Sarah’s Surprise Doctor’s Visit

Sarah’s Surprise Doctor’s VisitWhen I received my letter of acceptance to medical school I almost fainted. I was so happy. I knew I would get in, I had great grades, my MCAT’s were exceptional, but there is always the chance that I’d be declined. In retrospect, three years into it, I was so naïve, about more than just the amount of work that medical school would be. Sure, I knew I would have to study all of the time; and basically give up any chance of a life or meeting that someone special. Just when I thought I was doomed to a life of loneliness, I met Michael.Michael, was a second year resident at the training hospital attached to the school. He was studying to be a gynecologist. I often wondered why anyone decided to into that field, though after seeing how much work it takes to get here and maintain a decent grade point average, I guess they needed to see a pussy somehow, or they would forget what one looks like. Michael and I met in the library, I was taking a class on human reproduction, and Michael was in the same section of the library. I didn’t know it at the time, but he would take me places I had never been. He was tall, dark haired, and had an even tanned complexion. He obviously worked out, he wasn’t a muscle head or anything, just enough to maintain the incredibly gorgeous body he had. Michael stood 5’10” to my petite 5’2″, so he didn’t tower over me, but was considerably taller. I happened to walk by the desk he was seated at on my way to the endless rows of book shelves when I caught his scent. He smelled like fresh linen, it was captivating and made me a little dizzy for just a moment. Michael turned to look at me, and I could feel his gaze going up and down my body, focusing on my ass. I don’t know how I knew, but I did. I turned and caught him staring just below my waist, I blushed, Michael did not. His eyes fluttered to the top of my head, since I was a blonde, he was probably wondering whether the carpet matched the d****s, so they say. Since I’m sure you’re curious as well dear reader, yes, I am a natural blonde with blue eyes, none of that bleach and contacts nonsense.As I continued to approach the book stacks, I heard Michael push his chair back and stand up. My heart began to race and my blood pressure skyrocketed. I didn’t want to give him the idea that he would just do anything he wanted right here in the library, although that is exactly what I was thinking. As I perused the books he stood right next to me looking in the same section. “You’d do better with this one” he said handing me a large book.”How did you know what I am looking for?” I asked. “”Human Reproduction, right?” he inquired”Correct, how did…..””Your professor is one of my colleagues. Sarah, right?””That’s right, and you are??” I inquired”Michael, Doctor Michael Weathers””Well, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Doctor Weathers””Please call me Michael. What time are you planning on leaving Sarah?””Oh, I have a few hours of research ahead of me yet, I am researching the occurrence of cervical fibrous tumors. You know, boring stuff.” I said, thinking this would get him to go away, not knowing his specialty.”Hardly, I am a second year GYN resident, I could help you.””Really, and what would that cost me?” I asked and flirted at the same time.”Well, let’s just see how much help you need shall we?” he said and winked at me.Yeah, ok I totally fell for him right there. Over the next two and a half hours he helped me to finish my research and put together a pretty good start to my research paper. Once we finished he invited me back to his place, but we had to make a quick stop in his office, as he forgot some papers he needed for the next morning.As we walked along the fluorescent lit walkways of the university, through the cool autumn night, we talked and got to know each other. We spoke about everything and I got the feeling that I had known this man all of my life. Finally we came to a small brick building and I realized that we had walked clear around campus. We entered his building through a small door on the side and walked down two flights of scarcely lit stairwells to the basement and out into the hallway. Everything was so clean, and devoid of people.”Isn’t anyone else here?” I inquired.”What at this time of night, in an office? No way, everyone has gone home for the evening.” he replied.We came to his office and lab area. He motioned me toward a frosted glass door, he opened it with his magnetic picture ID and flicked on the lights. In the center of the room was a long table, next to which was a tray of tools and what looked like an empty IV stand. Everything was neatly put away in glass cabinets. The large cylindrical light which hung above the table was off.”Wow, this is quite a lab I must say.””Yeah, it serves our purpose. We occasionally see patients down here when the new rooms upstairs are full.”As I continued to look around Michael looked though some files. I picked up a brown glass bottle with a pipette in it. I was about to comment that it seemed strange that there was a bottle just out for anyone to pick up when Michael shouted “Don’t touch that!” His voice made me jump so much that the bottle slipped right through my fingers and fell to the floor with a crash.”Damn, that was our last bottle” Michael commented as he picked up a dustpan and broom.”I’m very sorry, but when you yelled you startled me. I picked up the bottle because I thought it was strange that a bottle was just out in a lab.”Yeah, I had just gotten that from our inventory upstairs before I left and didn’t have the chance to check it in yet. Listen, there is glass every where, if you slip in those heels, you are likely to sever an artery. Here, let me put you on the table.”With that Michael scooped me up like I weighed next to nothing and set me down on the table. Michael spent the next ten minutes making sure that all of the fluid was off of the floor and all of the glass was picked up.”Well now that the mess is cleaned up we can move on to punishment.””Excuse me, did you just say punishment?” I asked as a lump formed in my throat.”Sure, you broke my last bottle of an expensive antibiotic, you certainly can’t replace it can you?” he asked”Well, no.” I said getting a little more nervous.”Okay then, punishment it is. Now hop down and please remove your shoes, skirt, and panty hose” he commanded”You must be joking!” “I have absolutely no intention of going through this, let me out of here.””No, I am not k**ding; now do as I have asked.” Michael replied.I did my very best to look angry. However, in a way, deep down inside I was excited. I love it when a guy takes control and let’s me know exactly what he wants. So, I jumped down, gave Michael my sternest look, unzipped my skirt, and let it fall to the floor with a soft, swishing noise. I removed my shoes and my pantyhose next. Since he didn’t tell me to remove my underwear or my bra. So, left those on. I had my favorite silky white panties on , I loved they way the cool fabric felt against my skin, and I had a matching bra. I got back up on the table and noticed that at one end were two pads for leg and the ordu escort other had a padded ring like a massage table has for clients that are face down. The table folded up in the middle as to allow the body to be in an on all fours position without actually being on all fours.”OK, go ahead and lie down, face down. It is time for your examination and punishment” Michael said as he was putting on a pair of nitrile gloves. I could hear him gathering objects and placing them on a metal tray. I hated that I couldn’t see what he was collecting, nor what he was doing. I laid down as he asked my pulse threatening to burst in my throat. Michael came over and spread my legs which were on the pads. He brought over a tray which was covered so that I could not see what was on it.”Well now, lets have a look” he said as he pulled my panties down and spread my cheeks so that my asshole was totally exposed and the bottom of my pussy started to open. I had never felt so open in my life, except maybe at the gynecologist, but I saw a woman. So, I never felt this open in front of a man before. I heard Michael doing something behind me, but I couldn’t see what. I could feel the cold recycled air of the lab begin to chill the most private parts of my body as he gathered whatever he was gathering. I could feel my skin begin to develop goosebumps from the coldness.”First thing to do is see how fit you are. The first step is to take your temperature. He obviously had been lubing up a thermometer. “This may be a little cold at first.” He warned.The next thing I felt was his fingers resting against the inside of the crease in my bottom. His fingers were so close to my anal opening, and he pulled my cheeks apart. I felt the lips of my pussy part and the tight opening of my butt started to part. His fingers and hand felt so warm, I tried not to shiver as he touched me. Then, I felt the cold metal tip of the thermometer right against my tight hole. I pushed out a little so that the thermometer would ease in. Then, I felt the metal tip withdraw, I wondered what had happened to make him stop. Michael finally spoke still holding my cheek apart.”Do that again.” Michael demanded.”Do what again, exactly?” I asked.”Push out with your ass, like you just did.” he answered and lifted his hand to smack my bottom before putting his hand back into place, his middle finger just outside of my tight hole, and parted my cheeks again.I complied and I pushed out and released the opening of my butt before using the same muscles to tighten it.”Well, well, well. Look what we have here, a winking butthole.” Michael seemed pleased with my little show.So, I winked it a couple of more times and heard a small giggle escape my throat. Then, I, once again, felt the metal tip of the thermometer against my butthole. I pushed out, but Michael had used so much lube that it slipped right in. I felt the tip enter me and I gasped because the cold was now invading the inside of my ass. I heard a moan escape from my lips and my eyes went wide as it did. I couldn’t believe I like this. I could picture Michael smiling as he heard me an watched the implement invade my bottom. Once it warmed up from my internal heat, it wasn’t bad. I felt it go a little deeper and it was fine. After a minute or so, he withdrew the thermometer from my ass, reviewed it and he announced that my temp was perfect. “Shocking” I thought to myself.”OK, in order to examine you properly I must clean you out.” It was then I heard him running water and a dreadful thought entered my head.”He is going to give me an enema!” I thought to myself, trying to calm myself. I tried readying my body for my first enema experience, I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy this.”OK.” He said, “Here we go, now don’t fight it, just try to relax your body. You shouldn’t feel any pain, just pressure.” he explainedOnce again, he spread my ass cheeks apart and he began the procedure. I felt something a little thicker than the thermometer poke at my hole. Michael had lubed it up amply as he had the thermometer. Now, I’ve had lovers in the past stick a finger in my ass, and I didn’t mind it. In the heat of the moment, it felt good having my butt penetrated. I didn’t necessarily request it, but if someone was up for it, I’d go along. The nozzle that Michael was inserting was about the same thickness as a finger, maybe a little less. Michael touched it to my opening and hesitated for a moment. Then, I felt him push it inside, past my tight hole, and I gasped as he pushed it inside of me. He seemed to like the noise I made because he withdrew most of the nozzle and pushed it in further. Each time the widest part of the nozzle began to stretch me open, I would gasp and he would push it back in. It felt odd, but not painful, as he continued to push the long nozzle deeper inside of me. Then, I felt a small pop as he pushed it through the internal sphincter. It felt like a quick hit of pain and I yipped in response, but the pain eased quickly and Michael made sure to keep it still before he pushed it to its hilt. I heard the click of a switch, and just like that water flowed into my bottom. Michael had made sure that the water was warm, it was actually quite soothing, and didn’t hurt at all. It felt a bit like a massage from the inside. I could feel it filling me up. Michael kept his hand on top of my cheeks the whole time. He had me rotate on one side as he said it would make it easier for the water to pass. He rolled me to the other side, it felt strange having this tube protruding from my butt, I could feel it against my ass cheek. Michael rubbed my back and It seemed to last a long time, but it was probably only about five minutes. Once the bag was empty, I could tell that the water he was pumping into me had stopped., Michael slowly removed the nozzle from my rectum.”You need to hold it in for a few minutes to make sure you are clean.” He instructed.I held it in for as long as I could until I couldn’t anymore. Michael told me to use the facilities in the room, I saw there was a little door, and so I ran in and sat down just in time. I was there a few minutes and when I knew I was empty, I came out relieved and Michael instructed me to get back onto the table, so I got on and lay back face down. Michael parted my cheeks, again exposing my tight rosebud. He then probed my opening with his fingers just pushing the tip of his index finger inside. He poured some cold lubricant on my bottom and gently rubbed it into my asshole, he made sure to push his finger inside of me and lubed up the inside as well. He reached his thumb down and began stroking my clit. I couldn’t stop myself from moaning, I was really enjoying the sensation of his finger probing my bottom while he massaged my clit. All of the sudden; he stopped. He picked up something from the medical tray. I could tell he was rubbing it with lubrication, and I thought it sounded metal. I turned my head enough to see that he was holding a speculum. It wasn’t particularly large, but it wasn’t small either. Michael was working the lubrication all over it. I had never been opened up anally before. I didn’t ordu escort bayan know what to expect and I wasn’t sure about this at all. I let out a little nervous moan.”Now, there is no need to be nervous, we just want to make sure that you are ok inside.””Please don’t hurt me,” I whimpered.”I won’t, don’t worry,” Michael replied.I felt the cold surgical steel touch me and I immediately clamped up. I knew he would want me to submit my bottom to his probing, but I got nervous. Michael pressed a switch on the floor and I felt my mid section rising, pretty soon I was bent over in almost a doggy-like position. Michael held my ass open and slowly pushed the speculum into me. He rubbed my clit which calmed me down considerably and got my excitement going. As the tip entered me I knew I was tight and thanked God there was plenty of lubrication on the metal or else it would have hurt much more than it did. It felt like two or three fingers being inserted into me and I moaned as the metal object penetrated my bottom. I hadn’t had anything this large in there before. Just then, he began opening the device and I stifled a scream. It didn’t hurt as much as it surprised me. There was a lot of pressure, I tried to relax my bottom as much as I could. I could feel Michael peering deep into my ass. I felt small poking tools prodding my inner sphincter and walls. It was a foreign feeling, almost like those alien anal probing stories I’ve heard about.”Everything looks perfectly fine, nothing to worry about in here. Good, nothing should pose any problems with the rest of tonight’s activities.”You mean there is more to come?” I asked seductively.”But of course, you thought that was it?” he laughedMichael closed the speculum in my ass and very slowly pulled it out. He rubbed my clit as he pulled it out. I was moaning from the sensation of the device pulling out and the thumb that was massaging me, he placed the device back onto the tray. He began wiping the excess lubrication off of my butt cheeks and hole, cleaning me up with some warm wipes. His hands were warm and soothing it felt so nice. He began massaging my ass and I still felt so totally exposed. I could feel him rubbing his other hand up and down the slit of my pussy, extracting juices as he rubbed. He lightly kissed my ass and began to lick around the entrance, I was in ecstasy. He moved his tongue lower so that is hit the bottom of my labia and I tried to raise myself up more so that his tongue would enter me, but his hands held me in place. He took total control of me and kept me where I was. Since I was now fully moaning and every nerve in my body was crying out for more, I knew better than to try to protest against a good thing. He started making circles around my clit, just dancing his finger across it.All of the sudden as if he could sense my need, he plunged his tongue into my pussy; he moaned I moaned and writhed with excitement. He fucked my pussy with his tongue, his fingers finding my clit and rubbing it in a fast and furious motion. Then, slowed to a nice pace. I nearly came; he sensed my orgasm and stopped licking and rubbing, lifted his head from my body and I frowned a bit.”You taste delicious” He said as he grabbed something I recognized, a vibrator.He placed a small amount of lube on the tip of the vibrator and began taking off his clothes. Once he was naked I could see that he was well endowed. Michael started to tie a belt around his waist. The belt had what looked like a leather patch in front of it with two holes and a metal clip.”What are you doing? I asked.”You’ll see,” he smiled.Michael ended up putting his stiff cock through the top hole and clipping the vibrator in the bottom one.”Michael, what are you doing?” I had that scared feeling again.”Trust me, it’s going to be a nice ride, just relax.” He said soothingly.”Now, we’re going to take this slowly. First, I am going to push this vibrator into your pussy and get you going with it. Then once that has done its job I will enter your ass while the vibrator is fucking your pussy.” He explained.I had never done double penetration before and I was scared. I didn’t know what it would feel like. I know that the anal wall is thin so he would feel the vibrator as well, that thought turned me on incredibly and I felt a rush of wetness in my pussy.”Michael,” I said, my voice shaking , “I’ve never done anything like this, please be gentle with me.” I nearly cried, half with fear, half with left over excitement from his oral attention.Michael did just as he said. He turned the vibrator on and slowly guided it into my pussy as his hips rocked forward. He used his hand to pull his cock up, so it slid between the cheeks of my bottom. I could feel the heat coming from his shaft as it glided up past my tight rosebud. He started withdrawing the vibrator from me. I closed my eyes and moaned as he found a gentle rhythm with the toy attached to his waist. In and out of me it slid, and I was making soft moans and mewls, ‘oh’s’ were escaping my lips, revealing my pleasure. Michael gently rubbed my clit with his free hand. The vibrator was a good size and I could feel my walls clinging to it as he pushed it deeper. He bumped my cervix once or twice, I jumped a fraction and it made me sore, but in a good way. Michael squirted some lube onto his finger and pushed his finger into my bottom to lubricate inside of my ass again. He was making little circles inside so that the rim of my puckered hole was well lubricated. He began moving his finger in and out, slowly, again finding a gentle rhythm. I was getting that same pleasurable feeling as when the speculum left my bottom. I could feel myself getting wetter now, I could hear the vibrator moving in and out as Michael rocked it back and forth. My god, he had my pussy filled with the vibrator and my ass was being invaded by his finger. Just then he added a second finger to my bottom. I groaned as it entered me and joined the first finger, he allowed my body to get used to the additional invader and stretch me open a bit. Then, he began moving them in and out of my stretched butthole. Michael alternated the thrusts of the vibrator with his hips and the penetration of his fingers.Michael could have brought me to orgasm by just continuing this, but there was more to come. He stopped his rocking and his hand. He withdrew his fingers from my ass. He left the vibrator inside and positioned one of my hands under my hips to hold it in place. Michael began lubricating his cock. I knew what was next, but I felt nervous despite having been opened up wide with the speculum earlier.”OK, I think you’re ready. Again, there will be pressure, but it shouldn’t hurt.” he told me.He climbed on top of the table, he straddled the back of my thighs and stared at my bum for a moment. Then, Michael took a hold of his cock and rubbed it up and down my the seam of my ass. Each time he passed my puckered hole, he’d push at it a little to see if it would give way to the swollen head of his cock. I could feel how large it was getting, and the heat coming from his engorged member was nearly burning. I had never felt escort ordu so much heat coming off of someone before.I started rocking my hips back and forth to allow the vibrator to slide in and out. My cheeks touched his legs, and I crooked one finger down to hit my clit each time the vibrator sunk deeper into my canal. God, I was so wet, I could feel my juices running from between my lips. I braced myself and tried to relax as much as I could, knowing that at any moment the swollen head of his cock would penetrate my ass.It seemed like it had been an hour of this, but I’m sure it was only a minute or so, and then it happened. I felt him press his swollen head against me, the warmth was the first thing I noticed on the entrance to my bottom. This was followed by the pressure of his trying to enter me.”Ohhhh….,” I moaned out as he started to spread my butt open. “Baby, go easy. Please be gentle with me.” I pleaded and closed my eyes. “I’ll be gentle Sarah. You just try to relax the muscles of your bottom, and try pushing out a bit, it’ll help me enter you, which will help you.” He replied to me. I did just as he asked. I took a breath and relaxed my opening, pushed out a bit and he slid right in. I gasped, I groaned as my bottom protested against his cock, I could feel the pain and the tightness. Michael kept still in me and let me adjust.”Ok…” I blew the air in my lungs out, “Ok… one …. Just one minute, then, then you should be able to move.” I explained. My eyes shut, I kept tightening and loosening my muscles around his cock. After a minute or so, the pressure and pain subsided, almost completely.”You tell me if you need to stop, ok my girl?” he explained as he started to rock back and forth slowly and not deep at all. I didn’t reply, just nodded. He called me his girl. I wonder if he meant it? I liked the sound of it, of him taking me, of me being his. He was after all, claiming my ass and my pussy at once. Soft mewls and moans escaped my mouth, maybe a whimper or two at first as he started fucking both of my holes at once. I had never, ever, experienced anything like it. The fullness, the sensation of being penetrated twice at the same time. It was raw, it was rough, it was amazing and I didn’t want it to stop. Soon, Michael had his hands on my hips and was pulling my body against his, pulling my body into his, onto his, spearing me, taking me. I was rubbing my clit furiously and I could feel the orgasm building. I could feel his cock throbbing in my ass. I knew I could probably tight it, milk him and make him cum. But, I wanted to keep it going, just for a little while longer.We were both sweating, I could feel his sweat running down his legs and hitting my ass cheeks. I could feel the occasional bead of sweat leave his forehead an bounce off of the small of my back. It would roll down, between my cheeks and mingle with the lubrication he used to enter me. I could hear him groaning as he fucked my tiny body. He was close, I was close. I thought to myself ‘let’s do this thing, let me see if I can make us cum together. I wanted it for him and I wanted it for me. I wanted him to take me and make me sore, make me cum as his cum flowed out of him and deep into my body.”Michael? ” I called to him “baby, fuck me, fuck me deep, and cum in me.” I cried out.”You want me to cum in you? Are you sure?” He asked me in a breathy voice as he pulled me into him.I nodded in agreement “Please, please cum in me, I want to feel you cum deep in my ass.” I begged.He pulled my body against him harder, my breasts were swaying back and forth, I moaned and cried out as he fucked me furiously ‘Oh! Oh yes, unnnnn..ooohhh… ooo… baby, yes!” I started to cum myself, I couldn’t contain it. I felt my orgasm build up and it was like a freight train of electricity surging through me. Once it started, there was no stopping it. It took over my body and I cried out in passion and my body bucked against his as it frayed every nerve I had. “Oh god!” He cried out, “I’m cumming Sarah. I’m cumming harrrrddd!” he screamed as he thrust his cock as much as he could deep into my ass. I shrieked as he did.”Yes, yes baby, cum in me, cum for your girl.” I coaxed him and responded with a look of sheer pleasure as glimpsed him over my shoulder and came again myself, screaming out with him.I could feel his cock expand with pressure and heat, then in an instant, like time stood still, and there was a massive gushing feeling of hot liquid streaming into my body. His cock throbbed and threads of hot cum spurted out of the tip of him and deep into me. Deeper into me than anything or anyone had ever gone. I couldn’t believe the feeling of it. I usually use protection, so no one had ever cum in me before. I know it wasn’t my pussy, but I still relished the feeling of him cumming in me, it was so primal. He grunted as he emptied his balls into my bottom. Michael started to collapse as his orgasm finished, and his seed emptied into me. I lowered myself down onto the cool table and he lay his body on top of me. The pressure of his body pressed against mine felt so captivating. I couldn’t move until he did, and I was perfectly happy like that. I could still feel him twitching inside of me, his cock still throbbing. ”I think I’m still cumming in you.” Michael said with a tired smile.”Mmmm, yes, you are. ” I replied.After what was probably a few minutes, but felt like lovely hours, his cock slipped from my ass. I eep’d as my hole was vacated and started to close. Michael got up and got some wipes. He spread my legs and made me perfectly clean. He paid special attention to each crevice and inch of skin. He lifted me up a bit so that he could make sure I was spotless. He rubbed the sore entrance to my bottom and I hissed through clenched teeth. Yeah, it was sore, but oh such a divine soreness. Pain and pleasure mixed all around my body. I was in a daze as I slowly got up and dressed. Michael watched my body as I put my clothes back on. “What?” I said modestly, covering my breasts as I put my bra, that I hadn’t remembered removing, back on.”You’re so beautiful,” he confessed. I bounced on the balls of my feet as I put my top on, “why thank you, sir. You’re too kind and very handsome yourself.” I said with a giddy smile. Michael and I locked up the lab and he walked me back to my dorm. We kissed for a while under the street lamps before we said our goodbyes and I went inside, sore and happy.I snuck into my room. Thankfully, my roommate was passed out. I showered and changed and went to bed exhausted. The next day, I found myself in the library after all of my classes. I was standing in a long row of books, by myself. My hair in a ponytail, my pencil between my teeth, my tongue fondling its surface, I could feel the lettering with the tip. I was laser focused on the content of a book.All of the sudden I jumped and eep’d out loud as a body slid behind mine and fondled by bottom. I was going to shriek out loud until I looked and saw Michael’s smiling face. I lowered myself down and smiled back, “Hi” I said.”Hi,” he replied “want to check out my lab later? I think you might like it.” he had an evil grin across his face.”Naughty man,” I smiled back. “You’ll have to show me how to get there.” My eyebrows raised and I giggled as he laughed, our fingers locked together and we shared a passionate kiss right there, between the books.

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