Sarah’s Catfight Adventures Pt. 16


All girls in this chapter are 18 years old and finishing their senior year of high school.

After the eventful day in the locker room, Sarah took Britney to her house, where they immediately ran up to the bedroom.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“I am going to teach you to stop messing with my friends.”

“I wasn’t messing with your friends! I was dealing with MY friends until YOUR friends decided to get involved!”

“Well, then I am going to teach you how to treat YOUR friends better.”

“That is none of your business!”

“It is my business!” Sarah responded. “Courtney is my friend, and Samantha is friends with Mariah.”

“Those are MY bitches!” Britney exclaimed.

“They are NOT your bitches anymore! They are outstanding individual women. And I will make sure you give them the respect they deserve.”

“And how do you expect to do that?” Britney demanded to know.

“We are going to have a match.”

“A match?!” Britney asked in shock. “That’s not fair! I’m already tired from getting my ass whipped by Elizabeth!”

“Well, that’s too bad,” Sarah responded. “This is now between you and me!”

“That’s not fair! Give me a chance to recover!”

“You had a chance to recover on your ride over here.”

The blonde cheerleader was right. She was still too weak from her match with Elizabeth. She had already been defeated once, and she was bound to be defeated again. She was in no condition to take Sarah on.

Sarah grabbed her by the hair and immediately threw her onto the bed. The blonde cried like a little bitch as the brunette jumped on top of her and began smacking her in the face. Britney gave little fight back as Sarah completely took control of her by pinning her arms down as she continued to slap her.

“OWWW! Please stop slapping me!”

The cries are pointless. Sarah was hell-bent on dominating the bitchy blonde. She truly wanted to teach your lesson this time.

She stripped the brat down to her bra and thong, once again. Then she climbed on top of her and rode her like a pony as she spanked her bottom.

“This isn’t unfair!” the blonde screamed out.

“Shut up!” the brunette responded as she continued to spank the blonde as hard as she could.

Britney couldn’t crawl any faster. The bed was so small; she ran out of room. She had nowhere to go but to just to stay there and receive her smacks as she carried Sarah on her back.

“Ow, ow, ow!” she cried. “I give up! I give up!”

“You can give up, but I am far from done with you.”

“What do you mean?” the blonde asked, in fear.”

“Oh, you will find out,” Sarah responded.

“What the fuck do you want with me?!” the cheer captain whined. “Can’t you see I’m already defeated and defenseless?”

“I can see that,” Sarah responded. “But I’ve brought you to this point many times. As you know, I’m much stronger than you. But I guess I have to be even tougher on you than ever before, if you’re ever going to learn your lesson.”

“What lesson?!”

“The lesson that you are not above anyone.”

“Shut the fuck up! I SHOULD be above you! I am the cheer captain of the school! I am the prettiest girl! And I’m going to be the prom queen!”

“None of that matters when you are a complete bitch”

Britney was shocked and humbled. Though Sarah always talked to her like this, she still wasn’t used to being told something she didn’t like. It was always a humbling experience for a stronger woman to put her in her place.

“Are your parents home?” Sarah asked.

“No! They left for a work retreat.”

“We are going to your house, and you are going to wear a special outfit, just for me.”

“What kind of fucking outfit do you want me to wear?”

“You are going to wear a schoolgirl outfit for me. And I am going to treat you like a naughty schoolgirl. Because that is what you are.”

“I am not a schoolgirl! I don’t want to wear something like that!”

“That is what you should have been the entire time,” Sarah explained. “But you never took school seriously. So now I have to show you how serious it should have been.”

Sarah took the bitchy blonde to her house, where they got into another argument.

“What the fuck do you expect me to wear? I don’t have schoolgirl clothes.”

“You don’t have any plaid or neutral color skirts? Don’t you have any button-up shirts? You can make it work.”

“No! That so ugly!” Britney exclaimed. “I haven’t worn anything like that since middle school!”

“You wore stuff like that in middle school?”

“Yeah, duh! I was in a private school when I was younger. Everyone knows that, you idiot.”

Sarah was left completely stunned. It was almost too good to be true! “Wait.. You were in a private school?”

“Yes!” Britney admitted. She forgot that Sarah moved from another city, so she didn’t know her past. “I begged my parents to let me come to public school because I wanted to be part of a real cheerleading team.”

“So, do you Ankara escort still have your private school clothes?”

“I do, but they are from eighth-grade. I don’t fit those anymore!”

“Just like I didn’t fit your nineth-grade cheerleading clothes?” Sarah cleverly responded.

Britney was suddenly struck silent with shock. “Oh, no! You’re not going to…”

“I am going to make you wear it. Now go up to your room and get changed for me!”

“That’s not fair! It’s even smaller than the outfit I made you wear!”

Sarah could not care any less. She led the bratty blonde up to her room, where she immediately started going through her clothes. She forced Britney to show her off her old private school outfits.

“These are so cute!” Sarah said as she pulled out the little grey skirt.

“That skirt will barely even cover my ass!”

Sarah began laughing. “That doesn’t matter to me at all.” She then noticed a small pair of white laced panties. They were so small that they would look like a thong on Britney’s juicy ass. “Look at these sexy things!” she said with a laugh.

“Shut up! Those are old!”

“You made me wear an old pair of your panties. Now I am going to make you wear these!”

The blonde stomped her feet and whined, but the brunette wasn’t going to let her get away without doing what she wanted. Sarah gave Britney a few more tips to make sure she looked exactly the way she wanted. As Sarah was giving her instructions, she started to realize how turned on she was becoming from her new fantasy.

Britney was almost appalled by Sarah’s requests. But there was nothing she could do but follow orders and accept her submissive role. She went to the bathroom and got changed as Sarah waited in her room, lying on the bed with heavy anticipation.

As Sarah lay in the bed with her hands folded behind her head, she started to realize how turned on she was getting by the idea of the spoiled blonde wearing a schoolgirl outfit. It wasn’t just humiliating for Britney; it was like opening a whole new wild side into Sarah’s fantasies.

When Britney entered the room, Sarah was stunned at how sexy she looked; as much as she fantasized about how the spoiled blonde fit in the outfit, she was nowhere near prepared for how hot she looked.

“I look so stupid!” Britney cried. She had her hair tied up in a long ponytail. She was wearing a white, long sleeve, button-up shirt that was so small; she couldn’t even button it up around her chest, leaving her breasts hanging out. Britney wore a tiny gray plaid skirt that didn’t even cover up her white laced panties. She also wore long white socks that went all the way up to her lower thighs, with a pair of black shoes.

“You don’t look stupid,” Sarah responded, with a laugh.

“Yes, I do!” Britney yelled as she stared at herself in the mirror.

“You don’t look stupid. You look hot.”

Britney was caught a bit off guard. She began blushing a little bit, even though she felt humiliated. “You think I look hot?”

“Of course. You look sexy, like this,” Sarah responded, as she looked her up and down.

That made Britney happy but she had to maintain her bratty demeanor. “Whatever! I always look hot! But I don’t want to wear this stupid outfit anymore!”

“Do you think you get to remove this outfit so quickly? We haven’t even begun to have fun yet.”

“What do you mean, we haven’t begun to have fun yet?”

“You JUST put that naughty schoolgirl outfit on! We need to have some fun with it first.”

“I’m dressed as a schoolgirl, not a naughty schoolgirl!” Britney complained.

“Well, I’m telling you that you’re a NAUGHTY schoolgirl. And do you know what naughty schoolgirls get?”

Suddenly, Britney’s eyes began to get big as her worst fears were coming true. “No… Don’t!”

Sarah grabbed Britney by the ass cheek, which wasn’t even covered by the skirt. She pulled her by the shirt and ass over to the bed, where she laid her across her lap.

“No! Please don’t do this! This isn’t fair!”

Sarah pulled her skirt up and gave her a hard spanking, sending a jolt throughout the blonde’s entire petite body.

“OWW!” Britney cried out, like a little bitch. “Not again! Not another spanking!”

Sarah smacked her naughty bubble butt, over and over, with her open palm. Britney’s breasts, covered by a small white bra, began busting out of her button-up shirt. She kicked and screamed as Sarah continued to smack her ass, making a loud, jarring sounds with every spank.

“Mommy! Mommy! Ow, mommy! Mommy! Please stop spanking me, mommy!”

“Oh, naughty girls don’t beg for their mommies to stop,” Sarah teased, as she landed another hard smack. “Naughty girls thank their mommies for the spankings and ask for another.”

The tears rolled down Britney’s face, but it didn’t stop her from doing what she was told. She was being put in her place, as Sarah had done so many times before. She knew she was nothing more than Sarah’s little plaything. As yet another hard spank rocked her Ankara escort bayan ass, she barely muttered out the words, “Thank you, mommy. May I have another?”

“There we go,” Sarah said. But she wasn’t going to leave the blonde’s tender ass waiting for long. She gave another hard smack, rocking Britney’s bottom and leaving a big red handprint.

“Thank you, mommy! May I have another!” Britney continued to cry out, with every smack of the butt. Every time Sarah spanked her, she muttered the words louder until she was screaming for more.

Sarah finally finished the spanking by giving Britney’s bright red tush a sensual rub.

“This is so demeaning!”

“Do you want me to stop rubbing your butt?”

“No,” Britney quietly replied. She enjoyed the little ass rub she was receiving. It was more pleasant than another hard spanking. She put her head down as she stared at the floor in shame.

“I thought I could be nice to you,” Sarah said. “I was hoping that you would change. But I don’t think you will ever truly change. I think I’m going to have to keep on embarrassing you until you finally realize your place! As long as you keep being a bitch to the other girls, I’m going to keep humiliating you.”

“Yes, mommy,” Britney said as she felt completely humbled.

“Why don’t you just admit it? You like being my naughty little girl, don’t you?”

“No! I hate it when you spank me! You ALWAYS spank me!!”

“You hate it? Then why is your pussy so wet?” Sarah began to rub Britney’s wet crotch through her little panties. The stunned blonde started moaning in shock as she squirmed over Sarah’s lap.

“Ugh!! Stop that!”

“You don’t want me to stop, do you?” Sarah asked in a sexy voice. “Just like the spankings, you say you want me to stop, but you don’t.”

Britney moaned louder as Sarah rubbed through her wet panties even harder. She then felt Sarah’s fingers slip underneath her cute little underwear, sliding up-and-down against her clitoris. Sarah stroked her so aggressively; she almost had the blonde begging to cum as her clit was relentlessly rubbed.

“What’s wrong, you naughty little girl? Are you about to cum so fast for me? I thought you hated this?”

“Yes!” Britney moaned frantically. “I am going to cum!”

“I don’t think so,” Sarah said, as she quickly pulled the blonde off her. “I’m nowhere near done with you.”

“No!! I want to cum! I was so close!”

“You don’t get to cum without working for it.”

“What could you possibly do to me now?”

“I want you to be fully ready when I finally make you cum,” Sarah responded. “Now, no more playing around. I have a present for you.”

“What present?” Britney asked in fear.

“Just a little gift,” Sarah said. She walked over to her back bag, which she laid next to Britney’s desk when she entered the room. The curious blonde couldn’t help herself from moving closer to Sarah. She watched, right over the brunette’s shoulder, and saw her pull something out of her backpack.

“Let me see.”

“You’re going to love this gift.” Sarah pulled out a red paddle, perfect for giving a naughty girl a hard spanking.

“What is that?!” Britney asked in shock.

“This is a gift from me to you,” said Sarah, as she showed her the paddle. She then pointed at the desk and ordered Britney to, “Bend over.”

Britney hesitantly started to walk towards the desk. “You’re not going to spank me with that, are you?”

“I think you know the answer to that,” Sarah said as she smacked the paddle against the table, causing a thunderous pop.

“Oh, no…” Britney said, with her voice trembling.

Sarah demanded that Britney bend over on the desk, but the blonde grew scared, creeping away every time Sarah smacked the desk. The loud pop frightened her, making her fear how painful it would be on her poor little bottom.

“Get your ass over this desk, right now!”

“No! Britney whined, as she squirmed away.

“I said, right now!” Sarah grabbed her by the hair and bent her over the desk. She flipped her little skirt up, exposing her round bottom again. She then gave Britney a tight wedgie, turning her cute tiny panties into a thong that rode up her ass.

The bitchy blonde could do nothing but close her eyes and brace for the painful impact on her bottom. Before she knew it, there is a loud pop, followed by an extreme burning sensation on her ass. Sarah had smacked the hell out of her tushy with the paddle.

“OWWW!!” Britney screamed at the top of her lungs. The pain was even more unbearable than she ever could have imagined.

Another pop ensued as Sarah smacked her even harder. She continued to punish Britney’s poor little bottom, leaving it a dark red shade, as it was bruised and battered.

Britney cried like never before as the pain was way too much. Sarah held her down as she tried to away. Unfortunately for her, Sarah was not pleased with the amount of squirming she was doing.

“I said, stay down!”

“I’m trying! But it hurts so much!” Escort Ankara

“Maybe I need to give you a little bit of help,” Sarah responded with an angry tone.

“Oh, no! What now?!”

Sarah unbuttoned Britney’s shirt and ripped her bra off, leaving her tits exposed through her unbuttoned shirt. She again went to her back to look for another item.

Britney was left scared and tried to cover herself up with her hands. “What is she looking for now?” she thought to herself.

“This will help you stay still,” Sarah said, as she pulled out a leash and collar.

“What the fuck is that?!” Britney asked, in fear.

“We bought my dog a new collar and leash. So, I figured I could use the old one on you.”

“You’re not putting a fucking dog collar on me!” Britney yelled.

“Unfortunately, you don’t have a choice,” Sarah responded. She easily pushed Britney down onto the bed, where she straddled her and put the collar around her neck. She then clipped the leash to the collar and controlled her like she was a puppy.

“This is so humiliating!”

“Oh, honey. It’s going to get so much worse.” Sarah started walking her around the bed, forcing her to crawl on her hands and knees. Although Britney wanted to resist, she knew it was pointless. Things were only going to get worse for her.

“Why don’t you bark for me?” Sarah asked.

“I am not a dog!”

Sarah suddenly stopped and looked down at the blonde with extreme disappointment. She folded her arms as she asked, “Are you defying me again?”

“No! No! No! I just don’t want to bark! It’s so demeaning!”

“Fine! Have it your way.” Sarah pulled her by the leash and bent her over the bed. She then walked to the other side of the bed and tied the leash to the opposite corner bedpost.

“Please stop! I can’t get out!”

“That’s the point,” Sarah said as she chuckled. “Now, you won’t be able to struggle so much.”

The brunette grabbed the paddle from the desk and walked back over to Britney’s vulnerable body. She took the paddle and began teasing Britney’s ass with it, rubbing it sensually against her red tush.

Sarah spanked her bitch’s round ass, leaving her screaming and squirming uncontrollably. She cried harder than she ever cried before, as each smack was unbearably painful. The tears flowed like a river as she could do nothing cry into the mattress and hope for mercy.

Her ass was bruised entirely, but the brunette still wasn’t done with her. She put the paddle down and rubbed it with her hand before giving it several sharp smacks with her open palm. After taking such a beating from the paddle, she thought Sarah’s hand would feel much weaker. Unfortunately, she was wrong. Sarah’s hand left several sharp and burning smacks on her bubble butt.

“I hope we have a different result, this time,” Sarah said.

“Yes, ma’am! I will do as I am told!”

Sarah untied the leash from the opposite bedpost and started walking Britney around the room again. Britney crawled like a good little dog, following her owner every step of the way. Sarah then took a step in front of Britney and instructed her to sit, like a puppy. Although it was painful, the punished blonde sat on her bruised bottom.

“Now, bark for me.”

“Bark! Bark! Bark!” Britney did the best she could, but she was frequently interrupted by her whimpers. She was still having a hard time stopping herself from crying.

“I’ve learned my lesson!” she begged.

“You said that before! But this time, I am going to make sure you never treat my friends like that again.”

“What do you mean?” Britney asked.

“I have learned to swallow my pride,” Sarah said as she looked down at the poor blonde. “I don’t like losing to you. I don’t like losing to anyone! But I can swallow my pride and take it on the chin if I must. However, I will NEVER be okay with you hurting my friends. And I will NEVER be okay with the way you treat your OWN friends.”

“Courtney is a sweet and innocent girl. She has never done anything wrong to you. All she ever did was try to have a positive attitude. But despite that, you still treated her like she was some bitch who was scheming against you.”

“And Mariah, don’t even get me started on Mariah. I’m not even really friends with her, but I can tell she is a sweet girl. She just wanted to be like you. She followed you and listened to everything you told her to do. But that STILL wasn’t good enough for you, was it? You took advantage of how much she cared about you.”

“Most people would be lucky to have friends as loyal as them. But all you do is take advantage of them and take them for granted.”

Britney cried as she finally felt a real sense of remorse. “I am a terrible person!” she cried out. “You are right! I am such a terrible friend to them! They deserve better!”

“You know what the sad part is?” Sarah asked. “I will eventually feel sorry for you and leave you here, by yourself. But when tomorrow comes, you will go right back to your old ways. Something will happen, and you will find an excuse to treat Courtney and Mariah like shit again. Nothing will ever really change!”

“But…but…but…I want to treat them better,” Britney said as she tried to wipe the tears from her face.

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