Samantha Ch. 3


Samantha and I arrived back at my house – both very hot and very eager to feel each other’s bodies close once more. The restaurant ‘episode’ just heightened our ‘want’ for each other. I led her to my bedroom and as the door slowly closed behind us, I reached round from behind her and cupped her breasts in my hands…. they felt so very nice – my thumb and forefinger rubbed each of her nipples to full erection. Talking of ‘erection’, as I did that, she felt her ass being proded by the bulge that was growing ever harder within my pants. She ground her ass back onto it and felt my shaft push between her ass cheeks, my penis throbbed due to the attention it was currently getting as well as the anticipation of what was to cummmmmmm.

From behind, I slowly started to undress her – my strong hands felt their way around her body as each bit of naked skin was exposed. I undressed myself, still with her in front of me. My hard thick cock then pushed hard in against her ass – the head brushing eagerly against the underside of her hot cunt. I brushed her pussy lips with one hand’s worth of fingers before inserting 1 then 2 fingers into her cunt – not that it needed any help getting lubricated – the feel of my long shaft against her ass had already done that!

As 2 fingers worked their way around inside of her, my thumb circled her clit, making it swell up – her legs suddenly felt weaker and her breath became harder and faster……… she let out a small moan of approval to me. I lifted her up and took her over to my bed, placing her gently onto my mattress. “This is your night” I say, “so just lie back and let me please you first – there’s plenty of time for good hard fucking later”. With that, Samantha smiled wickedly in agreement and prepared herself for a wonderful time.

I started by asking her to close her eyes. She did so, albeit slightly reluctantly. She heard me rake around in my bedside drawer before then feeling me take one of her wrists and putting something around it. “Handcuffs eh?! Don’t tease me too much babe” she said, wondering what would be next. Both of her hards were handcuffed to my iron headboard. The handcuffs didn’t hurt as they were leather and didn’t dig into her skin – but they DID hold her nicely where I wanted her. I started kissing the tops of her thighs – working my mouth around the outer parts of them, in towards her hot pussy, spreading her legs wider as I moved closer to her lovely cunt. Before I reached her sweet haven, I moved down the bed, tying each of her ankles to opposite corners of the bed with some nearby ties that I had handy. She smiled wickedly as she felt SO powerless – her limbs tied to each corner of the bed in some way – her legs tecavüz porno spread and her pussy nice and exposed. Just one last thing – the blindfold. I tied the scarf around her head – not too tightly, but enough so that she couldn’t wrestle it free on the pillow.

She heard me walk towards the door and shouted “don’t you leave me here you bastard!”. I told her not to worry and that I’d be back in a second. Sure enough, I returned very shortly and she heard me put something down on the table. She then felt my lips on hers, our tongues eagerly playing with each other’s – exchanging hot, eager kisses. My mouth then moved down her neck, placing gentle kisses as it went…… moving down to each of her nipples – taking them into my mouth in turn, sucking on them, nibbling them, as my hands cupped and caressed her tits. Down further she felt me go – there’s a pause and then she felt my tongue flick at her delicious pussy lips. I moaned and told her how good her cunt tasted. My tongue then returned to her cunt – running up and down her pussy lips – teasing them open and then delving deeper, pushing at her hole – entering into her wonderful cunt – exploring around inside of her. She loved how she could feel me dart around inside of her – she could feel me more now that she couldn’t see me – it heightened the few senses that I had enabled her still to have.

Samantha started to wriggle about as she tried to release her hands so that she could push my head further into her cunt, but she couldn’t and she just had to lie there and enjoy it all. My tongue drew out from inside her very wet pussy…. It flicked at her clitty – making it swell even more than it already had done by itself – my lips connected with it. Her clit was now in between the very tips of my lips – I sucked on it, nibbling it as I did with her nipples a short time ago. She couldn’t believe how excited she was – it was all the more exciting as she could only feel me work her cunt – she couldn’t see me and that turned BOTH of us on sooooo much.

My hands and mouth left her cunt and she heared me pick something up from the table. What could it be, she asked herself? Samantha recognised a noise, but couldn’t quite place what it is. Before she had time to realise what it is, she felt a very cold drip of water hit her left nipple, making her wince slightly. Another drip hit her right nipple – my mouth soon after, sucked on them, my mouth was so nice and warm in comparison, taking away the cold feeling. However, she winced again as she felt a bit of ice being traced around the base of one of her nipples, the cold water from it dropping off and tracing a line down her curvacious tits, to her üvey anne porno cleavage – my tongue following the ice drops and licking them up. She cried out as she felt the cold ice hit her tits, but then she moaned out loud as my hot mouth sucked at the cold bits, giving her such a nice sensation.

I parted her pussy lips, exposing her clit and her hole – she just knew what was about to happen but she didn’t complain because she knew that it meant my mouth making contact with her cunt once more. Sure enough, a few drops of ice cold water hit her clit and dripped down towards her hole. My tongue followed once more – my mouth felt her cold clit, sucking on it, heating it up once more – her cunt tightened as she was sent from cold to hot sensations time after time, the coldness each time making her pussy tighten on impact – only to be comforted again with my mouth.

I then returned what was left of the ice to the glass and she heard me unwrap something. A champagne cork was shot out of a bottle, but she didn’t hear any of the champagne itself hit the floor – I’d caught it in a glass which I placed beside the bed. I whispered to her… “if you think the ice was nice on your clit, just wait until you feel the champagne fizz and bubbles hit it..” I didn’t let her down. It wasn’t before long that she felt a small dribble of champagne being dropped inside her hot cunt – she had another orgasm there and then as the fizz drove her wild. Eagerly I once again delved my mouth deep into her cunt – tasting the wonders of pussy juice mixed with champagne – ohhhhhhhh bloody hell – she tasted fucking fantastic. Her hips jerked about as the orgasm ripped through her – my tongue rhythmically flicking her clit – keeping her orgasm going longer than normal.

I groaned out with pleasure – she asked me how she tasted. Without a word, I dragged a couple of fingers around inside of her pussy and then reached up towards her lips – her nose smelling the mixture of cunt juice and champagne before she tasted it on her lips. She sucked hard at my fingers – moaning out as she tasted something just slightly more wonderful than pussy juice by itself – and to think that she thought that impossible before now..!!

Samantha started screaming out now that she wanted fucked good and hard. I’m not a tease, although you might now think so… I may tease a bit, but I always finish the job, so I can just get away with it…! Leaving her blindfolded and tied up, I sat astride her, taking my thick long cock in my hand and moving the head around so that she could feel it first brushing against her stomach, then down over her wet mound, down between her thighs – pushing at her üvey erkek kardeş porno wet, champagne and love juice-soaked cunt lips. I pushed passed her tight cunt lips and into her hot pussy. We both moaned out loud as I could feel her pussy start to suck me in inch by inch. She felt me stretch her the deeper I went, until finally I was in as far as she could take me, my balls just resting on the underside of her cunt – her cunt juices making them damp.

I withdrew very slowly and I felt her cunt tighten around my shaft, trying to keep me in there as long as possible. I didn’t withdraw all the way – just enough to keep my cock’s head in there, but also enough to see my shaft glisten with her hot juices.

Neither of us could take much more and I start pounding into her harder and harder – working that tight cunt of hers – fucking into her; my balls slapping against her ass. I wanted to feel her grasp at me – with her legs pulling me further into her cunt, so I unblindfolded her and untied her. She was so fucking turned on – Samantha pulled at my hair; dug her nails into my back, almost drawing blood; she wrapped her lovely thighs around my waist, locking her feet together behind me – keeping me deep inside of her – it made me fuck harder and rougher – riding her for all I was worth – my groans got louder, as did her screams. (Nothing nicer than fucking a very vocal woman!). She felt her ass being pushed hard into the mattress, then just as she pushed back up on my withdrawal, once more I fucked back down hard inside of her – her cunt now very wet and very red with the attention. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck… I can’t hold back any longer baby” I moaned loudly to her. I could feel the cummmmm building up at the bottom of my shaft… it was time perfectly as she screamed out that she was cuming also. Her cunt tightened around my throbbing cock. Faster and harder I fucked into her – her hands grasping at my ass, trying to pull me down into her harder and harder than before – our pubic bones got a right hammering as I pushed my cock so bloody hard and fast into her. All of a sudden, her cunt tightened and she screamed out loud. A fantastic orgasm once again ripped through her – her cunt eating my hard cock – my hot cum shot hard into her waiting eager cunt. Time and time again my throbbing cock jerked, sending more cum deep inside of her. Our pace started to slow and our breathing softened slightly as our juices poured out of her cunt. I withdrew my cock and she turned round so that we were in a 69 position – her mouth sucked gently on my red cock – tasting both of our juices from my cock’s head – her tongue eagerly sucked up what was left. My tongue similarly lapped away at her cunt – tasting both of us and still some of the champagne taste that had been left behind.

We lay together for a while and then fell asleep, waking up during the night another time to please each other. I can only look forward with a very hard cock to our next date and what sexual exploits that may bring.

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