Santorini Paradiso Ch. 09


A quick introductory note to this ninth chapter:

As an erotic fantasy, this story is filled with things both incredible and improbable, as well as sexy. That’s why fantasies rock. I sincerely hope you like the way this tale begins to develop. A willingness to suspend disbelief will come in handy right about now.

Thanks, as always, for your encouragement and patience.



Elena heard voices in the darkness. She tried to sit up quickly, but a wave of nausea hit hard in the pit of her stomach. Her head ached fuzzily, as if she had a hangover. Groaning, she slowly lay back down again, breathing deeply in through her nose and out through her mouth to settle her roiling tummy.

She struggled to remember how she came to be in her bed. Then the memory flooded back: a bizarre conversation in the library, followed by a full-on fainting spell.

Fainting, really? That is almost more bizarre that what preceded it. She assumed one of the boys carried her back to bed. Elena knew that they must be terribly worried.

‘Serves them right,’ she thought grumpily to herself, ‘For feeding me such a cock and bull story…’ Elena frowned alone in the cool dark of her large bedroom.

‘It’s too ridiculous to even consider.’ She tried telling herself this, shaking her head as much to clear it, as to negate the strange story they’d been trying to tell her.

That tiny voice in her head was talking to her again, saying ‘Denial won’t change anything.’

She unintentionally became aware of the conversation that was taking place between Adonis and Petros. They were standing outside her door, which was open merely a crack, and they were both very upset. Somehow Elena knew that they were not aware she was awake and listening.

“… We had no choice, Petro. She demanded an explanation—” Adonis sounded very weary as Petros interrupted him, full of emotion.

“Yes, yes, Adoni – but we should have taken more time to break it to her. Maybe she would have started to see it for herself and it would not have been such a shock. She fainted for fuck’s sake! She was obviously not ready!”

Adonis sounded sad and frustrated: “Yes, but you heard what she said before and after dinner: she seemed to sense the truth – and the prophecy, too. We cannot treat her like a child, my brother. You remember what happens whenever we try to hide what we are – whenever we try to deny the legacy. We have to be honest with her.”

Elena found these words alarming: ‘Prophecy?’ ‘Deny the legacy?’ What the hell…?

Petros sighed. Elena could imagine him running a palm across his forehead. “Of course you are right. I just wish there was a way to explain it to her that did not frighten or confuse her. This is a different age – people don’t accept our kind – our existence – so easily…” Petros quieted for a moment, and when he continued, his voice sounded emotional, as if he were trying to hold back tears. “You don’t think she will leave, do you? Adoni – I could not…”

Elena could envision Adonis grasping Petros’s shoulder in comfort. “I know, I know. I feel the same way, believe me… it would be unendurable to lose her now. So we have to be patient. In my heart, I’m convinced that she is the one; that we’ve found her. You saw the signs as well as I did. Elena herself said ‘it was meant to be’. Maybe we just have to give her some time to get used to the idea.”

“I pray you are right. I’m willing to give her as much time as she needs. I’m willing to do anything – you know that I am.” They were quiet for a moment before Petros continued.

“Hey, let’s check on her again – if she is not awake, I think we should call a doctor.” Adonis grunted worriedly in agreement.

Elena could hear them moving toward the door. She debated for a moment whether she should pretend to be sleeping. Their conversation confused her mightily. They had no idea she had been listening to them, so those words were not for her benefit. By all appearances, they were telling the truth; at least it was what they believed to be the truth.

But how could that be? It is impossible, isn’t it – what they are claiming? Could it be some kind of shared delusion?

The tiny voice chimed in again: ‘Stop pretending to be disbelieve… you already know this is no delusion.’

That damned voice was really starting to irritate Elena.

The door opened with a soft creak. Elena’s eyes had become accustomed to the darkness in the room. She could see her lovers peeking around the door to check on her.

She spoke into their minds: ‘I’m awake, it’s okay.’ She conveyed a deliberate gentleness in her message that immediately seemed to soothe their jangled nerves a bit.

‘Oh!’ ‘How do you feel?’ They seemed to respond mentally in unison.

In a flash they’d entered the room, tentatively standing at the side of her big bed. Elena had never seen them discomfited before. It caused a lump in her throat. Petros moved as if he were about to sit on the bed Side escort near her, but then stopped himself, unsure of her reception. Adonis was running a hand through his already unruly hair, looking slightly helpless and miserable.

Elena was amazed that somehow she, a little nobody from nowhere, had humbled these two handsome, successful and confident Greek gods.

‘Literally gods,’ she thought wryly, nearly laughing aloud. She again ignored the tiny voice as it mocked her, saying: ‘I knew you believed! Why can’t you just admit it?’

Speaking aloud in an effort to drown out that voice, Elena found herself wanting to reassure them: “I’m fine, really. I feel so stupid for fainting – I’m sorry to be such a drama queen.”

She began to raise herself and adjust the pillows so she could sit up. The men rushed to her sides to assist her. They were kneeling on the bed on either side of her, fluffing the cushions to make her comfortable. Their faces were earnest and full of concern. She could feel their fear, their anguish and their love. Her empathy for their emotional state was so intense she felt as if the feelings were her own. She was inextricably connected to them. What’s more, she acknowledged to herself how much she wanted them.

She wanted them badly.

Desire flared wildly at their nearness and their candid vulnerability. She could smell each man’s unique, delicious scent. She longed to run her tongue along their skin, take them in her mouth, and feel their bodies pressed against hers.

In spite of, or perhaps even because of the turmoil of the last hours, Elena wanted nothing more than to drown herself in them. She wanted the oblivion of sex: the reassurance that this was real and they were made of flesh and blood. She felt her face grow hot and a rush of moisture flood her panties, and her pussy began to pulse. The men had grown very still as they continued to kneel at her sides. The energy in the room changed palpably.

Elena licked her lips. She tilted her chin slightly as she looked from one to the other. Her chest rose and fell with noticeably heavier breathing, her breasts straining against the low neckline of her dress. Blood pounded in her ears. The sexy brothers were riveted – never taking their eyes off of her. Their eyelids had become slightly heavier; their lips parted slightly; their muscles tensed beneath their tanned skin. The very air felt electrically charged.

Elena reached out to them and they instantly responded, barely restraining the violence as they threw themselves on her. Petros caught her mouth in a kiss full of yearning, as Adonis pressed his lips to the side of her throat. Four arms wound around her, their bodies pressing hers back into the soft bedding. She could feel the pressure of Adonis’s teeth and tongue moving down her neck as Petros’s lips crushed hers, his tongue forcing its way into her willing mouth. As she came up for air momentarily, she hissed out a “Please–” eliciting a groan from Petros. Adonis raised his head and the two men paused uncertainly as they looked down at her.

“I don’t know how to process all of this…” she began, her hands moving softly down both of their faces.

“But I do know this: I know how I feel about you. You must understand that you have come to mean everything to me. I will try — I will try to understand what you are trying to tell me, I promise. But later, please! For now, I don’t want to think about anything at all except how much I want you both. How much I need you— “

This last sentence was cut short as Adonis claimed her mouth, making a hungry sound as his lips fell upon hers. Petros curled downward and pressed his face into her tummy. Elena could feel him groan, his hot breath penetrating her skin through the thin fabric covering her. His impatient hands pushed her dress up to her ribcage. Adonis began to help by pulling the hem up and over her breasts. Adonis pushed her sweater off of her shoulders and arms to lift the dress off completely. Petros was at the hooks of her bra even before she could sink back down onto the bed. Now she was naked save for her lace panties.

The men each found one of her hard, pink nipples. Elena cried out as their lips closed over the aroused peaks. She wished she had milk to give them – fantasizing about the pleasure of feeding them simultaneously from her full, ripe breasts. Both brothers moaned, their faces registering awareness of her thoughts. It turned them on. This only served to heighten the eroticism for Elena.

This psychic connection was a powerful enhancement to their already super-charged sexuality, she realized. She imagined that her tits were full of sweet, warm milk. Adonis and Petros kneaded her full breasts with their large hands, sucking from her taut nipples as if the nourishing liquid coursed down their throats.

Adonis made an “mmm” sound, the suction increasing from his mouth as his hand gently squeezed her in compliance with the fantasy. Petros, his eyes dark Escort side with desire, raised his head for a moment to murmur her name in wonder, before joining his brother in ministering to her vision. The boys could taste her milk on their tongues – savoring the sweetness — like a cross between melon juice and thick rice milk.

Elena needed more, however. Her pussy cried out for attention. Her body craved penetration and she ached to have their bodies joined again. No sooner did this awareness reach her consciousness, than Petros began moving down her body, his mind crying out “yes, my love”, his tongue and lips worshiping her abdomen as he traveled.

He rose to his knees, roughly tugging her soaked panties down over her hips, thighs and calves until he could toss them aside. He watched her face as he pushed her legs apart, positioning himself between them, his lips trailing fire along the inside of her thighs. Finally he turned his attention to the throbbing, moist place where her legs met. As he gazed at her, spreading her lips apart gently with his fingers, he blew cool air over her incredibly hot, wet folds. Elena squirmed with pleasure, throwing her head back in anticipation.

As she closed her eyes, she saw in her mind what Petros saw – the puffy, hairless outer lips revealing a glistening, hot pink core. She was trembling. Goosebumps sprang up on her skin. She could feel Petros moving closer and held her breath as she awaited the contact of his mouth.

The seconds felt like hours and she couldn’t stand it. She was just about to sit up and reach for Petros when Adonis grabbed her arms and brutally pinned her to the bed. Elena’s eyes flew open and she saw him looking down at her, his green eyes looking almost black in the darkness of the bedroom, his wild hair tumbling around his handsome face. He looked fiercely possessive, but more than that, he looked adoringly at her. Thrilled beyond speech, she exhaled – a breathy sound that deepened into scream as, right then, Petros’ mouth clamped down on her sex.

Adonis took advantage of her parted lips to kiss her, his tongue pushing boldly into her mouth. The husky sound of her voice was abruptly cut off. Elena could barely contain her passion. Playfully fighting hard against his restraint, she surged up and did battle with his searing lips. Because they all communicated so seamlessly, this violence stayed on the wildly pleasurable side of aggression without bruising or hurting. Adonis’s penetration of her mouth echoed what Petros was doing with his own tongue, which had trailed up from her perineum to her hooded clit in a hard, slow stroke, then plundered her tight folds. Moaning into Adonis’s mouth, she sucked on his tongue, teasing the tip and underside of it with her own.

Petros brought her very quickly to the brink. She made a protesting sound as he inexplicably stopped, pulling his head up just as Adonis released her mouth. They gazed at her, the pair of them, smirking slightly as they held this pause for a maddening tick or two.

Elena was panting, looking from one to the other, more than a little confused. In perfect unison, Elena heard the brothers think the word “cum”. Elena went rigid as her body convulsed in a thunderous orgasm, right on their cue. She sobbed as wave after wave wracked her frame. The pleasure was so intense that she could not breathe. Tears ran down her face. The boys gently held her, stroking her and smoothing back her hair as she eventually came down.

Gradually opening her eyes, she regarded them in wonder. They’d pleasured her entirely with their minds – virtually commanding her to climax, and she had!

Gentle amusement marked their features as they comforted and petted her. Adonis spoke aloud softly, asking her if she was okay.

“I hardly know…” She whispered. Her mind in a whirl. What had just happened was even more remarkable than the “telepathy” they’d shared before. They could actually make her body react by willing it. “I can’t believe you just did that to me…”

The question had barely formed in her mind before Elena spoke it aloud: “Can you make things happen to other people, or is this power just over me?”

The brothers exchanged a quick glance and seemed to be considering their reply.

Elena, impatient, humorously interjected. “You don’t have to protect me. I’m not going to faint again, I promise.”

They both snorted and seemed to relax a bit.

Petros said, his words slow and deliberately spare: “It only works if we both focus. It is a little hard to explain because it’s just something we’ve always been able to do. If we decide, together, to exert influence over another person – well, we just can.” He shrugged when he finished, as if he’d just explained a very simple concept.

“So you can do this to anyone, whenever you both want to?” She repeated what he’d said as she tried to process this new bombshell. A thought occurred to her and she suddenly went still.

“Have you done this Side escort bayan to me before?” She asked very carefully.

Adonis laughed out loud. “We prefer to give you orgasms the old fashioned way, usually, my darling girl.” He tucked one errant curl behind her ear.

“I don’t mean orgasms, exactly… I mean… Have you… ‘exerted influence’ over me in some… other way?” Elena’s voice was very small – she was afraid of their answer.

They rushed to reassure her, moving closer to her on the bed. “No… no, we cannot— ” Petros began to explain, but seemed to lack the words and looked to Adonis for help. He smoothly cut in.

“We can only affect the physical, agape-mou. We cannot influence a person’s heart or their decisions – we’re not able to ‘brainwash’ anyone.” He laughed and wiggled his fingers in front of Elena like a pantomime of Svengali.

“We can only affect someone’s body… so if we wanted to make someone sneeze, we could do it. If we wanted to stop someone from throwing a punch, it would also be possible. But…” He turned her face so she looked directly in his eyes, “We could not make you fall in love with us, or force you to do anything that you would not otherwise do, if that is what you wondered, baby girl.” He leaned down and placed a soft, patient kiss on her temple.

Elena felt ashamed for even vaguely suggesting that they might use influence over her in such as way. Her face flushed scarlet and she had a look of contrition as she shook her head, a little exhausted by everything she was learning.

“I’m sorry – I didn’t mean to imply that. Well, not exactly, anyway. I am just struggling with all of this, you know? It goes against everything I thought I knew…”

Petros added: “We know, sweet thing. We are both very sorry for rushing you – we don’t want you to be frightened of any of this.”

“I know – I heard you talking in the hall – I appreciate that.” Elena put her hand against Petros’s face as she hurriedly reassured him.

He looked up at Adonis – they both seemed a little confused.

“What?” she asked, after catching their silent exchange.

“We were not talking in the hallway, Elena-mou, we were communicating without words.” He paused, thinking.

“It’s not… normal… for you to hear us when we are not trying to share our thoughts with you. You’ve been doing this all day, actually. And then there is the thing you did just now…” Petros trailed off.

“What thing just now?” Elena was trying to be calm, but her hands were beginning to shake.

Adonis softly said: “When you fed us from your breasts, my darling. That kind of thing has not happened to us before.” He paused, looking deeply into her eyes before finishing the thought. “You ‘exerted influence’ over us, agape-mou. We were drinking from you – we actually tasted you because you willed it to be so. And it was SO hot.” He grinned dangerously at this.

Elena shook her head, assuming there was some mistake. “No – I didn’t do anything – I just shared the idea – the fantasy. It was just like ‘thinking a message’ wasn’t it?” They looked at her blankly, not replying. “I didn’t actually do that – make you taste anything – did I? I mean – that isn’t possible – why would I be able to do anything to you? It had to be you reading me.”

Both men shook their heads. “It wasn’t us, Elena. We don’t understand this ourselves – we don’t know how or why — but you have begun to take on some of the powers that we have.” Petros had a curious expression as he spoke. He stared, unseeing, across the room, and seemed to be remembering something.

“This is insane.” Elena ran her hand through her tangled hair. Her body still felt the lingering effects of the orgasm she’d just experienced, but her brain was now rapidly firing up again.

“A few days ago I was just a normal girl. I was a sad, lonely and lost girl – but normal, nonetheless.” Elena ignored the voice inside her crying ‘Bullshit!’, and continued on.

“Now, I’m here and it is all so surreal and impossible. I feel like I’m going crazy. I mean – Fuck! – I’m even hearing a strange voice in my head!”

Both men snapped to attention at this. Adonis lifted her chin to look into her eyes and Petros ran a hand along his forehead. “What do you mean by a ‘strange voice’ in your head?”

The little voice spoke with a sharp word of warning: ‘Don’t you DARE tell them about me now – this is not the time. Make an excuse – tell them you meant that it was their voices that were strange. Do it. Now!”

“Uh… sorry – I mean – I’m hearing your voices in my head… which is really strange, obviously…” She saw a flash of disbelief in Adonis’s eyes.

The voice seemed angry: ‘You can do better than that! Make him believe you!’ Elena felt compelled to obey, even though she still believed that hearing such a voice was a very, very bad sign. She feared she was losing her grip on reality.

The voice got impatient: ‘Stop arguing with yourself and do it already.’

“I’m so tired, Adoni…” She frowned, in the grip of conflicting emotion, reaching up to kiss Adonis and break the stare he was giving her. Petros kissed her hand and spoke quietly in a monotone, suggesting that they allow Elena to get some sleep.

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