Sarah’s Dirty Times Pt. 01


We had been engaged for months. As the time passed, Sarah convinced her parents of my good intentions and my love for her, and they had started to grow fond of me. She never told them of our dirty fantasies or they may have changed their minds. Or so I thought…

She asked me to visit her at her mother’s house before the wedding and I agreed to fly over. Her father offered to visit, even though her mother was on bad terms with him. She agreed.

Sarah was aware I was lusting for her mother. As I looked her up and down I noticed Sarah watching me. With a sad but turned on look. I noticed her biting her lip when I did it. Her mother wasn’t trying to tease me. She would just walk out of the shower to change in her room and sometimes expose her tits or her ass drying off on the way. Or lay in her bed with her bra half way on as we told her goodnight.

She seemed to clean a lot with a baggy shirt that exposed her tits to me. Or would lean over in front of me to wipe a spot in the kitchen where Sarah had dropped a piece of food or spilled a drink. I hoped they were both doing it on purpose. I would often taunt her with how I wanted her mother to suck my cock.

Her father was supposed to be there that day and her mother wanted to pick something up from the market for dinner. I asked her why she bothered so much. She said she asyalı porno wanted him to know what he missed all these years. She was dressed very sexy. She left for a while and I was turned on looking at her all day. I told Sarah I wanted her to suck my cock while her mother was gone and let me pretend it was her. She was on her knees with her tits out, and we were in the kitchen. I was holding her hair as she looked at me and made long strokes to take it all in her throat as her eyes watered and her makeup ran.

She was drooling all over my legs. She held my cock up to lick my balls as she stroked my cock. “Fuck you’re as good as your daughter”. I called her by her mother’s name as she continued. I stood up and started to fuck her throat. I couldn’t stop repeating her mother’s name. As I was holding her face into me, making her gag like a little whore, and calling out the name of the woman I wanted on her knees, she walked in and paused.

I felt a chill go up my spine as she called my name. I could feel Sarah’s throat tighten as I held my cock in her throat not realizing from the surprise. She said my name again and started to walk toward me with a shocked look on her face. I couldn’t help it. I grunted loudly as I came in her throat. She started to spit up my cum as she gasped for air when I pulled my cock out.

Her castajans porno mother stood there and started to talk in French. I didn’t know what she was saying. Sarah was quiet, but I knew her expression. She was having an orgasm as her mother berated her. I was still hard. I reached for her hand as she was screaming. She pulled away quickly and angrily. I lowered to my knees as I reached again and kissed her hand. She started to lose her voice.

I took her fingers into my mouth. I started to pull her dress up and rub her leg. I knew this look. She wanted it. I grabbed Sarah by the throat and pulled her close to me. I told her to watch. I slid her panties down. I backhanded Sarah and told her to hold her dress up for me. She was proud to. Sarah started to whimper as she watched me rub her mother’s pussy and shove my tongue in her.

I put my middle finger and ring finger in her as I licked her clit. I started slowly stretching her cunt, and within a minute I was finger fucking her hard. She was cumming. I saw Sarah looking in to her eyes wanting to be in her place. She was jealous. As soon as I stopped she cried out for me to fuck her. I stood up, taking her dress off as I did. I pulled Sarah up off the floor by her hair. I held her face close to her tits.

She was eager to suck them. bangbros porno I kissed her mother as she sucked her tits. She held her tongue out for me. As I licked her tongue she drooled onto her tits. Sarah was eagerly licking it off. I told her to lay down on the table. She did. I spread her legs open and stared at her wet cunt. I spit on it. I ordered Sarah to lick it off. She was more than happy to. I pulled her hair back by her hair. and spit again. She pulled away, pulling her own hair desperate to lick it up. I shoved her face in her pussy and pulled her head back and forth forcing her to lick her.

I told her mother I wanted her ass. She begged please. I forced Sarah over on top of her. I shoved my cock in her dripping pussy and back out. And proceeded to push her back to licking her pussy. Her mother told me. “Yes. Use her like the whore she is. Fuck me.” I shoved my cock in her asshole and started to fuck her hard while Sarah licked her pussy.

She was already cumming. I felt Sarah’s tongue on my cock as it went in and out of her asshole. I pulled out and shoved it in her throat. I held her their until she was gagging and throwing up on my cock. I shoved it back into her asshole as I made her look at me. I told her to get on the table and show her mother how wet she was.

She crawled on top of her. Her mother called her a whore. She licked her pussy and asked if she liked it. She moaned yes. Her mother grabbed her cunt and held it closed. She said her fuckhole was closed for me today.

Sarah was still tonguing her cunt as I fucked her asshole. Someone knocked at the door… To be continued.

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