Secret Ch. 05


[Dear reader, this is the fifth and final chapter. Thanks.]

Secret 5 — Just a Little Kiss (Gary says goodnight to Camille.)

Camille sat spent in the hallway paying only passing attention to the two naked lovers collapsed on each other. They spent a fair amount of time in that position with only a few soft words and caresses.

Then Camille overheard Lisa say, “Let’s shower off this sticky margarita juice.”

For an instant Camille panicked that they would come toward her and the hallway bathroom and discover her peaking on them. Instead they chose the bathroom in the other end of the house. As they walked away Camille admired both of their beautiful bodies. They each had prominent butts, with Gary’s being more muscular and Lisa’s being naturally round and high with that “signature” wiggle.

As they walked away Gary casually cupped his palm on Lisa’s bottom. Lisa giggled and initiated a hug. Camille watched closely as Gary turned. His penis was hanging limp and looked very different from before, but still interesting. Lisa and Gary hugged while holding double handfuls of each other’s butts, and they snickered.

From her position in the hallway Camille could see them enter the bathroom. Gary entered first and Camille could hear him say, “I guess we scared Camille away.”

“I guess so.” Lisa said as she turned to shut the door. But instead of completely closing the door she looked around and then left it half open.

Camille marveled at Lisa. She somehow guessed that Camille might be interested in their activities. What a friend!

When Camille heard the shower she knew it was safe to come out. Camille was drawn to the open bathroom door and walked into the living room.

A pungent smell assaulted Camille’s senses. She was glad to be distracted from spying on the lovers, and sniffed out the source. She looked down on the couch and saw wet stains. Lisa’s little show had spilled margarita mix all over the couch, but there was also a light colored stain. Camille bent down and inspected what she knew must be semen. She touched it with her finger and sniffed. It smelled like chlorine. Camille felt compelled to clean up the mess which took her mind off of her friends for a few minutes.

The noises from the shower eventually got Camille’s attention. She carefully found a good angle for looking into the bathroom without being seen. It didn’t surprise Camille that the shower curtain was only partially drawn. She could see Gary on his knees in front of Lisa who had her back to the wall. Lisa had a foot on the front edge of the tub as Gary licked frantically at her pussy. His hands were stretched up to stroke Lisa’s full tits.

Lisa grabbed a handful of Gary’s hair and pulled him to a stand in front of her. “Let’s fuck but I don’t want you to come.” Gary hesitated for an explanation as he stood near Lisa with his hands on her tits and his dick straining for her wet pussy.

Lisa whispered but Camille could still hear, “Camille hasn’t really done anything. I want you to be as hot as a firecracker when you kiss her goodnight.”

That probably didn’t make much sense to Gary but he nodded. Lisa’s foot was still on the tub’s edge which gave Gary an easy target. Keeping his hands on Lisa’s tits he flexed his knees, managed to get the head of his dick in the right place, and extended upward with enthusiasm. Camille watched as Gary’s dick sank to the hilt in Lisa’s hungry pussy for the second time of the night. Lisa inserted one hand between them and began stroking her clitoris furiously.

As Gary rammed into her, Lisa slowly turned her head, looking out the bathroom door. Camille ducked back to keep from being seen.

Camille went back to the other end of the house, determined not to spy any more. Her mind was reeling with questions about what Lisa’s comment meant and what would happen: Was Lisa angry with her? Was Lisa concerned that Camille would talk to Lisa’s boyfriend? What would Camille do if Gary made a serious pass at her tonight?

Camille prepared for bed. Normally she slept in just her gown, but she decided to at least keep her panties on, just in case.

She was in bed reading a magazine and letting her mind drift to the possibility of Gary coming into her room. Finally Lisa appeared in the doorway with wet hair and in an oversized t-shirt.

“Hey, come on in.” Camille moved over on the bed to allow Lisa room to sit.

Lisa was a little cautious, “Camille, I hope we didn’t insult you. We just got carried away.” Camille seemed to be understanding so Lisa took the opportunity to hug her friend.

Camille replied, “Don’t worry about me. I was just being overly protective.” Lisa smiled which gave Camille the opportunity to comment, “It sure looked like you two were enjoying yourselves.”

Lisa broke into a broad grin, “I know I sure did! I guess this means I’m not as attached to my boyfriend as I thought. I hope you don’t think less of me.”

“Of course not, we’re friends. I was just worried about you.”

They Anadolu Yakası Escort hugged again before Lisa stood up saying, “I’m going on to bed. All those margaritas got to me.” Then Lisa broke into a really big grin, “I made sure that Gary will come in here to give you a special goodnight kiss!”

Before Camille could ask what that meant, Lisa was bounding out of the room, yelling down the hallway, “Hey Gary!”

Within a minute Gary was in the doorway with an ashamed smile, lightly knocking on the door frame. He was back in his shirt and khakis.

Camille was under the covers sitting up against the headboard. She waived him in, “It’s OK, I’m glad you came by to say goodnight before leaving.”

Gary stood awkwardly beside the bed, “Thanks Camille. I thought maybe the spectacle in the living room would be so shocking that you’d avoid me.”

Camille patted the bed, giving him an invitation to sit down. When his weight depressed the bed Camille accidentally rolled against his side. She scooted over a couple of inches so that they would not touch, but she noticed that the innocent body contact had given her a slight thrill.

She responded, “I’ve never seen anything like it, that’s for sure. I probably should have left the room sooner.”

Camille noticed that Gary’s eyes passed across her breasts. Without the bra her nipples were poking into the light cotton fabric of her gown. She felt a thrill again, this time over the fact that Gary noticed her.

Gary said, “It didn’t matter. Lisa and I weren’t thinking about anyone else or even noticing what was happening in the room.”

Camille could not help herself; she had to ask about his girlfriend, “Do you feel bad about your girlfriend?”

Gary’s expression was serious as he faced across the room, “Yep, I sure do.”

“When did you first think about her?”

Gary glanced at Camille obviously deciding whether to give an honest answer.

Camille quickly added, “I’m sorry. That’s none of my business.”

Gary looked intently at Camille, “That’s OK. I think it’s probably good for me to talk it out.” He looked away from her before continuing, “The real answer may gross you out. My body was still pumping sperm into Lisa when the guilty feeling came.”

Camille recalled the sight of Gary’s body slumped over Lisa’s thoroughly fucked hindquarters. She briefly imagined that was the throbbing instant Gary was talking about.

Even though she knew the answer Camille still asked, “Did you and Lisa do it again in the shower?”

Gary’s eyes rolled up for emphasis, “Ohhh, Yeahhh!” Then Gary obviously thought more about it. “Well I guess we did. It probably still counts even though Lisa didn’t want me to come.” Gary saw Camille’s confused expression, causing him to explain, “I think Lisa wanted me to kind of do something sexual with you and she didn’t want me to be too worn out. I know it’s silly, but she must be thinking this night will surely stay a secret if you have something to be ashamed of too.”

Gary faced Camille to see that her skin had flushed with all the sexual talk and she was breathing fast. Without thinking Gary quickly looked at her tits and noticed her perfect little nipples were more erect than when he entered the room.

Gary added, “Hey look Camille, I know it’s a stupid idea. But that must be what Lisa was hoping for. You and I can just say goodnight and I’ll go on back home.”

Camille was slow to respond, “That damn Lisa! It’s a good thing we’re friends or I’d be angry.” She paused and looked in Gary’s eyes, “If you want to, we could figure a way to do some sensual little thing that I’ve never done before. Then I think Lisa would be happy.”

Gary felt like his heart had leaped into his throat. Instantly blood was pounding in his brain as he hoped that the “sensual little thing” might turn into something that he considered to be a “big thing”.

Gary stuttered, “Well, uh, um, of course. This is a little embarrassing but as long as it’s OK with you, I’m sure I’ll enjoy that.”

“OK, go shut the door so Lisa won’t be able to check up on us.”

When Gary made it back to the edge of the bed Camille pulled the covers back, “I have something in mind, but we need to cuddle for a while until I can build up the courage.”

As Gary climbed in next to Camille he did his best to be a nice guy, “Sure, no problem!”

Gary was barefoot and in his shirt and pants. He settled under the covers on his side then looked at Camille. Her face was red and she was breathing heavy. Her eyes were wide with excitement and she was smiling eagerly at him.

Gary reached over to place his palm in the middle of Camille’s back and smoothly pulled her tight against him. She impatiently craned her neck to meet lips with his. They kissed passionately and Gary could faintly taste her toothpaste, which seemed erotic and innocent. They squirmed against each other and he reveled in the feel of her nipples against his chest, even through the two layers Pendik Escort of clothing.

Camille felt dizzy with passion. He was lean and muscular but also gentle with her. She came up for a breath with her chest heaving up and down, “I want to only do things that I’ve done with my boyfriend, for now. Anything through my clothes is OK.”

In response, Gary lowered his hand on her back until he was cupping her ass cheeks. He was delighted to find out that her gown had worked up so that he was squeezing her almost naked butt through only her panties. She didn’t object and Gary assumed that was her idea of clothing for down there. He lightened his touch to simply caress and feel the shape of her ass, hips, and the backs of her thighs.

Camille was busy touching Gary’s muscular back and tentatively stroking his butt. This was very hot for her. However she was eager to do more. She figured they could still go further without going beyond her limits.

Gary spoke under his breath, “You are so beautiful and you feel so good. It would feel even better if I could take my shirt off. Is that all right?”

Camille kissed him passionately to give herself a few seconds to consider, “You can take your shirt and your pants off. I’ve already seen you naked so that’s nothing new.”

Gary immediately pulled back the covers to partially sit in the bed as he jerked his clothes off, “Oh man! This is going to feel so good!”

Camille also sat up. She smiled in anticipation and watched closely as he took his shirt off revealing naked muscles. In one move he took his pants off to become totally nude. Camille got a good glimpse of his penis and she could tell it was already erect.

Gary was right. They both moaned with pleasure at the contact of their naked legs intertwining. Then Gary pulled her to him again. This time her tits felt almost natural against his bare chest, since only thin cotton separated them. He pulled away just enough to place his hands on her tits, through her gown. Camille groaned and lifted her chin as she writhed against his touch.

Gary pulled Camille over on top of him. She actively pursued passionate kissing while he actively pursued her ass. He knew he wasn’t supposed to reach under her clothing, but Camille was so enthusiastic he decided to push her panties to the side to feel bare skin. Camille froze at first, but apparently accepted that he was only stretching the rules, along with her panties.

Of course it didn’t take long for Gary to get greedy. He tried to pull her panties to the side and get to her pussy. Camille said no and rolled off, signaling that she wanted to catch her breath. She said, “I just have to slow down a little bit. That was a little too close.”

With Camille on her back Gary stroked her through her gown. He went from her tits, across her ribs and waist, down to her hips and the outside of her thighs. She was content to lie there and breathe heavily as Gary caressed her. Slowly he worked his way to her pubic bone, still through the gown. Camille responded by pushing up against his hand.

Gary did some light-touch teasing and then an occasional finger slide right up her slit. She flinched and pushed back at him every time.

Camille was burning up with passion, and curiosity. That’s when Gary got a surprise. Without warning Gary felt her small hand touching his dick. At first he stopped moving and let her explore. As he got used to her tender touch he continued petting her pussy through the gown.

The next unexpected event occurred when Gary felt Camille’s gown rising to expose her panties for him. She was using her other hand to lift up her gown! The blood pounding in Gary’s head was deafening. He was touching her bare skin except for the area covered by the panties. In short order Gary was exploring the details of what her vagina felt like through the thin panty material. When he found her clitoris Camille quickly rotated her hips toward him and sucked in her breath loudly through clinched teeth, “SSSSSSSSSSS!!”

Without speaking Gary rolled over on top of her. Camille seemed a little afraid at first but Gary proceeded with confidence. He placed his mouth over one of her gown concealed tits and got a hand on each of her buttocks. In this position he couldn’t miss the target. Gary curled his hips and the head of his dick magically went straight to the wet spot on her panties.

Gary proceeded to dry hump Camille. She started out scared and cautious. Gary supposed she had never done this before. Then she gained confidence and began to wiggle her hips. Gary couldn’t get far through the panties but he could feel her pussy-opening and pubic bone with the head of his dick.

Gary couldn’t help but wish he could feel more of Camille’s skin. As he humped, Gary used one hand to lift her gown higher.

Camille felt Gary lifting up her gown. With each square inch of increased heavenly skin contact she lost a little more determination about her rules. Before long her gown was just under her breasts and Kurtköy Escort Gary was touching her everywhere with his fingers and his mouth.

Camille rose up slightly and Gary knew he had gone too far. He stopped all activity expecting her to compose herself and call it quits. Instead Camille lifted her gown up over her head, throwing it to the floor.

Gary spoke appreciatively, “Camille, you have the most perfect tits!” They were not big but well shaped with small hard light-colored nipples. He lightly caressed them with one hand as she groaned in pleasure. Then he lowered his mouth to suck on one while he continued to pump his dick up against her panty-covered pussy.

Through heavy breathing Camille spoke, “Gary,… I keep thinking about something you said to Lisa…. Is it true you can feel what real sex is like without really fucking?”

At first Gary was too sex crazed to know what she was talking about. Then he remembered. Without stopping his pumping action he said, “Sort of. I can go just a part of the way in, no deeper than a finger.”

“Isn’t that…fucking?”

“Probably, but you keep your hymen and we get some idea of what it would feel like for me to really be in there all the way.”

“Let’s try it!”

Gary was already tugging her panties down her legs. The covers were off to one side and Gary could easily see her beautiful virgin pussy. Her pubic hair was brown. It was very sparse which allowed Gary a good view of her pussy. Her pussy lips did not look very big, even though they were inflamed from their lovemaking. He knew her opening was there some place but it was hard to see.

He loved the way she was moving her hips in anticipation. Gary reached over with his fingers to caress her mound. Camille flinched at the contact. She was very wet and Gary located her clitoris without trouble. Camille hunched against his hand as he stroked her. Out of curiosity he ventured his finger to her opening. It was a tight fit even for one finger.

“Come on Gary! I can’t wait to know what it feels like!”

Gary felt a little rushed but he was glad to mount her. He climbed on top positioning himself with his hands under her shoulders so that he could pull on her. He knew it would take a little work to even get part of the way into that opening.

Camille was beside herself with passion. She squirmed beneath him anticipating the feel of his throbbing cock.

The head of Gary’s dick found her opening as if there was a magnet pulling them together. Both Gary and Camille flinched with the intensity of sex organ contact. They squirmed against each other as Gary prepared to enter a tight virgin pussy.

Very gently, Gary pushed. He felt like he was pushing his dick up against a wall. A warm, wet, sexy, squirming wall. Gary pushed a little harder and Camille responded with gusto, squirming and groaning in pleasure.

“Oh Gary, this does feel good!”

“I’m not in there, even a little bit. Hold on; I’m going to push harder.”

He pushed hard and at the same time he pulled on Camille’s shoulders. She helped by bracing herself for him.

“UUHHHHH!!!” Gary thought it did feel very good, but there was no way the head of his dick was going into that tight little virgin hole.

Camille had a look of concern, “Is there anything wrong with me?”

“No, no, not at all. You’re fantastic. I’m sorry but it’s just that I’ve never had a girlfriend who was a virgin. There must be some kind of trick to this.” Camille seemed satisfied with that answer and the two of them kept hunching against each other as they talked. Gary continued, “Even if I can’t get in there, this is fun. Let’s just keep working at it.”

Camille’s answer was in the form of a hug and a little hitch of her pelvis. They continued humping until Gary suggested, “Hey, let’s try this from behind.”

Without speaking they worked together to turn over without losing contact between their genitals. This wasn’t easy since there was no penetration. Camille groaned with satisfaction at the intensity of genital contact. “Ooohhh!!”

As soon as Gary was in position behind Camille, he reached around and gently grabbed her tits. They both cooed at the new area of sensual contact. Gary and Camille continued to push against each other but still could not get even the head of his dick in her pussy. It was squeezed tightly shut.

Gary lowered one hand to Camille’s vagina and casually played with her clitoris. Camille immediately responded with heavy breathing and pushing against his hand. This helped Gary to come up with another idea.

“Camille, lie down again. I want to try something else.”

Camille reluctantly moved forward away from Gary’s rigid dick. She lay back with an eager expectant expression.

Gary didn’t waste any time. He dove face first into Camille’s pussy.

Camille was surprised and twisted away with giggles of embarrassment. Gary did not let up. Without force he nibbled away at Camille until she began to relax and enjoy the sensation.


Eventually Camille gradually spread her legs to give Gary better access to her pleasure center. Gary used his tongue on her clitoris and attempted to insert one finger in her vagina. With some persistence he was able to stroke her g-spot with his finger.

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