Subject: Secret Desire 37 Secret Desire Chapter 37 As always, please be of legal age (18) to ready this sexually explicit material. To enjoy it more, might I suggest you read it naked, with a fresh glass of piss next to you. Just like I write it! “Hey happy Thanksgiving” I thought I heard someone say, or was I just dreaming. Waking, I could feel Ky’s body spooned tightly against mine, with his hard cock plastered against my back. “Hey sleepy heads, it’s time to get up. It’s Thanksgiving!” I heard as I opened my eyes to see Ky standing by the now open door to our room. “Get the fuck out!” I heard Ky grunt as he through a pillow towards the voice coming from the other side of the room. “Now is that any way to greet your favorite brother?” I blinked my eyes and looked again. Then I looked over at the guy sleeping next to me. They were both the same fucking guy. It was way too early in the morning for this fucking shit! I watched as Ky jumped out of bed and ran towards his brother, they hugged tight and kissed passionately. The only difference I noticed between the two was Ky was naked and his brother was fully clothed. “El, I want you to meet my boyfriend, El this is Alex. Alex, this is my favorite brother Elias.” Ky said looking over at me, like I should get out of bed and come greet his brother naked and completely erect. I nodded and smiled but wasn’t about to get out of bed. “Nice to meet you, now the threesome is complete.” I said. “When did you get in?” Ky asked. “I flew in with mom from Paris this morning and we just got to the house. Mom’s already in the kitchen yelling at Maria about dinner. You’d better get dressed and get downstairs; you know how mom hates to be left waiting.” Elias said as he grabbed onto Ky’s still stiff cock. “Oh, how I missed you brother.” Even before Elias closed the door, Ky was looking for some shorts or something to wear. “Hey what are you doing?” I asked him as he pulled open another draw. “Getting dressed to go say hi to my mother.” Ky said “Can’t that wait?” I said and pulled the bed covering off my naked body letting him see my raging hard on. “I’m really fucking horny.” I said as I watched his own cock react with a jerk. “You fucking bet it can wait!” Ky said and took a leap back into the bed and was between my legs instantly. And with a quick wad of spit, he had my legs up over my head and his deep cock inside my ass fucking me within seconds. His balls were slapping my ass as his cock was invading my man-cunt, making me sing with pleasure. Between my moans, the skin slapping and Ky swearing like he always does, we fucked like the two college kids we were. My cock was hard, and my fist was pounding it as fast as Ky was pound my ass, until we both knew are balls were about to explode. “Ah fuck, ohhhh fuck yea, I’m going to cum fucking yea.” Ky screamed as I beat my fucking cock until it spewed massive fucking amounts of my thick, white cum up all over us. Cum began sailing over my head, hitting the headboard, then several shots splattering all over my face and chest as I felt the heat of Ky’s spunk filling my asshole with his white, hot load. His lips found mine and our kiss was intense, and endured for at least a minute or so, until Ky’s cock shrank and fell from my wet, spent asshole. He looked down at me….”I love you Alex” He said “I love you too.” I said back to him as we stared into each other’s eyes. There was no choice but to take a shower, especially if I was about to meet my boyfriend’s mother for the first time. After toweling off, we both went into the bedroom, and I started for the door. “Alex, hold on honey. We must put clothes erdemli escort on if my mother is here.” Ky said as he stood at his dresser. I looked at him questioningly. “What?why?” Not sure what was going on. “Mom is pretty cool, but when we are all home, she feels there’s too much testosterone in the house, and especially if we’re naked. So, we at least have to put on some shorts.” He said as he threw me a pair of gym shorts with a local high school logo on them. I pulled the shorts up over my cock and balls, they were small but covered what needed to be covered. Ky’s weren’t much bigger, but we both walked down to the main part of the house with something on. Ky’s mother was lovely, and we all had a great breakfast in the dining room served by the staff. Things ran very different when Ky’s mother was in the house, that was for sure. For one thing everyone had clothing on, and the staff was fully dressed in uniforms. Ky went surfing with his brothers, so I laid by the pool in a borrowed Speedo. Paulo kept bring me beers, as I sat in the lounge and just relaxed in the sun. I laid out by the pool and fell asleep until I felt the splash of cold water spray all over me. I jerked up and saw the rings of water reverberating throughout the pool. Suddenly a head popped up on the surface of the pool, and Elias laughed as he swam towards me. “Hey sexy, nice suit.” He said as he put his elbows up on the edge the pool. “Thanks, it’s your brothers.” I said looking down at the small black strip of cloth that covered my crotch. “I don’t know why he’d have one of those, I don’t think he’s worn a bathing suit in years, or maybe ever.” Elias said “I thought you were surfing?” I asked him. “Yea, I was but I thought I’d come back and play with you.” He said as he pushed off the side of the pool with his legs and floated on his back to the other side. He was naked, and he definitely wanted me to know that, as he dove forward and down, pushing his bare ass up in the air before disappearing below the surface. He had a nice ass, as did all the brothers, which made me wonder if his cock was as big as Ky’s. “Hey, jump in, the waters nice.” He said as he surfaced again. “Yea, I know how the water feels, thank you.” I said with a smile. “Come on in and take that foolish suit off.” Elias said as he treaded water in the middle of the pool. I looked at him, it was just like looking at Ky. Same smile, expressions, voice, hair, everything was the same, as if it were Ky. Only Ky shaved his crotch smooth, and I saw the mound of pubic hair around Elias’s cock when he pushed off from the pool. I pushed the suit down my legs as I stood up. My cock was chubbing and Elias took notice immediately as I walked to the edge of the pool and dove in. And by the time I surfaced, Elias was right next to me. “See isn’t it more comfortable with nothing to hold back that beautiful cock of yours.” Elias asked. “Dude your brother has taught me a lot about life and how to live it, and my cock is much better off for it.” I said as we treaded water inches apart from each other. “Did he fuck you this morning?” He whispered to me. “Well, my ass if full of cum so you figure it out.” I said not allowing him to shock me. “Good than I won’t need any lube when I fuck you.” He said as he suddenly dunked under the water, and suddenly my cock was engulfed inside his mouth. ‘Oh fuck’ I thought all these boys know how to give a fucking blow job. He took my whole cock and both my balls in his mouth as he directed me towards the shallow end of the pool. And by the time I could stand, my cock was completely tarsus escort hard, with my balls resting on his chin. Elias surfaced, his face inches away from mine. I looked into his deep blue eyes and moved for his lips. He pulled back, and at the same time, grabbed my hips spun me around and pushed me towards the edge of the pool. “OH fuck!” I cried as his cock plowed into my ass in one smooth jerk of his hips. He took my hard cock, and as his hips began to thrust, his hand jerked my cock as we fucked openly in his parents’ pool. The water was splashing all around us as he pushed and shoved his cock deeper and deeper into me, fucking me hard and making me groan with pleasure. His cock was as thick as Ky’s but definitely a few inches longer, as he shoved it as deep up my asshole as he could. Soon he was jerking erratically, and I could feel his cock swelling inside me, and as his balls produce huge amounts of cum that were now spewing into my ass, the water around us soon becoming cloudy as my own balls began to spew rope after rope of cum into the pool. “Oh fuck yea, fill my ass full.” I begged as I felt Elias cock begin to dump his hot load of cum up my ass. “You’re one great fuck Alex, I see why my brother’s told me to come give you a try.” He said as he swam over towards the steps. “Ky and DJ told you to come fuck me?” I asked looking straight at him as he sat on the stairs and leaned back, cocky like. “Dad too.” He said as I started to walk towards him. “Now where are you going, don’t get mad.” “Dude, I’m not mad. I loved the fuck, I just have to piss.” I said, realizing after 4 beers, and getting fucked I needed to relieve my bladder. He grabbed my hand as I walked by, and pulled me down next to him. He looked at me and dropped his face into the water right above my crotch. He took my soft cock in his hand and put it in his mouth. Knowing full well what he wanted, just like his brother, so I let me bladder relax and soon my warm piss was flowing into Elias’s mouth. However, quite shortly after I began to piss, Elias pinched the head of my cock, closing off my stream. “What the fuck dude?” I said as he surfaced, with his cheeks puffed up like a blow fish. He grabbed my head and pulled me towards him. His mouth met mine and suddenly my warm piss was flowing down my throat. I looked at him, but soon he was under the water again with his mouth over the head of my cock. I think we were on or 10th or 11th piss swap when Ky and DJ came crashing into the pool. “What the fuck are you doing?” Ky asked his brother as he was spewing my piss down my throat. “Your boy had to piss, so I was helping him out.” Elias said as I swallowed his recent load. “Get out of the way.” Ky said as he pushed his brother to the side, and picked me up so I was standing on the steps. “Nice cock” Both Elias and DJ said in unison as both their eyes focused on my hanging cock, that hung over my balls, dripping water, like piss from the tip. Ky knelt in front of me, took my cock in his mouth and let my piss flow freely down his throat. I watched both brothers get really turned on watching their brother suck down his boyfriends piss straight from his cock. So, by the time my bladder was empty DJ and Elias were completely hard. And when Ky stood up, he turned towards his brothers and suddenly his was spewing a mouth full of piss all over them. Elias made a quick lunge for Ky, but he was quick and dove over his brother into towards the deep end of the pool. But before his did, he looked at me and said ‘run’. I turned quickly to see DJ coming towards me, and I swiftly moved to my right, akdeniz escort and dove in after Ky. Elias was in fast pursuit of Ky as I was moving as fast as I could toward the deep end of the pool, but I could feel DJ’s fingers brushing against my feet as I tried to swim away. I saw Ky go under as Elias pulled his feet down, and just then I was sinking down under the water as well. I fought hard and tried to break free, but it was no use, DJ had me. When we broke through the surface of the pool, I saw Ky being dragged by his foot by Elias. DJ had me in a week headlock and was pulling me towards Ky and Elias. I watched as Elias threw his brother up against the side of the pool, and he stood right behind him pressing his body up tight with his brothers. DJ shoved me next to Ky, and he too was up tight against my back. But then I felt it, his hard stiff cock was pressing against my back as he put his arm around my chest and pulled me tight against him. I looked over at Ky, and could see Elias manipulating his cock against Ky’s ass. “Oh fuck yea!’ Ky whispered as his brother sank his stiff cock deep inside his asshole. “Kyyyyyyy ….oh fuck!” I said as I watched Ky and then felt DJ’s hard cock slide right up my asshole as well. “Let’s fuck the piss out these two, huh DJ?” Elias said as he began to fuck his brother right up against the side of the pool. DJ was already into it, as my ass was being invaded by his hard cock. Ky and I moaned almost in unison as his brother’s cocks slid in and out of our asses effortlessly. I looked over at Ky, his head laying on the coping of the pool on top of his folded arms. He leaned towards me as our mouths met. He kissed me lightly through our moans as his brother’s continued to fuck our asses. My cock was straining as it was plastered up against the side of the pool. And with each thrust of DJ’s hips it would run up and down the side, stroking my head, making me moan even more. “Boys, boys? Where are you.” We heard Ky’s mom shout. “Here mom.” DJ said, lifting his head off my shoulder. “Boys dinner will be ready in about 30 minutes, so make sure your ready.” She said looking over towards the 4 of us. “What are you boys up to now?” “Cool mom, we’ll be ready, no worries.” Elias said not skipping a thrust as he plowed his cock deeper into his brother’s ass. “Do we have to wear cloths mom?” DJ asked keeping up the same beat as his brother, on my ass. “Yes! I would greatly appreciate it if you would put on some clothing. It is Thanksgiving!” She said and turned back into the house. Our asses were still getting fucked, as the water splashed around us. My balls were tight, and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold my orgasm much longer. And obviously Ky couldn’t either as he soon began to moan loudly, and so did Elias. And as one triplet began so did they all. I could feel DJ’s cock swelling inside me, as he began to pound me harder. His cock was so deep in my ass, I could fell it poking at my stomach as my balls began to boil and soon both Ky and I were clouding the water as our cock’s spewed jets of cum as our asses were being seeded by his brothers. “Alex it is so nice to have you at our Thanksgiving table.” Ky’s mother said as we were all digging into their wonderful holiday dinner. “I do hope we’ve made you feel at home and part of the family.” “More than I ever expected.” I said knowing that I as I sat at their Thanksgiving table my ass was full of each brother’s load of sperm, making me a large and special part of their family. Iget a lot of insperation from my readers, so if you like my story, let me know, tell me of your piss play at ail If you would like to read other storys I’ve posted on Nifty, look for me under the Author’s tab: Michael Dee Remember Nifty is a free service which relies on donations. If you enjoy the stories you read here, please donate however much you can. Just click here to help support Nifty. fty/

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