Sarah , Christy


Sarah was tired after a long and stressful day, but looked forward to the jazz concert that night. She stepped out of the shower, put her hair up in a towel and wiped the steam from the bathroom mirror. She examined her reflection, raising her chin and turning slightly from side to side. She cupped and raised her breasts, pressing them so that her cleavage was extended, and smiled. “What a wonderful thing it is, being a woman”, she thought as she dried her hair and prepared herself for the evening. Her mind wandered on the subject; the loveliness of a woman. She thought back to the waitress who served her lunch that day, a curvaceous and inviting beauty with a pouting smile and a flirty attitude. This caused her to giggle. Sarah was no lesbian, in fact was not even ‘bi’. She was very much attracted to males, and her recent divorce had liberated her in her attitudes and beliefs. She was, for the first time in her life, really free. Again she imagined kissing a girl, and again she giggled. She finished getting ready and dressed for the night.

Tonight’s concert featured a jazz trumpeter named Maxx Edge, and was not something Sarah would normally attend. Sarah’s tastes were more towards the sultry saxophone player, and there was a reason for this. For over a year, Sarah had been involved in a somewhat scandalous relationship with a passionate, dread locked Sax artist. He represented everything wild and reckless in her life. Her recent divorce was partially realized through fantasies involving Chris, this well-known jazzman, and every fantasy was eventually played out. Sarah had been on untried ground since her divorce, anything was plausible in this realm of fantasy. She would enjoy the Edge concert with her friends, and go home to a quiet evening with her kitty cat.

So she thought……..

It was a perfect California summer evening at the Newporter hotel. Jazz concert-goers generally include an interesting cross section of American society. Sarah loved watching the different people laughing, relaxing and enjoying the evening. She and her friends found their seats in the front and settled in. She felt a familiar relaxing wash come over her, the effect of the background music, the laid back crowd and the summer air was intoxicating. As the lights went down, the first group stepped out and began their set. They opened with a happy piece that had a calypso beat. Sarah swayed with the rhythm and drank in the wonderful melodies. The thought crossed her mind that nothing could be better than this: relaxing, enjoying Jazz, and forgetting everything stressful in her life.

Well, almost nothing. The image of Chris with his Sax flashed in her mind, than another image of his naked body. The whole affair was wonderful and reckless, and she felt suddenly sad that this show didn’t include him. The thought passed, and the sultry evening recaptured her attention. She looked around again at the crowd, dancing and swaying, touching and kissing. It was all very arousing. Her mind wandered to her last encounter with Chris, it seemed so long ago!

After the first group finished, she and her friends queued up at the bar during the short intermission. They laughed and talked, and all agreed that the one loudmouth guy in their row was ruining a lot of the music. Sarah’s friend, Frank, bought her a glass of white wine. She wasn’t much in the mood for an alcoholic drink, but accepted it graciously. They returned to their seats just as Edge and his group made their way on to the stage. A percussionist, a drummer, a guitar and bass, a keyboardist and three backup vocalists accompanied him. Sarah surveyed the performers. Edge was a sort of dumpy little fellow, and was not dressed in a way she felt appropriate for a jazz concert. He wore baggy pants, Dago Tee shirt and well-worn sneakers. The guitarists and keyboardists were equally under whelming visually. As they began the first number, the singers took their positions at the three mic stands near the far left edge of the stage, directly in front of Sarah. All three were dressed in stunning outfits, each outfit perfectly complementing the wearer’s body.

The first was a curvaceous blonde with a naughty smile and bright blue eyes. The flimsy bareback top she wore enhanced the curves of her breasts, and the short leather skirt drew ones eyes to her legs.

The second girl was some sort of Latina, maybe a mix, dark skinned and very sultry. She wore a dark purple strapless dress of subtlety-sequenced material. Her neckline showed ample cleavage, and she moved her hands in the most seductive manner.

The last girl caught Sarah’s attention. She was a tall Nubian beauty, at least six-feet tall. She was long and elegant, and wore a black dress that hugged every curve of her graceful shape. Her features we absolutely stunning, high cheekbones, sharp chin and full lips. Her movements were subdued, almost aloof. Sarah found her eyes transfixed on this girl.

There were no hot guys on this stage, and the arousal she felt thinking about Chris was still with her. Her eyes kept meeting with the third girl, and she found it very exciting. She imagined kissing Ankara escort this girl, and felt a tingle over her body. Sarah began to tune out the rest of the evening, focusing all of her attention on this gorgeous creature. It wasn’t just that she was so beautiful physically, though she was so beautiful, but there was something so sensual and seductive about the way she moved and the expressions on her face. As the show progressed, she felt eye contact lock with the girl, first short and fleeting and later sustained and pronounced.

During the last song, the girl looked directly at Sarah and winked. Her heart skipped a beat. Was she flirting? What did it mean? She had never been attracted to girls particularly, but she was clearly attracted to this woman sexually. The heart was racing, her face was flush and she could feel a distinct moistness between her legs. When Sarah wanted something, she went after it, and tonight she wanted to make love to this woman.

At the end of the last song, Edge introduced each band member, and finished with the singers. First the blonde, Lucy Spence, then the curvy latina, Gloria Romas, and then the “lovely and intoxicating Christy Blane”.

“He really hit that on the head” she heard one of her friends murmur.

After the show wrapped, it was announced that Edge would be signing autographs in the booth by the venue exit. As they the booth, Sarah got in line.

“I didn’t know you were a Edge fan”, Frank said.

“Well, I really enjoyed it tonight. I thought I’d get a CD” she said.

“Ok, I’ll wait out front”. Frank said, and got in the exit line.

What Sarah had noticed, was that Christy Blane and Lucy Spence were chatting in a small compound behind the booth. The line wound around the little area on the way to Edge who was signing feverishly. Christy was sipping a glass of champagne and smiling when Sarah caught her eye. Christy turned and walked straight towards her. She was taken by surprise as Christy came right up to the rope opposite of her. Now, Sarah was a person who was never at a loss for words. Communicating was he job and her passion. She loved to talk, converse and socialize, but as Christy stood before her, she was at a loss. She stammered “I…I…um…”. Without missing a beat, Christy interrupted her.

“You want to kiss me”.

Sarah was stunned. It was exactly what she had been thinking. Christy gave her a knowing smile and dug through the tiny beaded black handbag she carried. She withdrew a pen, a Newporter keycard, and a small leather bound notepad. She scratched some words down, tore off the page and handed the note and key to Sarah. Then she kissed her quickly on the lips, waved and disappeared into the throng within the compound.

Sarah was breathless. Her heart was pounding and her mouth was dry. She was still reeling from the brief kiss. It had all happened in less than a minute. She suddenly realized that she didn’t even know what the note said. She rapidly unfolded it, dropping the keycard in her haste.

It Read,

My room is 1354. I hope you decide to visit me. I’ll be there at half past midnight, but go up anytime. Please come! You won’t regret it.


A girlish happy face in a circle followed her signature, and the ‘i’ in Christy was dotted with a little heart. It struck Sarah that it seemed uncharacteristic for the elegant backup singer that she had known thus far. She picked up the keycard and pondered what she would do. What about her friends? They had come together in one car. How would she get home? Christy didn’t even know her name. Was there any danger? Was she ready to make love to another woman? Was that even going to happen? Only two years before she was in a very ho-hum marital relationship, now she was exploring her passion and sexuality in ways she never imagined. She loved her new adventurous lifestyle, and this was exactly the kind of thing she craved. There was no question what she was going to do.

She caught up with Frank, and told him to go on without her. He looked puzzled and concerned.

“How will you get home?”

“I’ll be ok”.

It was obvious he wanted to ask more questions, but let it go. He’d known Sarah since college and their friendship was unconditional.

“Be careful” Frank Said, and kissed her on the cheek.

She was suddenly struck with how lucky she was to have so many good friends like Frank in her life. He was concerned, but knew she was a strong woman and that she knew what she wanted. He probably also figured she’s met up with a guy she knew from the jazz scene he’d hear all about it later. It was unusual for Sarah, but she was spreading her wings, after all.

She looked at her watch. It was ten to midnight; Christy would be upstairs in forty minutes. She felt that if she didn’t go up now, she’d chicken out altogether. She headed for the lobby, with the cardkey squeezed in her hand.

The elevator doors slid open and she walked out onto the floor. She nearly gave up and turned around several times during the walk down the hallway. When she arrived in front of room 1354, she carefully slid the Ankara escort bayan card into the lock, and was rewarded with a green LED and a pronounced ‘click’.

It was a two-room suite, and it was obvious that Christy had arrived late and dressed hastily for the show. Several expensive looking pieces of Gucci luggage lay open on the couch, coffee table and desk. The sliding door to the balcony stood open and the cool Pacific salt air wafted through the room. In the armoire hung several stunning outfits. Sarah imagined how each of them would look on Christy. She moved into the bedroom and saw another Gucci case sprawled open on the bed. This one contained more personal items like underwear, lingerie, toiletries and makeup. Feeling incredibly guilty, Sarah felt the material of several items, imagining how they had touched Christy’s skin. The case smelled of expensive perfume, a fragrance she recognized as Eau de Citroen. The combination of nervous tension and the scent of Christy’s perfume heightened her excitement. Her whole body seemed to buzz. As she picked up a deep blue chemise from the case, she exposed a small plastic egg with a long white cord. She knew exactly what it was. Although Sarah never particularly enjoyed toys, this glimpse at Christy’s sexuality took her breath away. She carefully folded the chemise and returned it to the case, hiding the egg. She heard a knock at the door. Her heart jumped and she suddenly felt out of place. Who would be knocking? Surly Christy had a key! Maybe she gave hers to Sarah. Maybe there was someone else in Christy’s life that wouldn’t approve of this. She dashed to the door and peered through the peephole. She saw a fisheye image of a room service attendant with a towel over his arm and a cart beside him. She opened the door.

“Room Service” He announced.

She greeted him and led him in. The cart contained a bottle of expensive looking champagne on ice, flutes, and some sort of appetizers.

“Would you like me to open the champagne?”

“Yes, please”.

As the attendant set up items on the table and popped the bottle, she felt incredibly embarrassed. Did he know what this was? Did he notice the absence of any male items in the room? She tipped him and his indifference was a relief. She imagined the kitchen staff murmuring about the women in 1354. She realized that she was overreacting. He opened the door and wheeled out the cart just as Christy arrived.

“Oh! Great! I see the champagne arrived. Thanks for bringing it so quickly” she said to the attendant. She entered the room and closed thee door behind him. Then she turned to Sarah.

“I’m so glad you decided to come up!” She walked up to Sarah and hugged her, kissing her on the cheek. “I don’t even know your name!”

“I’m Sarah”. She felt a little embarrassed. “I almost chickened out. I’m still not exactly sure why I’m here”.

As Christy poured the champagne, she gave her a devilish smile and said, “Oh, I think we both know why we’re here”.

There was a slightly awkward silence, and they both moved to the couch. Christy handed her a flute of champagne and toasted.

“To new friends.”

With this, Sarah felt more relaxed. They eased into a comfortable conversation, and she learned more about the singer. Christy was raised in New Orleans, although only a small trace of that accent remained. She had lived in London, New York, Paris, and San Francisco. She’d been married to a wealthy shipping magnate, had divorced, and now lived in La Jolla, California. She had a passion for art, expensive clothing and accessories, and above all, music. She told Christy about her own passions; music, new experiences and challenges. She found herself speaking very frankly and honestly about the recent changes in her life since her divorce. As the bottle emptied, they chatted and laughed like old friends. The conversation became fixed on jazz music. They both enjoyed the same kinds of jazz, and Christy’s semi-professional singing intrigued Sarah. She had a beautiful voice, but it was clear that it was not the source of her considerable income.

“Singing is my passion. I do for the fabulous way it makes me feel, and also to meet wonderful people, like you.”

Christy took Sarah’s hand in hers and squeezed it. She was little surprised by it, but the champagne had relaxed her, and she responded with both hands and smiled. Christy moved her free hand to Sarah’s face, and gently traced her temple. “You have lovely eyes. It was the first thing I noticed.” Her hand moved to the back of Sarah’s neck and she gently drew their faces close. Sarah was drinking in the experience. She closed her eyes as their lips touched. The kiss was so gentle that it was almost not a kiss at first. Christy’s lips were soft and yielding, and her breath was warm and intoxicating. Their movements were unrushed. She moved her hand up Christy’s bare arm to the base of her neck, and then fondled her delicate ear. Her heart was beating like a jackhammer, and her burning desire was released. As their kiss continued, she felt the tip of Christy’s tongue between her lips. She took it hungrily Escort Ankara onto her mouth. Again she reminded herself that she was indeed kissing another woman, and the newness of the experience inflamed her desires even further. As their tongues twisted and danced, she moved her hand to Christy’s breast. It was soft beneath the expensive material of her dress, and she released a short sigh in response. The thought of giving this lovely woman pleasure excited Sarah. Christy drew away from Sarah and smiled.

“Mmmm…that’s nice.” She purred.

Christy kissed her again and then deftly removed her top. She kissed Sarah’s now bare shoulders, and caressed her breasts through her bra. Sarah began to explore Christy’s body with her hands. The feeling was electric. The soft feminine touch, the scent of perfume, the long fingernails across her skin; all these sensations erupted a passion deep within Sarah. When Christy turned and asked for help with her zipper, she almost gasped. She had the giddy feeling of a child on Christmas morning. She lowered the zipper and allowed the dress to fall off her shoulders, exposing more of her light cocoa brown skin. In an impulse, she also unfastened the clasp on Chrity’s bra and pulled it away. When she turned back to Sarah, her hands cupped her breasts, covering them, and then exposing them. She feasted on the sight of her bare breasts. They were so beautiful; like perfect goblets, topped by taught dark brown nipples. She took Sarah’s hand in hers and pressed it lightly against her left breast.

“This is you first time with a girl.”

Sarah smiled coyly. “Is it that obvious?”

“It excites me, to be your first.” She hissed. They continued to kiss passionately for a long time, their hands moving over each other’s bodies.

When she released the front clasp of Sarah’s bra and kissed her cleavage, the feeling made her weak. Her lips moved across her breast kissing and tracing with her tongue. Sarah watched in fascination; the goddess who only a few hours mesmerized her on stage was kissing her breasts. It was like a dream. As she took a nipple into her mouth and sucked gently, Sarah thought she’d orgasm from this alone. Christy began removing Sarah’s pants as she feasted on her breasts. When the cool air hit her panties, she realized how wet she had become. She felt Christy’s fingers against the fabric of her underwear. Her fingernails lightly stroked her engorged labia through the thin material. Her fingers pressed into her mound, squeezing Sarah’s swollen clit and sending shivers through her. Her hands explored Christy’s breasts, hips and smooth buttocks. Her skin was deliciously soft. She felt her move the crotch of her panties aside, exposing her sex. A funny notion crossed her mind; well, there’s no turning back now. She completely surrendered herself. Opening her legs, she reached down and pressed Christy’s hand against her. She responded inserting the tip of her finger into her vagina. It slipped in easily. The sound of kisses, gasps, ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ filled the room. It became quickly obvious that Christy knew exactly where and how to touch her. She stroked and teased her inner lips the same way Sarah did when she touched herself. Her finger rapidly found the little sweet spot deep inside Sarah that made her buckle with pleasure. The pressure against her sensitive clit was just right.

The first orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave. When she felt Christy’s delicate kisses moving from her breasts across her tummy, the anticipation alone was enough to send her over the edge. She felt her panties being slipped off, and then hot breath on her pubis. Christy inhaled deeply and released her breath with a coo. She nuzzled the matted patch of hair between Sarah’s legs, and the softly kissed her sensitive lips. Her tongue danced and darted about her opening relentlessly, bringing quickly a second and third heart-stopping orgasm. Sarah lifted her head for a glimpse. The sight of this elegant creature pleasuring her in this manner brought her to the brink again, but Christy stopped, peered up at her and smiled. She was being teased, and it was ecstasy. She held her on the edge, for what seemed like an eternity, pausing every time she was just about to succumb. Finally, she deliberately pushed ahead where she had been pausing and slipped two fingers deep into her vagina, and sucked sharply on her clitoris. She cried out when she came. Christy hugged her tightly, and squeezed her during her release.

After they caught their breath, Christy kissed her and said “Lets move to the bedroom.”

She stood up and led Sarah by the hand into the bedroom. She moved the suitcase to the floor and retrieved several items from it. She placed three candles on the nightstand, along with the yellow plastic egg she’d seen earlier. She lit the candles and rolled across the bed to Sarah, and put her arms around her. They kissed passionately, the sent of Christy’s perfume mixed with the rose scent of the candles and the musk of sex. She explored Christy’s long, lean body. It was exquisite. She had often fanaticized about kissing and sucking another woman’s breasts, and she sensation was wonderful. She was keen to Christy’s reactions. She kissed, nuzzled and sucked Christy’s skin, savoring it like a fine wine. She heard a soft buzzing, and saw that her lover had the yellow egg in her hand.

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