted the boy’s thigh. “Watersports means something quite different but let’s forget that for now. Tell me about your job in the restaurant.” “Well, it’s more a coffee shop than a restaurant, although it does sell a lot of meals,” said Ryan. “I serve tables, wash dishes and clean.” He shrugged. “Whatever is necessary.” “I think I can find you a job in the hotel if you’re willing to do so many things,” Neil said. “I’ll do anything,” smiled Ryan. “What about leaving your aunt and school?” Neil asked. “My aunt won’t mind. She will be happy if I’m leaving to start a job,” replied Ryan. “I’ve never liked school so that’s not a problem either. I have already decided to skip school tomorrow to spend time with you�only if you want me to, of course.” “I’d love that,” Neil. “It will give us more time to get to know each other and decide if we want to live together. Now do you have any questions for me?” Ryan thought for a moment. “Why does a man as handsome as you not have a boyfriend?” he asked. Neil grinned. “Thanks for the compliment! I will be honest and tell you that I have had quite a few in my life. I moved to Thailand and bought a share in the hotel after falling in love with a young Thai man I met when I was on vacation. It was fine for a few years but he always wanted me to take him to live in the States. We grew apart and he found another American willing to take him to his home to Texas. There has been nobody serious since then but recently I decided I wanted a live-in lover, a partner. I didn’t think anyone as young as you would be interested in me though.” “I like the fact that you’re older and more experienced,” smiled Ryan. “I never had a father and turns me on to think that you could be my daddy and my lover.” “Technically I’m old enough to be your grandfather,” said Neil. “Does that not worry you?” Ryan shook his head. “No. I think you are incredibly sexy.” Neil smiled. “You are the sexy one. Any more questions?” “What is your hotel like?” asked Ryan. “I can show you some pictures.” Neil picked up his phone and told Ryan all about the hotel and town he lived in. Ryan asked questions occasionally and soon felt relaxed being with Neil. “I’m sure I’d love living there,” he said at the end. “I hope you will,” responded Neil. “However there is one important thing I must tell. The hotel is advertised as `gay friendly’ and so the vast majority of our guests are gay. Would that worry you?” Ryan smiled. “No. It would make it a more interesting place to live and work.” “That’s good,” said Neil. “Now would you like to join me for dinner? I hate eating alone so you would be doing me a favour.” Ryan nodded. “I’d love that. I will tell my aunt that I won’t be home for dinner.” He excused himself and moved away before making the phone call. He spoke in Cantonese so Neil didn’t know what was being said. However Neil was happy to gaze at the teenager’s body and think about what lay under the clothes he was wearing. Conversation flowed quite easily over the meal. They discussed food, music, movies and Neil’s travels. Ryan had been to Singapore twice with his aunt and Neil was pleased to know that he had a valid passport. They parted just after 9pm after Ryan promised to be Neil’s tour guide the next day. Ryan’s aunt was curious about who he had spent time with but all Ryan told her was that it was a friend who might be able to offer him a job. He then said that he was tired and needed an early night. He wanked thinking about Neil while having his shower and it didn’t take him long to cum. *** Ryan met Neil just after ten on Wednesday morning and was greeted with a hug. “You haven’t changed your mind about coming to Thailand, I hope,” said Neil. Ryan smiled. “No. I still like the idea.” He checked Neil out, pleased to see him wearing shorts because these made his strong thighs more evident. “Well, let’s go for a walk. I want to see your town,” responded Neil. They chatted as they walked, with Ryan pointing out some places other visitors found interesting. “I didn’t mention it before but your English is excellent,” Neil said at one point. “Thanks. I had a very handsome schoolteacher Sesli Kitap Dinle and he encouraged me to work hard,” explained Ryan. “I also wanted to be able to watch lots of British and American movies and tv shows, not just ones with subtitles.” “Many of the hotel guests are American or European so it’s useful that you speak English,” stated Neil. As they approached the town’s only shopping mall, he asked, “Is there a store here which sells swimwear?” “I think so,” replied Ryan. “Good. I want to buy you something better than those swim-shorts,” said Neil. Ryan took Neil to the sportswear shop and there was a small selection of speedo-type swimwear. Neil picked out a pair of black swim-briefs. “I think these would look good against your pale, golden skin, Ryan.” “Don’t you think they are a bit too�revealing?” Ryan asked. “Not at all,” replied Neil. “We might get you some sexier ones in Thailand but these will do for now. It’s a pity the store doesn’t allow customers to try on swimwear. I’m sure they will fit but I’d like to see you wearing them.” He looked at Ryan questioningly. Ryan nodded. “Okay. I will wear them for you when we go back to the hotel.” “Good boy. I will go and pay for them now,” smiled Neil. Ryan stood back from the sales desk but he felt a bit embarrassed when he got some funny looks from the sales assistant. “He knows that Neil is buying the swim-briefs for me,” he thought. They spent more time walking and talking before stopping for lunch in a small Chinese-run coffee shop. “I guess the food here is a bit different from the local dishes in Krabi,” said Neil. “Please choose for me.” “A few dishes to share? And a cold drink?” Ryan asked. He then ordered in Cantonese and told Neil, “I have ordered beef with ginger and spring onion, mango chicken, stir-fried mixed vegetables with shrimps, and rice. I hope you will like them.” “I’m sure I will. Do you cook, Ryan?” responded Neil. “Yes – some Chinese dishes. Maybe I can cook for you,” smiled Ryan. They enjoyed their lunch and then wandered back towards the hotel. Ryan began to get nervous as he thought about modelling what he considered skimpy swimwear for Neil. “You’ve gone very quiet. Is something wrong?” Neil asked after some minutes of silence. “Not really,” said Ryan. “It’s just�well, I have read online that many Americans think Asian men have�small dicks?” The last two words were whispered. “Yes, but I know from personal experience that it’s not true,” answered Neil. “Hmm, yeah�but in my case�well, my dick is smaller than average,” said Ryan. “Since you’re a top and I’m a bottom, I hope that won’t put you off me.” Neil put an arm around the teen’s shoulders and gently squeezed him. “Nothing could put me off you. It doesn’t matter if you have a small dick. I’m sure it will still be a nice mouthful.” He paused and then added, “I should probably tell you that mine is bigger than average. I hope that won’t put you off me.” Ryan looked up at Neil and smiled. “No. It makes me like you more. I have dreamt of serving a man with a big dick.” Neil laughed. “We are a good match in that case. I get the cute little Asian boy I want and you get your big-dicked daddy.” Ryan grinned, no longer feeling nervous about Neil seeing him almost naked. “Can I ask you a personal question?” “Of course. Anything at all,” replied Neil. “Are you�” Ryan paused. “Are you like the Muslims�you know, down there?” He looked towards the man’s crotch. “You mean cut�circumcised? No, I’m not,” replied Neil. “It’s common in the States but I’m glad to say my father refused to allow it.” “I’m glad too,” smiled Ryan. “It wouldn’t have stopped me wanting to be with you but I prefer the natural look.” “Me too,” smiled Neil. They soon reached the hotel and, once in Neil’s room, Ryan went into the bathroom to change into the swim-briefs. He looked at himself in the mirror and thought that the swim-briefs were about the same size as the underwear his aunt bought for him. “Not many Malaysians would wear these in public,” he said to himself. “I can see the shape of my `bits’ through the material. I hope that Neil really doesn’t mind me being small down there.” “Hurry up! I want to see you in your speedos.” Neil’s voice forced Ryan to move. He took a deep breath and then went back to the American. Neil smiled as Ryan walked up to him. “Much better than your baggy swim-shorts,” he said. Ryan stood in front of Neil with his arms at his sides. “You think I look good in these?” Neil nodded. “I think you look great. Turn around and let me see the rear.” Ryan turned and Neil gave a low whistle. “You have a fabulous ass, Ryan. Small but perfectly shaped.” Ryan looked over his shoulder at Neil. “You like it?” “I fucking love it,” smiled Neil. He reached out and ran his fingertips over the material covering the twin globes. “Please, Ryan. Take the speedos off and let me see it properly.” Ryan gulped. He wasn’t sure he was ready to get naked in front of the American but he didn’t think he could refuse. When Neil said, “please” again, he hooked his thumbs into the waistband and eased the swim-briefs down his smooth thighs. They soon fell to the floor and Ryan stepped out of them. His hands were covering his genitals before Neil touched him again. Neil used both hands to caress the small, rounded buttocks. “Beautiful. Not only is it a perfect shape, the skin is soft and totally flawless.” He bent down and planted a kiss on each cheek. “Now turn around and let me see the rest of you.” Ryan swallowed and then turned to face Neil, only moving his hands to the side at the last minute. He had felt nervous since leaving the bathroom so his cock was still flaccid. It was 5 cm (2 inches) long and the head was covered by the foreskin. Neil looked at the boy-cock and then smiled at Ryan. “I love your little dick. You’re daddy’s perfect little boy.” He cupped the hairless, grape-sized balls and noted the small patch of fine pubic hair. He then took hold of the cock with his thumb and two fingers and pushed the foreskin back. “Nice little pink head. Let me see it standing up for Daddy.” He began to gently wank the little cock. Satisfied that Neil liked how he looked, Ryan relaxed and enjoyed the feel of someone else’s hand on his cock. It didn’t take long to reach its full 9 cm (3.5 inches). “Beautiful and rock-hard too,” Neil said when he let go of the cock. “You like me touching it?” Ryan smiled and nodded. “I bet it tastes good too. I want to try that in a minute but first I’d like to see your virgin pussy. Will you show it to me?” Ryan bit his lower lip and then nodded. He turned around, spread his legs and bent over. This was quickly followed by him using his hands to pull his arse cheeks apart. He felt himself blushing as he displayed his most intimate area to a man he had met less than 24 hours earlier. Exxen Neil was pleased with the boy’s willingness to obey even though he must have been embarrassed. “You’re a good boy, doing what daddy tells you. And what a beautiful little pussy you have.” He gazed at the hairless arse crack and gently ran a fingertip over the pink rosebud before pressing at the entrance. Ryan gasped but Neil only pushed in as far as the first knuckle. “So tight. Are you going to let Daddy take your virginity?” “Today?” Ryan pulled away and turn to face Neil with a worried look. Neil smiled and shook his head. “No, not today, Ryan. Not for some time. We need to prepare your pussy before it is ready to take a man-size cock.” Ryan sighed with relief and then smiled. “I want you to be the one to do it.” Neil curled a finger around the stiff boy-cock. “Tell me what you want me to do. I want to hear you say it.” Ryan blushed slightly. “I want you to take my virginity with your big, man-size cock�Daddy.” “I would be honoured,” smiled Neil. “We won’t rush it because I want you to enjoy it.” “But doesn’t it always hurt the first time?” Ryan asked. Neil nodded. “Often it hurts the first few times. That is why we need to be careful, to open you up gradually and make the pain as minimal as possible.” Ryan smiled, pleased that he had found someone who cared. “Thank you, Daddy.” “I don’t want to hurt my boy,” said Neil. “Now let me taste that lovely little cock. I can see some clear boy-juice on the head.” He bent down and licked the pre-cum from the cockhead. Ryan watched almost with disbelief as the man licked his cock and then took it all into his mouth. He could feel the tongue rubbing the underside of his cock as it was sucked. One hand played with his balls and then both hands were on his buttocks. Ryan knew that he had to be leaking more pre-cum. He always did when he was as aroused as he was at that moment. When Ryan started to whimper, Neil knew that he was close to cumming. He slid his middle finger into the boy’s arsecrack and sought out the virgin hole. “I’m going to�oh, Daddy�” Neil pushed his finger into the tight hole. Ryan gasped, went up on his tiptoes and started spunking off. He shot a bigger load than normal and Neil swallowed every drop. Neil smiled when he sat back. “How was that, Ryan?” “Amazing! Better than I imagined,” grinned Ryan. “But you swallowed it. Why?” “Boy-cum tastes too good to waste,” replied Neil. “Don’t you eat yours?” Ryan shook his head. “I tasted it one time but I don’t eat it.” “That will have to change,” said Neil. “It’s just protein and won’t do you any harm. Sometimes I will want to eat your cum but at other times I want to see you eat it.” “Hmm, okay,” said Ryan. “I shall expect you to swallow my cum when you suck me off,” stated Neil. “Of course most times I will cum inside your cute little ass.” Ryan smiled at hearing his arse described as cute. “I will do whatever you tell me, Daddy.” “Good boy.” Neil stood and put his arms around the boy. “Now give Daddy a kiss.” Ryan had never received a proper kiss before but he opened up to Neil’s probing tongue. His eyes opened wide when he felt the man’s stiff cock pressing against his stomach. Then he felt hands on his bum once more so he closed his eyes and surrendered to Neil. “We need to practice kissing but you did okay,” Neil said when the broke apart. “Now get dressed and we will go for a run in the hire car. I’d like to see some of the countryside around here.” Ryan would like to have seen more of the man’s body but he didn’t know how to ask. He put his clothes back on and thought about where they might visit when they left town. They enjoyed the rest of the day together and they were chatting after dinner when Neil said, “I don’t know if you feel the same way but I really like you and I want you to come and live with me at the hotel�as my boyfriend.” “I’d like that,” smiled Ryan. “I really, really like you.” Neil grinned. “Is the end of the month too soon? You’ll need time to get organised.” “The end of the month suits me,” smiled Ryan. “Great! Email me a copy of the details page of your passport and I’ll book a flight for you,” said Neil. He pulled his wallet out and gave Ryan 200 Ringgit. “You will need to get the bus or a train to Kuala Lumpur airport so take this.” “I can use my own money and anyway it won’t cost that much,” protested Ryan. “Take it,” Neil insisted. “You will want to buy snacks on the journey and you might need to buy a bag for your clothes and stuff.” “Okay, thanks,” smiled Ryan. “I will work hard at the hotel to repay you.” “We will have a lot of fun together,” smiled Neil. He hugged Ryan and said, “I won’t see you tomorrow as I have to leave early for the airport but we can keep in touch online until we meet again.” They hugged and kissed again before saying goodbye. Ryan had tears of happiness in his eyes as he walked home. Ryan took a photo of his passport details and emailed it to Neil. It was some time later before he realised that he hadn’t told the man his real age. “I hope he won’t be annoyed with me,” he said to himself. “I don’t think I need to be eighteen to work in his hotel. No, it will be okay.” He smiled to himself as he picked up his new swimsuit. “My first present from a gay man. I’d better keep it hidden from Auntie.” *** The pair were in daily contact over the next couple of weeks. Neil never mentioned Ryan’s age but he did ask him to send more photos of himself, including some of him in his speedos. He also asked if Ryan had started eating his cum and Ryan confirmed that he had tried it a few times and liked it. Ryan was upset when he returned from school one day to find his aunt waving his new swimsuit in front of him. “Where did you get this?” she demanded to know. “I bought it in Central Square mall,” replied Ryan. “Why were you looking in my drawers? You have no right.” “I have every right. This is my house,” retorted the aunt. “Where did you get the money to buy it?” “My wages from the coffee shop. You agreed I could keep half.” Ryan didn’t like lying but he couldn’t tell his aunt that Neil had bought it for him. “Huh! You shouldn’t waste money. You can’t wear such indecent things in this country,” said the aunt. “They are not indecent. They are common in Europe and Australia�and most of the swimmers in the Olympic Games wore that type,” said Ryan. He snatched the swim-briefs and said, “I have found a job in Thailand and I will be able to wear them when I go swimming there.” “A job! What job?” asked the aunt. “I will be working in a hotel. Accommodation is provided so you will be rid of me,” replied Ryan. “I have been emailed the flight ticket and I’ll be leaving next Tuesday.” “You can’t just�” Ryan didn’t stop to listen. He went to his room, annoyed with his aunt and more glad than ever that he had met Neil. Ryan’s aunt didn’t say much in the next few days and he wondered if she might miss his company. However he couldn’t wait to get away. As he climbed onto the bus for Kuala Lumpur International Airport, he smiled to himself and thought, “My new life is about to begin.” To be continued

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