Sabine At School Ch. 08


I had a feeling that I knew what Melanie intended. I felt a little sick to my stomach. I didn’t want Erin to know about what I thought was going to happen to me.

Melanie, gloriously naked, walked to the bathroom door. She looked back at Erin and I.

“Coming Sabine? Time to get your face washed. You too Erin.”

I shuddered and walked slowly to the bathroom. Melanie had already gone inside. Erin was right behind me, curious. I walked inside, Erin right behind me. Melanie stood by the open shower door.

“Come in Sabine, time for your face to get washed.”

I whimpered softly and looked at Erin.

“Please, nothing gets said about this, please….”

Erin smiled and nodded. She had to be wondering what was going on. I walked to the shower and entered it, then sat down with my legs open and lifted my face up. I closed my eyes and waited. I sensed Melanie coming in with me.

“Erin, she is right, nothing gets said about anything that goes on tonight.”

I didn’t hear Erin say anything but she must have agreed. Melanie held my hair in one hand and I sat silently, waiting to be humiliated. It took some time for Melanie to relax enough.

“Ah God, here it comes.”

I jerked as a stream of warm pee splashed on my forehead. I felt it lower as Melanie adjusted her stance, splashing across my eyes and then my nose until it was hitting my lips. I felt the warm flow of it down my chest and trickling down to my pussy. Erin giggled. Then Melanie said something that I didn’t want to hear.

“Open your mouth.”

I shuddered as her pee splashed and ran down my body and then opened my mouth. Melanie peed right into it. I felt the warm liquid fill my mouth and run out the sides of it. I almost gagged but kept from choking. Melanie didn’t pee as long this time and soon I felt the stream stop. I still held my mouth open, pee trickling out, and my mouth full of it. My hair was wet with pee, my face, my breasts, and the entire front of me. I was sitting in a puddle of it. My stockings were soaked and the garter also.

“If I was a real bitch, Sabine, I would say swallow, but I’m not.”

I thanked her mentally and bent my head down and spit it out on the floor of the shower. I couldn’t help but swallow a little anyway and gagged. I wiped my eyes with one hand and peered up at Melanie. She smiled at me.

“Two wishes, Sabine?”

I nodded. Pee dripped out of my hair onto my shoulders and I wiped my lips too. I looked at Erin now. She was staring raptly at me. I shuddered again. I was right.

“I want to try that too.”

Melanie stepped out of the shower. She looked at me.

“Is it all right, Sabine?”

“Do you want me to, Melanie?”

She didn’t say anything just pushed Erin into the shower. I closed my eyes again and waited. It didn’t take long. I felt the first gush of Erin’s pee hit my nose and cheek and then the stream was over my lips. I shuddered again and opened my mouth, letting Erin pee in it, just like Melanie. My mouth filled again and I kept it open as Erin peed. Pee dribbled out of my mouth and down my body once more. I was glad there was a drain. Most of it went down the drain, but some puddled underneath me.

Erin finally finished with a couple of spurts and I lowered my head and spit most of it out. I gagged again as I swallowed some.

“What’s the rest of the game, Sabine?”

I remembered and leaned forward to lick Erin’s pussy clean. Then I turned to Melanie and while she stood in the door, I licked her pussy clean also. Melanie helped me stand up, smiling at my wet, glistening body.

“Take that stuff off, Sabine.”

She turned on the shower as I stripped off the garter belt and stockings, sucking in a breath as cold water hit me. It warmed quickly and I stood under the spray, enjoying getting clean again. I washed with Erin’s body wash and her shampoo. I stayed in the shower for a while, wanting to be alone. I finally sighed and stepped out after turning off the water. I dried my hair and body and brushed my hair as good as I could. I wanted to brush my teeth but I didn’t have a toothbrush.

I walked out of the bathroom naked to find Melanie and Erin dressed and talking. I felt embarrassed at all I had done or allowed them to do to me. They looked at me and Melanie came over and kissed me, holding my face. She whispered to me alone.

“Sabine, you were wonderful and so giving. Erin will not say a word about any of this, but she would like us to come back again.”

Melanie turned to Erin.

“We’ll be going now”

“Are you sure you won’t stay?”

“No, it’s time for us to go back.”

I was set to picking up the maid’s costume that was strewn over the floor. I put it back in the bag and still naked, waited for Melanie. She looked at me and smiled.

“Do you want to get dressed?”

I nodded.

“Go ahead.”

I set down the bag and scurried back into the bathroom where my clothes were. I slipped into the top and slacks and stuffed the stockings into my pocket and picked up the pee soaked stockings and garter, then hurried back out şişli eskort to put on my shoes. I wanted to leave here now. It was a place of humiliation for me and as much I liked it from Melanie, I wasn’t sure if I wanted Erin to share in it.

I walked out and this time Erin kissed me on the lips.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening, Sabine.”

I just nodded to acknowledge her and looked at Melanie. She opened the door and I walked out, feeling relief that we were leaving. Melanie caught up to me. She took my free hand and we walked along together to the car. When we reached it and she unlocked it we got inside.

“Is something wrong, Sabine?”

“I guess not, I just didn’t expect all that to happen. I was sort of shocked and then caught in the moment, and I felt if I said no to anything you would be disappointed in me, Melanie, and I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

“Oh God, Sabine, oh God. Don’t ever feel that you can’t say no to anything. I didn’t realize, I was caught up in everything too.”

She drove us home and we walked to our room. Once inside, Melanie took me in her arms and kissed me.

“How can I make tonight up to you, Sabine? Just tell me and I’ll do it.”

I was feeling better after leaving Erin. I looked at her and smiled.

“Are you sure Melanie?”

She looked back at me, took my face in her soft, warm hands and smiled also.

“Of course I am sure.”

I stepped up to her and kissed her, and then I unbuttoned her blouse. I slipped it off her shoulders and down. I tossed it on her bed. Her bra came off next and I bent and sucked her nipples, loving the little gasps that came from her mouth. I knelt and removed her shoes, then reached up and undid her slacks, pulling them down her legs and off. Then I pulled down her panties. Now Melanie was naked in front of a dressed Sabine. But not for long. I stripped hurriedly and led Melanie by the hand to my bed. I pulled the cover and sheet down and sat her on the bed. Then I got her legs up. I looked and helped her move down a little more. Then I knelt and kissed her. I whispered in her ear. She looked at me and smiled, then kissed me back. I stood and moved onto the bed, facing the end and moved up until my knees were at her shoulders.

“Love me Melanie, while I love you.”

With those few words, I lowered my face to her pussy and kissed her lips. I felt Melanie’s hands on my ass and then her mouth was kissing my pussy. I waited until I felt her tongue snake out and lick my pussy, then I sighed and began to lick her. We were like that for a long time, kissing and licking each other, naked. We listened to each other’s moans, soft cries, gasps and whimpers and licked and kissed each other’s pussy until we both came, shuddering and shaking. Of course Melanie had to stick a finger in my ass, but it was worth it to have her kiss and lick my pussy.

Her lips felt so good on my pussy. I hoped that mine felt just as good on hers. When my shaking stopped I swung my left leg over her and turned around. I pulled up my sheet and cover and got into my bed with Melanie. We both had wet faces and tasted like pussy, which caused us to giggle. Melanie didn’t attempt to go to her bed. She welcomed me to mine with open arms and we held each other, pussies pressed together, legs entwined and nipples pressed to breasts. Our arms were around each other and we kissed off and on until I felt her yawn. I put her head in the crook of my arm and laid my head down so our noses were just touching.

“Good night my love, my darling.”

“Good night my darling girl.”

Then it was silent and I listened to her breathing become regular and knew that she had fallen asleep in my arms. I let myself drop off then also. I wanted to know that she stayed with me all night. It had suddenly become a wonderful night.

I awoke first in the morning and gazed at her face and then kissed her softly. She made a little noise and brushed at her nose as if a fly was buzzing about. I almost giggled and then slowly removed my arm from under her head. The sun was shining through our window onto my bed and I felt devilish. I slid down taking the sheet and cover with me until Melanie was exposed from her head to her ankles. Then I gently moved her to her back and moved her left leg open. I lay down between her legs and kissed her pussy. Melanie moaned in her sleep. I licked her pussy, she moaned again. I sank my face into the vee of her thighs and licked up and down, over her clitoris, down her lips and then back up. She tasted muskier, sharper, but nice. I licked and kissed her pussy until she woke up. I knew because her hands clutched my head and began to stroke my hair. I licked her until she shivered and shook, lifting her hips up. She was stiffened up and I licked harder, using my tongue to lave every part of her pussy. Her hands clenched hard in my hair and she pulled me to her pussy, coming in my mouth again. Her body was rigid and I took the opportunity to lick to her asshole and kiss and lick her there too, I knew she liked that very much.

When she slumped back I lay my head on escort bayan şişli her tummy and gently stroked her pussy, feeling little after shocks run through it. I loved that so much, knowing that it was me that did that to her.

It was Sunday, a day of rest. Melanie and I both got up naked and went into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and mouth really good. I still felt like I tasted pee afterwards though. Melanie had showered while I was brushing my teeth and then I got in the shower and washed all over again. I shaved my lips for her so they would be nice and smooth without stubble. I still kept the hair I had above my lips though. It made me look like a woman, even with my little breasts. I walked out, Melanie was dressed. I went to my dresser for panties and a bra.


I turned to look at her, holding a pair of panties in my hand.

“Stay naked for me.”

I blushed. I looked at her fully dressed, then at the panties in my hand. I turned back to my dresser and laid the panties back down. I shut the drawer and stood naked in front of my Melanie.

She smiled at me and motioned me to her. I walked up to her. She put her hands on my shoulders, then ran them down my arms. I shivered. Both her hands came up to squeeze my breasts and tweak and pinch my nipples. I let my head fall back and closed my eyes, sucking in a breath. She fondled my breasts, pinched my nipples, rolled them between her thumbs and fingers and teased me until my nipples were so erect!

Then she bent to kiss and suck them with one hand holding my ass and the other between my legs, rubbing and caressing me. She kept that up until she felt my hips press up and then she stopped. She took her hands back. The one that had been at my pussy was held up to my face. I was almost panting with need. Melanie cocked her head at me and I opened my mouth. She fed me one finger at a time, letting me suck them until I had sucked them all clean of my pussy juice. Then she kissed my lips.

“Let’s study for bit before we go to breakfast.”

She sat down like nothing had happened. I stood, quivering inside and out.

“If you think I can study now, you’re crazy, Melanie.”

But I sat down at my little desk, next to hers and opening a textbook. I began to read and ignored Melanie until she reached over and tweaked my left nipple. I sucked in a breath and looked at her. She smirked. Then her fingers left my nipple and she began to read once more. I sighed and went back to my book, tingling.

I read for while again and it wasn’t long before Melanie’s hand was on my breast, teasing my nipple again. This time I moaned. I turned my body on my chair to face her. I slid my ass to the edge and opened my legs. My head fell back as she teased and tormented me. My breathing was ragged. She took the opportunity I had offered and fingered my pussy again, gently stroking my lips and slipping a finger up my pussy. I tried to keep still and quiet so I could come, but my body betrayed me. My hips lifted up and Melanie quickly pulled her finger out of me. My hips lifted into empty air. I lifted my head up and looked, her finger was held up for me and I obediently sucked it clean again, tasting my pussy.

I sighed and turned back to my desk and began to read again. I waited, expecting her hand to reach out and tease me again, but she just sat and read and I tingled inside and on my nipples. It was so frustrating and so delicious. I wanted to come and I didn’t. I wanted her to tease me unmercifully. If she kept this up my eventual orgasm would be explosive. Melanie closed her book.

“Let’s go to breakfast.”

She stood up and walked to my closet, picking out a pullover top and a skirt. She handed them to me and I set them down and walked to my dresser.

“No, Sabine. Wear what I gave you.”

I looked at her, mouth open and then closed it. I felt my face turn red and walked to my bed, looking at what she had given me. I felt warm all over as I stepped into the skirt. Zipping it up and buttoning it. I pulled the top over my head. Her hands stopped me from pulling it down and she pinched and twisted my nipples, making me gasp. She was rougher this time and it hurt a little but they erected into hard points. Then she pulled my top down the rest of the way and looked at how my nipples poked out. She smiled and led me to the door.

As we walked to the cafeteria I was very conscious of how my breasts jiggled without a bra even though they are small. And my nipples stayed erect. As we went through the line at the cafeteria the servers, most of whom were guys eyed my erect nipples, making me turn red. Melanie giggled. I whispered to her as we walked to an empty table.

“I am so embarrassed, Melanie. They were staring at my nipples.”

“Yes, they were. Wasn’t it nice?”

“How would you feel?”

“But it isn’t me showing off is it, Sabine?”

There was nothing I could say to that, so I began to eat. Melanie ate her food quickly and then I felt her hand on my knee.


It inched up higher, under my skirt.

“No Melanie, stop.”

She şişli escort bayan ignored me. I glanced around; no one was near us. Her hand went higher, stroking my thigh. My skirt wasn’t tight; it was a full skirt.

“Lift up a little, Sabine.”


She looked around, so did I. No one was paying any attention to us. Her other hand reached up and pinched my left nipple. I sucked in a breath. She held it, pinching harder, making me gasp softly.

“Lift up.”

I lifted up and she quickly pulled my skirt out from under me. It fell around the chair, still covering me from any eyes.


I did and gasped as the cold chair touched my bare ass. Melanie turned to partly face me, running her hand up higher, stroking my thigh. She leaned over as if she was whispering to me and managed to get her hand onto my hair. I kept my legs clenched together. There was no way I was going open them. She stroked and fluffed my pussy hair, softly.

“Does it feel nice, Sabine?”

I just closed my eyes and let her torment me some more, this time in public. She stroked me softly until I wanted her finger in me again. My legs opened slightly and she moved her hand down to cup my pussy, squeeze it gently, making me moan softly. She squeezed it every now and then while she had her hand between my legs, with one finger lying between my lips. She didn’t rub or slip the finger inside me, just teased me. Teased me and watched my face redden and my lips part. My tongue snaked out and licked my dry lips. I was so horny!

“Let’s go back to the room.”

Her hand left my pussy and I whimpered. I wanted her to keep touching me so badly.

The walk back to our room was pure hell. I was trembling at what she had done to me in the cafeteria and with how horny I had become. It seemed to take forever. We walked into our dorm and Melanie stopped to talk to some girls she knew. She smirked at me as I tried to stand still. I was shifting from one foot to the other, like I had to pee. After a few minutes of chatting with my mind elsewhere, she finally said good bye and walked off. I hurried behind her. We walked up the stairs and down the hall to our room. As soon as we were both inside and the door was closed, Melanie turned and stepped up to me. She didn’t say anything, didn’t kiss me, she just pulled my top over my head. She tossed it on the floor and went after my skirt, almost tearing the button off and unzipping it with a yank. It fell down to my ankles.

“Get the rest off, now.”

I sat down and pulled my shoes and ankle socks off. She took them from me and tossed them aside.

“Stand up.”

I did and she pushed a hand between my legs, roughly shoving a finger up my pussy and with the other squeezing my left breast hard. I leaned into her whimpering, it hurt a little but I wanted her. I didn’t complain. She fingered me until I was heated up all over again and then stepped back.

“My top drawer, you know what I want you to get.”

I walked over to her dresser, shivering and opened the top drawer. There, staring at me was the dildo with the suction cup and the anal plug. A small bottle of lubricant was there also. I swallowed. I didn’t know what she wanted me to get. I felt my stomach twist and I closed my eyes. I opened them again and saw the same three things. With a soft moan I reached in and picked up all of it. The dildo, the plug and the lubricant. I held it all close to my breasts as I returned, sniffling.

“Melanie, I didn’t know what you wanted, I didn’t….”

My voice quavered and fell off to a whisper. Melanie pulled my hands down and smiled at me.

“You’re a brave girl to bring me something that I know you don’t like, Sabine. Thank you.”

She held up the plug in front of my face, watching my lower lip begin to tremble. I felt so not in control of my emotions. I didn’t want that thing up inside me, but I had brought it to her for her to decide. My eyes filled with tears. I couldn’t speak. Melanie watched my face, smiling at me. She set the plug down with the lubricant. She extended the dildo towards me, suction cup facing me.

“Lick it good.”

I shivered and licked it, spit all over it. She turned it towards her and held it back to me. I licked it some more. She looked at it again and then stuck it on my chair.


I dropped to my knees.


I bent my head down and opened my mouth, sucking on the dildo. Melanie was scaring me. She had never acted like this before. I sucked and drooled on the thing, seemingly forever before she told me to stop and stand up. I wiped my mouth, lip still trembling.

“You know what to do.”

I let a soft sob escape my mouth and straddled my chair. Melanie bent down and gripped it and as I slowly lowered my ass, she spread my lips open with her other hand. She watched until the tip was touching my pussy, my opening and then she put a hand on my shoulder. She pushed down and I lowered more, feeling it penetrate me. She wasn’t rough now, just insistent that I have it up my pussy. I groaned as it split me open. It was so big! It was thick and longer than any cock I had ever seen. I grunted as it went deeper and deeper inside me, Melanie still pushing down on my shoulder, her eyes watching the dildo disappear inside me. When my ass was almost touching the seat she stopped me.

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