Sam Ireson Ch. 02


Author’s note:

This chapter is a bit faster paced than the previous one, but I just couldn’t help myself. Apologies to those looking for more story and less sex.

High fives to those looking to get down and dirty!


My silly brother, imagine that, him being into my hot innocent friend. Lucky bastard, she was into him too. Ah well, such are things. I guess I shouldn’t complain as this is SO going to work out in my favor. I’m going to get what I want tomorrow, and I’ve wanted it for a long time.

Frankly, I’ve led everyone astray on who I actually am and what actually goes on in my head. Until now. I’ve been pretty closed off about my sexuality, more because I want to avoid that whole stigma of “all cheer-leaders are whores” than anything else. However, I’ve come to realize that my decision to hide my outgoing nature and cravings have really put a damper on my personal life. I crave being touched. I crave companionship. I crave both women and men. I’ve even had a crush on Heather for a long time and she’s never even been to my home before simply because I thought that was something to hold back.

Sadly, my decision to be closed off has let me become a 20 year old cheer-leader virgin. We don’t exist, at least I thought we didn’t until a few days ago when I finally started approaching Heather. She was a little shy at first, but we’ve started getting along really well on a much more friendly level. We haven’t breached any friendly borders and crossed into sexual territory or anything, but I hope to some day. She’s beautiful, and beautiful on so many levels. Time will tell with her. Anyway, sex has come up as a conversation topic, and surprisingly I discovered she was also a virgin. My hope is that she’s on the same level I am, closed off out of disapproval of the cheer-leader stigma.

Our conversations this evening with my brother have been quite eye opening. She’s shy, but craves to be desired and admittedly even fucked. Hard. Having that conversation with her was extremely arousing. She is concerned about moving too fast, but was so turned on just by seeing him this morning, she’s surprising even herself. She confided in me that she’s never wanted anything so bad in her life as to simply grab a hold of him and watch him finish in her hand as she strokes him off. Sad I wasn’t in there this morning. I would have killed to see his cock, but that’s another matter altogether.

My mind wanders on today’s events as I stand outside the door of our gameroom, listening for any sounds. It’s around midnight, and we just finished watching the new scare flick. The “we” being my brother, myself, and an extremely horny Heather, or so she told me quietly during the first zombie movie. Since I don’t hear another movie starting, I guess they’re getting started quick. I wonder if they’ll fuck tonight. Bah, I shouldn’t pry. Not yet at least. Perhaps I really will retire to my room for some unrated cinema.

Walking quietly, I retreat to my room, close and lock the door. Sure, I watched porn with Heather last night, but it was more giggling and laughing for us then her getting turned on. Sad, because I really would have enjoyed getting to know her a little more intimately. I mean, I’ve seen her naked as we changed, and I’ve even cupped her tits to compare them to mine, but I’ve never had the chance to seduce her. I’d kiss the innocence right out of her. Probably right out of her pussy too.

I take stock of myself in my PJs. The room is dimly lit from my computer monitor, but enough to make out the redness of my hair. I think I’m pretty, but hot is questionable. My skin is so pale, offering so much contrast to my dark red hair. I dunno, I could just be cynical, but I would just kill to be able to tan. I just burn! Taking my top off, I must say I think my boobs are great. Not too big, not too small, and the nipples are centered on each, slightly facing inward just enough. My nipples are small and round, a little darker than my breasts, with a good quarter inch of width to the tips.

Slowly I work my hands over them, cupping them. It feels good to be touched, I just desperately wished it was another touching them. Soon though. Oh god, that thought is just delicious. I want someone seducing me. I want to feel their breath on my skin, their tongue leaving traces of wetness on my chest, working down to my abs, and finally, making it home.

Staring in the mirror, I think my stomach is my best attribute. It is toned, but has a cute roundness in the center. It invites stares when I’m in my cheerleading outfit. There is muscle underneath it, and you can see it when I move, but when I’m perfectly still it just sits, demanding all the attention it can get.

I start to slide my PJs down, staring into my hips as if I were looking at a lover’s. They’re nice, with curves but no jiggle. The top of my bush just starts to peek out from my PJs. A red curly carpet, neatly trimmed and maintained. Hey, I figure I never know when she is going to get her first introduction. pendik escort I want her to look trim and proper. And hot. God, I do love the red curls there though. So feisty and tempting. My hips have a slight depth inwards pointing down towards my slit.

The PJs finally break free of my hips and drop to the floor. I slide my hands down, reaching into my curls, tugging on them slightly. I imagine Heather standing here in front of me, staring at my expressions as she begins to glide her fingers through my curls. Her fingers working lower and lower. Oh fuck, she’s kissing me, curving her middle finger as it finally reaches my button. I can feel what she’s feeling, wetness working out of my body longing for her touch and taste.

I reach into myself, curling my middle finger slightly, massaging myself. God, my senses demand satisfaction. Slowly, I work my finger in and out, working moisture to my button. My right hand works on my breast, tugging on my nipple. Staring in the mirror, maybe I do look hot. I’d drive my tongue into that pussy. I’d stare into those green eyes.

Breaking free of my desire for satisfaction, I look for a place to stretch out for the finish. Call me old fashioned, but I like being on my back to cum. Oh, what have we here. Yes! Heather’s swimsuit from earlier is on the floor. Wore just long enough to get her smell entwined in the fabric.

I sit down on my bad and scoot back, placing my heels just on the edge. My right hand reaches down while my left hand pulls Heather’s swimsuit bottom to my nose. The smell is luxurious. I can smell her pussy, sweet and hot. My finger begins its work, circles hitting their mark.

My mind races with thoughts of her. She’s kneeling in front of the bed, kissing my knees and working down my legs, aiming her direction down to my core. She kisses the edge of my pussy lips, slowly, letting the kiss linger. Her lips work closer and closer to my slit. Finally, she kisses me square on my crease. Her tongue reaches in, opening my folds, finding my wetness. She beings to taste as much as my body will give her, pulling wetness to my clit as she licks.

Her tongue flattens out on my clit, hitting every nerve at once. I can see her looking up at me, into my eyes as she makes love to me with her tongue. Her lips suck me in, bringing my clit to her teeth, just touching the surface. Her hazel eyes stare into me, inviting me to watch. Her tongue circles over and over and over again on my clit.

I smell her pussy from the swim bottoms again, breathing in as deeply as I take her essence into my lungs.

My hand loosen its grip on my panties, dropping them square on my face, and I pull my left knee up with my now free hand, inviting whatever intrusion my right hand can offer. I dive my fingers in, deep this time, curling them once they bottom out.

“Oh. Uhhhhhhh.” My legs straighten out, my knees next to my ears. My right hand dives in with three fingers for the finish, my left reaching down below, just touching the outer edges of my ass. Finally, I slip just the tip of my left pinky into my nether region. Seductively, I violate myself, bringing my orgasm to an explosive finish. “Oh fuck. FUCK. FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!”

Heather stares forcefully at my pussy as her tongue dives in as far as it can go, extending the orgasm as I cave in to the pleasure.


*Knock knock*


*Knock knock*

Oh, shit. I snap out of it, realizing I’m naked on my bed, recovering from a massive orgasm. Damnit, I can’t hide that I’ve been playing. Oh shit!

*Knock knock*

“Krista, let me in!”

Fuck it, I’ll open the door like this. I stand up and stumble to the door, blood finally working back to my brain. Peeking out, it’s just Heather, and she looks spent.

“Well, what’d YOU guys do?” I say smiling. I’m still hidden by the door, but she’s a second away from discovering my nudeness.

“Oh, we kissed a little, just kissed though. Oh, are you, eh, finished?” Heather says a little uncomfortably as I come into view.

“Hah, just coming down. No porn though, so don’t worry, you won’t get a big surprise when you turn on the TV.” Closing the door, I face her as she walks to the bed. Shit! Her bottoms are on the bed! Shit shit shit!

“Uh, hey, is that my swimsuit?”

“Yea, sorry. I was, um, going to try them on.” Damnit, that couldn’t have sounded right, very unassured response. I hope she drops it.

“Hah! Liar. Now tell me what you were really doing with them, or I’m going to go sleep in your brother’s room.” Heather grins, knowing she’s egging me on.

“Eh, you can’t get upset. And I mean it! Otherwise, you CAN go sleep with my brother!” I’m intrigued why she is pressing the issue. Does she want to have something to hold against me, or is this working for her on some level?

“I doubt I’d have anything to get upset at you for, so sure. Now if you were about to put itching powder in them, hah! Then I’m not so sure.”

“Not escort pendik quite. I guess your smell turns me on,” I respond abashedly. “I was finishing myself off while smelling them.” I pause, waiting for a response, but Heather just kind of blankly stares. “Eh, uh, weirded out?” I query as Heather takes a breath. I’m waiting for her to tell me she’s about to leave.

“Surprisingly, no, I’m not weirded out. I’ve actually gotten myself off to my own smell. I could see myself being turned on by another girl’s. I guess. Listen, this conversation is a little uncomfortable, but kind of hot too, but I’m totally spent and need to go to sleep. I’m weirded out. Honestly, by all of this. Been a weird day.” Heather’s expressions hints at a bit of excitement for a brief moment, and then flashes to nervous, disappointed, and I’m almost wondering if sad. I really don’t know what the fuck just happened. Is she OK?

“Eh, I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t weird you out. I’m exhausted myself, so let’s crash. No worries.” I don’t want to press her, and certainly don’t want to scare her off.

We brush our teeth, clean up, and crawl into bed. We didn’t say one more word to each other. I was a bit disappointed, but she didn’t seem upset.


“Morning. Hey, wake up!” Slowly opening my eyes, Heather is staring at me.

“So early for a summer day,” I mumble.

“Yea, but I wanted to wake you before your brother gets up.”

My eyes open and I eyeball her. Why would she care if my brother was up? “Why, everything OK?”

“Yep, everything is great. I wanted to ask you what were you thinking about while you smelled my bottoms last night. So, what were you thinking about while you smelled them? And be honest.”

My eyes open all the way, vividly remembering last night’s events. I’m being questioned, and she’s enjoying this. I can hear in her voice she’s excited. How long has she been thinking about this?

“Again, you can’t be upset. Promise?”

“Yep. Just go wild, like I did with the shot last night!” She winks at me as she says it. She really is egging me on. Holy fuck, where’s this going?

“I was thinking about you. I finished myself on the bed, thinking about you in front of me.” Looking at her, she’s blushing. Or flushed. Or hot. I can’t tell, but her skin is pink. Her pupils open up.

“That’s hot. What was I doing in front of you?” The room is fairly well lit from the sun coming up; my room is facing eastward so I typically get too much sunlight in the mornings. However, this day is working out quite nicely. I can tell what’s going on now. She’s turned on.

“You were staring into my eyes…while you licked my pussy till I came. It was marvelous.” I take in and hold my breath, waiting for a reaction. I see her right hand starts to slide downward on her hips as she lays on her side facing me, propped up on her left elbow.

She leans in quickly, staring into my eyes, and kisses me. Mmmmm, I can feel my body tense up. Am I still dreaming? The kiss is hard, but closed mouth. I start to kiss back, my tongue testing the gates of her lips.

She opens, and our tongues meet in her mouth. Her teeth lightly close on my tongue, holding it as she massages the tip. My eyes close as I taste her breath. Oh my! That’s mouthwash I’m tasting. She’s been thinking about this and is even prepared!

I close my eyes as our tongues intertwine. She’s a great kisser. Her mouth is hot, moist, and sweet. She scratches my tongue lightly with her teeth at just the right moments, lighting my senses on fire. I don’t know if she’s done this before, but she’s fucking good at it.

I smell a familiar sent under my nose, a delicious enticing scent. I open my eyes seeing her right hand, index finger extended, waiting outside our mouths. That smell is her wet pussy and she’s offering a taste.

Our kiss breaks and I leave my mouth open, inviting her finger in. Slowly, she lets me taste her. My nose fills with her scent, igniting my pulse to a roar. My heart flares up with adrenaline. I reach down with my left hand as I stare into her eyes. Her hazel depths are full of passion, she’s every bit on fire as I am.

My left hand finally slides under my PJ bottoms, followed by my red curls, followed by my button, followed by my hand’s destination. I reach in, deep, and pull my hand out. Just as her right hand is finally licked clean by me, my left hand reaches up to her lips.

Staring into me, I can see her lips tremble as they open. She suckles the tip, moaning onto my finger. Her right hand reaches towards me, palming my stomach, she slowly rotates her wrist so that her fingers are pointing down toward my PJ bottoms. Slowly, and painfully slowly, she slides her hand down.

At the lip of my PJ bottoms, she pauses. I remove my left hand from her mouth, cleaned of its gift, I grab her wrist, guiding it down. Her middle fingers break in between of the lip of my PJs and my hips. Then I feel the rest of her fingers break free, finally pendik escort bayan reaching my curls. I lean forward kissing her deeply, our eyes locking. We both moan as her middle finger touches my clit.

Finally, she reaches my pussy and curls her middle finger into me. Oh fuck, the first time my pussy has met another’s flesh. I’ve waited too long for this. Slowly, her finger begins a rhythm, in and out, more and more wetness meeting it at each dive.

Not wanting to fall behind, I start to tug on her PJ bottoms with my left hand. She elevates herself to make it easier on me as I slide her PJs down, just enough so that I can see her pussy. My hand reaches for her darkly colored landing strip, neatly trimmed with enough length that it has a slight curl to it. Her fur is short, but thick and strong, and I feel it tickle my fingertips as I brush my hand down towards her entrance.

Her pussy is beautiful, with all of its access covered by her folds. Her inner wetness as well as her clit is hidden by her labia. My middle finder intrudes her pussy, and is met with intense heat. She starts to drip as my finger opens her, and I break free of our kiss to stare. I’ve never been so wet as to drip before, so to see this with another woman as I finger her is exhilarating.

A bead of juice starts to drip from the middle of her slit down to my sheets. With a pointed look, my eyes ask her if I can proceed. She understands the expression and nods, her hand breaking free of my pussy as she slides on her back and pulls her PJ bottoms off.

I get up onto all fours and crawl below her on my bed as she plants her feet to the outside of my shoulders. Her hands reach down, searching for mine. Our fingers intertwine as she looks down and I look up back at her, her hazel eyes piercing mine. Her smell fills my nostrils and my heart races with the energy of this scene. I’m in front of a person I’ve had a crush on for what seems like ages, about to taste her core.

Our passion intensifies as my tongue begins to extend towards her. Slowly, I taste her outer flesh, hot to the touch. My tongue reaches in, glancing off of her button. “Oh god. My dreams weren’t this hot,” Heather moans as she leans back, focusing on the sensation emanating from her clit.

With this acceptance of my tongue, I dive in. I focus slow rhythmic circles on her clit at first. Her juices start flowing onto my chin as I force my tongue harder onto her. Finally, I reach lower, down into her pussy and am met with a flood of honey. The taste is strong of spice and melts in my mouth. I’ve never been more turned on as I come to the realization that she’s turned on by me. I’ve never been desired sexually before, at least by someone that I’ve wanted in return, and it is heaven.

She tightens her grip, moaning, as I begin to work up and down from her pussy to her clit and back again. Over and over. I loosen up the grip on my right hand and free it from her grip.

Slowly, I slide my hand on the inside of her thigh, calming her down. I bring my index finger to her entrance and begin my invasion. My tongue continues to work her clit in medium paced circles.

Finally, my index finger reaches its maximum depth and I pull it out to allow my middle finger to join it. Working them together, I rotate my wrist and hook up to the ceiling, massaging her from the inside with my fingers as my tongue continues in circles.

Faster and harder.

She begins to lift her pussy, bucking as she forces herself harder onto my tongue. Her grip is excruciating as she pulls on my left hand, losing control of her muscles.

“Oh fuck. Krista. Don’t stop, oh god.” Heather gets louder, and louder. Every word is ignited. Every word louder than the last.

Heather’s body freezes as I suck her clit in, lapping at it as I hold her button in my mouth. My fingers drive forward, bottoming out. “Oh fuck. I’m gong to…CUUUUM!” Heather screams as she starts shaking, her ass lifted off of the sheets, driving her body towards me while I continue my assault.

Finally, Heather collapses. As I back off, I see her whole bottom-side is covered in her release. In the sunlight, I can see her ass shine from the wetness. That is so fucking hot.

She’s out of breath and out of focus as I crawl up next to her. “Heather, that was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever done in my life. Ever.” I’m staring at her, laying next to her while she’s still on her back and catching her breath.

“Oh fuck, Krista. I’ve never cum like that before. I so owe you one. Right after I catch my breath.” My heart skips a beat at the prospect. Oh man, my first orgasm shared with another. If she’s any good with her tongue, I’m guaranteed to finish in under five minutes.

Heather is flushed, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m so fucking proud that my first orgasm given to anyone else comes so highly regarded. She’s made my fucking day. Hell, she made my fucking month.

Allowing her to recover, I glance over at the clock and realize what time it is. And what day. My heart drops at the realization.

“Oh shit Heather! Didn’t you say you had to meet with your college advisor at 10 this morning!?” The clock is 9:20 and the college is at least 20 minutes away.

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