Secret Arrangement


Taylor poured herself a cup of coffee while her husband put two plates on the table, French Toast resting on each. She gave Roy a peck on the cheek as she sat down, but delayed eating for a moment, reluctant to take her eyes off him.

Taylor considered herself, if not the luckiest women on the face of the earth, definitely in the top ten. She had found the sweetest man alive and also the handsomest, though in his early forties Roy looked only old enough to look dignified. More than once Taylor had caught girls in their teens sneaking a glimpse at her husband, trying and failing not to be obvious. He also proved himself an experienced lover with the stamina of a man half his age. One might almost fear he seemed too good to be true.

The sound of descending footsteps shook her out of her reverie as her stepdaughter came down the stairs. When Taylor first started seeing Roy, interactions with Alexis were- tense. Taylor had been patient, she assumed Alexis saw her as trying to usurp her late mother. Once she had even said as much to Roy- he had laughed, saying that Alexis’ relationship with her mother was even worse. Gradually the girl had softened up toward Taylor, and the two seemed to genuinely get along now.

Alexis put the third French toast Roy had prepared on her plate and kissed her father on the cheek as she sat down. After she swallowed a portion of her breakfast she smiled, “Oh dad, I’ve got great news!”

“You’re finally going to look for a job?” Taylor quipped. She hated to nag but Alexis was nineteen now, a little too old to be depending on her father and stepmother.

“Ha ha, *Mom*. No, last night I got a call from Lauren, she’s going to be in town for a few days.”

Taylor failed to recognize the name, “Who’s Lauren?”

“Alexis’ friend from when she was younger,” Roy answered, “Her family moved away a few years before Elena passed.”

“She said she was looking for a hotel,” Alexis started up, “But I thought I’d talk to you about her crashing in the guest room instead.”

Roy started to frown, “I don’t know if that’s a good idea…”

“Oh come on,” Taylor interrupted, “If it’s only a few days…”

Roy met Taylor’s gaze, “You sure you mean that?”

“I’m curious about this girl. And she’s a friend of your daughter’s- so I know you wouldn’t be stupid enough to try anything with her, if you get my meaning,” both women laughed at that.

Roy looked between the two several times over, then hung his head in surrender- just like Alexis knew he would, “When should we expect her?” he asked.

“Her plane lands in a couple hours; don’t worry, I’ll pick her up, and I told her to pack light,” Alexis laughed.

A few minutes later Alexis met Taylor as she opened the door, “Thanks for helping convince dad like that, I really appreciate it.”

“It was nothing really, I’m looking forward to meeting this Lauren.” Taylor walked into the garage, got into her car and drove off.

Only grup porno when her stepmother was long out of sight did Alexis’ smile take on a sinister tone.

“Fuck,” Alexis grumbled as she headed up the stairs, “I thought that sow was never going to leave,” She looked into her father’s bedroom to see him stuffing a duffel bag, “Going somewhere?” she asked.

Roy jumped as if he had heard a gunshot; turning to look at his daughter he answered, “Th- the gym. I thought with Lauren coming here, you- you’d be too busy for our usual- you know…”

Alexis sauntered up to him, “You thought wrong.” Raising her hand to his head she pulled her father closer; giving him a very undaughter-like kiss, her tongue stabbing between her lips and past his. All the while her other hand aggressively stroked his hardening crotch.

As she pulled her head away to speak Alexis whispered, “I told Lauren about our little- arrangement.”

The remaining blood- what wasn’t heading to a specific place already, drained from Roy’s face, “Please tell me you’re lying,” he gasped.

“Nope,” Alexis shook her head, “You know she always had a little crush on you?” her hand resumed stroking, “Still does…”

Roy’s face darkened in anger, he pushed his daughter away, “What the fuck is wrong with you?” he bellowed, “Blackmailing your father for sex isn’t bad enough, now you’re pimping him out to your friends?”

“Dad…” Alexis started to say.

“No!” He cut her off, “This has gone too fucking far! It ends now!” Roy grabbed the duffel bag and made for the hall.

Not looking back Alexis played her hand, “Fine, I’ll just tell Taylor how mom really died.”

Roy froze, “That was an accident,” he turned around, “You know it was.”

“Yeah,” Alexis turned to face him, “But do you think she’ll believe it? For that matter, do you think a jury will?” she stepped closer, “Your cellmate would show you what being pimped really means.”

“Alexis…” her father pleaded.

“Don’t pretend you don’t enjoy our *special* time together,” Alexis stepped forward, “I’ve heard the moans you make,” once standing right in front of him Alexis gave her father another long tongue kiss and resumed stroking him; finally she broke the lip-lock to say, “You’re going to love Lauren, believe me.”

Alexis left that afternoon to pick Lauren up; on the return trip the two walked into the house giggling like elementary schoolgirls. On the wall Lauren noticed the most recent picture of Alexis’ family- Taylor included. Seeing Roy she smiled, “And I half-worried he’d gotten bald and fat over the years.”

“Lauren! Shallow much?” Alexis quipped back, after which both started giggling.

Alexis led her friend upstairs. Lauren looked toward the master bedroom, “That’s still his room right?”

“Yeah, but your prize is behind door number two here,” Alexis pushed open the door to her own room. Roy stood next to the bed, his clothes hd porno neatly folded on a nearby chair, his hands over his crotch, his head hung low.

“Dad…” Alexis teased, “You have a visitor.”

Roy looked up to the young woman in front of him; since he had last seen her, Lauren had blossomed over the years. His daughter’s friend stepped closer, took his hands and moved them aside to look at what she really came to see.

Seeing how flaccid Roy was in his shame Lauren voiced her disappointment, “Doesn’t look like what you described.”

“That’s cause dad’s what the guys call-” Alexis replied, pulling her shirt over her head as she did so, “A grower, not a show-er.” she stepped behind her father and pressed her breasts against his body. As Alexis had forgone with a bra Roy felt her nipples- which he had once exaggerated could cut diamonds- stab into his back, the physical stimulation sending blood below the belt.

Lauren gaped as she backed away a step, “Sorry I doubted you Lex,” her eyes locked on Roy’s rising wood.

“Aren’t you going to touch it?” Alexis shifted her head to look past her father; seeing Lauren’s jaw hanging and her open hand raised Alexis joked, “It’s not a snake that’s going to bite you- go ahead!”

Lauren took Roy’s erection in hand, her touch brought a gasp out of him. Lightly stroking him for a few moments helped her work up the nerve, she crouched down and closed her mouth around it.

Alexis looked down at Lauren’s sucking. Bringing her head up she turned to whisper in her father’s ear, “Does she suck you better than ‘Mom’?”

Roy glowered; what he and Alexis did behind Taylor’s back was bad enough, Alexis didn’t have to mock the woman too. And yet when he parted his lips to speak the only sound to come out was a drawn-out “Yesss.”

“Thought so,” Alexis glanced back down for a second before whispering another question, “She do it better than me?”

Roy gasped out the truth, “Nobody does it better than you.”

“And nobody ever will,” She told him. The sudden shortness of his breath told Alexis her father was about to burst; before he could say anything she covered his mouth with her hand, whispering “Just let it happen.”

Lauren was caught off guard, but guzzled down the ejaculate like nobody’s business.

After Lauren got up and backed away Alexis turned Roy aside then gave a gentle push, making him fall on the bed, “I’ve been waiting all day for this,” she said as she shoved her jeans down. Roy could see her patch glisten in the room’s light, evidently she had not bothered with panties either. He turned his head to see Lauren sit down in anticipation of the coming show.

Roy tensed as Alexis crawled over him, “Just relax,” she whispered in his ear before moving down; he moaned when she began simultaneously circling his left nipple with her tongue and stroking him back to hardness with her hand. Finally his daughter got into position and shoved latin porno down, pulling him inside of her, bringing groans out of them both.

“That’s right,” Alexis grunted, “Forget Taylor. Fuck, forget mom even, ain’t nobody that can do for you what I can.” Both Roy and Alexis hear whimpering; they turned their heads to see Lauren’s hand reaching inside her jean zipper, bringing herself off.

The sound of the garage door opening shook all three out of the moment; “What the fuck?” Alexis yelled as she looked at the clock on her nightstand, “The bitch is never home this early!”

Alexis got off her father but neither would be able to get dressed in time, “Go down there- she knows you were coming- just fucking stall her!” Lauren rushed from the room toward the stairs; Roy and Alexis could faintly hear her introducing herself while they rushed to put their clothes back on.

Lauren somehow managed to preoccupy Taylor with small talk until Roy and Alexis came down the stairs fully dressed; “Taylor, sweetheart,” Roy started, “What a surprise- you’re usually not home at this hour.”

Taylor shrugged, “Harold heard I’d be entertaining a guest and said I could take the rest of the afternoon off.”

“Did he, now?” Alexis said, barely managing to keep her tone pleasant, “We should invite him over one day, I’d like to thank him in person.”

Roy grasped her real meaning, and hoped for Harold’s sake the man never came anywhere near this house.

At dinner that evening, the four ate in silence at first; it was finally Alexis who spoke first, “Tay- mom, I was wondering, maybe tomorrow you and I could drop by that work fair you mentioned a couple days ago?”

“Oh?” The question had come out of left field, as to Taylor ‘s memory Alexis had always shrugged off any suggestion of seeking work outside the home before now, “What about your friend?”

“Lauren will be here when we get back, and like you said, it’s not like Dad would try anything with her while we’re out- right?”

Everyone laughed except for Roy, who deduced the true meaning of Alexis’s suggestion- get Taylor out of the house so Lauren would try something with him.

Later that night as Alexis and Lauren watched TV downstairs, they heard Taylor’s moans and shrikes from the bedroom above, “Sheesh,” Alexis muttered, “Can you say overcompensating?”

“You know, I’m kind of surprised you didn’t use this leverage you have over your dad to make him throw her out on her bony ass,” Lauren said to her.

“Oh, I thought about it,” Alexis started, “Then I thought if I did people might start wondering why- start sticking their noses in and find out about the arrangement I got with dad..

“No- if keeping her around keeps everyone from meddling with what’s going on here, it’s worth putting up with her. I’m just glad if Dad had to find someone else, he picked a broad too dumb to see what’s gong on right under her nose.”

Alexis looked up to the ceiling, from where she heard the voice of a woman who, while married to her dad in name was truly no more than his disposable mistress, would never satisfy him like she did- a woman who knew nothing of Alexis and her father’s ‘secret arrangement’.

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