Sally’s Seduction


It was an unremarkable day that began a very strange relationship that while very conflicted for all involved was also very exciting and fun. It began when I went to work as a volunteer in a food distribution center for those disadvantage people. The center had various individuals working including Sally Cooley. She was 62 and her husband had died about six months ago from cancer. She was an attractive older woman and even though I was 50 I could appreciate a certain sexuality about her. While she was not thin she was not overweight and it was apparent a nice ass filled her rather tight pants. However, I never even thought anything would ever happen between us.

The day began as any other. I was working in the back stacking boxes when Sally began sorting some merchandise. As I turned around I watched as she slipped. I grabbed her and we both fell against some boxes. Luckily, the boxes were empty and broke our fall so we were not injured. However, as I grabbed her my hands found her breasts and as I caught and we fell both my hands were holding her breasts. We were both a bit stunned but I noticed as I lay there with her on top of me I could feel the softness of her breasts in my hands. As she regained her composure she also noticed how I held her. I did not released her immediately and as I did I gave both of her breasts a nice squeeze. As I did she gasped.

I then helped her up and I could tell she was confused over the situation. While I did prevent her from injury I had violated her person by holding her breasts. gaziantep escort To make the situation more clear, my squeeze at the end was very obvious. She knew exactly what I had done.

As she looked at me I smiled and said, “Are you okay Sally?”

“Yes,” she replied still looking at me with a quizzical gaze. I knew she could not get angry with me since I had saved her but she knew what I had done.

“I glad you are okay. If you had fallen on the concrete floor you could have really injured yourself. Luckily, I was here to catch you,” I continued.

“Yes, I really appreciate it. I could have been badly hurt,” she had to admit.

“Anytime you want me to catch you I will be happy to do it,” I replied with a large grin and as I said it I looked directly at her breasts.

Sally blushed as she saw where I was looking but said, “I will remember that.”

“Anytime,” I said still looking at her chests with a smile on my face.

Nothing more happened that day or the next. But from then on each day I would always greet Sally and when no one but her could see I would gaze at her boobs. She definitely noticed my gaze and while not giving any signs of approval she did not complain in anyway of my attention to her chest. This continued over a couple of weeks. Each day I made it a point to be close to her and to several times touch her with a soft touch. It seemed she began to appreciate my attention and my touches became more frequent and soon when no one was around I would pat her on her butt. I was surprised that over time she began to enjoy my ever increasing intimate touching.

I was always careful to draw no attention to my actions and Sally obviously knew this. A significant event occurred later one day when she was working in the back by herself. I walked in and saw her there. I approached and she turned her head to see me. She was standing next to a table sorting various products. As I walked up and stood next to her I allowed my hand to rest of the top of her hips.

“Hi, Sally,” I said as my hand patted the top of her butt.

“Hi, Josh,” she replied still focusing her attention on her tasks.

“Having fun,” I quibbled as my hand went down firmly squeezing her butt cheek. There was no mistake about what I was doing.

“I don’t know,” she said as she continued to look down.

“Wow, that sure feels good,” I said as my hand massaged her ass.

“Oh,” she replied in a soft voice but she took no action to stop my caress.

Feeling more brave and I let my hand press down her butt crack and gave it a very good squeeze.

“Oh,” she muttered but again did nothing to stop me.

“I bet there is very cute sexy ass under those pants. I would love to see it,” I said softly. With that I let my hand slide lower and began to go between her legs. While her pants were tight and I could not feel her softness but I knew that she could feel my hand violating her most private area.

“Oh,” she softly said and actually opened her legs a bit to give me access.

At that point I heard another worker entering the back area so I stepped away. As Sally looked at me I gave her a very sly smile and winked at her. She looked at me and I saw a small smile appear briefly before she seemed to compose herself and quickly look back down at what she was doing. I knew I wanted more of this and I could see that even though at this point she would never admit it, Sally also wanted more.

The next few days I began to find time alone with Sally. I began to be more abrupt with my touching. She never said anything even when I reached up from behind her and massaged her breasts through her blouse.

One day while I was groping her boobs I said, “Sally, why don’t you invite me over to your house. I bet we could have a great time.”

“I don’t know about that Josh,” she replied while I continued to massage her left breast.

“Why not, I can think of a lot of fun things we could do,” I continued.

“I am afraid of you,” she replied.

“I would never do anything that you did not want me to do. I know how much you enjoy my caressing her titties, you have to admit you like it,” I said as I squeezed her boob even more.

“I don’t know what to think,” she whimpered and I could hear her breathing increase.

“You know you would like it and maybe I will come by tonight around 8:00,” I said.

“I don’t know if that would be a good idea,” she said very softly.

“Okay, then it is settled, I will come see you at eight,” I said and back away from her. She looked up with a confused look on her face but did not say anything.

“Wear something sexy,” I said as I walked off.

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