School Days


I don’t have much experience with girls. But all of that changed this year. I go to a school along the coast. And schools along the coast have one thing in common. They all contain some of the most beautiful girls in the world.

I’m a fairly tall guy with dark hair and a dark complexion. Most people tell me I’m pretty handsome; and I’m also pretty shy.

Everyday when I walk to my classes I see girls with bodies that would make a priest swear off his vows. I often daydream about how I could get one in the right conditions with me.

I was walking to class one day, in a bit of a rush ’cause I got out of my previous class late. I dodged and weaved through the crowd with an occasional “hi” to a familiar face. Then I saw her. Her name was Lissa, the most beautiful girl in school. She had blonde hair and blue eyes with a body that wouldn’t quit. She wore a white sweater with a skintight mini skirt; and I mean mini. Her beautiful mounds were practically trying to burst from their confines. And her skirt clung to her swaying hips and beautiful ass. Her legs were toned and they looked like cream. She wore white boots that clicked as she walked. She had the most beautiful face in the whole school. I could taste her mounds in my mouth.

There was one thing that made her imperfect. She had a boyfriend. A muscle bound freak from the football team. They held hands together while going to class. As I walked by daydreaming about fucking the shit out of her, I heard a sweet sounding “hi.” I looked up and saw her wave at me with her loose hands. I waved back and watched her walk away. She said “hi” to me! That might be an important step in my quest for bagging her.

About six weeks later, I was walking towards my sixth period P.E. I walked down the hall and guess who I saw at the end of the hall? Lissa! I slowed a bit but kept walking. I altyazı porno noticed something different about her. She wasn’t with her boyfriend. I prepared to wave and say hi. That familiar bulge began to grow in my pants. I waved and walked past her. Suddenly, I hear her call me back.

“Satie,” she said, “come back. I’d like to talk to you.”

I turned around and walked back toward her.

“Yes.” I said trying to be funny.

“I’ve been watching you lately. And I’d like to get to know you better.”

“What do you mean ‘know me’ better?’ I questioned.

“I’ll explain after school,” she said. ” just meet here after school.”

Without another word she turned around and walked to her class. I realized I had to get to class too. I hustled down the hall.

After the last bell rang, I walked up to where Lissa had told me to meet her. She was there waiting for me.

“Follow me,” she said.

I followed her without question. My eyes were locked on her firm, tight buttocks. She was wearing biker shorts! She went into an empty classroom and held the door for me. I walked in and put my books on an empty desk. She closed the door and locked it. I listened to her talk about her boyfriend. She said that he was too rough in bed and he yells at her. She broke up with just yesterday. She was getting upset so I hugged her and held her tight against me. I could feel her ripe melons against my chest and I squeezed her just a bit tighter. Suddenly, she let go of me and kissed me on the cheek. I kissed her on the lips. She kissed me back. We were suddenly French kissing passionately. My hands seem to be guided by an unseen force. I grabbed her all over while I kissed her. We stopped kissing and she pulled off her shirt exposing the most beautiful tits I’ve ever seen. She wasn’t wearing a bra! She went to the amatör porno teacher’s desk and sprawled her body across it.

“Come and get it,” she cooed.

I had no objection to that! I stripped quickly eager to get a hold of Lissa’s beautiful body. I went over and began to caress and suck on her beautiful mounds. She closed her eyes and moaned. I peeled off her biker shorts that came off like a second skin. She wore a G-string lace bikini bottom that went up between her already glistening camel toe. She was completed naked except for her running shoes. I began to brush and probe her swollen pussy and neatly trimmed bush. I couldn’t resist; I dove between her legs and licked and sucked and licked and sucked like a crazy fool. Lissa gasped loudly and pushed my head more into her legs. Suddenly her body tensed as she screamed and bucked her hips wildly. Her body exhaled. Her sweet nectar glazed my face and ran down her thighs. She looked up at me and smiled.

“That was wonderful,” she said dreamily. “Now it’s your turn!”

She hopped off the table and told me to lay across it. My dick was hard as a rock. She hovered over my dick for what seemed an eternity. She gently brushed it with her fingers, let her hair tickle it. Let her warm breath engulf it. She grabbed it by the base and give it a few long ice cream licks to the tip before swirling the cherry on top. I was in agony. As her mouth hovered over the tip, she looked at up at me, smiled and gave me a wink. Without blinking she practically swallowed my cock. She bathed my cock in her warm saliva as she bobbed her head up and down. She was obviously skilled in the art of cock sucking. I felt her throat open as she took in my entire length, her tongue massaging my shaft. She came up slowly like a professional sword swallower. Her mouth, tongue, and hands animasyon porno all worked in harmony. That warm, wonderful rush filled my body as I felt myself releasing into her mouth. She didn’t skip a beat as my load only made her continue to swallow more. I was spent. We lay there for about ten minutes when she began to revive my member she brought back with startling ease. We melted into a deep French kiss as she languidly stroked me to life. She pulled away with a smile.

“Now for the main course,” she said.

She swung her legs around the table and got on all fours with her ass towards me. She looked over her shoulder at me.

“Fuck me from behind tall, dark, and handsome!”

She arched her back exposing her pearl which glistened with anticipation. I parted her tight cunt lips as I gently entered her from behind. The feeling of a hot, buttered silk glove enveloped my cock as I slid it in balls deep. She let out a guttural moan as I entered her. I pulled it out slowly sending waves of pleasure rippling through me. So this what getting pussy is like. Lissa undulated her hips intiating the friction. My body took over as if a primal force told me what to do.

“GO IN AND OUT YOUNG MAN!” the primal force bellowed.

I did just that, measuring my strokes to her rhythm. I tightened my hands on her hips for better leverage as my thrusts became bolder and deeper. They were matched by her passionate moans and squeals as her body began to glisten with sweat. I was pulling her into me, she didn’t mind. We were acting like dogs in heat. I could hear her mumbling something about how she loved my huge cock. Suddenly I came deep inside her. She began to have an orgasm as her body shuddered seemingly from reacting to my climax. I was drained out. I shot what seemed to be a gallon of cum inside her. We collapsed on top of each other sweaty and panting. She gave me a long, slow, passionate kiss of gratitude. We silently got dressed, not saying a word to one another. I said goodbye and got her phone number. We had many more encounters like this, and I hope we have more. We never did finish our talk!! Oh well.

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