Sauna Surprise

Sauna SurpriseFirst off, I’m not really an aspiring author. But I do like to read and I have read several interesting stories lately that got me thinking about sharing some of my adventurous moments in life. Generally I am fairly conservative when I am near home, but since I travel a lot for work, I sometimes take advantage of the fact that I likely won’t run into people I know in case I do something crazy. An example of this behavior is going to topless and nude beaches when I travel abroad. If my mother knew I did these things she would have a stroke.I do have a spontaneous streak in me where I am willing to just go for it without too much thinking. Sometimes that works out well for me, and sometimes it doesn’t pay off. It is also at odds with my upbringing in a conservative small Midwestern town. But maybe that is why I subconsciously try to shed my upbringing and be adventurous when the moment arises.You might think I am a slut after reading this. All I can say is I have the same thought sometimes after contemplating what I have done. I’m not always proud of some of my choices, but at the same time I am still mostly glad I had the experience. So here is one of my adventures from not that long ago…I recently had a stressful few weeks where I was working 12 to 16 hour days to get a high profile project completed at work. It was Thursday of my third and final week of hell and I finally had the energy to go to the gym. I got off work late as usual at around 9pm and rushed home to get a quick bite to eat and a change of clothes. I wasn’t working on Friday, so I didn’t care how late I was up. I just wanted to work out and get rid of my stress.To give you a picture of me, I am five feet five inches tall with sandy blonde wavy hair that extends about six inches below my shoulders, blue eyes, and I have a nice tan in the summer months. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I weigh about 124 pounds and my bra size is 34B. I would say most guys think I am cute and I have never had a problem getting interest from men. In fact, sometimes it is quite annoying the amount of attention I get and I would rather be less interesting to the opposite sex.The gym I go to is pretty big. It’s never full at the times I go and I never have to wait for the equipment I want. The gym is also open all night which is really convenient for people like me who often work late. I got to the gym around 11 PM and changed into my workout clothes in the locker room. I put on my usual outfit of a sports bra and tank top with shorts and my cross trainers.When I headed out of the women’s locker room I noticed there weren’t too many people left. I think there were a couple women and maybe ten guys. I quickly made my way to the elliptical machine and set my favorite program for 30 minutes. The machines faced a wall so I couldn’t really watch anybody unless they were beside me so I tuned into a television show and plugged in my mp3 player. I watched the TV without sound and I began my workout.It was nice to work up a sweat and listen to music while forgetting about work. When the program I set on the elliptical machine ended, I moved on to some weight machines. I usually don’t work too long on weights but since it had been about a month since I had been to the gym, I spent about 45 minutes working muscles that had not been used since the last time I was here. It felt good to push myself which also helped me forget about my day.I have to admit I’m a bit self-conscious and I tend to look around to see if anyone is watching me. I’m in pretty good shape and get a lot of complements on my looks from both men and women. At the gym I usually find guys, and sometimes women, checking me out when I work out. Tonight was no different. The two women didn’t really pay much attention to me, but a couple guys said hello and I noticed a few others look my way occasionally. That always makes me feel good, but I really wasn’t looking to pick up somebody from the gym. After I finished with the weights, I went to the treadmill to finish up with a 15 minute run.By this time the women had headed to the locker room and there were still about six or seven guys. I was the only woman left and it didn’t surprise me since it was close to 1 AM. I didn’t care that it was so late. I was still a little wound up from work and I planned to sleep in tomorrow on my day off.The run went by quickly. It felt good to get my heart rate up again. When I finished with my run, I toweled off and wiped the machine. Next I wanted to go to the sauna. The pool was closed, but the gym kept the sauna’s open all night. I went back to the locker room and took off my clothes. I was the only one there as the women must have already showered and left, unless they were in the sauna.I quickly rinsed off my body in the shower with some cool water, and then I wrapped myself in a towel. Unfortunately I was in such a rush to leave the house I forgot to pack my own towel, so I used the gym towel. These weren’t as big as my towel and it barely covered me. I headed out of the backside of the locker room to the pool area and saunas. The women’s sauna was in the back away from the pool and right outside the women’s locker room while the men’s sauna was closer to the pool and their locker room.Being this late I didn’t see anyone around which made me happy. I just wanted to relax and close my eyes for a while and enjoy the warmth in peace. I opened the door to the sauna and was pleased the room was empty.The sauna has wide cedar benches all around with three levels. The floor and ceiling is also made of cedar. It’s actually quite large and is meant to handle a lot of women since the gym is so large. To the right, along the same wall as you enter, there is a sauna heater and a pail of water to create steam if desired. The glass door was frosted to ensure privacy. It really was kind of private, especially this late at night.I walked forward and I took a seat on the lowest level of the back wall and leaned back facing the door. The thought had crossed my mind that I could possibly get away with being nude tonight given that all the women had left. I briefly considered taking my towel off and laying it on the bench for me to lie on, but I decided to sit first and see how I felt about that risk in a few minutes.My gym towel was just big enough to cover me. I had it knotted under my right arm and the top of the towel cut across the lower part of my breasts with the bottom coming about half way down my thighs. I felt tightly squeezed into the towel, so I loosened it to make it more comfortable and let a little air get inside.I closed my eyes and relaxed. The warmth felt really nice and I began to think of what I would do on my day off on Friday. I thought about sleeping in late, making a late breakfast, and then heading out to do some shopping that was long overdue. I also thought about laying out and working on my tan a little and getting back into the book I had been reading before I starting working so many hours. I thought about making my whole weekend like this and just recharging myself.Suddenly I was startled when the door opened. I looked up to see four nice looking young guys probably in their 20s enter the sauna. They were talking kind of loudly and were equally startled by me. The first guy who entered apologized for startling me and introduced himself as Josh.”I’m so sorry for startling you,” Josh said. The other guys who entered behind Josh, and almost ran into him when he stopped, slid around each side of him. “This is Dave, Rich, and Robert,” Josh said as he pointed. Each guy said hello.”Hello, I’m Katie,” I said. “Why are you in the women’s sauna?” I said smiling and with a curious, almost angry look. I expected them to be fully embarrassed for entering the wrong sauna, kind of like mistakenly entering the women’s bathroom. I’ve seen a few embarrassed men do 180s and high tail it out as soon as they realized their mistake.Josh looked surprised by my question. “Well this is the only sauna as far as I know. The old men’s sauna is under construction so this sauna is being used by both sexes. The gym posted this policy about a month ago. I think it’s going to be this way for a few months. I was in here last week with men and women.”Bewildered by this news, I responded. “Sorry, I haven’t been here in a month. I had no idea.” There wasn’t much else I could say. I was enjoying my peace and quiet, and now I was listening to their conversation as they sat down around me. Dave and Rich sat on either side of me about five feet away while Robert sat above me at the top level and to my left a little. Josh sat on the lower level on the wall to my left. Each had a towel wrapped around their waste.The first thing I noticed about these guys was how nice their bodies were and how well-groomed they looked. Each of them had defined chest muscles, muscular looking arms, and they were very fit, but not overly done like gym rats. None of them had any chest hair or any tattoos. They seemed to be well educated too and continued their conversation as though I wasn’t there.I tried closing my eyes again and I occasionally opened them slightly and saw Josh looking over at me once in a while. He was checking me out. I tried harder to keep my eyes closed, but after a few minutes I realized that relaxing wasn’t going to work. I opened my eyes and looked toward Josh. “I’m sorry, we are bothering you,” he said as he saw me look at him.”No, not at all,” I lied. Josh smiled and looked a little relieved. He then asked me what I did for work and I told him I was involved in pharmaceutical sales.”That’s interesting,” Josh said. “Robert and I are pre-med students. I suppose one day we will be meeting some cute pharmaceutical sales reps.”I smiled. Was he saying I was cute, or that the eventual sales reps would be cute? I pondered that sentence and then Dave and Rich started talking about a sales rep one of them had dated.”I went to a party with pharmaceutical sales reps once. Jennifer brought me along. The place was full of cute women. That must be mostly what they hire since they can get the attention of the doctors,” Dave said.It’s true that there are a lot of cute women in that occupation and there are men too. Implying the job is only given to cute women is not only wrong, it is sexist. There actually is a lot of technical information that needs to be understood to do that job well and we aren’t selling our bodies. It was a sexist remark but I let it go.”Jennifer was hot”, Rich replied. “With the stories you would tell about your sex lives, I can’t believe you guys broke up.””The sex was fantastic, but we just had different personalities.””Well I really miss those stories,” Rich continued. That blow job on the beach story made me really jealous. Michelle would never consider doing something like that. And that blow job in the movie theater is another thing that will never happen to me.””You still have time,” Dave said laughing. You aren’t with Michelle any longer so all you need to do is find an adventurous woman. But don’t just focus on me. You remember Robert in the dorms with Vanessa. He used to pound her almost every night. I’ve never had sex as much as him.””Hey wait a minute now,” Robert chimed in. “Let’s not dig into my sex life in front of the lady.””You’re right,” Josh said looking at me. “Sorry about that. I think we forgot we weren’t alone,” Josh said as he gave Rich a look. Josh paused after I smiled back at him, and then he asked, “Are women as crude as men talking about sex?” After another brief pause without me responding, Josh added, “You don’t have to answer that.” He looked embarrassed.”We talk about it,” I said. “Maybe not as graphically as men, but certainly a beach or theater story would definitely peak my interest if it had been my friend.” The men laughed and Josh seemed relieved that I spoke.”I once had a girlfriend in high school and she tried to give me a blow job in a theater,” Josh continued as he focused his attention back toward Rich. “She stopped when some people came in late and sat in our row. Another time she did it in the car outside her parent’s house and I was freaked the whole time thinking her dad was going to peak through the curtains and see just me in the car with a smile on my face.” All of us laughed.Rich jumped in and said, “Robert, what was that girl’s name in college that you dated sophomore year? I remember you telling me she wanted you to titty-fuck her almost every night. She had really big tits.””That was Saundra,” Robert replied. “She did have big tits and the woman couldn’t keep her mouth off of me. I had one class with her and she would pass me notes in class telling me how much she wanted to suck my dick. It was really hard to concentrate and I blame her for not getting an A in that class.” There was more laughter by the guys. I might have rolled my eyes but tried to keep a straight face.”Well I bet it was easy to bury the pipe in those tits. My girlfriend at the time had virtually no tits and when we tried it once it was hopeless,” Rich said.Dave responded, “Michelle had tits. Didn’t you ever try it with her?””Yes, we did it a couple times. She just wasn’t that much into that or oral.””My experience is that you need c-cups to do it well,” Josh said. “Linda liked it sometimes and she was a C.”Without thinking, I immediately responded. “I don’t think you need a c-cup to do it.”There was sudden silence as all of the guys turned toward me. I noticed they were focused on my chest trying to undress me with their eyes and guess my cup size. I was immediately self-conscious and realized I was showing a lot of cleavage.I wear a b-cup bra normally. I say normally because I wear a c-cup in one brand of bra that I buy, but my other brands are b-cup. So I guess I am a big b-cup. My breasts are pretty firm and it helps when I hold them together around my guy, but it works.Each guy then started apologizing. “Sorry, that was too graphical,” Josh said. “I guess you must be a b-cup then?””Uh huh,” I said.”And she must have been titty-fucked,” Rich said laughing. “I’m sorry! I couldn’t help it.” The other guys laughed a little but still didn’t remove their attention from my chest.After they finished laughing at Rich, I said, “Uh huh, if you must know.” I think I saw Josh’s jaw drop as I said that and he stared more intently at my chest trying to undress me.”That’s awesome,” Rich said. I looked at him amused. “Have you given a blow job in a theater?” Rich followed up.Josh interrupted, “Wait a minute. You don’t have to answer that.”I couldn’t believe how quickly the conversation changed toward quizzing me. “It’s ok,” I lied again. “Yes, I have done it in a theater.””Cool!” Rich responded. “And you didn’t worry about being caught?””I worried a little, but it was dark and we were near the back and in the seats on the side.””Dave said, “So did you ever receive while you were in a theater?””That would have been too hard to do, but he did use his fingers and I gave hand jobs a few times.””Yeah, we did that too,” Dave said.”Damn osmaniye escort I need to get a girlfriend,” Rich said. “So have you done anything else in public?”I thought for a couple seconds. “In a car and in a park.””What?” Robert said. “I mean, what did you do, if you don’t mind me asking?””I’ve given blow jobs and hand jobs in the car, and blow jobs in the park.””I guess this was at night?” Josh asked.”No, I did it during the day. In the car I’ve done it while we were moving and while parked, and in the park we were in a fairly secluded place.””Holy shit,” Rich said. “I don’t think I could keep the car on the road if you were blowing me while I was driving. Oh shit, I mean if a girl were blowing me while I was driving. Sorry.”I laughed. Rich was funny and definitely needed a girlfriend. I thought I would tease him with my response. “He was able to keep it on the road and got better at it after I did it several times. You just need practice,” I said.”Oh my God,” Rich said as I saw him staring at my cleavage and then my legs. I looked at him more closely and saw a tent forming with his towel.Josh broke the ice. “Ok, this is an incredible opportunity to learn from the opposite sex, so I have to ask. Well I really don’t have to ask, but I’m going to anyway. Do girls like giving blow jobs? What about swallowing? Do girls talk about that?”I thought for a moment about it being time to leave, but this was kind of fun for now. It was like I was passing on some secret information that they couldn’t get themselves. “Some like it and some don’t I suppose. I can’t tell you percentages. I have friends that have confided they like it. As for swallowing, I haven’t really talked about that since high school. Some friends wanted to know what it was like and we talked about it.”Rich’s tent was getting taller. His towel knot had come undone and I could see the side of his upper thigh appearing. I looked at Josh and his eyes were glued to me.To my right, Dave asked, “So what about you?”I turned my head toward Dave. “Do I like giving blow jobs? I asked.”Yeah,” Dave said.”That’s kind of personal, but sure,” I said. I glanced quickly at Dave’s lap and saw the outline of his penis under his towel. It seemed big, but it wasn’t standing up like Rich.”What about swallowing?” Robert asked.I paused and thought about my answer before I spoke. These questions were getting a lot more personal. It was strange talking about it so openly with a bunch of guys. Even talking about it with girls was a little weird. But I was intrigued as to how immature this conversation could get and decided to continue.”I swallow,” I said while turning my head back to the left and looking up at Robert. I hadn’t really looked at Robert very closely until now. He was a very attractive black man. He was tall and looked athletic. His upper body was shiny with a little perspiration from the heat and I saw that he had his legs spread fairly wide. Under his loosely wrapped towel I could see the end of his penis hanging between his legs. It must have been long to be visible. I tried not to stare and I turned my eyes away quickly when he focused on my gaze.”Oh my God,” Rich said.I began to think I was giving them too much information. It was a fun little game though and the devil in me enjoyed making them squirm.”Robert replied looking at Dave and then Rich, “I’ve never been with a girl who spit or wouldn’t go down on me.” I looked back up at him and his right leg seemed to be leaning even more to the right and exposing himself underneath the towel. I glanced again at the end of his long penis and then back up at his face. I wasn’t sure if he knew he was exposed or not.”I have,” Josh said. He stood up and moved to the opposite wall to check the temperature and then returned to the middle of the floor facing all of us. His towel was tied in a knot on his right side and his hand was on top of the knot like he was trying to make sure it stayed in place. I could see his penis poking at the towel and I think he saw me look at it. “It’s usually hotter than this,” he said while using his left hand to stretch out the towel in front of him so that it wasn’t as easy to see his erect penis underneath poking at the fabric.It was hot enough for me. I felt some perspiration trickle down between my breasts and I looked down to see the shine on my skin. My knot was also a bit looser than before but I didn’t want to adjust it in front of the guys. I kept my right arm pinned to my side to ensure my knot didn’t come undone.Rich stood up and his towel began to slip. He caught it in time but I did get quite a view of his right ass cheek. He sat back down a little closer to me and bunched the towel on top of him and left it untied. The entire outside of his right leg was exposed. This helped conceal his erection but he was also more exposed. I looked over his body while he was focused on arranging his towel and noticed how cute his face was. His body was also shiny like mine with light perspiration and it made his muscles seem to stand out more so than before.”I’ve been lucky too,” Dave said. My first girlfriend in high school wanted to go down on me all the time. And then Carla wanted to do it in public or in the bedroom next to her parent’s room any chance we could get. She loved the danger of possibly being caught. Both of them and my other girlfriend always swallowed.””What about facials?” Josh said?”Carla liked facials,” Dave replied. He was staring at the tops of my breasts almost in a trance when he answered and then snapped out of it.”What about you, Katie?” Robert said.I looked back to my left over my shoulder. Robert seemed closer so I had to turn more than before. I put my left elbow on the seat behind me as I twisted and said, “Do I like facials? Sometimes. I think it can be hot in the right moment.”I looked into Robert’s eyes as I responded but snuck a peak beneath his towel. I couldn’t help it. He had stiffened, and since he was closer I got a better look at it. His penis was lifted a little and pointing at me. He pushed down with his towel a little when he saw me looking. At this point I knew he knew I could see it, but he didn’t acknowledge it in any way.”So when is the right moment?” Rich said. “I mean, how do you know?”I looked at Rich. He was only a few feet away now. His towel was doing a bad job covering his erect penis. “I don’t know, honestly. It could be from being “titty fucked” as you put it earlier, or maybe my guy just asks to cum on my face and I say yes.” The look on Rich’s face made it worth answering.”That’s how I first gave Carla a facial. She was sucking me after I fucked her and I simply asked her if I could blow my load on her face. She was surprised by me asking, but she loved trying new things. After that she said she liked seeing it spurt out and then seeing it on her in the mirror, so we did it occasionally after that,” Dave said.I turned all the way round toward Dave and put my right elbow on the bench behind me. This was getting difficult with all the turning back and forth. His towel was also now bunched on top and his entire left leg was exposed. “She was a sight,” Dave continued. Sometimes she was completely covered in it and she couldn’t wait to see herself in the mirror.””Oh my God,” Rich said. “I’ll never have that experience,” he sighed.”Don’t worry boy, somebody is going to suck your dick again,” Robert said to Rich. “Saundra got a facial from me at least once a week. We can find you a girl that likes to suck dick.”Instead of turning all the way around again I decided to try something different and just leaned back into the seat and then put my other elbow on the seat behind me. Both elbows were now resting on the seat behind me and I looked up and backward toward Robert. “You both seem to be pretty lucky,” I said. Robert had also bunched his towel and his legs were still spread wide. He had arranged it so that I had a clear view of his penis pointing at me under the towel.”Maybe,” Robert said. “Every girl I’ve been with has liked sucking my dick. A couple girls were afraid at first, but after the first time they wanted it all the time. I’ve had girls I didn’t know come up to me at parties and ask to suck my dick.”I chuckled, and then said, “You must have an amazing reputation for strange girls to come up to you and request that.””I never thought of that, but I suppose girls talk,” Robert replied. “I didn’t actually take them up on it, mind you.” Robert paused, and then continued, “Well I did with one, but we dated after that so she doesn’t count.”Dave added, “I’ll admit I’ve been lucky. I’ve never had girls I don’t know request to give me a blow job, but with the girls I have dated, I think only one didn’t like giving blow jobs and a couple girls really loved getting facials.”Quit rubbing it in!” Rich retorted.”You guys really need a life. Is that all guys talk about?” I said kind of laughing. “I mean, are facials really that exciting? I understand the excitement of the blow job, but facials?”Robert smiled back. I looked at Rich who was staring at my chest. I turned toward Josh who was in front of me. He was also staring and then lifted his eyes toward mine. His towel was pressed against his penis which was poking straight out.”Well we don’t normally get to have this discussion with a woman, and in my case, not even with one of my past girlfriends. It’s kind of hot actually,” Josh said.Rich blurted out, “It’s really hot. I can’t speak to having given a facial unfortunately, but I think it is hot in porn. Maybe you haven’t seen it, but it is incredibly exciting to see a girl get on her knees and let the guy blast all over her face and mouth, and then she smiles at the camera. I’m not sure why, but maybe it is because she appears to love to wear his cum proudly.””I’ve seen it,” I said. “Like I said, sometimes it can be hot, but sometimes it seems a little gross in some of the clips I’ve seen.””How so,” Robert asked. “And where have you seen these clips?””A past boyfriend and I watched some videos. One of the gross ones I remember was a girl licking cum off the floor. I also didn’t like it when the guys shoved their dicks into the girl’s mouth so roughly and nearly choked her.””Ok, so you aren’t into BDSM then,” Robert said as he winked. “What about gangbang videos. Did you see and like any of those? That’s like three or more guys and a girl.””Yeah, we saw several of those. Some were good.””That is awesome!” Rich blurted out. Have you ever thought about doing it? I think most guys think about having sex with a couple girls.”Rich didn’t want this conversation to end. I looked toward my left and said, “I think a lot of girls think about it. It’s a common fantasy. I would say very few people live out fantasies like that.” Rich was staring at my cleavage again.”But what about you?” Robert asked.”Do I fantasize about it? Sure, sometimes.”Rich was still staring at my chest when he thought I wasn’t looking. Rich’s towel had moved so that I could see part of the side of his penis. He wasn’t paying attention to it. I turned my head back toward Josh.”How many guys?” Josh asked. I should have known that question was coming next.”I don’t know. Two to three maybe.””Oh my God,” Rich said. “Katie, you are so fucking hot. Please don’t tell me you have a boyfriend or husband. I need to know girls like you are still available.”I began to laugh. “No I am unattached at the moment.”There was silence for about 15 seconds. The guys were all still looking at me. “Um,” Josh said. I looked back at him. He was holding his towel in front of him with only his left hand. “Um, your towel slipped,” he said.It took me a moment to register what he was saying since I was looking at his towel not properly tied. I looked down and saw that my knot had come loose and my towel had slipped down to my waist exposing both of my breasts completely. My first thought was when did this happen and how long have they been staring at my tits? I reached down quickly with my hands to grab the towel.Rich reached out and put the fingers of his hand on my left arm just to get my attention, but not to restrain me. “Hold on a second, Katie. I know this is extremely rude, but damn you are beautiful. I just want to take it in for a second. Please?”I hesitated briefly pondering what I had just been asked. I had never been asked to be topless in front of a group of guys before. But I know many guys would love to get a chance to see my breasts if I let them. I was actually flattered just a little, but it was also weird.”Just for a minute. Please?” Rich begged.What was I thinking? I said, “Okay I guess, but this is weird. They are just boobs. I don’t know why guys get so hung up on them.”Robert stood so that he could lean over me and get a better peek. Rich gently pulled my arm away and I let go of the towel. Robert then sat down almost directly above me. I looked up and saw he was leaning over to get his look at my breasts.”Lean back Katie,” Robert said. “You look amazing.” I felt my nipples hardening as I complied with his request. What was I doing allowing three strangers to stare at me like a picture of a naked girl in a magazine? I thought about that for a moment and realized I was actually flattered they were so enthused about how I looked. It had been about 6 months since my breakup with my last boyfriend and nobody had seen my body or commented on my looks since well before then.I placed my head on the bench behind me between Robert’s feet and looked up toward the ceiling and Robert. How long was I going to let this go on? “Okay guys, get a good look,” I said laughing to myself.”You look really great, Katie,” Dave said. I twisted my head toward him and noticed he had shifted so that his left knee was on the bench and his body twisted toward me. His towel was bunched on his lap and clearly hiding an erection. He noticed me looking.”Thanks,” I replied. “Have you guys got a good look yet?””Not quite yet,” Dave said. “I’m sorry for being in the state I’m in. I can’t control it.” I think he was talking about his erection.”Yeah, me too,” Josh said. I’m tired of holding this towel in front of me and I can’t hide it. Do you mind if I drop it?I looked at Josh and he was barely covering himself now. It was time for me to pull up my towel. I reached down to grab the towel and I felt a finger on my shoulder. It was Robert who reached down from above me. He was on the edge of the seat now above me.”Just a second Katie. Before you do that I want you to know that you are completely safe with us. We aren’t anyone to fear. We will completely respect your wishes and I’m truly sorry if we came across as perverts. We really are good guys. We’re just enjoying something that will never happen to us again. I know it is coming off very creepy, but another minute of enjoying your incredible beauty would be truly amazing for us.”That comment made me feel safer for some reason, and I didn’t really feel unsafe before Robert said that. Again I was flattered by the comment about my body. I worked hard to keep myself escort osmaniye trim and looking good and it was nice to hear somebody tell me they liked how I looked.I leaned my head back to look up at Robert. “I don’t think you guys are too creepy, and it’s been an interesting conversation, although a little weird. I’ll stay topless for a while longer and then I’ll have to get going. And you can drop your towel if you want, Josh.” That was one of my spontaneous decisions that could have used a little more thought.”Thank God,” said Rich and the guys laughed. I couldn’t help but laugh also.I looked forward at Josh and saw him drop his towel. His penis was mostly stiff. “Sorry,” Josh said.”It’s okay,” I said. “I’ve seen one before. But if somebody walks in here we are all getting kicked out of this gym.”Dave set his towel aside also. He was also mostly erect. Both guys actually had very nice-looking equipment that was well trimmed.Rich broke the ice. “So let’s get back to the conversation that will never happen again after we leave this room. I think you said you fantasize about being with two or three guys. From a girl’s point of view, what is hot about that? Like what would you want to happen?”I turned to look at Rich while everyone else laughed at his question. His towel was also off. “I don’t know, I said while laughing internally at such a question. I guess the usual things.””Oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex? How would it end?” Rich probed.There was less laughing this time as it seemed everyone wanted to know the answer. I thought for a second and leaned my head back to the bench behind me to rest. I looked up at Robert’s massive penis pointed down at my face and was immediately surprised at how large it was. His towel was nowhere in sight.I was in room with four naked guys and they were questioning me about a fantasy of having sex with multiple guys, a gangbang as Robert referred to it. As I pondered that I said, “I guess some of them, or maybe all of them. What do you mean by how it ends?” I kept my eyes focused on Robert’s penis and wondered how a girl could take that inside her.Rich replied, “I mean in your fantasy do you want each guy to cum inside you, on you, or in your mouth?”I shook my head. The maturity of Rich was even more in question if that was possible. “It varies I guess. My fantasy isn’t that specific, but I suppose it could be any of those,” I said.”Oh my God that is hot,” Rich said. I looked over and saw his hand on his erect penis lightly stroking it.I looked back over at Dave briefly and then up at Robert. Dave was lightly stroking himself also, and Robert was still dangling his massive penis above my face. I wondered what it would be like to be fucked by that thing and then thought about one of my fantasies where I’m awakened in bed and a few guys have their way with me. All three of them fuck me and then cum on me, but never in any of my fantasies was there someone as large as Robert.Robert smiled at me. “Damn Katie, this has really been a once in a lifetime conversation. And you have the finest tits imaginable. You should be proud of those. Please don’t ever get implants.””I know what I have, and I would never change them,” I replied.Robert’s penis was only about six or eight inches above me and he placed his hand at the base of it and pushed down so that I could get a better view of his face. “Can I touch you, Katie?” Robert asked?I didn’t respond. I just kept looking up at his penis dangling above my head. I had never seen a black guy’s cock before in person and I couldn’t help but stare at it. Robert placed both of his hands on the fronts of my shoulders and began to caress them gently. His cock lifted as he took his hand off the base of it and it stretched out over my forehead several inches above me. He then shifted forward to improve his reach and his cock dropped down near the left side of my face. He was almost squatting above me and he continued to rub my shoulders with his fingers now grazing the tops of my breasts.I closed my eyes and started thinking about one of my other fantasies. When I opened my eyes again a few minutes later, Robert’s fingers had reached to just above my nipples. He was lightly caressing my breasts and it felt good. I could tell my nipples were rock hard and moments later his fingers brushed against both of them. My nipples are sensitive and I almost let out a screech but held it in.As I started to come out of my fog, I turned my head toward my left and got a glance of Rich stroking his cock and staring at my tits. Robert’s cock blocked some of my view though with the tip of it just in front of my face. What should I do, I thought? I was enjoying Robert’s caress, but it wasn’t just me and him. There were three other guys watching Robert rub my breasts.I could feel wetness between my legs and I squeezed my thighs closer together. Robert moved his fingers lower and his hands were now completely caressing my breasts. He ran little circles around my nipples with his fingers, getting them even harder if that was possible. He also lightly pinched them and ran his fingers back and forth lightly across the tips. My pussy was soaking wet.Robert’s cock bounced around a little as he moved his hands across my chest and I stared at it like I was being hypnotized. I thought about what it would be like to take him in my mouth, if only for a moment, but I resisted moving my face toward his cock.Robert must have seen me staring at him. He shifted his hips more to my left side and put his left foot down to the step I was sitting on so that he was almost sitting on the edge of the bench that my head was resting on. His weight was resting on his right leg which was now curled underneath him on the seat above my head. The tip of Robert’s cock moved to a few inches away from my mouth and it was pointing almost directly at me as he settled into his new position.Robert cupped my left breast from underneath and then he squeezed it and my nipple, and then moved his hand down toward my belly. I kept my face turned to the left and I didn’t move. I didn’t protest either.Robert’s touch on my breasts along with my very curious interest in looking at his huge black cock was clouding my judgement. The room was completely quiet, and for a moment I forgot I was in a room with three other guys and I focused only on Robert.Robert alternated caressing my belly and breasts with his left hand, and at the same time he moved his hips forward just a little, and very subtly, so that the tip of his cock was almost touching my lips. I kept my lips closed but didn’t move my face away. I closed my eyes and concentrated on his touch.Moments later I felt a hand on my right breast. I could tell it wasn’t Robert’s hand. It was smaller and concentrating on teasing my right nipple. It felt good. I opened my eyes and I looked up at Robert’s face. He was clearly admiring my body as I was his. He winked at me and somehow my subconscious mind parted my lips partially.I closed my eyes again and a moment later I felt the tip of Robert’s cock touch my lips. Was it an accident? I did nothing for a moment and I felt wetness on my lips. Subconsciously my tongue slid forward slightly between my teeth and I touched his hole, transferring some of the wetness to the tip of my tongue. I lightly swabbed across the tip and coated my tongue with more wetness.Robert moaned softly and pushed forward just a little. I let my lips open wider and I took his head in my mouth. He was big and my mouth had to stretch to take him in. I ran my tongue around the head as best I could and sucked it. Moments later I felt a mouth sucking on my right nipple. I kept my focus on Robert and opened my mouth wider to take more of him in my mouth.As I slowly licked and sucked on Robert I felt my towel being opened around my waist. I knew it was Robert’s hand after I felt it on my lower belly. My legs opened without any thought and Robert began rubbing my clit and inserting his finger deep into my pussy. It wasn’t going to take much to get me to cum.Robert’s cock tasted good and I focused on pleasing him. I tried to take more of him in my mouth and he helped by moving his hips in and out very slowly. After a very short time it became difficult to concentrate as my body began to shake and Robert brought me to an intense orgasm. I cried out with Robert’s cock in my mouth and I just held him tight with my lips.After my orgasm subsided Robert continued to slowly fuck my mouth for a few strokes and then he pulled out and stepped down to the floor in front of me. I looked forward and the other guys were around and behind Robert stroking their cocks.I sat up and Robert stepped forward placing his feet next to mine. This was the first time I had really seen his cock well. It was so long and thick I wasn’t sure that I could please him. I couldn’t believe I had it in my mouth just a moment before, but that was only a few inches. He didn’t say anything, but I knew what he wanted and I wanted to try it too.I reached out with my hand and felt the weight of his cock. It was heavy. I stroked it a couple times and he leaned into me. His cock was near the front of my face. I decided to tease him first and reached out with the tip of my tongue and licked at his hole. I then cupped his balls and stroked the underneath side of them. He pushed his hips forward pressing the head of his cock at my lips. I looked up at him and smiled and then parted my lips to take the head in my mouth. His cock was so smooth it felt like baby’s skin.Robert pressed forward and I opened my mouth wider. I took as much of him inside as I could which was about half. With long slow strokes I began to move my head in and out until I could take about an inch more. Normally with my past boyfriends I could take almost the full length of them into my mouth. But with Robert it seemed there were a few inches more that I could not fit inside without choking. My mouth was completely stretched, but I was impressed with how much I could fit inside. As I relaxed with each thrust of my mouth I picked up speed and sucked Robert’s beautiful cock.”That’s it Katie,” Robert moaned. “Suck it just like that.”I continued sucking Robert for a few minutes and the only sound in the room was my sucking noises and Robert’s moans of pleasure. Robert then placed his hand on my shoulder and pulled out of my mouth. He sat down next to me. “Can I fuck you,” he said? “I don’t have any condoms with me,” he continued frowning.”Yeah, it’s okay,” I replied. “You don’t need to worry. I’m on birth control.”Robert grabbed my hand and guided me to get on top of him. I faced him and slowly guided him inside of me. He was the largest I had ever experienced, by far. Fortunately I was so wet and after a few strokes I was able to get him inside comfortably and I began to ride him. Robert reached for my tits and leaned forward to suck on them. He then grabbed my ass and began driving his cock into me. I cried out uncontrollably with pleasure as he rammed into me with increasing frequency until I had my second orgasm a few minutes later.After I regained my composure, Robert lifted me off of him and I sat down next to him. The other guys were still standing there stroking away.”Holy shit, Katie,” Rich said. “You are so fucking hot.” Rich was standing a few feet in front of me.”Yeah?” I said. I sat up toward the edge of the bench and I reached forward and petted the top of Rich’s cock hanging between his legs. “You guys have been teasing me with these erections since just after we met.” I grabbed Rich’s cock and tugged him toward me and then I began to lightly stroke him.”We have erections only because of how incredibly hot you are, Katie. That feels so nice,” Rich said.I looked up into Rich’s eyes and then I leaned forward and took his cock into my mouth. Initially I licked the head while I stared into his eyes. Then I leaned forward and took as much of him into my mouth as I could. I got almost all of him in my mouth. Still looking into Rich’s eyes I could see that he looked like he was going to fall. His legs were shaking. I sucked him in and out all the way a few times and then stopped.”Here, sit down,” I said. Rich sat down on my left, and then I got up and went to my knees between Rich’s legs. “You wanted a public blow job. I hope this is public enough.””I can’t believe this is happening,” Rich replied.I buried my face into Rich’s crotch and began licking the top side of his balls, and then I moved slowly up his shaft until I reached the head. Rich had a fair amount of pre-cum oozing out the tip and I swabbed at it with the tip of my tongue and let him see it before I swallowed it. Rich looked stunned and he just stared in disbelief that I was between his legs right here and now. I took Rich in my mouth again and began to suck him up and down. He was quite a bit smaller than Robert which allowed me more ability to use my tongue as I sucked him. I didn’t expect he would last very long.After a few minutes I felt fingers probing near my pussy. I was still wet and I could tell it was Dave. Dave spread my legs apart and I felt his cock poking at my pussy. He figured it out after a moment and entered me. I kept sucking Rich as Dave slowly built up his rhythm, but it became increasingly difficult with Dave’s thrusts.When Dave stopped a few minutes later I had a moment to concentrate on Rich again. I sucked Rich until I thought he was almost ready to cum, but then Josh switched with Dave and he shoved his cock inside me. My rhythm with Rich was broken again while Josh grunted and slammed into me harder than Dave. I tried to hold Rich in my mouth as best I could.After a few minutes, Josh back out for a break and I began to work on Rich again. I leaned down to lick his balls once more and then slowly worked my way up the side of his penis until I found the head. I licked the head for about a minute as I stared into Rich’s eyes, and then took Rich into my mouth. Rich was still very hard and I began sucking him up and down.I could hear the juices in Rich’s cock as I picked up speed. He started moaning softly and I felt his cock get even harder in my mouth. “I’m going to cum soon, Katie,” Rich moaned. I processed this information as I sucked him and continued without pausing. I didn’t think it would be nice if I stopped sucking him and jerked him off, and it certainly wouldn’t be as enjoyable for either of us. I was going to let him cum in my mouth.Rich’s moans became louder as he got closer and I looked up to see his face. His expression was one of disbelief and immense pleasure at the same time. I continued to look in his eyes as I sucked him more deeply, taking all of him in my mouth with each stroke. I did this for several strokes and then increased my pace, focusing mostly on the last few inches his cock. Rich closed his eyes and clenched his teeth as he exploded in my mouth.It had been over six months since I had given a blow job and the warmth of the fluid, and the speed at which it hit the back of my throat, was a little surprising. osmaniye escort bayan I didn’t choke as Rich pumped stream after stream of liquid into my mouth and I was able to swallow while I mostly just held his cock on my mouth. As Rich began to slow with his spurts I continued to suck his cock until he was completely expended and began to soften.When I finally let Rich out of my mouth I sat back and smiled at my accomplishment. Rich leaned back as well and said, “Oh my God, Katie. You are amazing. That was the best blow job I’ve ever had.””Thank you. I enjoyed it too,” is all that I could think of to say, but it was the truth.After about a minute, Josh got in close behind me and placed both of his hands on my breasts. He began rubbing my nipples and kissed my neck. He then moved his mouth toward my ear and whispered, “Can I fuck you again?”I turned my head toward his and whispered, “Yes.”Josh lay down on the cedar floor and guided me onto him, but facing away. I started rocking my hips while Dave got up and stood in front of me, straddling Josh’s legs. I sucked on Dave as best I could and noticed the familiar flavor of my pussy on his cock.After several minutes, Josh said we should switch. Robert helped me up.”Here, sit on the bench Katie and lean back,” Robert said. I complied without saying anything. He then got on one knee, lifted my hips, and drove his cock deep into me and began fucking me while holding my hips off the bench. Robert was so strong it was like it took very little effort for him to keep me elevated and drive into me. I couldn’t believe how much Robert filled me compared to the other guys, and they weren’t small.Josh took a seat above me and dangled his cock just above my head. I reached my head back and up and tasted myself again as I licked my juices off the tip. I kept just the head in my mouth and held it as Robert fucked me.The pounding in my pussy was intense and again I was building another orgasm! Robert was grunting and moaning now with each thrust. After a few minutes more I couldn’t help it and I started screeching with each thrust. I came hard again and released Josh from my mouth before I caused damage. Robert slowed his pace after my orgasm began to subside and then pulled out of me.Robert set me down on the edge of the bench and stood up. As I tilted my head back I saw Josh stroking himself above me. He then pointed his cock down toward my mouth and I leaned my head back and opened wide to take him back in. Josh moved to a squatting position over my face and lowered himself until I had most of him in my mouth. He then fucked my mouth for several strokes before sitting on the edge of the seat above me.Josh began stroking himself again and I tilted my head back further so that I could get my tongue on the underside of his balls. I licked him a few times and then rested my neck on the bench and looked up at Josh. He resumed his squatting position and fed me his cock once again, but after a few strokes in and out of my mouth he paused above me and started stroking himself again with his hand. This time he kept his cock pointed down toward my mouth and the head was moving back and forth across my tongue.I kept my mouth open and my tongue extended while Josh jerked himself with increasing intensity. Moments later and without warning Josh fired a huge stream of cum into my mouth. I gulped in response trying not to choke on his cum going down my throat. I got my mouth partially open as his second and third streams coated my lips and teeth and he continued pumping and filling my mouth.When Josh finished I swallowed what was in my mouth and licked my lips clean. I then reached up and licked the tip of his cock clean until he had to release his oversensitive cock from my mouth. I knew I had some of his cum on my chin and cheeks but I wasn’t sure how much.”Fuck Katie, that was so fucking hot,” Josh finally said.”That was a lot of cum,” I replied smiling back up at him.”Let me fuck those tits Katie,” Robert said.I looked at Robert standing between my legs.”You sure they are big enough?” I replied.”They are big enough. Please lay down on the floor.” Robert placed a towel down and I got up and lay down on my back. I was kind of excited to see Robert’s cock again.Robert straddled me and then then placed his cock between my breasts. His cock was so big that my breasts only covered the sides. I squeezed my breasts and I locked my fingers so that he wouldn’t fall out. My body perspiration from the heated room helped with the lubrication and he began fucking me intently. He poked me in the chin a few times and I placed my chin down as far as I could and reached out with my tongue to lick his head with some of his thrusts.One of the guys saw me straining and folded a towel under my neck to make it easier for me to look at how big Robert was and how powerful his cock looked as it pushed through my breasts toward my face. I opened my mouth and extended my tongue so that the end of Robert’s thrust forward allowed the head of his cock to enter my mouth each time.Robert fucked my tits for only a few minutes before he stopped and began to stroke his cock with his big fist. Dave was also stroking his cock on the side of me.Robert leaned forward and offered his cock to my mouth and I opened and took a few inches of it inside. He fucked my mouth slowly and gently and I placed my hands on his strong chest so that I could feel his hard muscles. I noticed there was no fat on his upper body as I let my fingers explore from the sides of his abdomen up his ribs and to the sides of his pectoral muscles.His chest felt incredibly strong and was shiny with perspiration like the rest of us. Robert’s nipples were hard as well and I reached with my thumbs to touch them. Robert moaned softly as I touched him and pushed a little further with his next few thrusts into my mouth.”I want to cum on your face, Katie,” Robert finally said as he began to slow his pace.I just let two guys cum in my mouth in the last 10 minutes and began to realize that there would be two more looking to cum somewhere. I didn’t really want them cumming inside of me. As I thought about it more, I didn’t care where Robert came. I was more afraid of how much would come out of him and if I could handle it. “Okay,” I said a little timidly.Robert pulled out of my mouth and began stroking himself above my face. I brought my hands down to the sides of his muscular thighs and watched his fist go up and down above me. I hadn’t really looked at his balls before now and I was amazed at how large they seemed. I guess that was to be expected with such a huge cock. It was like staring at the underneath side of a bull with this massive sack hanging below him and clearly large globes inside.His balls were hanging just above and forward of my mouth and I reached up slightly and stretched out my tongue to lick him just briefly. I let my head back down and Robert moved forward a little so that his balls were now over my mouth and easily reachable. I reached up again with my tongue and tickled the underneath side of his balls as he jerked himself.I began to worry more about what was going to happen next. I have had facials before, but not from anyone nearly as big as Robert. It had also been close to a year since I had one, and most of them were really not that eventful because the guys either missed my face or mostly dribbled onto my chin. With Rich and Josh it definitely would have been much more messy had they not cum in my mouth. With Robert I feared he could have twice as much cum as the other two.After about a minute of tickling Robert’s balls with my tongue he sat back a little and aimed his dick toward my face. He kept stroking and I could see in his eyes that he was experiencing immense pleasure and would not last much longer. I opened my mouth partially in anticipation and extended my tongue hoping that I could reduce the amount that lands on my face.A moment later Robert began to moan and I opened my mouth wider. I stared at the tip of his cock and saw the first stream of white fluid explode out like a volcano erupting. My eyes closed instinctively and I felt a large amount of cum go into my mouth as well and land on my upper lip and nostrils. Then I felt hot liquid land on my left cheek and extend up near the outside of my eye. I opened my eyes again just in time to see another flash of white extending from Robert that partially went into my mouth and continued up the other cheek toward my right eye. I closed my eyes in reaction and reopened to realize he only hit the outside of it. Additional warm liquid hit my nose and fell into my mouth before I opened my eyes once again to see several more streams land on my cheeks, chin, and neck.I swallowed what was in my mouth and continued to look up at Robert. I smiled knowing he was finished and that he had really enjoyed what he just did. There was a string of cum hanging from the tip of his cock and more around the head where his fingers were. He pulled his hand away put his cock near my lips so that the string of cum was touching my upper teeth. I opened my mouth and took the head of his cock inside and sucked him clean.I couldn’t believe how much cum I felt on my face. I was also a bit shocked that I had just let three guys cum in my mouth. I didn’t mind giving blow jobs and kind of liked doing that with my past boyfriends, but doing it with three strangers in the gym sauna was still hard for me to process in my mind. It wasn’t like I didn’t enjoy doing it. I actually did enjoy it which was a little concerning. And there was another guy stroking his cock to my left who probably expected to do the same thing to me.Robert was still in my mouth and he pushed his cock deeper inside, but not enough to choke me. He fucked my mouth slowly for several strokes and then finally pulled himself out.Robert finally spoke. “Damn girl. If you could only see yourself right now. You are absolutely beautiful with cum on your face. I could spend an entire night fucking you. An entire weekend actually. You have such a nice little pussy, your tits are to die for, and your face is so fucking cute. Damn!”I was being objectified as a good piece of ass but took it as a compliment anyway. I actually would have liked him to fuck me all night. I don’t think I had cum that hard before from my past experiences.”Oh my God,” Rich chimed in. I looked over at him and saw he was stroking himself again. “You have so much cum on your face. Robert’s right. You are drop dead gorgeous with and without cum all over your face.””Thank you Katie,” Robert said as he stood up and stepped away.I looked back up at Robert. “You could have warned me you had double the amount of cum of a normal person,” I said laughing. All the guys laughed, but couldn’t take their eyes off of me.Dave scooted closer to me on his knees. He was still stroking himself and I realized I needed to pay attention to him. I turned my head toward my left and watched him stroke himself as he stared into my eyes. My desire for another guy to cum on me had waned a little given how much I had already swallowed and had on my face, but I also wanted Dave to have the same pleasure as the other guys. I enjoyed him as much as the others and it was only fair that he had the same opportunity.I partially opened my mouth and Dave pointed his cock at my lips and continued stroking faster. I kept looking into his eyes and I could tell when he was going to burst. I opened my mouth wider just in time as he spurted into my mouth. There was so much that most of it came right back out and dripped down my face to the towel. His second and third bursts filled my mouth again and another one hit me in the inside corner of my left eye. I closed my eyes just in time. He hit me again in the same spot on my left eye, and then the last few bursts he aimed toward my tits and I felt both of them being covered in hot liquid.I opened my right eye and saw Dave rubbing his cock head against my left nipple. Dave was staring at me admiring his work and I showed him his cum in my mouth before I swallowed it.”Oh my God, Katie,” Rich said.”Did you like that?” I said looking at Dave.”Fuck, I loved that. You look so fucking amazing.””You got me in the eye,” I said squinting with only my right eye open. “This is what’s wrong with facials!” I was fainting like I was mad, but I wasn’t. I smiled and saw all the guys had big grins on their faces as they looked at what they had done to me.Dave took his finger and sc****d his cum off of the corner of my left eye. He then held his finger above my face as though he didn’t know what to do with hit. “Thank you,” I said. “You are such a gentleman.””However I can be of service,” he replied while smiling back at me. “This is incredible. I never imagined thirty minutes ago I would be wiping my cum off of your face.”The cum on his finger started to drip and landed on my upper lip. “Oops, sorry,” Dave said. Subconsciously my tongue started to lick my upper lip clean. Dave saw that and then lowered his finger to my mouth. I licked his finger clean as I stared into his eyes. Dave pulled his finger from my lips and swabbed more of his cum from the corner of my left eye and grabbed a little more from face, presumably his. He brought his finger to my mouth and I parted my lips and he inserted it.”Holy shit that’s hot!” Rich said. “You must love cum. I couldn’t tell that from what you said earlier. Oh man this is unbelievable!””It’s not what I want for dinner, but in the right moment I like the taste of it. I’ve never had four flavors at once though, so yeah this was pretty hot.””I wish I had a video of this. I could jerk off to this daily,” Rich said. “This was hotter than any porno I’ve seen.””Maybe because you were in the porno,” I said. “But you don’t need to watch pornos. Maybe someday I’ll give you a public blow job in a park.””That’s a date!” Rich replied immediately. “I’m going to hold you to that,” he said smiling.”I said maybe someday,” smiling back. I knew I was going to do it though. This boy needed some experiences and I liked the idea of doing something wild and adventurous again.I cleaned up with one the towel I was laying on and then found another to wrap myself with. The guys each grabbed a towel except for Robert who was without one since one was dirty. I didn’t mind and still snuck peaks at his penis which was still incredibly long when soft.We chatted for a little while longer and I provided my email address to Rich. None of us could believe what just happened. The guys said they were shocked that this took place and had no idea this is where the conversation would lead.”So tell us Katie, was it as fun as in your fantasies?” Rich asked.”It didn’t exactly follow a specific fantasy, but it was fun. I certainly never thought something like this would ever happen. I don’t want you guys passing this around the gym to anybody. You have to promise me that. Otherwise you won’t see me here again.””Don’t worry Katie,” Robert interjected. “We will be completely respectful of your privacy, and ours. This is just between us.”I felt relieved. We then agreed to meet up in a week at the gym, but I said not to expect anything like this to happen again. Robert winked at me when we got up to leave, and Rich said he would email me about that park date.

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