Saturday Night School pt.2 (loyalsock)

Saturday Night School pt.2 (loyalsock)Where?””Rewind. Back there!””Oh, yeah. Too far away to see anything, though.””But it means it’s real! They really took her outside where someone driving by could see her!””Yeah, seems like they did.” Charlie glanced at Michelle. She was clearly enthralled by the video, and it gave him the opportunity to let his gaze linger on her body without being noticed. She was sitting with her legs together, but he could still see a sliver of dark pubic hair just below her belly button. He followed the line of meticulously groomed dark fuzz to where it disappeared in the valley between her legs. Her nipples were stiff pink points, with areolas the size of half-dollars. He could smell a flowery scent coming off her, a subtle perfume. She had her palms still on her upper legs, and she was sliding her hands forward and back, forward and back. She’d been running her fingers up and down her legs since the moment he’d first caught her. A nervous habit, maybe.No, Charlie corrected himself. Not a nervous habit. A reminder. She was touching her bare legs to remind herself she was naked.”Michelle, did you have this planned?” he asked her. “Or was it spontaneous?””Hmm?” “Did you come to the school knowing you were going to walk around in the nude? Or did you come here, realize you were alone, and just went for it?”She shifted uncomfortably. “Um… a little of both?” She peeked up at him. “Haven’t you ever had that fantasy dream, where you suddenly find yourself walking through the crowded school and you’re completely naked?””I’ve had a dream like that before, yeah…” he said slowly. Dream? More like a nightmare. Stark naked in the middle of the hall, everyone pointing and laughing, feeling totally humiliated… It was the kind of dream where he felt relieved to wake up.”It’s something I always think about,” Michelle whispered. She watched Charlie closely for his reaction. “Maybe I’m crazy, I don’t know. Sometimes when I’m walking into class, I’ll think about what it would be like if I just didn’t bother wearing anything that day. If I walked into the school completely naked, not even caring, and how everyone would stare and point at me… and I feel so thrilled inside, just to imagine it. I can’t explain it… I try to tell myself that the reality would be terrible… that I’d probably get expelled from school and every one would think I’m some kind of insane sex fiend… but it never stops me from fantasizing about it…”Her eyes implored him for reassurance, so Charlie shrugged and nodded. “Sure. Thrill of the forbidden, thrill of danger. When we had to take PE, I used to always think about sneaking into the girl’s locker room and trying to see them showering. Same thing… I’d get expelled and everyone would think I was a pervert. But that didn’t stop me from trying to think of a way to do it.”Michelle frowned. “Yeah… but every boy probably thinks about that, right? I don’t think every girl thinks about what I think about…” She bit her lip.Charlie couldn’t help himself. He chuckled, letting his eyes drift down her body. “Yeah, too bad, huh?”Michelle giggled, and Charlie knew that he’d managed to say the right thing. She leaned forward. “A few weeks ago, I came so close. It was after school. I ran a mile on the track, and then I went to the locker room to shower and change. Only after I finished showering, I came back to my locker and put my towel away, and instead of putting on my clothes, I took out my backpack and closed the locker. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I started to walk out of the locker room, completely naked, and I knew I had to stop but it was so exciting to keep going. Is there a drinking fountain, just inside the boy’s locker room?””Uh… yeah. Right by the door.””Same with the girl’s. I stopped at the drinking fountain for some water. Then I turned right around, went to my locker and got dressed.””You didn’t go out the door?””No. I came to my senses before I actually walked outside. But I wanted to go outside. It scared me a lot. Just knowing that I could feel a sudden impulse like that and be so powerless to stop it… even though it would have completely ruined my life… it’s scary!””How do you think you would have felt, if you had walked out of the locker room that way?””Oh, it would have been amazing!” Michelle answered quickly. But then she averted her eyes, embarrassed by her display of enthusiasm. She spoke in a low voice, “It’s like being addicted to a d**g. I mean, I’ve never done d**gs, but I think it’s the same. I know it’s a bad thing, I know it’s self-destructive, but even with all that…I wanted to step out that door so bad…” Her voice trailed off.Charlie thought about seeing her naked in the Front Tee, the way she had posed. If this was an addiction, like being addicted to d**gs… did that mean he was seeing her on a high? Maybe that explained the leg rubbing?The whole situation was surreal. Michelle alanya escort bayan Santos, a girl so beautiful that he had never even dared to dream of her, sat naked in the AV room with him. And then, on top of that, he had to entertain the idea that she felt such a thrill at being naked in front of him that she compared it to being high on d**gs? That was beyond belief. It had to be a dream.He suddenly felt such an urge to reach out and press his hands against her breasts that his body trembled. His penis, partially erect, began to rapidly swell and strain against his jeans. He turned in his chair, praying that she wouldn’t look down and notice.She doesn’t know me, he reminded himself. I don’t know her. This thing of hers… it isn’t really about me. I just happened to be here.But he knew her secret now. And he suspected he might be the only one she had ever told.”Let’s try something,” he said. “I’m going to go back up the hall to the Front Tee. You stay here, count to fifty. Then follow me.””Um… okay.” She was confused. “I’ll probably go get dressed first, though.””All right.” Charlie didn’t look at her as he stood and walked out of the AV room. He smiled to himself.She wasn’t going to get dressed, and they both knew it.Charlie turned the corner towards the Front Tee and stopped a quarter of the way down the hall in front of his locker. He tried to imagine it was Monday morning and he was early to school. People were around, here and there, but the halls were still pretty empty. He turned the combination lock and opened his locker. A row of books sat on a shelf at eye level. Calculus, a few novels for European Lit, a book on set building for his Theatre Tech class. Calculus was his first period class so he picked up that book.In his peripheral vision, a figure came around the corner. He looked that way, casually, as if just curious to see who else could be at the school that early. It was Michelle, of course, and she was still naked. He pretended she was a surprise, that he’d never seen her naked before until that moment. It wasn’t hard to put himself in that frame of mind; he definitely wasn’t used to seeing her so exposed. Monday morning, he was early to school, and Michelle Santos had just walked around the corner completely naked. He let his eyes go wide and his mouth fall open. The Calculus book slipped from his grip and banged on the floor.Michelle froze, not getting what he was doing at first. Then she realized, and she giggled. “Oh, you’re silly!” he heard her murmur. But she went with it, strutting by him as if she was headed towards the office, nodding at him slightly. He openly stared at her breasts until she passed, then enjoyed watching her ass sway back and forth while she walked away.She walked almost to the Front Tee, then broke character and returned, grinning.”You’ll just have to imagine the others staring at you and pointing,” he said. “Unfortunately, I can only do the Charlie Tucker reaction.””Thanks. I chickened out the first time you caught me. It’s much better when I just walk by you like I don’t have a care in the world.” She couldn’t hold still, bouncing on her toes in a way that made her breasts shiver delightfully. “Can we do it again? I won’t be shy this time.””Okay.””I’ll count to fifty.” Michelle darted away, walking on the balls of her feet like a cat. She disappeared around the corner.This time, Charlie closed his locker and started towards the corner carrying his Calculus book. He timed it so he was just about at the corner when Michelle appeared. He stopped in his tracks and stared at her, letting the book fall out of his hand. She smiled at him flirtatiously as she passed. He remained in place, watching her from behind, until she twirled and ran back.”How did I look?” she asked. “Did I look confident?””Honestly, you looked sexy as hell.”She smiled and glanced away, embarrassed but clearly pleased. “Let’s go again,” he said.They slowly walked through the empty school, enacting the same scenario in different locations. Charlie would pretend to be having an ordinary day at the school, Michelle would appear naked and Charlie would look shocked. They experimented with variations. Charlie standing still while Michelle walked by. Passing each other in the hall. Charlie turning the corner to find Michelle leaning against the wall.They tried one where Charlie was supposed to come around the corner and find Michelle leaning nonchalantly next to his locker. On impulse, Charlie played this one differently, walking up to his locker, opening it and retrieving his books without acknowledging her, as if it was perfectly ordinary for a naked girl to be standing there. To his surprise, Michelle was really excited after that one, and they experimented with variations on the theme, where Michelle would be waiting somewhere naked and Charlie would pretend to be going about his day as if nothing unusual was happening. During one of these alanya escort variations, Charlie walked around a corner expecting to find Michelle sitting on a bench. To his astonishment, she was leaning back on the bench with her legs splayed open, her pussy clearly exposed to him. Charlie stopped, stunned. Michelle was immediately self-conscious, sitting up and clamping her legs together.”You’re supposed to pretend you don’t see me,” she murmured, blushing furiously.”Sorry,” Charlie said. “Just… you took me by surprise.” He could feel the blood pounding through his body. His desire for her, simmering for most of the evening, now roared to life, and his erection swelled quickly to the point where it hurt. He was positive that she could see the outline of it against his jeans, and there was no way to hide it. The image of her smoldered in his memory, the way she had been leaning back, her legs apart, her pussy exposed like an offering. He imagined leaning between those legs, feeling them tighten around him. He imagined pressing his crotch against hers, grinding against her. Reaching down his jeans, pulling himself free and sliding into her waiting nakedness…His testicles tightened and throbbed, and for a terrified moment he was sure that he was about to ejaculate in his pants, right in front of her. “Please, please no,” he prayed silently to himself. Fortunately, the pressure abated after a moment, but his erection continued to create a noticeable bulge.She stood, and for the first time since he had caught her, she crossed her arms over her breasts. She kept her gaze on the wall. “No… it’s me that’s sorry. See? This is what I mean…” She bit her lip. “I’d better go home. I had fun with you. But I should go.””Michelle…” he couldn’t think of the words to say.”It’s all right, Charlie. It’s not anything you did. I just… didn’t intend to do so much of this… I should quit while I’m ahead.” She started to walk down the hall, back towards the AV room. Charlie fell into step beside her. They walked back in silence.They passed the door to the AV room and turned the corner to the science wing. Michelle stepped into one of the classrooms, and the motion-sensing light turned on. She had stowed her clothes behind the classroom door, which was propped open. Charlie entered with her, and sat on a table to watch her get dressed.She stood in front of him, untangling a pink bra, and he gazed at her, trying to etch the image of her into his memory, knowing that this was most likely the last time he would ever see her standing casually naked in front of him. On Monday morning, the spell would be broken, and they would just be two strangers sharing a secret, a secret they would never discuss. “Are those your keys to the school?” he asked, noticing a key ring sitting on the desk next to her.”Yeah.””You have more than one key?” Charlie only had one key himself, which opened the green door by the AV room.”Oh, yeah. I have a few, for different things. One lets me into the main school, one is for the supply room, one is for the athletic building, one is for the art center.””The athletic building? You can get in there?””Yeah, of course. They gave me the keys because I lead the spirit squad. I unlock it for the cheerleaders so we can change into our uniforms. And sometimes we hang up banners around the basketball court… or decorate for pep rallies…”Charlie stood. “Well, hey… if you have a key… let’s go over there!”She hesitated. “Why?””To explore! I’ve never walked around there while it’s empty.” He grinned. “You can show me what the girl’s locker room looks like inside. Didn’t I tell you I always fantasized about going in there?””Um… I guess we could. Just a minute, and I’ll take you over there.” She began to slip on her bra. “Michelle.””Yeah?””You don’t have to get dressed yet.”She paused, the thin straps of the bra hanging from her arms. “But we have to walk outside to get there.””That’s true.”She clutched the bra in her fingers, squeezing it against her chest. “That’s too much. It’s going too far.””No one will see,” he reassured her. “It’s past nine on a Saturday. The school is completely empty. Daryl is in Miami. The main building will block anyone from seeing you from the road, and no one’s going to be driving through the parking lot.””Who’s Daryl?” she asked, distracted.”Daryl. The security guard. The one that’s on vacation?”He could see by her rapid breathing that she was considering the idea. Her hands slowly dropped and the bra slipped from her fingers to the floor. She gazed into space, biting her lip. Charlie scooped up her keys and transferred them to his left hand. Slowly, gently, he reached out with his other hand and let his fingers wrap around Michelle’s. He expected her to pull away, but she didn’t. For a moment, he felt intoxicated by the intimacy of holding her hand.”Come on…” he urged her. “When will you get another chance?”He stepped towards escort alanya the door, pulling her. For a moment, she resisted, remaining frozen in place. Then she timidly took a step after him, letting him lead her back into the hall.She didn’t volunteer which door she’d unlocked to enter the school, so Charlie led her to the green door. “Oh my God…” he heard her whisper as he took hold of the doorknob. “Oh my God…” He glanced at her, and her eyes were wide and terrified. Her hand was tight around his. She looked up at him, and for a moment he was hypnotized by her deep brown eyes. Did those eyes plead with him to stop? Or did they express a blind faith in him, a willingness to follow wherever he would lead her? Charlie didn’t want to guess. He pushed open the door and let in the cool night air.It wasn’t dark by any means in the parking lot. The sun was long gone, but the parking lot was well lit by bright white fluorescent lighting. Charlie didn’t let her have any time to think about it. He stepped out as if it was an ordinary day at the school, an ordinary stroll to the athletic center. Michelle stayed with him, clutching his hand. Her face turned right and left, looking everywhere, as if she was astonished by how big the outside world was.”No one’s here,” he whispered. But when he looked at her, seeing her naked body bathed in the white glow of the parking lights, he felt a rush of terror flood through him. It looked so outrageously wrong, to see her so exposed to the world. He thought he had never seen a woman look so naked before. Every detail of her body was illuminated by the outside lighting, from the dark hair that flowed over her pale shoulders, to the dark line of hair that led between her pale legs. Charlie looked around the parking lot, realizing that it was not as secure a location as he’d thought. It was true that his car was the only one there, and the school blocked off any view from the main road. But past the left edge of the parking lot, a slope led down to the field that was used for soccer and field hockey, and beyond that, a tall chain-link fence separating the school from the woods. The bright light made it hard to see past the edge of the parking lot. Perhaps a circle of teenagers sat drinking beers on the soccer field, watching Michelle walk naked and vulnerable across the parking lot. Or perhaps someone lurked in the woods, watching through the fence…He fought the panicked urge to rush Michelle back through the green door and insist she get dressed. The only thing that stopped him was seeing how her other hand traced circles over her bare leg and hip. Her eyes darted from side to side, but she breathed the night air like it was perfume. They walked, side by side, towards the middle of the parking lot, and she matched his pace with every step, walking on her toes across the asphalt as if she wore invisible high heels. Crickets chirped loudly from unseen hideouts, and from somewhere far away a train whistle wailed. Something scampered through a patch of dried leaves nearby, and Charlie jumped. He peered into the darkness, trying to identify what had made the noise, but Michelle just giggled and squeezed his hand. “It’s all right,” she said. “Don’t worry!” She giggled again, and her laughter radiated through the quiet like a ringing bell.They approached the athletic center, and Michelle suddenly let go of his hand, taking several steps ahead of him. She stretched her arms in the air, fingers extended, as if she wanted to touch the night sky. She gazed upward with a dreamy look on her face.”Oh, Charlie…” she breathed as she swayed back and forth. “I can’t even describe how this feels. I feel so free!””Is this the first time you’ve ever walked outside like this?””No,” she admitted, flashing him a sly smile. “But this is the most daring. I’ve walked in the backyard a few times. A few other little adventures, too. I’ll tell you about them, if you want. But later.””Ok.” Charlie scanned the perimeter of the parking lot, just as he had a dozen times already. He was alert for any changes in light that would indicate approaching headlights. If someone started to drive onto the school grounds, Charlie estimated they’d have ten, maybe twenty seconds to get Michelle out of sight before the car rounded the corner. Most likely, a car would park in the front, but it was always possible it might pull around to the back. And even if the car parked in front, that would mean someone would be in the school when they came back.Charlie tensed as something caught his eye. “Michelle!” he whispered. “We’re not alone!”A red car was parked just inside the corner of the school, watching them. Charlie reacted swiftly, reaching out and catching Michelle by the shoulders, pulling her behind his back, so that he stood between her and the stranger. “Stay behind me,” he warned. “We’ll keep going, but fast, and you stay low. Maybe they didn’t see you.” “What? What is it?” Michelle asked nervously.”There’s a car parked over there. Someone is watching us.” Who could it be? Teacher? Student? Charlie peered at the car, trying to make out the features of the person behind the wheel. How long had they been watching?

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