Ryan’s Surprise


**Author’s Note: This story contains some bondage elements. I’ve never been into that sort of thing, and I’ve never been to a club, or even read a book about it. All I have is daydreams and porn. So, if I got things mixed around in my fictional club, yes, it’s my fault. No, I’m not into it enough to try it myself. Yes, I’m a coward. But, I liked the setting and scenario, so here it is. If you’re not into kinky sex stories involving group sex in a semi-public forum, scram. If you’re underage, or if any other factor would make it illegal for you to read this, please leave. Other than that, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for all the votes and comments. Please tell me what you think.


The Whip and Nail was a run-down office building turned BDSM nightclub. I walked up the steps with my girlfriend Sarah on my arm. She was dressed in a red leather mini-skirt and short black halter trimmed in lace. The neck of the halter was so low, I swear when she twisted, I could see the edges of her areoles. Her breasts were small, she only barely fit into a B-cup, but I loved them all the same.

Inside, we found an entrance hall with about a dozen exits leading to other rooms and various hallways. Sarah directed me towards one in particular. It was a crowded room to my right. I shrugged and led her through the door.

This size of a small classroom, this room was divided almost in half by a simple nylon strap like they use at banks to make teller lines. Only, there was nothing so innocent on the other side. Our side of the line was filled with a throng of people dressed in Goth styles, leather, lace, and rubber. PVC. One woman wore a gown so sheer she might as well have been naked. She wasn’t wearing underwear. I know my face burned when I realized Sarah had caught me staring. I waited for an elbow in the ribs, but instead she tugged my arm to guide me over towards that very woman.

When we got closer, I could see what the spectacle was about. A woman was tied up on a table. Her ankles, knees, and wrists were bound with her knees anchored to her neck, which had the effect of forcing her groin into the air and thrusting her genitals upwards. She had a loose pussy, but it gaped provocatively as a man with a leather bondage mask moved closer with his naked, erect cock. This guy wore leather over his entire body, leaving only his penis free. I was shocked to see such blatant nudity and perversion in such an open location, but then I remembered the security guards at the front doors.

“I love your gown,” Sarah said to the woman beside us as the master put his dick against the slave’s clit. The slave shook her head from side to side, trying to deny the master his prize. She squirmed her hips back and forth, but he thrust into her without preamble, forcing his considerable girth past her nether lips and bringing a cry of pain and violation from beneath a little swath of silver tape across her mouth.

“Thanks,” the blonde said with a smile. She turned to model it for Sarah. She smiled at me, then at both of us. Her grin was catching, and friendly, and told me she wore the dress just so situations like this would arise. I felt a little out of my league. I also felt a little of my own rise coming on.

“Where are you guys from?” she asked us.

“Across town,” Sarah told her.

A commotion from the front of the crowd drew our attention. The man fucking the Slave had finished, and was releasing a part of the barrier. “Come up in small groups, if you want to touch her. Anything’s allowed unless she says ‘I submit’.'” He grinned when he said that last part as he gently pulled the tape off her mouth, and I wondered what it would mean if she chose to finish the exhibition early.

A brave couple walked up to the slave, touched her body, prodded her, then left. The master went over to one corner to watch. He crossed his arms, then his feet, and waited, oblivious to his wilting cock and the trail of semen across his pants leg.

After a few moments, people began to leave to find the next attraction, and Sarah, myself, and the blond woman were the only ones left. I started to leave, but the blonde woman caught Sarah’s arm and pulled her towards the naked slave. Sarah followed willingly, with a laugh, and beckoned me with an evil grin and one finger. I followed the two women up to the slave, who looked at us with wide eyes. Few had seemed interested in touching her, but the blonde woman with us released my girlfriend and went right up to her.

“Hi, there. I’m Callie. You’re beautiful, baby, and your willing submission is beautiful too.”

With that, she reached out and ran one of her fingers through the drool of cum that had drained from the slave’s cunt. She lifted her fingers to her nose, sniffed delightedly — with a grin at the master waiting in the corner — and then licked her fingers clean.

“Try her,” Callie said to my girlfriend. Sarah didn’t even look at me, as if I had no say in the matter. It was hard for my ego to accept, but I told myself that I really didn’t have a say. It wasn’t like she was going İstanbul Escort to fuck the guy in the corner.

She touched the slave’s thigh, then gradually traced her fingers to the cleft between leg and vulva. As much as I had fantasized, as much as I had yearned, I had never imagined I’d see my girlfriend touching someone else’s pussy. Yet here I was, drooling as Sarah’s fingertips glided down onto the slave’s delicate, brown petals. My cock stirred to rigid hardness as she slowly pushed one finger into the bound woman’s cunt. Watching that digit disappear into the slave’s sweet, succulent flesh was better than any porn. I wanted to fuck Sarah right then and there.

“I think we’ve got your man’s attention,” Callie whispered, giggling.

Sarah glanced my way without turning her head. Her face was blank, almost expressionless, but with a slight crinkle of pleasure at the corners of her eyes and lips.

“I believe we do,” she whispered.

“You touch her too,” Callie said, prodding me by reaching around Sarah. “Tease her together.”

Sarah pulled her fingers out of the slave’s pussy and grabbed my hand, the slave’s wetness and the guy’s cum sticky against my dry fingers. She lifted my hand and set my fingers lightly against this other woman’s sex. The fluids gathered on the slave’s naked skin had grown cool in the air, but her pussy and the moisture within remained quite hot. Together, mine and Sarah’s fingers probed her depths, tickled her clit, and slid back to tease the soft flesh between her pussy and her ass.

“Oh, you like that, baby,” Sarah asked me.

I grinned out of one side of my mouth. “Are you kidding. I’m just surprised as hell that you’re going along with this.”

“He definitely likes it,” Callie murmured. “Why don’t you put that cock of yours in her?”

I was watching Sarah’s eyes. She was watching the slave’s pussy and our fingers. Her eyes betrayed nothing. Not anticipation, not dread, and not anger. I wasn’t sure what that meant, so I took the safe road. “I don’t think so. This is nice but…”

Sarah’s eyes tightened, but I couldn’t tell why.

Callie watched us, then fondled the slave’s breasts. “We could go someplace more private. There’s another room here. Come on.” She pulled us away from the slave and led us out into the center room again. Callie led us down a long corridor, down a flight of stairs, and through another hallway until we came to a metal door. She knocked twice, then entered. We walked into a plain, unadorned room, about thirty feet square, with a plain concrete floor, and harsh, fluorescent lights overhead. Another slave laid on the narrow, hip-high bench occupying the center of the room. Callie walked over to this slave, whose face was covered by a leather mask. Leather cords fastened to the ball of red rubber filling her mouth. Pretty blue eyes peered out at us, nervous but not frightened. Other than that, she was naked except for the ropes that tied her hands over her head, and like the other slave, her knees up but spread wide, and her feet down, which opened her thighs beautifully. Her wonderful pussy was narrow, with a little hair, and very little fat in the skin of her vulva. Her clit was slender, long, and slightly pointed, with small flaring lips begging to suck my cock into her. Her skin was pale, lighter than Sarah’s, and delightful.

“I like this one even better,” Sarah whispered to Callie.

“I thought you might. I saw her earlier. Isn’t her pussy to die for?”

“Did one of the masters fuck her already?”

“No. She’s fresh. Fresh for the plucking.”

Sarah grinned at me. I couldn’t believe she was so into this. I had a sudden fear that she was going to want me to touch a guy later, or something.

While we watched, Callie started playing with the woman’s cunt, at first prodding her flesh this way and that, then probing into her hot insides with more than one finger, and finally squeezing and lightly twisting her clit. The woman moaned eagerly around her rubber gag ball.

Callie moved over to me and Sarah, lifting her fingers to our lips. When I saw Sarah inhale deeply and then suck the woman’s fingers into her mouth, I did the same. That lovely sweet and sour flavor of a hungry pussy was just so enticing.

“Lick her,” Callie said to Sarah. “Tease her clit with your tongue.”

Sarah froze, staring at the bound woman’s pussy with a blank expression, like someone not certain if they are willing to accept their own desires. She knelt at the end of the table, her face only inches from the slave’s narrow, seductive genitals.

“Go on,” Callie urged. “Taste her sweetness. She’s young, beautiful, and tied up all for you.”

And then, to the appeasement of all my greatest hopes, my girlfriend pushed her tongue out onto the tender petals of the slave’s pussy. I was practically drooling. What a sight. Pity I was no photographer.

Sarah licked up through the slave’s small, pert folds, then pushed down, down into her hole, into the wider opening of her vagina, that beautiful, narrow, red teardrop of lust burning between Escort Bayan her creamy thighs. The bound woman moaned, twisting her head deliriously as my girlfriend ate her out. To my amazement, I watched Sarah’s tongue dip back to the slave’s anus and taste of her nether opening.

“Oooh, that’s hot,” Callie whispered. She moved over and started teasing and pulling at the slave’s nipple.

Sarah grinned, then glanced at me. The slave’s pussy juice coated my girlfriend’s upper lip. My erection throbbed against my jeans.

“I think he’s about to bust,” Callie said, staring at my bulging hard-on. “Why don’t you pull that thing out of there, so we can all see it.”

Sarah glanced at her. I expected friction, but instead, she looked to me almost slyly. “Lock the door,” she said to Callie. “We’ll want it just a bit more private.”

Callie did just that, locked the bolt and turned with a wicked smile. She reached over her shoulders, unzipped her transparent dress, and let it fall to the floor. Sarah smiled at her, then glanced my way.

“Alright, lover, let’s see it.”

“Are you serious?”

Sarah got to her feet as a now naked Callie joined us. My girlfriend cupped my jutting cock in her hands, then undid my fly. She pulled my dick out and stroked it eagerly. The slave was watching the hands on my dick with wide, interested eyes.

Callie’s eyes lingered on my erection as well, but she returned to her place beside the slave. “You want to see that cock too, don’t you,” she asked, pinching the woman’s nipples. God but her tits were small, nice, and perky. So pink in the nipple, so un-used.

The slave looked at Callie, then back to me. Her wide eyes dropped to where Sarah was still jacking me. Finally, she nodded to Callie.

“That’s a good slut,” Callie cooed. “A very good slut. You want to feel it too, don’t you. Feel it in your hand, on your cheek, in your cunt? In your ass?”

The slave glanced back at me again, her eyes wider than before. She swallowed. I didn’t like agitating her like that, even if it was what she wanted, but she nodded to Callie once more.

“We’ve got a good slave tonight,” Callie said to Sarah, laughing.

I looked at my girlfriend, who should have turned into a terrible ball of rage over the notion of this woman fucking, or even just handling, my cock. Yet, she was looking back and forth between my prick and the naked slave on the table.

After a brief hesitation, Sarah pulled me by my manhood over to where the slave’s small hands were tied over her head. My girlfriend moved behind me, wrapped her arms around me, and guided my dick into the hands of the bound slave. I have to say, it was very, very weird to have four hands on my cock. Sarah stroked me with the other woman’s hands, though the other woman made no move to grip me or even touch me. Yet, neither had she pulled away.

I closed my eyes, leaned my head back. Even without a grip, the woman’s hands were soft, slightly sweaty, and I realized that she was younger than I had initially thought, maybe as young as eighteen or nineteen.

“Erotic, isn’t it,” Sarah whispered in my ear.

I nodded, unable to speak, and Sarah kissed my neck, just behind my ear, which had the usual effect of bringing goose bumps and a tingle down my spine. She then pulled me around to the side of the bench, at the slave’s face. The girl on the table looked up at me, her eyes wide, almost panicked, and yet she didn’t flinch away as Sarah pulled my cock to her face and pressed the head against the girl’s cheek. Her mask was vinyl rather than leather, I now saw. The slave looked at me, met my eyes, and I found a sort of submission there, a willingness to do what should have been taboo. I found I liked the feeling it gave, but at the same time, I wondered what it was like for her, to surrender herself like that.

Sarah toyed my cock across the slave’s cheek, up to her lower lip where her mouth was spread around the rubber ball. The ball felt a bit abrasive to my dick, but her lips were as soft as Sarah’s.

Like some sort of erotic brush, my girlfriend rubbed my prick along the woman’s body, painting her with my pre-cum and paying particular attention to the girl’s nipples, until finally I stood at the end of the table with my prick only an inch from the slave’s cunt. I could feel heat from her hole, like a little oven, and a heavy bead of moisture trailed down over her anus and dripped to the floor.

“You like that?” Sarah asked the slave.

“Oh, she does,” Callie laughed.

The slave nodded, her eyes still a little wild as she looked at me.

Sarah pulled me forward by my dick. The slave twitched when the soft, spongy head of my cock touched her sleek, slightly puffy vulva on one side. My cock throbbed in Sarah’s hand, and I moaned as she slowly traced a circle around the slave’s pussy with the tip of my dick. I left a slick trail of pre-cum on the woman’s pale skin.

When she had completed one circle, Sarah pushed the tip of my cock down across the slave’s clit. “How’s that, slut? How do you like my boyfriend’s Eskort cock touching you there?”

Again, that long pause, and the distracted gaze staring off at the ceiling, before the slave nodded her appreciation.

“Good slut,” Callie told her. “You ready for that cock? It looks awful good to me.”

Another belated nod.

“Good slut,” Sarah said as well. “Take this big cock and suck it up into that pussy like the tight little slut you are.”

She lowered the tip of my erection to the slave’s narrow vagina and pushed on my ass with her other hand, guiding me into the slave. The woman’s pale flesh parted around my cock like hungry lips. Whatever pretense of nervousness or fear she showed in her eyes, her pussy was hot, slick, and nearly gushing fluid. Sarah stopped when my head was inside the slave. She stroked my prick, jerking me into the slave’s cunt, then leaned down and licked the woman’s clit.

While Sarah licked the girl, I pushed further into her. The woman squirmed, then spread her thighs more to let me bottom out inside her. She was boiling and slimy inside, as hot as I had ever had Sarah on our nights of the nastiest sex. In spite of that, she was the tightest pussy I’d ever touched. Her inner walls squeezed me like a soft, velvet fist, but better because of the slippery wetness sloshing around my cock. I almost thought she’d been fucked already, except that her vulva had been clean and pale, rather than red. Well, until we started working on her that is.

Sarah kept her hands at the slave’s cunt and stroked me as I fucked the young woman. My girlfriend straightened and kissed me, the slave’s pussy all over her mouth. It was so erotic tasting that loveliness on Sarah’s lips. It made my cock twitch.

“I’ll be done soon,” I grunted, more to Sarah than anyone else. From the gleam in her eye, I guessed she’d planned all this.

“Oooh,” Callie laughed. “We don’t want that. At least, not yet, right?”

Sarah grinned. “No, not yet.” She pulled her hand away from my cock, straightened, and kissed me again. I stopped fucking the slave, let my prick rest inside her seething depths. Sarah moved up to the slave’s head. “What do you think? Cum on your tits? Your belly? Your pussy? In your pussy?” My erection throbbed at the thought of flooding this pretty little girl’s insides. My knees weakened, buckled. It took more concentration than I might have liked to keep me upright.

“What about in your ass?” Callie asked.

The bound woman glanced back and forth between the two tormentors. Eventually she nodded. I’d never been in anyone’s ass before. Sarah’s not into that, though she enjoys my finger back there from time to time. Callie grinned at Sarah, who released my prick and lowered her face back down to the slave’s groin. To my utter amazement, my girlfriend started licking the slave’s anus with forceful licks that visibly penetrated the woman’s sphincter. Sarah started finger-fucking the slave’s pussy with the index finger of one hand, then used her other pointer finger to lubricate the slave’s ass with pussy juice. Moments later, she was finger-fucking both holes. I watched her finger slide in and out of the slaves ass, imagined it would soon by my prick instead, and started jerking off.

“Why don’t I help you with that,” Callie murmured, eyeing my masturbating and coming down to the end of the table. I watched Sarah, who smiled at Callie as the woman reached over and replaced my hand with her own. Still fingering the slave’s holes, Sarah turned her head and slipped her lips over the head of my cock. I was watching Sarah’s fingers in the slave’s ass, and one woman was jerking my cock while my girlfriend sucked me. I was entranced, as hard as I ever got, and throbbing like crazy. Much more of that and I was going to cum. I said so.

“Oooh,” Callie laughed. “Well, put it in her, then.”

Sarah rose, moved, and replaced Callie’s hands on my dick with her own. She guided the tip of my prick into the narrow furrow beneath the slave’s pussy. I loved touching the tender skin there with my cock, and feeling the gentle rasp of her sparse pubic hair around the brown ring of her anus. Sarah’s saliva made the girl’s ass all wet and slippery, and before I knew it, Sarah had me jutting right against the tight sphincters of the girl’s hole.

This time, I didn’t wait for Sarah. Either she was setting me up for a horrendous breakup, or she didn’t care, and maybe even enjoyed seeing my dick touched by these other two women. So, it didn’t matter what happened now. I was committed. So, I pushed forwards, into the slave’s ass. She was tight around me, almost too tight. If we both hadn’t been so slippery, we never would have made it. As it was, that first bit of pressure had my erection curling like an angry serpent instead of sliding into her.

“She’s too dry still,” Callie told us.

“Out,” Sarah commanded. She spat in her hand, caught part of it with two fingers, and smeared it onto the slave’s butt before stroking what was left across my prick. When she was satisfied, she pulled me towards the girl’s anus again. This time there was less resistance, and the head of my prick plopped into her tight ring, her sphincter parting around me like compressed lips. She was hot in there, hotter than in her pussy, and that heat seethed around my cock head like boiling water.

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