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Then next day she emailed, ‘At the airport baby, see you soon, lots to tell you and lots of catching up and making up to do (lots and lots).

‘Wait until you experience the really wicked toy I have for you. Then all will be forgiven I hope.’

“I need you to fuck me as soon as I shower,” were the first words Sarah said as she came though the door after I met her at the airport.

“Come and join me in the shower and talk to me.”

It was almost two weeks since I had seen a naked woman or had sex.

“Glad my naked body still turns you on, I did some very naughty things while I was way. I told you about some of them in my emails and I started to tell you about the last day.

I emailed, “I won’t tell you any more now baby, it was so good, that I almost feel guilty. Tell you all about it soon.”

“Can I tell you now?”

“Later,” I groaned, “Later, I need to fuck you right now, hard, really hard.”

In the afterglow Sarah told me I could have sex with any of her girlfriends I chose while she watched, ‘to make up for the naughty things I did in Sydney.’

“Two or three of them fancy you, and one has a male partner that fancies you.”

“I emailed you about what we did before the Saturday, but there was no intercourse, so I didn’t think that would bother you, though we had everything but intercourse.

“Let me tell you about the Saturday to clear my conscience.

“Bill expected to fuck me while his wife Bec watched at three in the afternoon in their bedroom.

“If I was going to be used I was determined to make it memorable for all three of us, so I asked Bec to help me choose something to wear.

Bec shaved me before I had a shower, nice change from you doing it baby and left a patch above my cunt – we both liked it Mohawk style instead of Brazillian.

“Bec watched me in the shower and then dried me off. She told me it was a strange feeling helping another woman prepare to fuck her husband, ‘Though I am looking forward to it,’ she said.

“I enjoyed Bec looking at my naked body as she helped me try on various outfits to impress her husband.

She told me I was turning her on as she licked my nipples, ‘The garter belt highlights your gorgeous ass and your mohawk.’

“On cue I strutted into their bedroom feeling very confident with a big smile as I shrugged off my shirt and posed with my hands on my hips.

“Bec was naked on her knees with Bill’s very engorged cock in her mouth.

“He told me Bec thought he might need some foreplay, though no need with you dressed like that, love it, I want you now, right now.’

“He took my hands, turned me around against one of the wall mirrors, placed my hands above my head, opened my legs, then licked and kissed my ass cheeks.

“Now, Sarah, right now I want you bad, really bad,’ he was almost screaming as I felt his huge cock forcing it’s way into me as he grasped my hips.

“For the first time in my life I could understand how a broodmare feels when being serviced by a stallion after having a teaser to stimulate them.

“And baby I really liked it, especially with his teaser watching! Don’t forget that was my first proper fuck for almost two weeks.

“In the mirrors I could see Bec standing behind him with her hands on his ass digging her nails into him.

“That was where my email trailed off. I wrote, “I won’t tell you any more now baby, it was so good, that I almost feel guilty. Tell you all about it soon.’

“So here we are baby, I do feel guilty, and I want to tell you what happened then to ease my conscience.

“And I promise I will make it up for you with lots of fantastic sex. And I have a special toy for you.

“Give me some time to sleep off some jet leg and I will tell you some more later this afternoon.”

I busied myself with work from my home office until around four when Sarah walked in freshly showered and wrapped in a towel and sat on a chair.

“I need to tell you about what I did on my last full day in Sydney.

“Bill escort gaziantep kızıl bayan was very good as he held my ass and slowly slid the full length of his big cock in and out of me with Bec’s hands guiding his ass. Mirrors everywhere, looked fantastic.

“Bec was telling him that this was his last chance to fuck me, so make it good for all of us, Sarah especially.

“And baby, he did, he was hammering me and slapping into me. I had two orgasms and I was ready to squirt when both of them laid me on my back on the bed.

“As Bill was getting ready to mount me, Bec was masturbating like there was no tomorrow.

“As soon as Bill had his cock in me, Bec was kissing me and rubbing and teasing my cunt lips with two fingers.

“Then while her husband was fucking me she started licking the top of my cunt lips.

“She was really into it while her husband was fucking me.

“They were working as a sex tag team without saying a word to each other.

“I am obviously turning you on with my story baby, look at your cock bulging.

“Would you like me to tell you more while I blow you?” Sarah asked as she shrugged the towel off, leaving her stark naked.

Without waiting for an answer Sarah has me naked and is licking and kissing my roaring erection as only she can.

“Then Bill stood so I could suck his cock while Bec licked my cunt.

“Right now I prefer your cock though!

“Then he had his balls on my mouth so I could lick them while he masturbated as he stood behind me, while Bec was still licking my cunt.

“Do you like me licking your balls like that baby?

“Masturbate for me while I lick your balls.

“It was so good I was bucking my hips involuntarily.

“Then Bill slid his cock back into me as Bec kissed me and teased my nipples.

“Just like you are doing now.

“Then she licked his balls while he kissed me.

“Then she took his cock and sucked it.

“Do you like me sucking your cock like that after it has been in me?

“Then he lay on his back and told me to sit on his cock as Bec sat on his face and kissed me.

“Then he took me from behind again while Bec kissed me, licked me and teased my cunt lips with her fingers

“Then Bec positioned herself so I could lick her cunt while her husband Bill was fucking me.

“His cock was like an iron rod.

“So is yours right now baby.

“I could hear someone screaming, then I realized it was me!

“Baby, what a fuck that was.

“Want me to show you what I did to finish him off baby?

“Then, fuck my mouth like it is my cunt.

“Fuck me baby, I owe you.

“Make believe his wife has her hands all over you.

“His wife did have her hands all over him at the time.

“Did you like that baby? You were making a lot of noise.” Sarah smiles a few minutes later.

“I still owe you baby, wait until you see how I intend making it up to you.

“Guess what baby? I have a surprise for you.” Sarah smiled a few days later.

“I told Bienna all about my trip to Sydney and that I had a lot of making up to do for you.

“She is very keen on the idea, so we agreed on two next Sunday.

“She asked if you were well hung and I told her eight inches and thick.

“That’s what I thought, and I will enjoy you watching,” she told me.

“By coincidence she is bilingual like me, though German and English and I am not sure about the bisexual aspect.

“Maybe we will find out while you enjoy her while I watch as part of my penance for being so naughty in Sydney.”

Bienna arrived just after two on the appointed day and after some small talk she took the initiative.

“Can I use your shower?

“I will leave the door open and you can watch.”

Bienna is naked in a flash and obviously enjoying us watching her.

She is a tall, text book, very attractive German honey blond, super confident and articulate with matching trimmed pubic escort köle bayan gaziantep hair I notice, smooth olive skin, good long legs and thighs, large slightly saggy tits with big erect nipples, wide hips highlighted by her slim waist and a big, well formed ass. A very fuckable body!

“Sarah told me all about her antics in Sydney, so she wants me to help make up for it,” she smiles as she slowly dries herself.

“Love the music you are playing, very seductive.

“So tell me what you are going to do to me. Is it true you are going to fuck me while Sarah watches?

“She told me her man in Sydney had a teaser to get him erect for her.

“Can I watch while Sarah teases you to get you erect for me?

“Though my naked body is doing that already I think?

“Can Sarah join in?

“I really want her to. Can she?”

Minutes later Sarah is stark naked for Bienna’s benefit for the first time and sucking my cock as only she can, while Bienna is watching and talking to me with her hands all over Sarah. Even with my eyes closed I can pick Sarah’s technique on my raging erection.

My very erect cock is poking out of the tiny crotch-less leather jock strap Sarah purchased for me in Sydney.

It is a very tight fit with two thin straps around my ass, with a cock ring style clip attached and it feels good on me while Sarah is teasing my cock with her lips and fingers while a new woman is watching and waiting for me to fuck her – or her fuck me.

Bienna is obviously excited as she flaunts her naked body for me, as she stands with her legs apart with her hands on her hips watching Sarah sucking my very engorged cock.

“Eight inches and thick, just as you told me. Can I have him now?” Bienna whispers to Sarah as she teasingly runs a hand up and down my erection, then takes my hand and lays me on my back on the bed.

Then she squats above me and slowly lowers her very wet cunt lips onto my erection.

I hear her gasp as she slowly takes the full length of my erection into her with Sarah watching.

Earlier while Sarah was sucking me I had mused whether Bienna was waiting for me to fuck her – or her fuck me.

She very quickly showed me she was intent on the latter as she expertly squeezed my erection with her pelvic and cunt muscles as she simultaneously slid up and down my erection with her hands on my shoulders for support

“You are very good Bienna, very good,” Sarah smiles as she kisses her on the lips, and Bienna responds with her tongue on Sarah’s.

“Love your big sexy nipples,” Sarah smiles as she licks them each in turn.

“I owe you baby, I am enjoying making it up to you, your turn on is my turn on,” Sarah whispers as she tongue kisses me.

“Your ass is awesome Bienna,” Sarah mutters as I watch her kissing and licking it as she scratches my balls.

“Is Bienna a good fuck? You know I am to please and be pleased baby. What else can I do for your sexual pleasure today?” Sarah asks as she teases Bienna’s engorged nipples.

“I owe you baby, I am enjoying making it up to you, your turn on is my turn on,” Sarah whispers again as she tongue kisses me and swirls her tongue around my tongue and mouth.

“What else can I do for your sexual pleasure today?” Sarah asks again half knowing the answer.

“I want to watch Bienna lick you to orgasm.”

“And so you shall, thought you would never tell me.”

By now Bienna’s technique has me very close to orgasm. She is very self confident with her sexual prowess and technique sitting on my erection as she has the finger of one hand teasing Sarah’s cunt lips, which Sarah is enjoying.

“Cum for me baby and you can watch Bienna fuck me with her tongue. I want you to watch and enjoy. And you can masturbate for both of us,” Sarah whispers as she tongue kisses me and swirls her tongue around my tongue and mouth, as Bienna continues teasing her cunt lips with the tip of one finger.

I am not sure what is turning gaziantep kumral escort bayan me on the most, Bienna sitting on and using my throbbing erection while Sarah is passionately kissing me, watching Bienna teasing Sarah’s cunt lips with her fingertip or the thought of my lover Sarah being licked to orgasm by another woman shortly while I watch and masturbate.

Perhaps a combination I muse as I watch two naked women pleasuring me as I tense and try to hold back the orgasm I desperately need.

As if by some tacit agreement Bienna and Sarah redouble their efforts and both are whispering, “Cum for me, cum for me,” as I shake, grunt and groan.

“So fucking good,” is all I can manage to mutter as I orgasm.

A few minutes later Sarah is sitting on a chair facing a wall length mirror on the other side of the room. I can tell by the look on her face and her purring noise she is very aroused.

Bienna is kneeling between her legs teasing her nipples with her fingertips as she very deftly licks her cunt lips.

“I love being licked and teased, love it,” Sarah moans.

I have positioned myself on another chair so I can watch and enjoy and gaze on Bienna’s big ass as she licks Sarah.

I can hear Bienna whisper ‘love your Mohawk and shaved cunt lips’ to Sarah as she licks and teases her.

“I have wanted to do this to you for a long time, why did make me wait so long?” Bienna asks Sarah.

Watching my lover being pleasured by another woman who has just pleasured me, is turning me on and I have an erection almost immediately, especially as I ogle Bienna’s glorious big ass.

“Is she good baby?” I ask Sarah.

“I love watching another woman pleasuring you and your reaction.

“Is she better than what you had in Sydney?”

“I love being licked and teased, while you are watching and masturbating,” Sarah moans.

“Kiss me while Bienna is licking me,” she tells me as she rubs one hand along my erection.

“Your cock is like an iron bar for two women.”

As I kiss Sarah I can see Sarah’s engorged clitorus being pleasured by the tip of Bienna’s tongue as she moans with sexual pleasure.

“I want to give you exquisite sexual pleasure Sarah, while your man is watching and enjoying,” Bienna tells us as she reaches for a vibrator and resumes licking.

“Love what you are doing to me, the way you are licking my cunt lips really is exquisite.

“And that vibrator in me is magical, beyond exquisite.

“Keep teasing me, I love being right on the edge like this.

“Now finish masturbating for me while I watch, my pleasure is your pleasure baby.

“I love being right on the edge like this. Love it, love it, love it, fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt,” Sarah is almost screaming as Bienna teases Sarah with the vibrator as she licks and teases her cunt lips.

“Cum with me baby, cum with me baby,” Sarah implores.

For me, masturbating while watching Bienna licking Sarah to sexual highs and at the same time ogling Bienna’s glorious ann as I tease my throbbing cock is sexual magic.

“Cum with me baby, cum with me baby, I am ready,” Sarah urges.

To heighten my impending orgasm I put one hand on Bienna’s glorious big ass and pleasure my erection with the other.

“I like that,” Bienna whispers as she has Sarah moaning and wriggling with sexual pleasure.

“Cum with me baby, cum with me baby,” Sarah groans as she tenses, shudders and orgasms as she squirts.

“Wow, you really are a brilliant performer, that really was something special,” Bienna enthuses.

“Wish I could squirt like you for my lovers.”

“Before Bienna leaves I want to show both of you the special toy I promised you from Sydney, for us really,” Sarah smiles.

A few minutes later Sarah reappears wearing a dressing gown and heels, looking very pleased with herself.

She turned her back and without saying a word dropped the gown to the floor with her legs apart.

Her ass looked absolutely sensational with a black silk strap across each ass cheek and another around her waist.

“Like that? This is for your pleasure, and my pleasure,” she smiled as she turned to face us, with a good size dildo strapped across her groin.

“I love the feel of it and I have plans for you and my dildo in the very near future. I am to please and be pleased baby!”

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