School Reunion


Robert Sherman had been undecided about attending the school reunion which was for former pupils that had left the school between forty-five and thirty-five years previously.He had left forty years previously and he had left under a bit of a cloud and with a sore backside.Three days before he was to leave the school he and Shirley Watts, they were both aged seventeen at the time, were caught in a very compromising position as his penis was in her mouth.They would both normally have been expelled but as their leaving date was so close corporal punishment was administered.He received twelve strokes of the cane from the headmaster and she received nine strokes from the senior female teacher and both sets of parents were informed. He got a belting from his father and she went over her mother’s knee for a dose of the hairbrush, in both cases on already very sore backsides.Her parents forbid her to see him again but that was a formality really because the Watts family were on the point of moving to a town some eighty miles away due to Mr. Watts getting a job transfer.As it happens they were not actually boyfriend and girlfriend, she just happened to be sucking his cock as a spur of the moment thing. They had both lost their virginities with other partners.Robert had finally decided to attend the reunion, he still lived in the town, but was not expecting to recognise anyone and probably not remember anyone either. It did not cross his mind that Shirley Watts, or whatever her name was now, would be there.Shirley Hunter, to use her married name, had also thought long and hard about whether to attend or not but as her marriage was very rocky she thought ‘why not?’ although it was against her husband’s wishes. She suspected that he was having an affair Kadıköy Escort and in fact, she was right so he was not totally upset that she was going because he could spend time with his lover.The evening of the reunion, in a hotel, was going much as most expected. A few people had kept in touch with others but mostly it was people sort of grinning nervously at almost complete strangers and making polite talk with someone that they should remember but in fact, did not. The name tags, in females cases with their names from their schooldays, helped but still there was a tendency to think ‘who the fuck is Alan Rudd?’ or whatever.Robert’s evening changed when in front of him was a very attractive woman with a name tag saying Shirley Watts, he had not forgotten her. She had filled out considerably and, although certainly not fat, she would probably be classed as a BBW.Their chat was a bit tentative at first because almost their last previous contact had ended with a female teacher screaming at Shirley to ‘take that thing out of your mouth’.As they talked further it was discovered that Robert had been married but was now divorced and Shirley was married but unhappily so.Robert was thinking that there certainly seemed to be a mutual attraction but he was a bit reluctant to press things in case he was misreading the situation.They had not yet said anything directly about the events from forty years previously but Shirley, at last, said, “That caning fucking hurt.”Just hearing this attractive woman use the word ‘fucking’ seemed very erotic to Robert and he laughed and replied, “Yes, it fucking did.””I never did finish sucking your cock did I?” she said, not expecting an answer.The conversation was fast getting Kadıköy Escort Bayan Robert aroused and Shirley herself was getting turned on.Robert had not answered Shirley’s question although she had not really expected him to but she now added a further remark that caused Robert’s cock to stiffen in his trousers. “I could suck it some more tonight if you want.””But, but you are married,” he mumbled.”Yes but he is probably shagging his girlfriend, but if you don’t want to….””God Shirley you are gorgeous, of course, I want to,” a very enthusiastic Robert replied.”I don’t think anyone here would notice if we went to my room now do you?””You have a room here in the hotel?””Yeah, a nice big double bed,” she said with her lovely eyes flashing.They decided it best to leave the reunion separately but a very sexually aroused Robert met the equally aroused Shirley at the lift.They kissed with passion in the short journey up three floors and he had managed to grope her large backside before the lift doors opened at her floor.They were soon in her room and there was a lot of snogging and hand roaming.Her eyes were ablaze as she dropped to her knees, undid and lowered his trousers and took his erect cock from within his underpants.She looked up at him and smiled before placing her lips around his prick just as she had forty years previously.”I fucking hope Mrs. Cartwright doesn’t catch us this time,” he laughed thinking of the female teacher that caught them before.Shirley took her mouth off his cock to reply, “Don’t think so, I think we have got the night undisturbed,” before again taking him in her mouth.She was working magic with her mouth and tongue and he was getting close to cumming.”Ssshirley, I am getting Escort Kadıköy close,” he warned.As much as she wanted a mouth full of spunk she really needed a cock between her legs and as he was no longer seventeen she did not know what his powers of recovery were.”I need to be fucked,” she said as she got up and started removing her clothes.Robert took his clothing off and the two naked fifty-seven-year-olds made their way to the bed.Robert got his head between Shirley’s legs and had his tongue in her soaking cunt and soon had her writhing in pleasure.”Oh Robert that is so fucking hot, oh fuck oh oh ahhh!” as she started to cum.She was still in the throes of orgasm as he slid his rigid cock into her and they started to fuck hard and fast.Her sucking had got him to the point of cumming and he was back to that point now as his cock plunged in and out of her.”Shirley I…” he started.”Yes, cum in me Robert I am going to fucking cum again oh shittt….”He did not need any further prompting and his spunk shot into her.After they came down they lay kissing and cuddling. “Well we finished ok that time,” he laughed.”Yes we did, it was wonderful,” she replied.They lay in each other’s arms for a while before Robert said, “I wish that I had seen your arse with cane marks on it.””My mother gave me a hiding with her hairbrush a few days later,” replied Shirley.”My dad belted me and with the caning, I do not think I sat down comfortably for about two weeks.””You could see my arse with hairbrush marks on it if you want,” said Shirley.”What do you mean?””I have got a hairbrush there, put me over your knee.””But won’t your husband see the marks?””He hardly ever sees my bare arse, if you don’t do it too hard the marks will soon go.”So the naked Robert was sat on a chair with the naked Shirley over his lap. Fuck she had a great arse.He spanked her hard and fast with the hairbrush going from one buttock to the other but was mindful of not marking her too much.CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!

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