Saying Hello to Bi Pt. 03 – Bi-Taken


Given the previous day experience, it was no wonder I was somewhat sore when I woke up. But I felt completely satisfied, for it was one of the most overwhelming sexual encounters of my life. The bondage, the exhibitionism, knowing that maybe there were many people who watched as he brought me to heights I never thought possible. So, to say that I was looking forward to today’s get together was a mild understatement.

But it is not always easy to top something like yesterday. Personally, it didn’t matter to me. The strength and intensity of the experience was due to, in my opinion, the chemistry between us. Therefore, it didn’t have to be wild to be satisfying. I had something to eat, had the requisite amount of coffee necessary to function properly, got dressed and called him. Yes, I could come over whenever I was ready. And the sooner the better, as he put it. Feeling the stiffness happening between my legs, I headed over to his apartment, wondering what experiences today would bring.

He was, as always, a gracious host, asking if I wanted anything once I arrived. He had coffee on, and I chose to have another. Coffee, like sex, is one of those things you can never get enough of most times. We sat on the couch, sipping coffee and and talking, and he got a bit of a serious look on his face. Obviously, something important was on his mind, and with a little prodding, it was easy enough for him to spill the proverbial beans.

He slowly and carefully explained what was on his mind, hesitating at some points because he understood the somewhat taboo nature of this fantasy. Role playing can be a very enjoyable and arousing bedroom activity, particularly if both parties involved are “into it”. But this was no ordinary fantasy, not a simple teacher-student or doctor-patient one. The best way to describe it was a hard seduction that was at first resisted, and then as the activity continued, the resistance gradually waned until it was ultimately not just accepted, but embraced.

It was dark, we both agreed, but the idea of me being restrained and unable to resist his advances did have a certain arousal factor for me. So, after thinking about it for a few minutes, he asked if I would be interested in playing out this scenario. My only answer was to take his hand, bringing it over to the front of my pants, and let him feel the stiffness that was contained within.

Rather than the chair, the bedroom would be the site for our adventure. I stripped to my underwear, allowing him to bind my hands behind my back. I lay on the bed, and he firmly bound my legs in a spread-eagled position at the ankles to the bed. He then stripped completely, laying beside me on the bed. The final piece of the story was to have me gagged, a piece of duct tape covering my mouth. The premise was that I would be passed out, until I awoke to his advances.

Despite my arousal anticipating what was to come, I managed somehow to stay soft. I had my eyes closed, breathing deeply, completely relaxed and awaiting his touch to begin this fantasy. He waited a minute or two, then began to run his finger over my chest, pausing briefly to softly encircle each nipple with a finger. I softly groaned, and at my reaction, he dipped his head down, using his tongue and lips to stimulate them into hardness.

I moaned louder this time, but was still feigning being unconscious. He began to suck, pursing his lips around each one and pulling back. I jumped slightly at each pull, and felt myself become fully rigid between my legs. I figured now was as good a time as any, and I “awoke”, a bit confused at what was happening until I saw the hardness of his erection and feeling his tongue swirl around over my nipples.

I bucked and squirmed, trying to turn over to get away from his touch. Of course, with my legs tied, I could only twist my upper body, and he held me in place, continuing to further arouse and stimulate my now overly sensitive nipples. Grunts, groans and muffled cries of protest escaped me, which only further heightened both his intensity and my arousal.

In a very quick motion, he moved from his position beside me to straddling over top of me, then laying completely on top, his hands pressing down on my shoulders to restrict my movements as his head dipped to my chest once again, amasya escort now working on my nipples in an almost frenzied manner. My head bounced up and down on the pillow, snapping side to side as I found myself really getting into this fantasy, perhaps more so than I’d imagined I could.

His body movements were also stimulating my erection, rubbing constantly against it, and he seemed to notice this, for he quickly stopped his work on my chest, raising himself up to a kneeling position, and roughly tugging at my underwear and pulling them down part way, reveal a very stiff and throbbing erection. Immediately, he wrapped his arms tightly around my hips to hold me in place, lowering his body down so his head was right above it, and then slowly descended on it.

I struggled mightily, but my movements were very restricted. I watched as he began to kiss around my pubic region slowly, then rapidly increasing the pace to the point where he could contain himself no longer, and brought his mouth to bear on it. I shook my head violently, crying out, feeling his mouth encircle it and take it deeply in his mouth. He sucked hard and fast, and despite my protests, was rewarded almost immediately by a hard spurt of cum.

I grunted loudly, feeling him pick up the pace, and another spurt burst forth. He continued his frantic sucking with me thrashing about on the bed. I was panting and gasping as the cum finally slowed, then stopped. He removed his mouth, and slowly raised himself to a kneeling position once again, this time with an ulterior motive in mind. His fingers slowly probed my sides and stomach, and I jumped at his touch, squealing loudly.

My reaction was what he had hoped for, and he made several distinct motions toward my sides and stomach. I cried out, shaking my head more intensely as his hands got closer and closer. I knew, of course, that no amount of pleading would suffice, and when his hands reached their destination in earnest, my legitimate reaction was exactly what he wanted.

I was almost instantly hysterical as his hands and fingers probed my upper body. I bounced and squirmed on the bed, and continued crying out even louder as he descended lower, to my pubic region, down my inner thighs and knees, and finally moved off the bed. He knelt on the floor, his hands on my ankles before descending downward to their final destination. Despite the inevitability of it, I put on a good show, now literally begging for him to stop.

He spent a good 5 minutes running his fingers across the bottom of my feet. I was bouncing all over the bed, unable to retreat from his touch, and once again in near hysteria. It was unbearable in the most pleasurable way possible, and it was a bit of a shock to see that I had actually hardened again. It didn’t escape his notice either, but he was far to preoccupied at the moment.

When he finally did stop, it was such a relief that I didn’t notice he had untied my ankles from the bed and slid my underwear off completely. My eyes were closed, and I felt him turn me over onto my side and ease my legs upward at the knees so I was in a partial fetal position. I was still breathing heavily when I felt him slide directly against me, then felt his erection gently part my anal opening, pushing partly then completely inside me. I grunted and bucked, but he held me against him, and began to thrust.

He pushed himself inside me slowly and firmly. I groaned, cried out, still trying to move away from his grasp and extricate myself. He continued, now tightening his grip around me and slowly pulling me over on top of him, so I was lying on his chest. His hips continued their thrusts, and his arms moved around my chest to hold me in place. I tried to lift my legs upward to pull away from him, but he countered that by bringing legs his around mine and locking his ankles just below my knees.

I was very loud in my protests, feeling his erection buried deeply inside me and continually pushing inside. I now felt one hand move between my legs, beginning to pull and tug at my still rigid erection. It was completely overwhelming, and an irresistible feeling to cum again happened as he pushed once again deeply inside. Spurts of cum shot outward from the head of my erection, with the accompanying cries from ankara escort me.

He started to grunt and groan as well, and his frantic stroking at me was causing the same intense feeling it had caused the previous day, my overly sensitive head now being subjected to unbearable stimulation while he continued his frantic thrusting. Now at the point of shrieks, I was completely unrestrained and his groans culminated in a loud grunt, to the point of lifting himself and me off the bed as he pushed as deeply as he could inside me, the cum erupting inside me.

My cries of protest went unanswered as he kept thrusting until he was satiated, only then stopping his thrusts and his groping of my now almost completely soft shaft and head. He rolled me back over onto my side, then my stomach, and moved off the bed, disposing of the condom he had worn, before returning and kneeling once again between my legs. I was exhausted already, but was fully aware that this was not over yet, not by a long-shot.

When the hardcore tickling began again, I was completely overwhelmed. I am not sure how long it lasted, but it seemed like an eternity. It was unbearable, and my hysteria was real, as was my pleading for him to stop, that I couldn’t take anymore. At some point, he began to harden again as he continued, relishing my anguish and delighting in my shrieks and cries of panic stricken laughter. He stopped, moving off the bed and pulling me off as well, ushering me to a kneeling position on the floor, my back against the side of the bed and box spring.

He pulled the tape from my mouth, and before I could say or do anything else, he had thrust his erection in, holding my head in place with both hands as he started to thrust his hips. The residue of his previous orgasm still coated his head and I tried to resist, attempting to move my head away, but he held onto it firmly. I sucked hard and licked furiously, but it took several minutes before he started to approach the edge.

He groaned loudly, held his erection in place as I continued sucking, and was rewarded with a warm spurt on the back of my throat. As I continued licking, more spurts and oozes, but I just kept sucking and swallowing. When he finally pulled out of my mouth, I leaned back, head down, spent and exhausted. But he was not done with his fantasy, and my head was lifted only to have the tape replaced over my mouth. He hoisted me up and pushed me back to the bed.

I shook my head as he started to once again probe my naked body with his hands. He both tickled and groped me for the next few minutes. causing not only laughter but groans as he would stop the tickling long enough to pull and tug roughly between my legs. I was at my end, not being able to take any more of anything, but he then spoke for the first time in this encounter, offering me a choice.

He laid out the choices in a very soft, almost ominous tone, giving me pause to consider both carefully. I was going to get tickled relentlessly for however long he felt like doing it, then turned over and penetrated once again. Or, he would tickle me briefly, suck and lick at me until I came again, then have to endure more post orgasm head teasing, and when I finally couldn’t take anymore, I would have to suck him to completion again.

He had given me the two options, and waited for my response. In truth, being completely insatiable as I was at that very moment, and despite my seeming exhaustion, I wanted both right then and there. But that didn’t fit with what he was giving me. However, I wondered what he would do if I refused to make a choice. So, I decided to test that theory. He once again offered the choices, one by one, pausing in between awaiting my answer.

At the first choice, I groaned and tried to speak, but of course, with the tape covering my mouth, it came out as meaningless gibberish. Finally, I shook my head, indicating I didn’t want that. So he stated the second choice, and waited. Once again, I repeated my first answer, meaningless muttering and shaking my head. I think he caught on to what I was doing, but played along nicely, appearing to be frustrated with my lack of cooperation.

He laid it out clearly. First choice, yes or no. I shook my head. Second choice, yes or no. I shook my head again. antalya escort He shrugged, moving quickly to pin my ankles under his legs, and began to invoke the first choice, that being merciless, unrelenting, unwavering tickle torture. Starting with my feet, and working his way up and down my now overly sensitive body, the room filled with muffled cries, shrieks and ultimately screams of hysteria. No manner of begging or pleading would stop it, and I got to the point where I began to panic a little.

He turned me over on my stomach, and the brief respite brought me back to my senses, and I tried to bargain with him as he busied himself implementing the next part of the choice, removing and placing a condom over his erection. He was, however, not finished yet, and my ankles were once again pinned and the tickle torture resumed, this time with me face down on the bed. My reaction was no different, although now my body raised and fell on the bed, like a fish out of water.

When I was finally tickled enough into some measure of submission, he lifted me partially up off the bed, so that I was kneeling. There was no more probing, and I felt his erection press against me, then slide inside me quickly. I grunted loudly, and he began thrusting, his hips slapping loudly against my buttocks. He continued at the same pace for a couple of minutes, before pressing me downward, laying completely on top and pressing himself deeply inside me.

I grunted several times as he moved his hips in a slightly circular fashion, lifting up and pressing down a number of times before taking hold of me and turning his body to the side, pulling me along with him. I raised my knees up partly, giving him even more unrestricted access, and he took advantage, thrusting his hips once again so his erection slid in and out of me.

He then reached around as before, grasping and pulling at my partially hard erection, stiffening it fully after a minute or two. His stroking became harder and faster, as did his thrusting into me. It was overwhelming, and I was groaning uncontrollably. My body spasmed, and again, more cum began to spurt and seep out. He held his erection inside me, working all the cum out of me he could, before moving his hand to the head, and started a harsh rubbing and teasing of it.

I cried out again, this time louder, and the wailing continued as kept going. My body continued to spasm and jerk, but he kept his grip and continued. It was even more devastating than the previous day’s experience, and I remember crying out, begging him to stop. My whole body was trembling and writhing in his grasp, and he kept going for a few moments longer before stopping briefly, telling me that I could suck him to completion or we could continue what we were doing.

I nodded vigorously, but he continued, telling me I had to be sure. I again nodded several times, trying to talk through the tape covering my mouth, tears now rolling down my cheeks as I was continually crying out. He finally seemed to accept my submission to his desires, slid his erection out of me and removed his hand from my now soft and aching cock. He quickly stripped off the condom, and moved over top of me and off the bed. He pulled me upward to a seated position, pulled the tape from my mouth and held his erection in front of it.

In keeping with the fantasy, I immediately and without hesitation moved my mouth over it, taking him in my mouth and sucking furiously at it. He held my head in place, occasionally thrusting his hips, and when he started to feel it rising inside him, he began hard, short thrusts into my mouth, the cum erupting wildly. I sucked, licked and swallowed, and continued to do so until he pulled away.

I was still in a seated position, and partially doubled over from exhaustion, my head hanging down, breathing heavily, my body still trembling from the experience. He gently pulled me into bed, untied my wrists, curled in next to me, and let my body get the much needed rest and sleep it needed. Almost two hours of sleep later, I awoke, somewhat groggy and sore, and there was coffee waiting.

We sat for over an hour together, going over everything. I had never done role playing before, and it was incredible. The plan was for us to meet the next day again, but I was scheduled to work. However, the prospect of sometime even more intense that he hinted at gave me the impetus to call once I got home, saying I was sick and wouldn’t be able to come in. And I wondered, as I sat in the peace and quiet of my apartment, what was in store for me tomorrow….

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