Sangitta Ch. 11


Sangitta woke the next morning at 9am. She had spent the night wrapped in the arms of Indira and she had slept better than she had done in a long time. She jumped out of her bed on that Sunday morning and decided to put into place the packing that she would need to do that day to get ready for her move to the new flat tomorrow.

She went to the bathroom and turned the shower on and waited for it to warm up. She was feeling comfortable today with her life and her sexuality and things were good for her. She showered and got dressed and began to take down the suitcases that she had on top of her wardrobe and began to pack her clothes.

The hardest job that she had was to decide what to take with her and what to leave behind. She got rid of a lot of her old jeans and t-shirts and packed the skirts and the blouses that she had bought with Julie. She made sure that she packed some of the sari’s that were her favourite. She would be coming back to the family home and she would respect her parents.

It took her all morning to pack her bags and when she was finished she sat on the bed and contemplated what was going to happen over the next couple of days. She had begun her sexual journey and now she was about to begin life outside the family home. She had only ever known life with her parents.

They had always gone away together whether it was to visit family or to go on holiday and Sangitta had never spent a night without them being nearby and now she was about to move into her own flat and she would have to spend long hours on her own. She took her journal and began to write in it.

She was busy writing away when her mother knocked on her door.

“Come in.” Said Sangitta.

Her mother entered her room and looked around. She went to some of the black bags and rifled through them and was pleased to see that Sangitta had packed most of her sari’s and had only discarded those that had lain buried at the bottom of her wardrobe and had not been worn in many a month.

She took her seat next to her daughter on the bed and asked her.

“Does writing the journal help?”

“It certainly does.” Replied Sangitta.

“I get to put my thoughts down on paper. There is no logical way that I write. I just begin to write and let my pen cover the page and I soon find that before I know it I have often written two or three pages. I do not re-read what I have written because then I would begin to think about it and that is not the point.”

Her mother sat and listened whilst her daughter spoke and she began to realise how much she was going to miss Sangitta. They had always been close but since Sangitta had told her about her sexuality she had felt a special affinity with Sangitta. They talked more as friends than they did as mother and daughter now.

Her mother stood and realised that she could not let her daughter go this easily and she would not be able to help herself and she would be a frequent visitor to Sangitta at her new flat. She felt her daughter needed her more than ever şişli escort at this point in her life.

She turned to Sangitta and said.

“Are you hungry my daughter?”

“Yes I am mother.” Replied Sangitta.

“Then come and have some dinner with me and your father. It will be our last one together in this stage of our lives.”

“I will follow you down mother.” Said Sangitta.

She put down her journal satisfied that she had written all that she had wanted to write for the day and followed her mother down the stairs. When she hit the kitchen the aroma of her mother’s home cooking hit her and a tear came to her eye. She walked up to both her parents and gave them a cuddle and a kiss and said.

“I love you both and I would like to thank-you for all your support.”

“Sit down here.” Her mother said trying to choke back a tear.

Even her father struggled not to shed a tear. He may not have understood the choices that Sangitta was making but he would do all he could to support her. He just patted her on the thigh which indeed was affection from her father.

Together they sat and had their dinner and enjoyed a pleasant time together. When dinner was over Sangitta retired to her bedroom to complete her packing. It was the little knick knacks that she wanted to take with her that she wanted to pack this time. When she was finished her room looked barren and she realised that this would probably be the last day that she spent in this room.

She sat on the bed and cried. They were tears of sadness and of joy about the journey that she was about to commit herself to.

She needed to speak to someone who would make her feel good. She took out her phone and sent a text message.

“Dear Babs how are you today?”

“Who is this?” came back the reply.

“It is Sangitta my friend.”

“Hello Sangitta I did not expect to hear from you so soon.”

“I have been packing and I got a little upset and needed a friend to talk to.” Sangitta replied.

“I am pleased that you see me as a friend but we have not met yet.”

“Babs I just feel an affinity with you and wondered if we could chat and begin our journey of discovery.”

“Are you alone at the moment?” Sangitta asked.

“Yes I am.”

“Would you like to play with me?”

“I would love to play with you. It will be the start of my fantasy.”

“What are you wearing?

“I have of course got my underwear on and a skirt and a blouse.”

“Do you like nice lingerie Babs?”

“I love to wear nice lingerie but my husband does not appreciate me wearing it anymore. He says that I am too old to be wearing such things now.”

“So how do you feel about that?”

“I feel frustrated because nice lingerie always makes me feel good.”

“So what have you got on now Babs?”

“I have just got a plain bra and a big knickers on.”

“How long will you be alone?”

“For several hours. My husband has just gone to play golf and then he will go and have a few drinks and probably want to have sex when he gets home.”

“Would you like to experience your womanhood again Babs?”

“Yes I wold Sangitta.”

“Why do you not go and strip off and put some sexy lingerie on and text me back when you have done that.”

“I will do that.”

Sangitta closed the phone and lay on her bed and thought about what she was about to do. She was going to explore her sexuality with a much older woman and she was getting aroused at the thought. She had promised herself that she would be good today but she craved the love and attention.

Anxiously she sat and waited on her bed for Babs to text back. It seemed to take for ages before her phone beeped again.

“I have changed Sangitta.”

“What have you put on Babs?”

“I have gone for a sheer red negligee with matching knickers.”

“That sounds very sexy. I cannot wait to see it for real.”

“When will that be?”

When you are free.”

“My husband plays golf every second day of the week and on Sunday so I have plenty of spare time.”

“I move into my new flat tomorrow so why do you not pop round and see me on Wednesday?”

“I would like that.”

“Where are you now Babs?”

“I am still in the bedroom.”

“Why do you not go and lie on the bed.”

There was silence for a moment. Then Sangitta’s phone beeped again.

“I am laid on the bed and I am feeling highly aroused.”

“Why is that?”

“I have longed to play with a young woman for years and even if it is only by text today I am getting sexually aroused.”

“I am aroused too. I shall strip down to my underwear.”

Sangitta put the phone down and removed her clothes and laid on the bed with just her knickers and bra on and she found that she was highly aroused. She could never imagine that phone sex could be so good and she would have to apologise to Denise for not playing with her yesterday.

“I am down to my knickers and bra.” Texted Sangitta.

“That sounds lovely. What colour are you wearing?”

“I have a purple bra which is sheer and shows my large nipples and matching knickers which show my bald pussy.”

“OMG that sound sexy. Makes me want to touch myself.”

“Why don’t you and imagine that I am laid there next to you.”

“Mmm that sounds like a good idea.”

“Now imagine that I reach out and take your head in my hands and begin to kiss you. How does that feel?”

“It feels amazing and I cannot wait to do it for real.”

“On Wednesday my darling.”

“You called me your darling. That sounded so good.”

“We begin to kiss as lovers and our hands begin to wander over each other’s bodies.”

“I am shaking as you talk to me.”

“Caress your breasts through your negligee Babs and I will touch myself through my bra.”

Again there was silence as both Babs and Sangitta touched their breasts. The silence lasted for two or three minutes then Sangitta texted back.

“Are you enjoying touching yourself?”

“Very much so.”

“Would you like to touch them in the flesh?”

“Yes I would.”

“Then take your negligee off and begin to touch yourself.”

Silence for a minute and then.

“Oh god that feels so good. My nipples are very erect.”

“Then play with them and imagine that it is my hand on your breast. I am going to take off my bra and imagine that you are touching me.”

“My that sounds fantastic. Wednesday cannot come soon enough.”

“I run my hands up and down the flesh of your breast and begin to caress your nipple. I take it between my fingers and thumb and begin to toy with it then I bend down and kiss it. You give a little jolt and I hit your clit with my touch.”

“Make love to me please Sangitta.”

“Take your knickers off.”

This time the silence lasts for only 30 seconds and then.

“I am now naked and waiting for you.”

“I kiss my way down your body until I get to your pussy. I stare at it for a moment. It has naked lips but you have grey/blonde pubic hair around your pubis. I begin to kiss your pussy and you moan beneath me.”

“Oh goodness Sangitta that feels so good. I am rubbing my clit as you talk to me.”

“Rub it nice and hard Babs.”

“If I rub it any harder then I am going to cumm.”

“Nothing wrong with that Babs.”

“Will you cumm with me Sangitta?”

“Of course I will.”

Sangitta put her hands down her knickers and realised how aroused she had become. She began to play with her pussy and could feel that it would not be long before she had her orgasm.

“Are you close to cumming Babs?”

“Yes I am Sangitta. What about yourself?”

“It will not take me long.”

There was another moment of silence. Sangitta played with her pussy and she imagined that Babs was doing the same. The thought that she could bring this older woman off was too much for Sangitta.

“I am about to cumm Babs.”

“So am I.”

“Let’s try and cumm together.”

The phones went silent. Sangitta rubbed her pussy and soon she had to insert a finger into herself and bring herself to orgasm. It did not take long and she was coming in the knickers that she still had on. She pulled her fingers out and then her phone beeped.

“I have just had my orgasm.”

“So have I.”

“Goodness that felt good.” Said Babs.

“It certainly was.” Replied Sangitta.

“I cannot wait until Wednesday when we can do if for real.”

“Neither can I”

“Now go and prepare for that drunken bum of your husband and nothing sexy for him.”

“Definitely not. He he.”

“See you Wednesday.”

“Thanks Sangitta.”

“What for?”

“For being you.”

Sangitta closed her phone and once more looked around her room and then she got dressed. She had decided that she would spend the last night at her family home with her parents. She slipped into a sari and made her look so traditional that her parents would be proud of her.

She went downstairs and just sat on the sofa between her parents. She put a hand on each of their hands and just watched television for the night.

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