Sandy’s Story Ch. 03


Do my Mom’s actions shock you? They wouldn’t if you knew her the way I did. In her day, Momma was what you might call a free spirit. Or as Grandma and Grandpa would say, she was a handful. I had heard some stories of her escapades – like the time she and her 2 girlfriends invaded the boys locker room in college. Wearing just bras and panties they put on masks and ran in going all the way around the lockers yelling like Banshees. They got an eyeful of naked male flesh before running out and into the girls locker room door, which was only a few steps from the boys, where they quickly tossed the masks in the trash, stripped and showered with the rest of her class.

They didn’t get caught, at least not by school officials. None of the boys, though several of them knew her and knew she was the ringleader and the other girls were just following, would rat her out. But they did get even. Three of the guys, fraternity boys, convinced a girl friend to call her and have my Mom meet her in a secluded spot where they threw a bag over her head, tossed her in a car and drove her to their frat house. In the basement there 2 burly frat brothers held her ankles while 2 others held a her wrists and bent her over a table. They lifted her skirt and the entire fraternity took turns paddling her bottom – with the paddle they used for initiating the bottoms of new members – for a good 10 minutes. Then they took her back to the dorm and released her.

She told me it stung like crazy but she loved it, being so exposed in front of so many men. Her only regret was they never pulled down her panties. I got a detailed description of the entire incident from Dad. He was one of the boys in the gym and also one of the spankers.

When she had us, her parenting was unconventional too. She was often nude around the house and seldom closed the door to the bathroom or her bedroom. We would often see her or Daddy naked and even saw them make love once. She never knocked on our doors she’d just barge on in.

She’d become a nurse and gave me “The Talk” when I was 9, stripping us both to point out the differences in our bodies and explain how each part was supposed to work. She Bayan Eskort tried to get my Dad to show demonstrate how a man’s equipment worked but he drew the line there.

Richard and I were lying on the bed in his room. He was reading to me from one of the stories he had written. He was wearing shorts with no shirt and I was lying with my head on his chest, listening as his words rumbled sonorously around in his chest.

His stories were fun; filled with fantasies of dragons and witches, sorcerers and magicians, the kind of thing we would later read from Tolkien.

We heard the front door open and close and then momma’s footsteps coming to rest at Richard’s door and we sat up as she opened it without knocking.

“Relax,” she said, “you can’t shock me anymore.”

She was slurring her words a little and I figured she’d been drinking.

She came over and sat on the bed.

“I brought you something,” She said and she dumped the contents of a small paper bag on the bed. A box of Trojans and a small bottle of some sort of lotion fell out.

“Rubbers?” said Richard.

“Thas Right, I don know if you’re actually ‘doin it’ yet or not but I don want you ruining your lives by gettin pregnant.”

I wondered then if she felt she had ruined hers.

“Now I need to make sure you know how to use these so, Rishart, take off your pants”

“What! No!”

I laughed nervously “Mom!”

“Lissen to me. I need to show you how to put them on and I need a stiff cock to do it so take em off” And she reached for the waist band of his shorts.

I guess were both kind of paralyzed with shock at what was happening and she had them unbuttoned and unzipped before we could react. We both grabbed her hands then and held them before she could pull them down.

“I’m a nurse for chrisake, I’ve seen hundreds of cocks, and I seen yours, Mr Man, more times than I can count.”

She looked at me then. “Now, are you gonna get’m hard or shall I?”

I looked at my brother. “Richard?”

He groaned, flopped back down on the bed and covered his face with the pillow.

I slipped my hand inside the waist Anadolu Yakası Escort band of his shorts and felt the incredible softness of his flaccid penis. I began stroking it urging it to hardness and with my other hand I rubbed his sensitive nipples eliciting the slight sucking in of breath that signaled the beginnings of arousal.

After several minutes of my attention his penis was swollen almost to it’s full size when momma, who had been running her finger up and down his legs, grabbed the waistband of his shorts and under pants and tugged them down to mid thigh. She stared, wantonly it seemed, at my hand as it pumped his swollen penis, a tiny clear drop of pre-cum escaping at the tip.

“Use your mouth,” she said a little breathlessly.

I obliged and soon had his little soldier at full attention now. But I devilishly kept going, licking and sucking him and pumping the shaft, pounding my fist gently against his balls in the way I knew he liked.

The air in the room was electrified and I caught a whiff of strong female scent in the air mixing with Richard’s own musky aroma. We must have seemed like 2 animals in heat, mother and I. I was sopping and from the way Momma was squirming I was sure she was too.

“Easy girl, we don want him to come. Not yet any way.” Momma said and then ogling him appreciatively as I pulled my hand away said “You take after your father, Richard.”

I guessed that meant he was well endowed, but having nothing to compare him to I wasn’t sure. I just knew I loved it, the size and feel of it and the large heavy testicles that hung down below it. The way it responded to the touch of my hand or lips. And even more the way it responded when I bared my breasts or bottom or vagina for him. I loved making him hard, dong little strip teases, making him want me. I loved the way pre cum would ooze from the tip. And I loved how it got impossibly hard, the head expanding, nearly turning purple, an instant before he’d come.

“Now I want you to watch” she said and she opened one of the condoms. “These are lubricayed but your father thought that they need more.” She partially unrolled Pendik Escort it. She handed me the little bottle and said, “Openis, Sweethear, please.” I did and she poured a few drops into the little reservoir she had formed.

“Never, never, never use hand lotion, it dissolves the latex,” she said. “Always use this. Or spit.” and she gave a little laugh.

“You can also put some on his cock.” and she dribbled a few drops on the head and then rubbed it up and down the shaft. Richard took in a deep audible gasp of breath as Momma stroked his sensitive shaft, moving her hand up and down and flexing her wrist in a spiraling motion. After the workout I had given him, I’m sure he was nearly out of his mind with need. She giggled at his reaction but I was hypnotized at the sight of my mother’s hand massaging and stroking my brother’s hard penis.

After several minutes, during which time Richard was squirming in pleasure, she slipped the condom on, unrolling it down the entire length of his swollen penis until she buried the end in his pubic hair and continued to stroke him slowly.

“when you’re done, pull out, don’t linger or the semen could leak out and into your pussy. And Risher, it’s much easier to get that off if you ejaculate inside it.” She said and stopped stroking him.

She looked at me then and said, “Well, are you gonna leave him like this?” I couldn’t tell if her eyes were glazed with alcohol or lust, and I wasn’t sure if she wanted to watch me put him inside me right then or not but I wasn’t about to. I turned away from her and laid down next to him my head on his chest and slowly pumped him as I licked his nipples. It took several minutes for his orgasm to erupt since I was moving so slowly. He was writhing helplessly on the bed, nearly out of his mind with need before finally stiffening and pumping his come into the reservoir. Momma was mesmerized staring at his testicles and I knew what she was seeing, as I had been just as fascinated the first time I saw him empty his balls in spasmodic contractions.

When he was done I tugged on the condom and it slipped off easily, spilling his ejaculate on his stomach.

Without another word, momma got unsteadily to her feet – I doubted it was the effects of the alcohol alone – and walked out.

As soon as she left I stripped off my shorts and panties and straddled his face. I was so hot, I came almost with the first electrifying touch of his tongue.

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