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Loni and Connie were twins. Giving them rhyming names was the sort of thing that was usual, but their parents figured that different spellings would also emphasize the individuality of each. After all, they weren’t identical, and as the two of them had turned eighteen, that difference and similarity were getting more apparent. For instance, both had sandy blonde hair, but only Loni had eyebrows to match.

Loni was also the more adventurous one. Not that she was wild, but she didn’t feel compelled only to date boys from their church. She met a guy, Patrick, from a suburban boys’ school and, running around with his friends to dances and parties, she came to know a lot of people and places that she’d never know in her family’s old west side neighborhood. Connie, who favored skirts over jeans or shorts, dated a boy, Noah, for almost as long, a guy whose father was an assistant minister. The places they went were more accessible by bus, the way lots of kids from their area got around.

That more conservative neighborhood, with its church socials and Sunday schools for the kids, was no guarantee that those kids would stay out of trouble. Loni and Connie had an older sister, Zoe, who was twenty-one and already a single mom. She got pregnant during her senior year of high school, dropped out, and moved out within a few weeks. Their parents were mad, of course, and their dad was not that forgiving. Then, when Zoe’s boyfriend, Brad, did little more than drift in and out of touch, leaving her with the baby and the apartment, Zoe needed her father for more help than she expected he would consider.

The fact that the twins were the same age Zoe was when she got pregnant turned out to be of help. Zoe needed babysitting for her two-year-old, and her mother was busy enough with her job. Asking her father for money to pay a sitter led to a plan: have Loni and Connie sit with their niece. Obviously, Zoe would get time for work, but her dad had other motives in mind too. He figured the twins would get a good lesson in the consequences of careless sex. In the early 70s, they were not going to get much instruction from school, and whatever he and his wife had done as parents didn’t work out for Zoe’s sex education.

Sometimes the twins enjoyed being with the little girl, but often they viewed the job as a pain, cutting into their time that they could be out with their boyfriends. Zoe felt some sympathy for them, but couldn’t afford other help. When she brought up the problem to their dad, he felt more worry than sympathy. Time with boyfriends meant trouble. Rather than allow the twins to reduce the hours spent with the baby, he instead suggested to Zoe that she should be giving the girls more lessons in responsibility. He made the suggestion pretty strong, making Zoe feel she had no choice.

Zoe knew her sisters shouldn’t get into the same trouble she experienced, but she resented the idea that she was to serve as such a negative example. It reminded her of the kind of shaming of sinners they so often heard in their church. Brad may have been a jerk, but the sex was fun at the time. That gave Zoe the idea that she didn’t need to scare the twins away from sex, just from unprotected sex. And she thought the lessons could be fun for her too, after she gave it some thought.

Getting the twins together with their boyfriends wasn’t that difficult. A promise of a good dinner in appreciation for all the time spent with little Angela did the trick, especially when Zoe invited the boys too. Everyone knew the value of a cheap date.

Over dinner, with Angela already asleep in her crib, the teens got a surprise. Zoe served dessert with questions.

“Connie, have you and Noah had sex yet? And, Loni, don’t laugh because I’m going to ask you and Pat the same thing.”

Connie didn’t know what to say. Noah was blushing as much as she was. Pat had a curious look on his face, but he wasn’t saying anything, and Loni was still trying to recover as well.

“I’ll tell you why I ask,” Zoe continued. “Dad is worried that you both have been dating quite a while, like Brad and me, so he’s assuming you might be getting into trouble if you don’t watch out.”

“So we’re here to get a warning?” Loni asked,

“Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Who am I to give you guys a warning about sex? I get it, but dad has been pushing me to scare the hell out of you, and I think there’s a better way.”

“Go on,” Loni said.

“Well, I don’t want to step on any toes here. I mean, I know you may have been told certain things in church group, and maybe you have been behaving just as they teach you.” As she said this, Zoe was looking more at Connie and Noah. “But maybe you haven’t, and I can tell you some things that might help.”

Connie spoke up now. “Help how? We’re all old enough to know what not to do.”

“I don’t want to tell what you should not do, I want to tell you what you should do. But first, I need to know what you’re already doing. For all I know, you haven’t even seen a boy naked.”

Noah was still embarrassed by this whole conversation. Ataşehir Escort Pat was still curious as to where it was leading. The twins were no more ready to answer Zoe’s original question than before. Still, they weren’t ready to get up and leave.

“C’mon, girls, tell me the truth. No one is going to yell at you, and I’m certainly never telling dad anything you say.”

Now Pat had a question. “Why do you need to know what we’re doing? Isn’t the warning the same either way?”

“You still don’t understand. I’m not trying to warn you or scare you or scold you. I’m trying to help you have some fun with each other. Sure, you don’t want to have babies yet, but that doesn’t mean you have to pretend you don’t want to do things and can’t do things. You guys have been dating for a while now. If you weren’t getting at least a little sexually active, I’d think something was wrong with you.”

“Okay,” Connie said, “tell us what we can do.”

“Nope, you first. I need to know what you’re already doing.”

Connie didn’t look like she was going to speak up, and Noah wasn’t going to volunteer an answer for her. Zoe turned to Loni.

“Loni, you’re a bit less shy, I think.”

“What do you want to know?”

Zoe just looked at her, somewhat impatiently. Loni bit her lower lip as she considered her answer. In a single moment she recalled the first time Pat touched her tits outside her clothes and soon after that the first time he touched her skin inside her clothes. He put a hand down the back of her pants, and she remembered how his touch seemed to teach them both how soft and delightfully rounded her bottom was. When he pushed her bra up on a later date, his hands did the same thing to her tits, and later yet they both learned the soft beauty of her pussy.

Loni also recalled the first time she reached into Pat’s pants and how they both learned that softness is not the only beauty. And then she remembered times at the state park just recently.

Once those images flashed through her mind, she finally said, “Yes, I know what boys look like naked.”


“Okay, just Pat. I’ve seen Pat naked, and he’s seen me that way too.”

Connie and Noah were surprised, more that Loni answered Zoe’s question than that she and Pat had been naked together. Connie felt pressured too, knowing that Loni’s answer meant that she would have to answer too.

“Good,” Zoe said. “Once? A few times? Often?”

This time, Loni was not so slow to respond. “Well, how often can we do that? There aren’t that many places we can go. So the answer is not so many times.”

“So where do you go?”

“It was only twice, at the state park.”

“You guys were both naked outside?” Connie could hardly contain her shock.

“We weren’t putting on a show for anybody. Most of the year it’s too cold to go there, and in summer it’s too crowded for any privacy on weekends. But during the week, the park is almost deserted, and the paths through the woods are even better.”

“I can’t believe you guys were having sex outside,” Connie said. Noah didn’t say anything, but he was getting turned on by the thought. He loved Connie and was happy with her, although he couldn’t ignore the fact that Loni was similarly pretty.

“She didn’t say we were having sex,” Pat said.

“So what were you doing?” Zoe asked.

Now Loni was smiling at the memory. “We were having fun kissing and touching, and then it just seemed natural to let Pat take my clothes off, and I did the same to him. I wanted to see what he looked like, and he wanted to see me too.”

“You got that right,” Pat said, and the others laughed. “That first time, it was just so nice to see each other. Not like in the car in the dark. But that time and the other time, we only stayed naked for a few minutes. Even on a quiet weekday, we were close enough to the path to feel a little scared that someone could come along and see us.”

“What exactly did you do in those minutes?”

Loni answered, “We just kissed and held each other close. That’s what we were doing before in the woods, just kissing and touching. This one spot by a big tree seemed to hide us a little from the path. Pat was kissing me and started to unbutton my shirt. I looked both ways up and down the path, and then I started to unbutton his shirt. We took turns taking off something from each other until we were naked. I wasn’t planning it, but it felt so good to feel the air and the sun on you. And like I said, I liked looking at Pat.”

“No one saw you?” Connie asked.

“Not that we know of,” Pat responded. Loni knew he was not telling all. “We never saw anyone there on the path. Still, with all your clothes off, like Loni says, it feels great to be naked outside, but it also feels strange, like you might get caught.” He kept back any mention of the one guy they saw later coming through the woods, the way he looked at them as he passed and the feeling they got that maybe he had seen them before. At the time, Loni laughed and told Pat, “Let the old guy have Kadıköy Escort a thrill.”

Zoe went on, “Well, at least you had those minutes. Before that, though, you two could only play around, getting inside each other’s clothes?”

“Yes,” Loni said, “but it was dark and cramped and usually cold too.”

“And you couldn’t see much,” Pat added.

“Just touching, then? No more than that? You’re virgins, right?”

“Yes, Zoe, I’m still a virgin, and so is Pat.”

“But you’ve made each other come, right?”

“No, we aren’t that experienced.”

“You mean you got naked with Pat and didn’t even get him off?”

Now Loni was feeling embarrassed. She thought she and Pat were looking pretty daring, but she had to admit, “I don’t know how. I mean, maybe Pat knows what I should be doing to him, but he never pushed me to do anything.”

“Well, that’s good,” Zoe said. “What about you two now? Connie, are you and Noah any more experienced?”

Connie hesitated more before finally admitting, “Not as much.”

“But some, right?”

“Yeah, alright, we aren’t angels.”

“So what do you two do? Get naked ever?”

“Not all the way. Just stuff unbuttoned or unzipped and mostly in the dark. We don’t even get to use his dad’s car, like Pat has. Going back and forth to the roller rink or bowling alley on the bus doesn’t give you much chance for anything. And then there’s not much time or privacy on the porch.” Connie didn’t say it, but hearing of Loni and Pat getting naked in the park made her a bit envious although she would be less envious about the possible spy.

“But you found ways to play around a little?”

Noah was blushing again like Connie, and like her, he wished they could have done what Loni and Pat had done. When Loni was describing their undressing in the park, he could imagine the scene more clearly than he could recall the sight of Connie’s breasts because he’d never seen them that well. To Zoe’s question, all he managed to say, “We’re not bad kids.”

“I don’t think so either,” Zoe was quick to add. “You’re just like every kid before and every kid from now on.”

Loni asked, “So now that you got us to tell you what we do with each other, what are you going to do?”

“Like I said, I’m not telling dad or anyone else. It’s just that he’s worried one or both of you could get pregnant if you’re not careful. The reasons are obvious.”

“What’s so obvious? We haven’t done anything like that,” Connie protested.

“I was referring to me and Angela. Dad doesn’t want to go through that again, and I’m sure mom feels the same, even if she doesn’t say much.”

“Like I said,” Loni asked, “so now what?”

Zoe took her time to find how she wanted to say this. “You guys love each other, right?”

The four of them nodded.

“And you want to make each other feel good, and you want to not have a baby just now, right?”

They all nodded again, looking at each other, though, to see that the other couple was going along with Zoe. They didn’t know what they were getting into and still had the sense that they might be in some kind of trouble.

“Good, that’s what I want to hear, and I think you’ll be happy to hear that I think you should be allowed to have fun, to play with each other and enjoy each other’s bodies, just without getting into the fix that Brad and me got into.”

“Yeah, well your permission doesn’t give us a car to use or a quiet place like Loni and Pat found,” Connie said.

Loni added, “And it doesn’t promise us that no one will come along in that quiet place and see us,” almost admitting what was a memory she couldn’t quite say was fun or shameful.

“As long as the baby doesn’t start crying,” Zoe responded, “it’s quiet here. No one else is going to come along and see you here.”

“Are you letting us use your place to get together whenever we want?” Loni asked hopefully.

“I wouldn’t say that. Let’s say that, as long as you take keep an ear open for Angela if she wakes up, the apartment is open to you on the evenings that you’re here while I’m at work. The two of you could take turns, just like you take turns watching Angela for me.”

The two couples looked at each other. Pat eventually said, “I think you’ve got a deal.”

“Not so fast, Pat. There’s more to settle here. Having an apartment to use takes care of one of your problems, but it doesn’t take care of dad’s worries.”

“I thought you wouldn’t tell him,” Connie said.

“I won’t, but if one of you gets pregnant, it won’t matter what I said or didn’t say.”

Loni pressed her older sister, “So what’s the deal?”

“Well, tell me if I’m right. Neither of you have given your guy a blow job or even jacked him off, and I bet the guys have never gone down on you.”

The twins’ silence was her answer. “Okay, so there’s stuff I can help you with. I’ll say this for Brad the cheap, lazy bastard, he knew how to turn me on, and I learned how to do the same to him. If only we knew as much about birth control.” Zoe laughed Bostancı Escort a bit. “Actually, we knew, which is not the same thing as actually using it. Good thing Angela is such a sweet baby.”

Pat liked the sound of what he thought she was suggesting. Loni seemed ready to listen, and Connie and Noah were not running away.

Loni asked what was on all their minds, “What’s the first lesson?”

“Okay,” Zoe said, “you guys are going to have to trust me. I want you all to get on the floor with me, but first take off each other’s clothes.” The look of consternation on Connie’s face made her add quickly, “Let’s start with getting down to your underwear.”

Connie was not much relieved. For that matter, Noah was uneasy with this turn of events. Loni was looking to Pat to see what he would do, and when he nodded for her to unbutton his shirt, she knew that she was going to be undressed by him too. At least down to her bra and panties, that is.

To get Connie and Noah going, Zoe said, “How about if I make it easier by joining you? We’ll all be dressed the same.” With that, she stood up and began to remove her own blouse.

Pat had stood up also and was distracted from Loni slipping off his jeans. Loni was a pretty girl, but he could tell that Zoe had the biggest breasts in the family. Zoe’s bra, pink with lace, was also an attractive sight because her dark nipples showed through. Her matching lace panties also let him see hints of pubic hair and the cleft of her bottom.

When she had his pants off, Loni stood for Pat to remove her shorts. Loni’s bra and panties were plain, as were Connie’s.

Not that everyone noticed. Connie was not looking anywhere, simply undoing Noah’s slacks, having already done his shirt. He remained on the floor, and Connie had to tug his slacks off. When he was undressed that far, she too remained seated for him to remove her skirt and slip. She couldn’t quite believe she was doing this, and like her, Noah was going through the motions as if he was forced. As he undid her skirt, Connie looked down, watching only herself as if to see what she was showing. Noah at least took quick glances, hoping not to be noticed as he looked at Loni in her underwear. Loni had watched Noah’s slacks being taken off and saw him give a quick embarrassed look at her, enough to make her feel a bit self-conscious about being seen by him in her underwear too. Pat looked around, making that comparison to Zoe’s underwear and taking in the observable differences in Connie’s body from Loni’s, just a bit leaner maybe.

Pat was remembering an outing just about a month earlier when Zoe took the four of them to a pool. The twins were both wearing the same two-piece suit, nothing that daring, but baring their midriffs. On the way, Noah teased Connie into opening her shirt to show off the top. Even though it was no big deal really, Pat was keen to see her with her shirt open, showing what she wore underneath. Now that Connie was showing all of her actual underwear, Pat was even more excited.

Zoe almost laughed to herself that the moms must have been shopping at the same place. The girls wore plain white bras, and their cotton briefs came up to their waists, the sort that you bought three in a pack. Likewise, the white briefs on the boys were just as plain. To Zoe, who got the attention of the boys if for no other reason than her bra and panties were not white and were less modest, the four teens looked like children who didn’t know they shouldn’t be showing their underwear to others.

Of course, with the boys, Zoe could see one trait that separated them from little kids. Both Pat and Noah had obvious hard-ons. Noah seemed embarrassed. Pat, on the other hand, seemed not to care. In tune with their boyfriends, Connie felt embarrassed even if she eventually couldn’t resist looking at both boys, while Loni simply enjoyed seeing both of them that way, although, like Connie, she was not that comfortable being undressed in front of another boy.

In any case, Zoe had gotten the four of them to go this far. She was surprised at her persuasive abilities, so she thought she could push them even more.

“Okay, on floor you guys. Loni and Connie, I know you’ve touched their cocks before, so let’s do that, only take your time. There’s no curfew making you get inside, no cold weather ruining the mood, no worry that someone might interrupt you. Just touch them lightly. Use your fingertips more before you reach in and hold them. Look at how their cocks stretch toward the tops of their pants. That shows they’re enjoying it. This could go on forever if you wanted.”

As she talked and led them on, the twins indeed did exactly as she instructed. Loni focused on Pat’s hard-on, seeing it in an unexpectedly different way even though she had actually seen it bare before. She remembered what it looked like naked and still liked that picture in her mind. Now, though, she was liking this patient examination of him.

Connie too was forgetting her anxiety and focusing on Noah’s cock. She didn’t have any mental picture of it beyond a shape obscured by clothes and darkness. The fact that it was still in his pants now didn’t matter as much because her hand was telling her so much that she didn’t know about it before, its warmth, its ridges, its rough and smooth parts, its harder and softer parts.

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