School Days Ch. 08


Erin sat at the computer staring dreamily at the monitor. Page after page of beautiful, thin women flashed by. Each one had near perfect breasts and little waists and impossibly faultless thighs. They were all naked, if not in the process of getting naked. Some held dildos. Some were playing with themselves with manicured fingers.

When Erin got to the end of one set of pictures she went back to her favorite website and clicked the next line: “Tiny tit teen lies on her bed.” And then “Tight blonde with her dildo.”

Erin’s mind wandered again. Was she the only woman who ever went to these sites? Well, OK. She knew Courtney did it. Sometimes they did it together…until they got so horny they had to stop and make each other cum.

Erin wished Courtney was with her now. She ran her fingers through her dark blonde hair and took a deep breath. Her hand stopped at her bare breasts on the way to her pussy. Once there, she placed it on top of her panties and felt for her clit. After a couple of long, slow strokes she moved down. The wetness was already beginning to soak through the material onto her fingers.

Erin leaned back in her chair and slid her hand inside her panties. She looked at the monitor and the big breasted blonde with the silver dildo inserted deep into her pussy. Erin looked at the girl’s breasts and wished she could put her mouth around the nipples. She inserted a finger, dreaming it was the dildo. When she pulled it out, it was soaked with her juices. Erin massaged her clit and closed her eyes.

A minute later she was close to cumming. One more peek at the tight blonde and…

The ring of the phone nearly caused Erin to fall off her chair.

“Shit!” she said out loud. “God damn…”

Erin picked up the cordless phone.

“Hello,” she grumbled.

“Hi, Sis,” Randy said with his usual cheerfulness.

“Oh, hi Randy. How are you?” Erin liked her twenty one year old little brother, but wished he had better timing. Like the day he snuck up on Erin and Courtney having sex by the pool. Ever since that day, their relationship had evolved into a physical, loving one.

“I’m fine. Is Courtney there?”

“No. So there’s no use in you coming over,” Erin said dryly.

“Darn. Are you naked anyway?” he asked.

“Almost.” Erin’s hand was back on top of her panties.

“Tell me what you’re wearing.”

“Just panties,” she said. He finger touched her clit.

“Describe them for me.”

Erin knew where this was going and made no effort to stop it. “Plain white ones. Very small.”

“Anything else?” Randy asked.

“Nope. Naked except for that.”

“Are you online?”

Erin smiled. “Yep.”

“Are you wet?” The casual manner in which Randy asked the question didn’t faze her.

“Yep.” Erin continued to press down on her clit through the panties.

“Rub your clit.”

“OK.” She gave no clue that he was way late with his instructions, but she enjoyed taking orders from him.

There was a brief silence. She finally asked, “What do you have on?”

“Sweats,” Randy replied. “Nothing else.”

“Good. Rub your cock.”

“I am,” was his answer. “Squeeze your nipple for me.”

Randy knew this excited his sister more than anything. If he wanted to end one of their arguments or show his interest in having her, he’d roll her nipple between his fingers. Inevitably, he’d feel her pussy quiver at the same time.

Erin gladly complied with his demand. Her entire body shook with approval the harder she squeezed.

“Now touch your clit again and tell me what you want me to do,” Randy said.

Erin’s hand moved on top of her panties. “I want you to run the palm of your hand up and down the length of your cock. Leave it inside your sweats. Rub it through the material. Slowly.”

“OK.” Randy was quiet and Erin imagined his czech pool porno hand sliding back and forth over his huge cock. Meanwhile, her own fingers stabbed at her throbbing clit.

“God, I’m getting so hard. Put your hand inside your panties, Sis.”

Erin eagerly put her hand under the waistband of her tiny panties and felt for her clit.

“Oh, Randy. That feels so good,” Erin sighed. “I wish I could see your cock.”

“It’s rock hard,” Randy said. “It’s almost to the top of my sweats.”

He continued to rub, occasionally lifting it and wrapping his fingers around it using the loose fabric of his sweatpants.”

“Touch our pussy,” he said.

Erin put her fingers inside the wet hole. “Oh, God. Put your cock there.”

She leaned back and spread her legs.

“Fuck yourself with your fingers, Erin.”

“I already am.”

Randy couldn’t wait. He reached inside his sweats and took the long, hard cock in his hand.

“Erin, I’m holding my cock. Stroking it harder. I want to fuck you.”

There was another pause with audible panting on both ends of the line.

“Go to the couch and take off your panties,” Randy ordered.

“OK.” Erin rose from her chair and walked to the couch with phone in hand. She lay down and rearranged the pillow.

“OK. I’m taking off my panties,” she told her brother. Erin placed the phone beside her and removed her underwear, bending her legs at the knees and sliding the panties over her feet. She tossed the panties on the floor.

Randy stroked his cock while picturing his naked sister on the couch. He could see her large breasts spread across her chest; her narrow waist and round hips; her smooth thighs and closely shaven pussy with just a patch of hair about her clit.

Erin picked up the phone. “Are you naked, yet?”

“Not yet.”

“How am I supposed to suck that beautiful cock of yours if you’re not naked?” Erin asked. Her hand was back on her clit.

“OK.” Randy pushed down his sweats and kicked them off the bed. His cock sprang up, waiting for more attention.

“Can I suck on your boobs now?” he asked her.

“Oh, yes.” Erin’s legs spread farther apart in anticipation of his description.

“Good. I want my tongue on one of your big, hard nipples. I want to feel it grow. I want to put it between my lips and suck on it and lick it. Then I’ll open my mouth and take in as much of your tit as I can–sucking on it harder.”

Erin was squirming on the couch. Her hand frantically rubbed her clit, then moved to a breast trying to imagine his mouth there. She squeezed a nipple until she moaned over the phone.

“That’s it,” Randy urged. “My mouth and tongue are all over your chest. Can you feel it? Do you want more?”

“Oh, God. Randy. Don’t stop. I want your cock.”

The young man felt a shiver go through his body when he heard the words. He gripped his cock harder.

“I’m moving up, letting my cock rub over your boobs as I move it closer to your mouth. It hits your chin and now it’s on your lips,” Randy said softly.

Erin had two fingers inside her pussy. Unconsciously, she separated her lips and licked them.

“I can feel your tongue hit the tip of my cock,” Randy continued. “You lick all around it. Then I begin to lower it deeper into your mouth. Your lips caress the sides as I slide it farther. Pretty soon you have it all.”

Erin was breathing so fast she felt her chest pounding. Her fingers were soaked up to the knuckles. If she touched her clit again she knew she would cum fast and hard.

Randy’s hand slid up and down over his throbbing shaft. He imagined looking down on the face of his blonde sister, the cock stuffed between her lips. Her hand would be wrapped around the base, pumping him furiously.

“Fuck me, Randy. Put it in my pussy,” czech sharking porno Erin moaned.

“Spread your legs,” he said. “Let me see that tight cunt first.”

Erin did as he said. One leg nearly fell from the couch as she positioned them wider. Her fingers worked on her clit again, driving her crazy with lust.

“OK. Now fuck me. Hard,” she said into the phone.

“I’m going to take this thick cock and place it at the entrance to that soaking wet pussy,” Randy began. Precum oozed onto the tip as he masturbated. “I’m going to push just the tip in and make you beg me.”

After a few seconds he said louder, “Come on, Erin. Beg me!”

“God, Randy. Fuck me! Please fuck me!” Her fingers were everywhere—on her pussy, her clit, her boobs.

“My cock begins to enter you and I hold your arms in place above your head. Then I push it into you until my body slams yours and I can’t go any farther. You cry out and I begin to fuck you faster. My cock is sliding in and out of you, thrusting a little deeper each time,” Randy said.

Oh my God. I’m going to cum soon. Don’t stop,” Erin begged her brother. She tried to imagine him on his bed, naked, with his cock pointing up out of his palm.

“You can feel my cock throbbing inside your pussy. I grab your tit and play with a nipple until it’s bright pink. Then I lean down and kiss you, my tongue deep inside your mouth. Now tell me you want me to make you cum,” Randy ordered.

“Please, Randy. Please. I need to cum.”

“I move my hand to your clit and begin to rub it as we fuck.”

Erin did the same.

“I can feel your body. It’s ready to cum,” he said. “Your clit is huge and I massage it harder. You’re shaking.”

He was right. Erin was shaking and about to cum. The right words would do it…right now.

“OK, Erin. I’m going to cum while we fuck. Now. Cum for me, Erin.”

The girl’s ass rose from the couch to press her clit against her hand. She cried out. “Yes. Yes. Yes. I’m cumming, Randy.”

She put the phone down and used both hands, one on her clit and one on her nipples. Randy clearly heard her loud groans as the orgasm built strength. He listened for a little while, knowing that if he kept stroking his cock he would explode. Instead, he took in the sounds of his older sister cumming over and over again.

Erin thrust out her hips as if her fingers were the cock Randy so clearly described. She didn’t utter words as much as just sounds brought on by her orgasm.

Near the end she picked the phone back up. “Oh, God. Yes.”

“Are you ready?” Randy asked.

“Yes. Yes. Cum for me, Randy. I want you to rub that cock and make cum shoot all over you. Come on, put it in my pussy and cum while you fuck me.” She heard him grunt. He was close.

“That’s it. Cum for me hard. Squeeze it and…”

“Ahh, Erin. Yes. Now.”

“Come on baby. Shoot that cum all over us. I want to feel it on my boobs, my face, in my mouth.”

The words were almost lost on the young man as the first spurt of cum landed on his chest. Then a second and third. Erin was talking but he could only concentrate on cum flowing through his cock. It was on his hand and lubricated his cock for the final few strokes.

“Jesus, Erin. That was great. You are SO good.”

She smiled. “Thanks, Randy. I came so hard I can’t believe it. Promise me you’ll do that again.”

“Whatever you want, Sis.”

After they hung up, Erin stayed on the couch for a few minutes to recover. She ran her fingers over her erect nipples. She felt the usual tingle in her pussy even after cumming so hard just moments before.

Eventually, she made her way to bed. Sliding between the sheets naked, she thought of her brother. Before long, she was asleep.

Erin woke up in the middle of the night, her fingers czech streets porno finding their way to the inside of her thighs. They came to rest on her clit. Within seconds, she was feeling the need to cum again.

Erin reached for her phone and dialed Randy’s number.

On the third ring he answered sleepily.

“Are you still naked?” Erin asked immediately.

“Ah, yeah.” Randy coughed from the sudden need to use his voice.

“Touch your cock.”


“We’re going to have sex,” Erin told her brother, “so I need you hard. I want you to think of my lips touching your cock while I kiss it. I’m kissing the tip first, then all the way down to your balls.”

Randy now felt the first twinge of an erection as he imagined his sister’s lips on his cock.

“Then I lick you all the way back up to the tip again. My tongue swirls around it. Oh, Randy, it tastes so good. I want your whole cock in my mouth.”

Her hand was unwavering in its attack on her clit. But she didn’t want to cum until her brother did.

“I lean down and put my lips around you and begin to pull your cock into my mouth,” she continued. “Yes. Yes. I can feel you getting harder. Fuck my mouth, Randy.”

“I am,” he said. “I’m pushing my cock deeper, holding you by the back of your head. Suck harder. I want to feel your tongue all over me.”

Randy’s cock was rigid now, his hand firmly wrapped around it.

“You taste so good,” Erin said. “Are you ready to enter my pussy now?”

“Yes. Please. Get on your knees.”

Erin smiled. She loved to have him order her. She pictured his huge cock ready to enter her from behind.

“OK,” she told him. “Please fuck me hard.”

“I’m going to hold you by the waist. Spread your legs, Erin. Farther. I want to see that beautiful, wet pussy.”

“How’s that?”

“Perfect,” Randy said. “I’m putting my cock between your legs. Now tell me what you want.”

“I want you to push your cock into me so hard I almost fall over. Then fuck me so I can hear your body slap against my ass.”

There was a brief silence while they both masturbated. Erin threw the covers off her body and ran her fingers over her sensitive nipples. The other hand was at her pussy, her fingers substituting for Randy’s cock.

He stroked his cock faster, anxious for the orgasm he knew would come soon. His cock was throbbing; the tip a bright pink, oozing a drop of precum.

“OK, Sis. I’m fucking you harder now. Your pussy is so tight. Squeeze me. Tighter. My hands are on your boobs, pulling on your nipples. Can you feel it?”

Erin’s own hand did as Randy described. “Oh, yes. It feels so good. Squeeze them harder.”

“Where do you want me to cum? I’m close,” he said.

“On my ass. Please cum on my ass, Randy.”

Their words came harder now and each of them heard the other’s heavy breathing. They moaned instead of spoke.

Then Randy said, “Yes. Now. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum all over your ass, Erin.”

“Do it, Randy. Cum on me.”

“Ahh, fuck, yes,” he cried out. Erin heard the familiar sound of her brother’s orgasm. He stroked his cock, holding it close to his body. Each groan was accompanied by a long stream of cum flowing onto his chest. He made no effort to communicate to Erin. He didn’t have to.

Erin rubbed her clit. Finally she, too, began to cum. Randy listened to her shrill little moans over the phone, wanting to be there to help her.

“That’s it, babe. Cum hard,” he told her.

She pushed down on her clit and felt her orgasm get stronger. She moved her hips as though Randy was fucking her with his long cock. She called out his name.

“Yes, Erin. I’m here. Let me hear you cum,” he said.

Between playing with her clit and nipples, Erin managed to cum for nearly a minute. At the end she let her body collapse on the bed.

“Oh my God,” she sighed. Each time she touched her nipples her entire body shook. “I can’t believe you do that to me.”

“Can I do it in person soon?” Randy asked.

“Just like you described it?”

“Exactly,” he said.

“Deal. Goodnight, Randy.”

“Goodnight, Sis.”

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