Sarah’s Aunt Sally


Sarah was technically too old to need a babysitter, so I guess Sally was really more like her chaperone. I’m sure the way Sarah’s mom (Sally’s sister) had put it was: “See if you can keep her out of trouble.” Sarah had a bad habit of inviting way too many people over on the nights her mom worked and not leaving herself enough time to get rid of the evidence. Sarah was a bit young and naïve and hadn’t quite gotten to the point where she was learning from her mistakes. The problem with putting Sally in charge was that she came from the same genetics. She liked to party, too, so her way of keeping Sarah out of trouble was probably going to be helping her to not get caught.

I was a senior in high school and Sally had just graduated the previous year, so we knew each other, though we didn’t hang around with the same crowd. She was the fodder of fantasies – tall and brunette with big boobs and an ass that looked outstanding in a pair of Levi’s. Plus, she had a bit of a reputation as a wild thing. I was pleased that night for the opportunity to admire Sally, but I wasn’t really expecting anything more than a little flirting. It appeared as though Sally had at least convinced Sarah to limit the number of people she had over. Luckily, Jim, Rob and I all made the cut. Sarah’s best friend, Kim, was there, too, but that was it. We started out just sitting around the kitchen drinking beer, initially unsure of what Sally was going to be open to. It ended up being fine, though, just hanging out and talking.

At some point, I was doodling on a notepad that was sitting on the table and jotted down a cheesy love note and passed it to Sally. It was meant to be funny, but a little flirtatious, too, just to see her reaction. I figured she’d laugh and share it with everyone else, but even when she was asked what I’d written, she said that it was private. She wrote something on the same sheet of paper and passed it back to me. Her reply was equally cheesy and equally flirtatious, so I kept it equally private. I thought for a minute or so, then composed a reply and passed it back to her. Around the table, the conversation and alcohol consumption continued; the others weren’t distracted by our little game. Sally and I became engrossed, though, as our flirting escalated and the language of our note got more and more suggestive.

Eventually, everyone else drifted out of the kitchen and to other parts of the apartment, leaving us alone with our diversion. When we realized that we were alone and no one seemed to be coming back, we looked into each other’s eyes and I reached out and took her hand while she ran her foot up and down along my leg. We leaned toward each other and kissed, our kisses becoming progressively more passionate until we were making out. Without stopping, we slid our chairs closer together and I moved my hand down to her knee while my other arm rested on the back of her chair. Had Sally been wearing a skirt, I would have slid my hand right up under it at that point. Since she was wearing snug Levi’s, I decided against slipping a hand between her legs and instead ventured up to her waist on my way to her tits. As we continued making out, I briefly paused my hand just above her hip before sliding it up over her ribs to cup her sizeable right breast. I was surprised and pleased to realize that she was not wearing a bra. This meant two things: easier access and that those big things were standing up firmly with no assistance! I was impressed, but, again, she was only nineteen at the time.

Since I got no resistance from Sally, I fondled her breast through her shirt, feeling her hard nipple protruding as I did. After a bit, I unbuttoned a couple of buttons in the middle of her shirt and slipped my hand inside. The flesh of her breast was smooth and soft, but her nipple was large and hard. I ran my hand over the smooth flesh and her hard nipple while also feeling the surprising weight of her large breast. Sally had started moaning softly when I started fondling her breast, so I got the sense that she was totally into this. I, myself, had a steel rod in my pants and was anxious to free it.

“We really ought to get out of these clothes,” I murmured in her ear.

“I can’t,” she replied, “I have to watch Sarah.”

“Sarah’s a big girl,” I responded, “she can take care of herself.”

“I don’t escort ataşehir know,” she seemed torn between responsibility and desire, “I don’t want to set a bad example.” This from the “babysitter” who had been drinking beer with her charge just a little while earlier. I decided to try a different approach.

“That’s okay,” I whispered, trying to sound matter-of-fact, “I’ll just take care of myself when I get home tonight. I’ll strip down and lie in the middle of my bed with my rigid cock standing straight up, then wrap my hand around it and start stroking. I’ll just stroke my hard cock over and over until I shoot cum all over myself and I feel satisfied. I’ll be thinking about you the entire time.” Sally continued moaning softly as I was still massaging her tit. “Of course you’ll probably need to do the same thing – undress, lie in bed naked with your legs spread wide and play with your pussy. I hope you’ll be thinking of me, too.”

I pressed my lips against hers again and she jammed her tongue in my mouth immediately. We made out passionately while I continued to fondle her tit. I could tell that she was completely on fire. After a few minutes, I decided to go for broke. Nobody had come into the kitchen even for another beer in quite a while, so I was comfortable that they were all preoccupied and we were pretty safe from interruption.

“I can’t wait until later,” I blurted out, suddenly standing up, “You’ve got me so hot, I have to take care of myself now.” At first Sally seemed startled by my outburst, but when she saw that I was undoing my jeans, her gaze quickly focused there. She didn’t even try to stop me. I opened my jeans and pushed them and my briefs down, my rigid cock springing out. Had my cock required some additional stimulation on Sally’s behalf, I don’t know that her reaction would have been as enthusiastic. Since my cock was completely engorged, she immediately grasped the base and wrapped her lips around it. Feeling the warm moisture of her mouth around my tool, I couldn’t help but moan.

She took to sucking my cock with a passion, her head bobbing rapidly up and down. While running my fingers through her thick, brown hair, I was pushing my hips subtly at her face. She was an outstanding cocksucker, although, at age eighteen I didn’t have that much to compare her to. All I knew was she was making me feel fantastic. She was holding me tightly between her soft lips and sliding all the way down to where her hand was pumping at the base. Her free hand started out on my ass, pulling me toward her face, but eventually moved to gently fondle my balls as she was blowing me.

She paused, slipping me free of her mouth but continuing to pump my entire shaft in her fist. Her gaze never left my rigid cock and, after a minute or two, she started licking around the head. Raising my cock up while she pumped it, she held my balls in her other palm while darting her tongue out to lick them. Her talented tongue then journeyed up the underside of my cock to the tip, where she wrapped her lips around it again and slid them down to the base. At this point, she grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and held on as she began bobbing her head up and down again. I moaned softly and told her that she was incredible as I felt my orgasm building more quickly now that her warm mouth was wrapped around my tool again. I was pushing into her mouth as my cock began to swell in anticipation of an explosive orgasm. I was looking down, watching my cock sliding in and out of her mouth, still surprised that this was actually happening. As I pushed my hips harder with the rapid approach of my climax, Sally kept pace with me, never wavering in her focused cocksucking. Finally, with a grunt of combined pleasure and relief, I began shooting a stream of cum down her throat as my cock spasmed in her mouth.

Having swallowed my entire load, Sally let my softening cock fall from her mouth and moved back on her chair, a satisfied smile on her face. She was taking a swig of her beer as I reached for her hand, encouraging her to stand. She raised her eyebrows as if to inquire about what we were doing. I responded by telling her that it was now her turn, as I finished unbuttoning her shirt, fully exposing her succulent breasts. I admired their fullness, their large areolas and their hard nipples before running kadıköy escort bayan my hands over them again. Sally moaned softly and closed her eyes while I leaned closer to kiss her again. We made out for a bit before I started kissing my way down her neck and chest to her tits. While my tongue and lips licked and sucked her large nipples, my hands moved down to work on opening her jeans.

Once I had her jeans open, I was forced to abandon her tits as I lowered myself to my knees before her. I worked her jeans down over her hips, exposing her pink panties, which I also started working down. The top of her brown bush came into view and I could already feel my flaccid cock trying to respond. With my hands at the top of her round cheeks, I pushed her jeans and panties down over her ass, feeling the smooth flesh as I exposed it. Moving my hands back to her hips, I slowly lowered her jeans and panties further while watching her pussy gradually becoming more exposed. She stepped out of both her jeans and panties with one foot once they hit her ankles and spread her legs a bit more as she leaned back against the table. I leaned my head in, my nose touching her pubes, and stuck my tongue out for my first taste of her.

Sally sucked in her breath as my tongue contacted her pussy. I ran it up her slit, tasting the pungent juices that were seeping out of her. I started out with my hands kind of running up and down her smooth thighs, moving them up to also caress her stomach and hips. After just licking her slit for a little while, I started probing her slick pussy with two fingers, eliciting a lusty moan. I pumped my fingers in and out while licking and sucking her clit and she was soon pushing her hips toward my face in rhythm with my fingering, her hands tightly gripping my hair. I lapped and slurped and sucked her clit, enjoying both the taste and the effect that I was having on her.

Having gone through making out, me feeling up her tits, my detailed description of jerking off, then sucking my cock, it was no surprise that Sally was completely worked up by the time I started eating her pussy. She was slick with juices that were lubricating my two penetrating fingers and her pussy was completely engorged. She had moved one of her hands up to play with her tits while the other remained embedded in my hair. I could hear her breathing getting faster and the movements of her hips seemed to be getting more insistent. I continued to focus on licking and sucking her clit while pumping my fingers in her sopping pussy.

When her hands moved down to the back of my head, pulling me against her pussy as she humped my face, I knew she was right on the brink. I picked up my pace a little, trying to match the frenetic tempo she was setting. Her pussy was getting unbelievably wetter, saturating my already slick fingers. Rolling my eyes upward, I could see beyond Sally’s mountainous tits that her eyes were shut. Her mouth was open and emitting some noises that weren’t quite grunts or moans, but they were certainly filled with passion and lust. I could feel my cock continuing to lengthen and swell as her orgasm loomed closer and closer.

Finally, I heard Sally suck in her breath and felt her freeze for a few seconds. Then, with a low moan, a shudder passed through her body as she came in my face. She continued to moan and I continued my stimulations as she rode out an apparently intense orgasm. When she let out a long sigh, I pulled my head back and slipped my fingers free. Looking up at her as she caught her breath, her eyes still closed, I moved backward until I was sitting on the chair behind me. My cock was pretty rigid by now, so when she opened her eyes and saw me sitting there waiting for her, she smiled and stepped toward me. I reached out for her and had her turn around so her back was to me. Holding her by the hips, I guided her backward as she leaned forward and reached between her legs to direct my cock into her pussy. She sat on my lap, my cock slipping easily into her, adjusted herself slightly, then started riding me. I was leaning back in my chair and holding her hips, watching her ass bouncing up and down on my cock while she held onto the table, using it for leverage.

Her pussy felt so incredible, probably in part due to her very recent orgasm. She was completely slippery with escort bostancı juices and fit snugly around my tool. I was really surprised that no one had come into the kitchen since we’d first started making out. Now would be an interesting time, with Sally’s shirt wide open and her pants and panties on only one leg while she rode me and my pants down around my ankles. I wondered whether, because she’d just had an orgasm, she was more likely to have another one very quickly. In pursuit of that, I slipped one hand around from her hip down between her legs, seeking out her clit. Once my fingertips had traversed her bush and encountered the top of her slit, I started to gently rub in a circular motion. Sally immediately let out a noise that clearly indicated that this was something that increased the amount of pleasure she was feeling.

She started riding me a bit harder and faster so I moved my other hand up from her hip to hold onto one of her bouncing boobs. I was doing the best I could to raise myself up as she was coming down so I could push deeper into her with each stroke. Between that and my fingers on her clit, I think I was giving Sally about all the stimulation I could manage. She continued to ride me hard, occasionally letting out a sort of moan. When her pussy started to feel even more slippery and she got a bit noisier, I deduced that she was on the verge of cumming once again. When she finally slammed herself down on me and I felt her shuddering again, I kept gently stimulating her with my fingers until she let out a long sigh of relief.

She started slowly riding me again, so I slid my other hand up and cupped both of her stupendous tits, massaging her hard nipples. I would have been happy having her ride me in this position for the rest of the night, but she soon raised up high enough to cause my cock to pop free. She quickly turned around to face me, straddled me and guided my cock back into her. She brought her lips to mine as she started to ride me again and we were soon making out. My cock was equally happy in this position and I was looking forward to an intense climax into her steamy pussy. I started kissing my way down Sally’s neck as she leaned back slightly, giving me full access to her tits. I supported her with my hands on her back as she continued to slide up and down on my cock, but now her tits were within sucking distance. I lowered my head and began licking and sucking her hard nipples.

As I ran my tongue around her large, pink areolas and sucked her thick, hard nipples between my lips, I realized that had Sally not been such a big girl with such big titties, I never would have been able to accomplish this. I was relishing the moment, not only appreciating the feel of her pussy sliding up and down my cock, but her amazing tits and the rest of her fine body. I wasn’t sure at that point whether this would be a one time thing, so, in case it was, I wanted to be able to remember every last little detail. I let my hands slide down from her back to hold an ass cheek in each, pulling her harder on my cock while I did. I was quickly approaching a climax and was anxiously anticipating spewing into her sweet pussy. I would like to have fucked her all night long, but, at the same time, I was looking forward to cumming. I kept pushing into her, loving the feelings her pussy was eliciting in me.

As I got closer to cumming, I raised my head and we started making out again. I could smell the mingled scents of sex, sweat and Sally’s hair as it hung down around my face. I started moving faster, pulling her down on me harder, as my cock started to swell with my impending orgasm. Sally was gasping with the force of our fucking, her tits bouncing on her chest as she bounced on my lap. The feeling of pleasure just built and built until I finally exploded into her, with a cry of relief. She kept riding me as long as I was shooting into her, stopping only when I collapsed back against the chair. She remained on my lap, my cock softening inside her, until we both caught our breath.

We made out for a little bit before getting up to get dressed again; we figured we’d pushed our luck with not having anyone walk in on us. I got my pants and underwear back up and watched as Sally did the same. She gave me one last good look at her tits before buttoning up her shirt, knowing that I was fascinated with them. Fully dressed, she sat on my lap again and we made out some more. As if reading my mind as I wondered whether this was the end, Sally stopped for a moment and whispered in my ear:

“I hope you don’t have any plans for this weekend.”

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