School Trip


**This story follows on from ‘Fun For Two’ but can be read as a stand alone story. **

Emma ushered the last of the children onto the mildew smelling coach, as Cath worked her way up the aisle checking their seatbelts were buckled. Emma let out a small sigh as she took a seat at the front, leaving Cath to sit with the noisier rabble at the back. The coarse coach seats felt slightly damp and Emma tried not to think about what it could be as the coach juddered into life.

They were taking two classes of children to the science museum and planetarium. Cath and Emma were with one class, Jon and Laura were with the other. It was a half hour drive to the science museum. Just as they lumbered onto the motorway, Emma felt her phone buzz in her pocket.

Jon: When we get there, there’s a few safety things I need to discuss with you.

Emma raised her eyebrows and replied:

Sure. I’m sure we can have 5 mins when we arrive.

Jon: It might take more than 5 mins… it’s a lot to take in.

Emma laughed quietly, unsure if he was being serious or trying to speak in some sort of code.

It was manic when they finally arrived. Everyone was busy making sure all the children were accounted for and that no one had left anything on the bus. As they herded the children into the museum entrance, they were met by a group of staff there who would be taking the children around the different activities for the first part of the day. Emma had been on this trip many times before, it was one of the few where other people took charge of the children for a bit!

“Cath,” Jon called, “I’ve just got to run through some stuff with Emma. Are you and Laura ok to oversee everything for bit?”

Cath beamed at him, waving them away with her hand. “Of course! Carry on. Why don’t you two go and grab a coffee, then Laura and I will go when you get back?”

Emma smiled, while Laura glared at Jon.

“That’s great. We’ll come and find you in a bit then.” Jon smiled, resting his hand on Emma’s arm to steer her to the cafe.

Once they were out of earshot Emma turned to Jon, “So, what’s so important that you’d risk a death stare from Laura then?”

Jon smiled seductively, giving Emma butterflies in her stomach. “Well, it’s a science museum and I thought we could do some biology…”

Emma chuckled, “Sounds good, but where were you thinking? I don’t think we can do that in the cafe.”

Jon snorted, following the corridor around past the cafe towards the toilets. Emma wrinkled her nose at the thought of a quickie in a public toilet, but was quickly relieved when they walked past them and carried on down the corridor.

“Where are we going?”

Jon smiled again, “You’ll see.” He stopped in front of a door with a security lock on and quickly punched in a code. The light flashed green, releasing the lock so that they could open the door. Emma looked at Jon in shock but he just shrugged.

“I have a friend who works here.”

They walked into the staff area, trying to look as if they were supposed to be there.

“There’s a training room at the end of the corridor that locks with a key.” He explained, scanning the doors for the right one. Emma didn’t know if she should be shocked or impressed at the effort he’d gone to! She watched Jon fish a key out of his pocket and used it to unlock the last door. They didn’t risk turning the light on, but the light from two small windows on the far wall was enough to see by. Jon locked bostancı escort bayan the door from the inside and turned the face Emma.

Emma looked around the room. It clearly wasn’t used as a training room anymore. It was more like a storage room, the layers of dust showing that it wasn’t used often. But in a stark contrast to the dusty boxes, against the far wall was a sofa and a low wooden coffee table that looked as if it was still in use.

“My mate said some of them use this room at the weekend to skive off when it’s quiet.” Jon explained quietly, “The two rooms next to it are rarely used to no one hears them when they’re in here.”

Emma watched him shrug off his black jacket and drape it over one of the least dusty boxes. She cast her eyes over him. Because they were on a trip he wasn’t wearing his usual shirt and trousers. Instead he’d opted for a fitted blue t-shirt and dark grey- almost black- jeans. Emma felt the heat rise in her chest as she looked at him and bit her bottom lip in anticipation. It was hard not to be attracted to him when he looked so good! He grinned at her, as a wolf might grin at a flock of sheep and Emma felt her knees go weak.

Jon strode towards her purposefully, sliding his hands around her waist and pulling her towards him. They knew they couldn’t risk being away for too long. Emma could already feel the bulge growing in Jon’s jeans as their tongues met and their lips joined together.

Emma ran her hands down his back, sliding them into the tight back pockets of his jeans. Jon had been thinking about this all morning and was desperately tugging her top over her head to get at her firm breasts. Emma felt them swell with excitement as his hands brushed over the thin lace fabric of her bra. She groaned lightly into his mouth making him pinch her nipples as she pushed her hips into him.

Emma pulled his top off as he made short work of her bra and moved onto her jeans. As he worked on the buttons, Emma nudged him back onto the sofa and sat astride him. Jon turned his attention to her breasts, cupping them gently then squeezing them in his hands before teasing her pert, pink nipples with his tongue. He moaned softly as he took one in his mouth, sucking gently, kneading her other breast in his hand.

Emma ground against his crotch, desperate for the release she suddenly needed, but he made her wait, giving her other nipple the same treatment as the first, making her aroused clit throb.

She got off of his lap to remove the last of her clothes, dropping them carelessly on the floor as she watched him slide his off. She almost purred at the sight of his hard cock bouncing out of his boxers and knelt quickly at his feet, eager to taste him. Jon sank back into the worn sofa as Emma slid his full length into her warm mouth. She took him as deep as she could as he ran his hands through her hair and down her back. Jon gasped as she started to pay attention to the sensitive tip of his cock as saliva ran down his shaft.

“Fuck Em..” He muttered as she slowly slid her lips off his glistening cock and straddled him again. Jon gripped her hips, eager to guide her straight down onto his waiting cock. Emma reached down with one hand and trailed two fingers along her slit, coating them in the wetness already seeping from her. Jon grabbed her hand, quickly taking her fingers in his mouth to suck them clean. As he sucked on her fingers, Emma slid down on his hard cock, taking it ümraniye escort all inside her. Jon looked her in the eye as she began to move up and down on his lap slowly.

“You and I both know you like it harder than that.” He growled into her ear, his warm breath tickling her face as he gripped her hips harder and ground his cock into her. Emma moaned quietly as he started bucking his hips beneath her as his hands held her hips firmly in place.

Jon ran his tongue lightly along the edge of her ear, nipping the lobe lightly with his teeth. “I’m going to pump you full of cum, then spread you out on that table so I can lick you clean.”

Emma shuddered against him with pleasure at the thought of his face between her legs. “Where are you going to start?” She breathed.

Jon licked her ear lightly again before whispering, “Wherever the fuck I want…”

Emma moaned again as an orgasm started to build. Jon stilled his hips and Emma let out a small frustrated sob, grinding her hips against his as she tried to finish what he’d started. He paused for a second, keeping her on the edge before thrusting into her hard again, enjoying the wet slurp of his cock pounding into her.

Emma pressed her lips to his, moaning into his mouth as she came and moaning again seconds later as she felt the hot burst of his cum inside her. She was still flushed and panting as Jon lowered her down onto the coffee table in front of him. He got to his knees and slowly spread her legs open, taking in the sight of her swollen pussy, still open from the width of his cock, cum slowly building at her pink entrance. He growled with delight as he raised her hips up and lowered his face to feast on her dripping mound.

Emma shuddered as Jon put his mouth to her pussy, sucking and licking their wetness from within her, his tongue darting in and out of her, not wanting to miss a drop. Then he lazily ran his tongue along the inside of her lips up towards her waiting clit. Emma held her breath, waiting for his tongue to flick over her sensitive clit, gasping in surprise when he slipped a finger inside her at the same time. She came quickly, overwhelmed by the sensation of him suckling her clit as he stroked her gently inside.

Emma watched him stand and suck his own fingers clean, before reaching down to help her up. He ran his hands over her breasts again as they kissed, both knowing that they needed to head back to swap with the others.

Emma dressed reluctantly, watching Jon tuck his still semi-firm penis back into his boxers. Once they were dressed, Jon unlocked the door again that led out into the staff area. They strode quickly back to the door with the security lock that would take them back into the museum.

“All ok?” Cath asked brightly as they walked towards her. Emma smiled, “Yep, all good. Do you guys want to go down for a coffee now?”

Cath agreed, while Laura looked at them suspiciously as they walked away. Something was off but she couldn’t put her finger on it. Emma smiled at her innocently and gave her a little wave.

She followed Jon over to where some of the staff were demonstrating something to the children.

“I think Laura knows.” Emma whispered to Jon. He frowned. “I doubt it. If she says anything we just deny it. She doesn’t have any proof.”

Emma didn’t reply. She hadn’t liked the look on Laura’s face.

The children had a great morning exploring the science museum and were still bubbling with excitement escort kartal when the staff led them down to the education centre to have their lunch. They were all keen to eat lunch quickly so they could go into the planetarium show.

At 1.30, they lined all the children up to walk them through the museum to the planetarium. The waiting area was designed to look like something from NASA and the children chatted excitedly about all the things they could see. Laura kept throwing little glances at Emma, as if she wanted to say something.

“Are you ok?” Emma smiled politely.

Laura stepped closer, keeping her back to the children as she snarled at Emma, “I know you two weren’t in the cafe earlier.”

Emma kept her face impassive but didn’t reply.

“I know somethings going on.” Laura hissed.

Emma frowned, “I don’t know what you’re on about Laura. You need to get a grip.”

Laura glared at her as she walked back to her group. Emma looked up to find Jon frowning at Laura, worried about what she might have said.

As they led the children into the planetarium, Emma made a conscious effort to keep her distance from Jon. Maybe they had made things too obvious lately? What if Laura had seen something?

As the children bustled into their seats, Emma felt a hand at her elbow and Jon’s voice in her ear, “Everything ok?”

Emma looked around for Laura, making sure she wasn’t nearby, “No. Laura definitely knows. We need to be careful Jon.”

Jon frowned. “She’s jealous, no one will believe her.”

The seats had filled up quickly while they were talking, forcing them to sit together in the back row. They had the row to themselves and Laura and Cath were sat near the front far away from them. As the lights went out, Emma felt Jons hand rest tentatively on her knee. “She doesn’t know anything. But if you want to stop all of this then we will.” He whispered as he trailed his fingers lightly up the inside of her thigh. Emma felt her body betray her doubts as her skin burned at his touch. She knew she couldn’t stop now, Jon had ignited a fire within her that she hadn’t felt for years. She placed her hand on top of his, interlocking their fingers, resisting the urge to lean into him.

Jon’s heart raced. This thing between him and Emma was all about sex, but sat here in the dark holding hands made it feel like so much more. He squeezed her hand and stroked her finger with his thumb. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d just sat holding hands with his wife. Realisation made his eyes burn with tears. Deep down, he knew his marriage was over, but didn’t have the courage to do anything about it.

Emma felt her breath catch in her throat as Jon stroked his thumb gently along her finger. She wasn’t sure what had made her hold his hand, she’d done it instinctively. But her heart cracked at the realisation that she probably wouldn’t have done that to her husband. She glanced at Jon, her head spinning, pulling her into a spiral of panic. Without thinking, she stood suddenly, releasing his hand and walked out of the planetarium.

Jon was behind her instantly in the NASA themed foyer, pulling her into his arms regardless of who might see them.

“Emma, what’s wrong?”

She melted into his arms, crying quietly against his shoulder as he held her tightly against his chest.

“This is such a mess. I need to tell you something but…”

Jon cupped her chin in his hand and tilted her face up, she could feel his hand trembling, “Emma, I think I’ve fallen in love with you.” He mumbled.

Emma gasped, “I love you too.”

Jon let out a choked laugh at the realisation that she felt the same.

“I don’t know what to do now.” He whispered, his eyes locked on hers.

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