Sabrina Becomes Daddy’s Girl


Sabrina walked in the door of the small home she lived in with her mother and step-father. Her mom worked midnights six days a week so Sabrina was left alone with Richard.

She was almost finished with her last year of high school. She was eighteen and had gotten into some trouble. Her mother had moved her to the private school so she could finish school without trouble.

She wasn’t permitted to work because of her probation, so she spent alot of time at home. Rich had started to have more interest in her. He was a few years younger than her mother, with a roaming eye.

She had first noticed it when she’d gotten up for school last week. Rich had been at the breakfast table when she’d come in, but one look at her in her school uniform and he had practically run to his room. She’d heard the lock click and he’d stayed in there until her mother got home.

Her mother insisted she be nice to Rich, so she’d hug him each morning before school while her mother was home. When she went to hug him today, his eyes were locked on her breasts. Her mother didn’t seem to notice.

After school, she’d went to the library for research books for a final report. She’d kept in her room all night, she’d had her mother bring her dinner to her room.

When she heard her mother leave for work, she’d risked a snack. While at the table with cookies and milk, Rich stopped in for a snack too. He didn’t say anything, just kept this lingering look on her. She was a bit creeped out by it.

Yes, Rich wasn’t as old as her mother. In fact, he was only about fifteen years older than her. He was however, still her step-father. He’d been married to her mother for about five years.

When he got up from the table, he stood behind her chair. His hands rested on her shoulders. He began rubbing gently. “Wow Sabrina, you’re getting to be so grown up. I bet the boys really like you, Don’t they?”

She bursa escort blushed, “I don’t think so. They mostly ignore me.”

She excused herself and made her way to her room in the basement. She quickly peeled off her clothes and slipped on a clean pair of panties and a night shirt.

Once she turned off the light and slipped under the covers, she heard footsteps. He stepped through the door into her room, “Sabrina”

She couldn’t be asleep, so she just answered, “Yes?”

“Where’d you go sweetie? Your mom wants us to be closer. To do stuff together since she’s never around. So, I thought maybe we could start out with just talking tonight. What do you say?”

She gasped, “Uh, I guess we could. Should I dress and meet you upstairs?”

“No sweetie. You’re already in bed, we can talk down here.” He walked over and sat on her bed.

She didn’t know what to do, so she slid back against the wall. He took that as a sign that she was making room for him. In the dim light coming from the top of the stairs, she could see him.

He stood up and slipped off his robe. Then he kicked his slippers off. Pulling back the covers, he slipped against her in the bed. She was stunned.

She never thought Rich would try anything with her. Now that he had, she wasn’t sure about it. She thought he was kinda cute and nice, but he was in her bed. She was wearing nothing. He wanted to get closer to her. She kinda wanted him to.

“So, what should we talk about?” she asked.

“We could talk about school or boys. Or whatever you’d like. But I’d really rather not talk.” With that, he slipped his arms around her and pulled her against his chest.

Her lips met his in the most passionate kiss she had ever gotten. His tongue darted into her mouth, tasting her. She liked it so much, she just couldn’t stop.

Her step father was making her feel like a real woman. As his bursa escort bayan lips left hers and trailed down her neck, she tilted her head back against the pillow and closed her eyes.

His hands were working thier way over her hips, pushing her shirt up. His hands found her breasts. His fingers carressed her nipples. She felt like her skin was on fire.

She’d never felt this hot when a boy had touched her. She’d never had a man. Her stepfather was a man and he was going to fuck her tonight. Her body trembled at the thought.

Slowly his lips found her nipples. Each one was gently rubbed and pinched, while the other was sucked and licked. His tongue flicked over her nipples making them harder.

He kissed a trail down to her panties. When he slipped them off, he revealed that she was shaved. Her soft, sensitive skin had been shaved completely bare earlier.

Even sensor was on fire. As he ran his tongue down one side of her lips, she moaned. The second time he did it, she was practically cumming in his mouth. He slipped a finger inside her.

As he fingered her, he also tongued her clit. Within a few moments, he had her cumming. She was moaning and panting. She’d even screamed his name once.

When he’d heard her, he’d gotten tough. He’d slapped her ass and demanded she call him Daddy.

She’d liked that even more! She felt like such a whore, but she couldn’t stop. Rich was so good this far. She kept her legs apart and let him make her happy.

When she’d had another orgasm, Rich had stood and dropped his pants. He’d revealed his large cock, complete with big saggy balls. She loved his cock, it was so big.

She ran her tongue from tip to balls and back. Then she quickly swallowed the entire member down her throat. His hands slipped through her hair, taking hold. Then without a moments warning, he pressed deep down her throat. In and out, fucking escort bursa her mouth.

She relaxed and took her step-father’s fucking. She knew it was worth the eating she got. Soon Rich was near cumming.

He ordered her on her knees. With her ass in the air, he plunged deep into her pussy. As he got his rhythm going, she reached for her vibrator. She slipped it under his balls as they pounded against her ass.

She turned the knob and it pulsed against his balls and asshole. As his pumping got harder and harder, she slid the vibrator up to her clit. As he pounded and she held the pulse against her sweet spot, she came.

She screamed out, “Daddy, Daddy, Fill me up!” As soon as he heard her say daddy, he filled her juicy little cunt with his juices. He collapsed on her. She rolled over and he layed beside her.

Both exhausted, both satisfied. He leaned over and gave her a long sensual french kiss. His tongue darting over hers. When he got up, he said “I can’t wait to see you at breakfast in your uniform. I sure hope you have a little time for Daddy before your Mother gets home.”

When she awoke the next morning, it was super early. She took a quick shower and put her uniform on. She wore the shirt that was a few sizes too small and she didn’t wear any pantys.

She was hoping to get to the kitchen first, but Rich was already there. He was getting pancake batter ready.

The look of disappointment on her face made him ask, “What’s the matter sweetie?”

“Well, it’s just that I wanted to surprise you with breakfast Daddy!”

He instantly got excited, “What were you planning sweetie?”

She instantly climbed onto the table in front of his normal seat, lay back and spread her legs. Her glistening bare pussy was right where his plate would go. He couldn’t resist!

“Oh sweetie, just what Daddy wanted!” With that, he sat in his chair and buried his face in her pussy. He fingered her, tasted her, licked her.

She came so much before breakfast she could barely stand. When she tried to unzip his pants, he swatted her away. “Tonight sweetie, the load in my cock’s for your Mother.”

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