Scholarship Ch. 01


Roni stopped in the dark hall. She had passed the gym and was in a short hallway just as Ms. Williams had said. “Look for the office door.” She had said. She moved a little farther and finally found a doorway on the opposite side of the hall. “LeAnn Williams – Athletic Department.”

Roni had been in the dean’s office that morning. She was distraught after finding out she would not be getting the same full scholarship as last year. There was no way she could afford to pay for three more years at Arizona State without the financial support she thought she had been promised.

Then, later in the day, she had received a call from LeAnn Williams. All she would say was stop by my office after classes at five thirty. Well, she was there. She knocked on the door and a female voice said. “Come in.”

Roni opened the door. The office was nothing special except for the walls covered with photographs of athletes from various sports in a types of uniforms. LeAnn, Roni was guessing, was setting at her desk.

“Roni?” She asked. And Roni nodded. “Please, have a seat and she pointed to a chair there in front of Roni facing the desk.

Roni was unquestionably a most beautiful girl. At nineteen, she was tall, slender and had a very athletic figure. Short curly brown hair, dark eyes and perfect complexion. Roni set there waiting as LeAnn sorted through some papers.

“You want to remain at AU?” She finally asked.

“Of course.” Roni said. “But there is no way I can without the scholarship and they say they are all committed.

LeAnn leaned back in her chair. She looked at Roni. She stared as if she was looking right through her and it was making Roni a little nervous. “I have a scholarship available.” She said.

“Ms. Williams, I don’t know what you’ve been told but I don’t play sports.” Roni explained.

“Good.” LeAnn said. She leaned forward and put her arms on the desk, hands together. Looking right at Roni. “Are you sexually active?”

“Wa What?” Roni asked.

“Simple question.” LeAnn said. “If you are then I can get your next three years fully covered.”

“I don’t understand.’ Roni said.

LeAnn chuckled. “Of course you don’t.” She said. “How could you?” She waited. ‘Here’s what I have.” She started. The university başakşehir escort Alumni Association provides me with three full scholarships.”

“That’s wonderful.” Roni said. “But again. I’m not an athlete.”

“No.” LeAnn said. “But you are beautiful, you need the money and again, all I need to know now is are you sexually active.”

Roni seemed very flustered with LeAnn asking about her sexual activity. It was not that she was a prude, far from it. Roni was very active, even to the point of initiating many encounters but still.

“Roni,” LeAnn said. “Many of our best athletes come from great distances. They are required to abide very strict rules regarding their conduct on and off of the field.” She looked at Roni. “They are young and they have needs.”

Roni was finally getting it. “You mean you want me to…?” She stopped.

LeAnn nodded. “Not me.” She said. “The Alumni Association.” She added. “You know, the ones with all the money.

Roni stood up. “I’m sorry.” She offered. “I don’t think this is a good idea. I need to go.” Roni let the office and literally ran down the hall and out into the open air. She was shaking.

Roni spent the entire night alternating between being shocked at being asked to do such things to crying because of having to leave school. The next day at five thirty in the evening she found herself leaning against the door of LeAnn William’s office as she came around the hall corner.

LeAnn fumbled with a ring of keys, unlocked her door and went in. Roni, after a pause, followed her. LeAnn set down and removed a file folder from a drawer. She opened it and placed a multi paged document in front of Roni. “A standard Scholarship agreement.” She said. “Sign the last page.”

“You thought I would come back?” Roni asked.

“Obviously.” LeAnn replied. Roni picked up the pen.

“You will have approximately eight athletes to look after.” LeAnn said.

Roni paused.

“That is not debatable.” She said. “Many of the men will be African American.” She looked at Roni and winked. “That is also no debatable.”

Roni’s hand was shaking as she began her signature.

“They will not all be men.” LeAnn winked again.

Roni finished beşiktaş escort signing and placed the pen on the desk. She slid the contract toward LeAnn.

LeAnn smiled now. “I was afraid my last scholarship might go unused.” She said. “The bad news is now I’ll not have to take care of some of those young men myself.” She winked again. “Go lock my door sweetie.” She stood and began unbuckling the belt to her slacks.

Roni had a shocked look once more. “What sweetie? I told you they would not all be men. We have a couple of very special female athletes that the Alumni would just hate to lose. I would simply like to know you can keep them happy.” Again she said. “The door.”

Roni locked the door and when she turned around LeAnn was stepping out of her slacks. She came around the desk and leaned against it. She held out a hand to Roni.

“Do you want me to get undressed?” Roni asked.

“I can’t think of a single reason why.” She pulled Roni close. “Take these off.” She instructed. She had her thumbs in the top of her panties. Roni took hold of them with shaking fingers. She eased them over her hips and let her fall.

LeAnn eased her ass onto the top of the desk. She kicked the panties off her foot and spread her legs. She was slender and quite pretty for a forty year old woman. Her mound had been cleanly shaved.

As she sat there, her sex in view, she whispered “Make me cum.” Her legs were wide, her knees came up and she had hold of Roni by the shoulders. “Right down here sweetie.” She guided as Roni knelt and her lips found LeAnn’s sex. “Don’t think of it as eating pussy sweetie.” She placed a hand on the back of Roni’s head and felt Roni’s tongue make its first pass along her labia. “You’re only paying for college.”

LeAnn groaned and lay back on the desk. “Oh I just knew you would be perfect.”

Roni lapped at LeAnn and sank her tongue deep into her vagina. LeAnn began to lift her ass in time with Roni’s tongue and it was getting Roni aroused. She went for LeAnn’s clitoris and wrapped her lips around it. It was swollen and sensitive. LeAnn bucked as Roni sucked on it. Her knees pulled up to her chest. She was rolling her ass. She was cumming hard. Her juices were dripping down Roni’s escort chin. The collar of Roni’s tee shirt was sopping wet.

With her fingers entwined in Roni’s hair she bucked through an amazing orgasm. But LeAnn held her tight on her pussy as she rode every single aftershock. She eased up a little and began rubbing her cunt over Roni’s face, smearing her juice around.

Finally she released the girl and let her fall backwards onto her butt. Roni was setting there looking up at LeAnn’s sex. Finally LeAnn sat up and staggered off of the desk. She found her slacks and tried a few times before she could get her feet into them. She never bothered with her panties. She flopped into her chair.

“Can you get up?” She asked and slowly Roni’s head and then the rest of her straightened, standing there. Her face was smeared, lips reddened, her tee wet, her hair a mess.

LeAnn tossed her a packet of wet wipes from a draw and Roni put them to good use.

“Still happy with our deal sweetie?” LeAnn asked.

Roni nodded.

“You start tomorrow, I will text you name and address or dorm number early in the day.” LeAnn explained.

Roni nodded. “Can I go” She asked.

“Sure sweetie.” She smiled at Roni. “I will expect you to come see me from time to time. She said. “This was certainly not a one-time thing.” Roni looked at her. “Don’t worry.” She said. “There are three of you. I will be equally expecting of each of you.”

Roni was resigning herself to her responsibilities when LeAnn added. “There are a few of the Alumni women who also have a sweet tooth for college girls.” Roni looked back from the doorway. “You know, the ones with the money?”

“Sweetie.” She said. Roni looked at her. “Before you go. Could you hand me my panties?”

Roni picked them up and started to hand them across the desk. LeAnn set back. “Bring them around here, will you?”

Roni walked around the desk. LeAnn stood and came up very close. She leaned in and Roni didn’t flinch. LeAnn’s lips kissed her, softly, gently. When they parted, LeAnn patted her ass. “See you soon sweetie.” She took her panties from Roni. Roni left.

As she closed the office door, a short blonde girl came around the corner. She was remarkable, gorgeous. The girl stopped and looked a Roni. “Are you number three?” She asked. She paused. Yea, you are. Cool.” She said. She went on toward LeAnn’s door. She looked back. “Maybe we’ll get a double.” She said. “Or even a girl/girl, you know, a watch party. Think I would like that even more.” She winked and disappeared into LeAnn’s office.

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