Say Jesus and Come to Me


Mina stood in the doorway of her bedroom and the bathroom, eyes fixed on the steamed-over reflection in the mirror. Instrumental music wafted from the iPod system in her bedroom; a sultry, seductive mix of piano and violin set to a simple beat. She fingered the lace of her short red gown, gazing longingly at the reflection of her brother in the shower. Lines of soap trailed over the muscles of his back and buttocks and his face was upturned to the shower head. One hand was braced against the tiles. He had been in the shower for some time, after abruptly leaving the dinner table. Marin had called after him, but William waved her off, for Marcus had been irritable as of late and he knew his son didn’t want to be bothered with maternal concern. Mina watched him go and her heart ached for him because she knew why he was irritated.

Their parents had been home for three weeks, and Mina had stopped their sexual relationship. It was difficult for her, for she loved him and wanted far more than stolen kisses and touches. But her needs were nothing compared to her brother’s. Marcus was flat-out in love with Mina and wanted to be with her. He didn’t care that their parents were home; he believed they could continue their intimate relationship. He didn’t like it that Mina felt the need to cease having sex with him because William and Marin were home. But he never questioned her or argued about it; though Mina could sense and see his displeasure. He couldn’t even look at her when their parents were around because he was bad at keeping his emotions from showing. He was short with Marin and terse with William, and when their father demanded an answer, Marcus attributed it to girl trouble and would say no more about it.

Mina heard her parents discussing Marcus’ attitude one day while she was in the kitchen preparing his daily protein shake. Marin didn’t understand why her son was so angry with her and why he was irritated with his father. William tried to placate her with standard parental platitudes, but it wasn’t enough for Marin. Then he told his wife to leave Marcus alone; that whatever was bothering him needed to run its course and he would be fine. Marin was frustrated because Marcus wouldn’t even look at her, much less talk to her. Mina knew that it couldn’t continue. Something would have to give, because their parents were walking on eggshells around Marcus.

She watched her brother bathe, caressing her neck. The sight of him, of his beautiful brown body, was enough to make her hot. She missed him desperately. She wanted to lie in bed with him again and hold hands while watching television and kiss openly. She wanted to be touched in the freedom of open space and not have their intimacy restricted. She wanted to be with him. She loved him. She was as in as much pain as he was, but was simply better at hiding it. It was all her fault anyway; when their parents returned from their cruise, Mina told Marcus that they couldn’t make love or have any kind of real intimacy when they were around. Marcus was dumbfounded and asked her how she expected him to give her up so easily after three weeks of nearly non-stop, intense and satisfying sex and intimacy. How could she expect him to go back to the way things were? He couldn’t. She understood, but knew that he would do as she told him to.

Mina took her combs out of her hair and shook it loose. Then she opened the shower door and got in with her brother. Startled, he turned around to see his twin sister, stunning in her red nightgown–one he had bought her–standing in front of him with one finger against his lips. She met his eyes and stood up on her toes to kiss him. He looked shocked but it lasted all of two seconds. Mina bit his bottom lip and kissed him. Marcus moaned and kissed her back. Soon, he had her up against the tiles and she wrapped her legs around his back. Her nightgown was drenched, and her decision to join her brother in the shower was spur-of-the moment. Otherwise she wouldn’t have worn panties. There was a wet rip as he tore out the crotch. She linked her arms around his neck. Mina arched higher and Marcus fumbled for a moment, angling his erection before thrusting up into her. Mina, in tune with her twin, pushed downwards as he thrust upwards, emitting a sharp cry.

It wasn’t going to be like the last time; when they made love in her bed, and he covered her body in hot, slow kisses. She returned the gestures and their union was so powerful, so intense, that her climax was explosive and she squirted. Overcome, he had joined her, and they lay entwined together in sweat and heat, unwilling to release each other.

No, this was blunt, abrupt, and desperate. Marcus, driven by three weeks of frustration and longing, pumped blindly into Mina; his breath coming in ragged spurts. Mina bit into his shoulder hard enough to break the skin and held on to him tight. It wasn’t going to last; he had been denied too long to draw out the experience. In moments, Marcus tensed up and grunted her name as he came. After a long moment, Marcus leaned and turned off the shower. Mina held on to Bostancı Escort him and smattered his face with kisses. He whispered her name as she rained kisses on his cheeks, nose and lips. Holding her easily, Marcus walked out of the shower and into his bedroom. She slid down his body and smiled at him.

“I’m soaked. Get me a towel.”

Marcus went and got two towels. While Mina dried her hair, he dried her body. She looked at him as he ran the towels over her legs and she lifted them so that he could dry her feet.

“What happened?” he asked.

“I miss you. I want you. I can’t…I can’t do this, Marcus. I can’t pretend that we didn’t…I…Marcus, I love you and I need you. I don’t want to be separated from you, not even arbitrarily.”

He stood up and wrapped the towel around his waist. “Mina, you know how I feel. You know what I want. But what about Mom and Dad? You said we had to stop everything.”

“I know what I said,” she replied, toweling her hair. “But Marcus, I can’t. I miss what we had; what we shared, what is real between us. We’ll just have to be careful,” she said. “I need you; I need to be with you.”

“Mina,” he sighed, pulling her close to kiss her lips. She met his kiss, throwing her arms around his neck. Then they heard Marin’s voice; she had to be coming up the stairs. Mina broke the kiss and Marcus caressed her face. “Sleep with me tonight?”

“Of course.”

“You’d better go and dry off.”

She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him again.

“I’ll be back.”

Marin knocked on Marcus’ door. “Marcus, I want to talk to you.”

Mina smiled at her brother and then went into the bathroom and closed the door. Marcus slipped on a pair of sweatpants and asked for his mother to wait a moment. He ran the towel over his head and swiped his back and chest before putting on a T-shirt. Then he opened the door.

Marin looked up at her son. “Marcus, we need to talk.”

He stepped back. “What is it, Mom?”

“What is going on with you?” Marin sat down at his desk and crossed her legs. “You’ve had this really stinky attitude since your father and I got back from Europe.”


“What is going on? You’ve never acted like this before. What’s bothering you? Your father asked me to leave you alone; to let you work it out for yourself, but it’s been a month and you haven’t. I can’t let this behavior continue without understanding why you’ve been so pissy. Please talk to me.”

Marcus rubbed his stomach, satiated now that he had been able to achieve release. “Mom, I’m fine. Girl trouble, is all.”

“You? Girl trouble? Really?”

He smiled. “Yes.”

“I have never known my son to have girl trouble. You’ve continuously managed to keep them at an emotional distance, which has always pleased me. You must really like this one.”

He smiled dreamily, thinking of his sister. “I’m in love with her.”

Marin smiled at her son. “What did she do to make you so angry?”

Marcus looked at his mother. “Mom, really?”

Marin flushed, covering her face with her hand. “I’m sorry, Marcus. I didn’t mean to pry like that.” She stood up and smoothed her slacks. “I’ll leave you alone. I’m sorry that it bothers you so much, but maybe it means a lot to her and she’s just trying to make sure you’re worth it.”

Marcus looked at Marin again. “Mom? Leave it alone, please.”

“Fine,” she said. “Stop with the shitty attitude then, all right?”

He nodded. “Fair enough. I’m sorry if I upset you. I was just mad.”

“Are you still mad?”

“I’m getting over it. I’m not about to beg anyone for anything.”

Marin walked towards the door, tucking a long strand of hair behind her ear. “Nor should you, sweetheart. Is Mina in her room?”

“She said something about taking a bath and washing her hair, so maybe.”

Marin nodded. “Okay. I love you, baby. You coming back downstairs?”

“I don’t know,” he said. “I’m a bit tired, actually.”

“All right.” Marin smiled at him before walking out and closing the door.

Later on, while he was watching television, Mina came into his room. She wore another silk babydoll and matching panties and climbed into Marcus’ bed after making sure the door was locked. She had already secured hers, but it really didn’t matter, for their parents rarely came into their rooms anymore. It also didn’t matter because William and Marin’s bedroom was down the hall at the other end of the house and there was little chance they were awake and might hear.

Marcus moved so that she lay against the wall and tucked the covers around her. For a long time, they stared into each other’s eyes. She put his hand on her breast and let him stroke it while they gazed at each other. There were no words required, for their eyes said it all. They were in love. Marcus allowed his feelings for his twin sister to come forth in a rush of relief. He was already thinking of ways for them to be able to be together when they went off to college and eventually when they moved away from home; for he knew that when Kadıköy Escort they left, they would leave together. He wanted them to be a couple, but knew it could not happen. Not now, anyway. But he would take whatever steps were necessary to ensure that it would. Mina was his true love; his only love and he would be with her one way or another.

They started kissing. It was unhurried and sensual, romantic and sweet. They enjoyed each other’s mouths and touched one another’s bodies as if they had never touched before. Marcus rolled Mina on top of him and folded his arms behind his head.

“I want to ask you a question,” she said.

“What do you want to ask me, sexy?”

Mina straddled him and fingered her hair. “Do you have a fantasy, Marcus?”

He shrugged. “Well, I’m acting it out, so to speak.”

“No, you dummy. I mean, do you have a specific fantasy?”

“Like what? Be specific.”

“Like, if there was one thing you could do that you’re not able to, what would it be?”

Marcus pursed his lips and thought about it. After a few minutes, he reached up to caress Mina’s face. “I want to watch you,” he said.

Mina cocked her head to one side. “Watch me do what?”

“Anything. Everything. It doesn’t matter.”

“Like when you recorded me that day in those stockings?”

“Well, not quite…though that was such a good day.” He found a pair of Marin’s seamed stockings and stilettos and asked Mina to model them for him. She allowed him to videotape her walking around his room and he had watched it regularly since.

“What do you mean?”

“I used to watch you take baths,” he said. “I used to watch you move around your room. I did it in secret. I used to watch you sleep sometimes. I wish…I wish I could watch you all the time, Mina. I mean, you’re preparing to leave for Penn State and I’m interning at Dad’s firm, and we’re just busy. I don’t get to see you as much as I want to.”

“You mean, just watch me do nothing?”

“I don’t care what you do. You could sit and read a book and I’d be happy with it. I can’t do it when we’re in front of Mom and Dad because…well, you know why. Mom doesn’t want me looking at you too hard because she thinks I’m staring at your tits or your ass. She doesn’t understand that all I want is to look at you. I know now that I am a voyeur,” Marcus said. “I didn’t realize it until it occurred to me that no matter how many times we make love, I still want to look at you. I could watch you do your homework, listen to music, dress, undress, brush your hair, put on makeup…I don’t care what you do. I just want to watch you.”

Mina stretched out on top of her brother before sliding off of him and pressing a knee against his thigh. “I think I can make that happen.”

He rubbed her thigh. “You can?”

She shrugged. “It’s not difficult. I can set up a camera in my room and let it record.”

“I don’t want you to pose or anything like that, Mina. I want it to be natural.”

“I know. I can do that for you, Marcus. It’s very simple.”

“I’ll protect the videos with my life, Mina. No one will ever see them but me, I promise.”

“I’m not worried about that,” she said. “I know you will.”

She rubbed her nose against his and kissed his lips. “What did Mom want?”

“To find out why I’ve been so irritated.”

“What did you tell her?”

He laughed. “I told her that I was having an issue with a girl not giving me what I wanted.”

Mina couldn’t help but laugh. “Well, it’s the truth.”

“She actually thought I would tell her specifics, until she realized what she was asking and who she was asking it of.”

Mina laughed again. “If she only knew.”

“She’d have a heart attack if she knew that the girl I was trying to get it from was her daughter.”

“You want to get anything else tonight?”

He slipped a hand between her legs and cupped her crotch. “I want to get this,” he said.

Mina stroked his face. “Go ahead.”

Marcus moved out of the way and she lay on her back. He looked into her eyes and removed her panties. Mina met his gaze and spread her legs.

“I’m ready.”

Marcus lowered his head and buried his face between her thighs, inhaling her scent while teasing and poking her clit with his lips and tongue. Mina moaned and grabbed the pillow as he parted her lips and started licking her pussy. She gyrated against his mouth and slipped her fingers between her legs.

“Part those lips, baby. Spread for me.”

“Mmmn,” Mina moaned, veeing her lips to give him access. Marcus kissed her clitoris and then slipped his tongue inside her, rolling and wiggling it, making her shudder. Mina moaned again and encouraged him in a throaty voice.

“Lick me, Marcus…damn it, lick me, lick it like you’ve never had it before.”

“Fuck,” he groaned, feeling his dick stretch his sweats. She was so juicy, so sweet and she overflowed and came all over his face. Marcus sucked on her until he was certain that he had licked up all of her come and then rubbed his face in Göztepe Escort her pussy to ensure that he had every last drop. He raised his head and looked at his sister, licking his lips. She met his eyes, trembling at the wetness on his lips and cheeks. Mina sighed. She was so horny for her brother that head wasn’t going to be enough.

“Marcus, please. Please.”

“What do you want me to do, baby sister?”

“I want you inside of me. I want that hard dick up in me, and I want it all the way. I want to feel your balls smashing against my pussy every time you thrust. It’s been too long and I promise I won’t keep it from you anymore.”

Marcus pulled off his sweatpants and tossed them on the floor. Mina fingered her breasts and spread her legs wide, her pussy shiny with come and Marcus’ saliva. Marcus stroked his dick and thumbed her clitoris.

“We don’t need any lubricant, do we?” he said, moving between her thighs.

“No,” she said. “I feel like a running faucet.” She reached under her thighs and spread her lips again.

Marcus smiled at her. “I love it when you help me.” He slipped inside of her, pushing until his balls were tight against her lips.

Mina pulled him down by his cheeks and kissed him.

“I’ve been meaning to ask,” she said as she adjusted to his size, “how big is your dick?”

He planted his hands on either side of her and wiggled his hips before kissing her nose. “Nine inches, and you’re taking every bit of it, sweet girl. You can handle your brother’s cock.”

“Come to me,” she said.

They stared at each other as Marcus moved slowly back and forth, in and out, side to side and deeper. He balanced low enough so that they could kiss and Mina met him thrust for thrust, locking her legs around his waist. Her hair was still wet from the shower and it mixed with the moisture of their exertions and excretions, dampening Marcus’ sheets. Mina began to cry out with each stroke and started fingering her clit. Marcus grunted along with her, increasing his thrusts until there was nothing but the clap-clap! of the bed against the wall. Mina cupped his cheeks and stared into his eyes, which were dark with passion.

“Fuck me, Marcus. Harder, baby, please.”

“Turn your fine ass over, then,” he instructed, pulling out. Mina rolled over on her stomach and Marcus slapped her ass with both hands until it turned pink and she winced. He grabbed a pillow and slipped it under her belly and she adjusted it until it was comfortable.

“You don’t want me on all fours?”

“Not tonight,” he said. “This way, it’s going to be tight. And hard, just the way my baby sister likes it.”

“Oh shit,” she moaned.

He pushed her thighs together and secured them with his knees. Marcus stroked his dick again, spitting on it and then stretched out on top of her. He parted her cheeks and slipped inside her. Mina groaned into the pillow and balled her fists into the sheets. Marcus slipped his arms under hers and linked her fingers with his, kissing the side of her face.

“Tight enough for you, baby?”

“Oooh,” she said. “Yes. I like this.”

Marcus squeezed their fingers as he thrust into Mina’s snug little twat, trying to keep his sanity. This position made her unbelievably tight, and it made it feel as if he were taking her virginity once more. What he loved was her ability to handle his size and she took it with delightful groans and the occasional grunt. He loved the feel of his sister’s soft hot body against his own. Their relationship at once made no sense and perfect sense.

“Marcus, tell me how I feel…”

“So tight, Mina, so hot…your pussy is so…fucking…hot…”

“Yes,” she moaned. “Yes…”

“I love fucking you, baby sis…I love the way you feel. It’s so good; this is so good…”

“It’s so good, Marcus. Harder,” she moaned. “Harder, baby.”

Marcus closed his eyes and obliged, rising ever so slightly so that he could see Mina’s ass jiggle with every thrust. “Shit,” he said, doing everything in his power to keep from coming. He was getting much better at controlling himself; for it was important that Mina come first. He wasn’t about to be selfish when he knew he was her first…and only…lover. He had to make sure it was always good for her, even if he didn’t come. “Mina, baby…shit…oh shit…oh fuck…”

“Marcus!” she moaned and started to keen. She was so slick and his thrusts so hard; no wonder her girlfriends liked sex so much. She had no means of comparison, for she had never been with another boy, but her brother knew how to make her come and that it was all that mattered. She was about to climax and she needed just a little bit more…

“Yes, yes…” Mina moaned again. “Marcus, I’m about to come…please…please…” She didn’t know what she needed to push her over the edge, but she knew that he did.

Marcus instinctively grabbed a handful of Mina’s hair and yanked her head back.

Immediately, Mina screamed into the pillow and climaxed hard enough to squirt all over his bed. The cascade of warm pussy juice drenched Marcus’ balls and cock and he exploded; shooting hot semen deep inside of her. They came simultaneously; bodies locked together in an unsteady dance of pleasure. They were so close; it was like they were back in their mother’s womb.

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