Secrets of the Vine Pt. 01


Delta Airlines Flight 821 touched down at Cancun International Airport at 11:10AM. The passengers disembarked and, after retrieving their luggage and clearing customs, filed into the main hall. Most passengers were here on holiday, staying at one of the city’s many resorts. Among them were Alex and Aria White, who were here celebrating their ten year anniversary.

“I think that’s our driver,” Alex said, pointing to a man in a chauffeur uniform, who was holding a placard with their names on it.

Alex and Aria followed the driver to a waiting BMW. The driver opened their doors, then placed their luggage in the trunk. Alex and Aria fastened their seat belts and were soon on their way to The Vine all-inclusive resort. The drive took fifteen minutes. Upon arrival the driver opened their doors and retrieved their luggage from the trunk. Alex thanked the driver, and they headed for the check-in desk.

Ten minutes later they arrived in their room. They had booked an Ocean View Master Suite, which was on the top floor of their building. Aria gasped when they entered. The main room was very spacious. On the left side was a couch, a small table for entertaining, and two chairs around the small table. On the right was a dining table with four chairs. Beyond the main room were large glass windows and a million-dollar view of the Caribbean. Sliding glass doors led to a balcony.

“Alex, this place is amazing!” Aria said.

“Happy anniversary, baby,” Alex smiled. “How about we get dressed and go down to the pool?”

“Sounds perfect,” Aria said.

They walked to the bedroom, where a four-poster king-size bed awaited them. Alex put their suitcases on the bed and opened them. Aria pulled out her swimsuit, a sexy teal one-piece that laced up the front. The suit complimented her curves and D-cup breasts perfectly. Aria was a beautiful woman, standing 5’7″, with shoulder-length dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and a killer curvy body. Her husband, Alex, stood at 5’10”. He had blond hair, piercing ice-blue eyes, and muscular body. They were in their early thirties; he was 33, she was 30.

“Ready?” Alex asked as he slipped his pineapple print swim trunks on.

“Yep,” Aria said, slipping on her sheer lacy black cover-up.

They slipped on their sandals and headed down for the pool. The elevator stopped on the the fourth floor. The door opened and another couple got on. They looked doeda young, maybe early to mid-twenties. The woman stood 5’4″, had auburn hair and hazel eyes. Like Aria, she was curvy and busty. The man was about Aria’s height, maybe a little taller. He had red hair and from what Alex and Aria could see, a muscular build. The man wore red trunks and a white polo; the woman wore a sheer white halter cover-up, under which Aria could make out a yellow bikini. Aria noticed how the bikini complimented the woman’s breasts, also D-cups by the look of them.

“Hi,” Aria said.

“Hi,” the woman said.

“I love your cover-up.”

“Thanks,” the young lady replied. “I really like yours. Where’d you get it?”

“Online, through Torrid,” Aria said.

“Ooh, I love their stuff. That’s where I got my cover-up. I’m Ella, by the way.”

“I’m Aria. This is my husband Alex,” Aria said, pointing to her husband.

“This is my husband Brad,” Ella said.

Everyone shook hands.

“Headed to the pool?” Aria asked.

“Yep,” Ella said. “Time to get some sun and swim.”

“For sure,” Aria said.

The elevator chimed, and the door slid open. They two couples walked out to the large swimming pool at the side of the building. They found four chairs together, which was surprisingly easy. Most of the resort’s occupants had opted for the beach, just mere steps away. The two ladies sat in the middle, with their husbands on either side.

“So where are you guys from?” Brad asked.

“Ohio,” Aria answered.

“Really?” Ella said. “So are we. Where in Ohio?”

“Columbus,” Alex said.

“Oh my gosh!” Ella smiled. “Us, too!”

“Did you guys arrive today?” Aria asked.

“Yesterday,” Ella replied. “We’re on our honeymoon.”

“Aw,” Aria said. “Congratulations! We’re here for our ten year anniversary.”

“Ten years? You guys don’t look that old,” Brad said.

“We got married in college,” Alex said. “I was actually just out of college. Aria was a senior. What do you guys do?”

“I work in marketing for the Columbus Clippers,” Brad said. “Ella is a kindergarten teacher.”

“I love the Clippers,” Alex said. “Huge baseball fan. I teach English as a second language at Ohio State, and Aria has her own catering business.”

“That’s awesome,” Ella said. “We both love to cook.”

“If you ever want a job, I’m hiring,” Aria chuckled.

The eş değiştirmeli porno couples spent the rest of the afternoon talking, swimming, and enjoying the endless drinks. The time seemed to fly by. Soon it was time for dinner. The couples got out of the pool and dried off and headed back to their rooms. Alex and Aria bade Brad and Ella goodbye at the fourth floor and returned to their room.

“They’re really nice,” Aria said as they entered their room.

“Yeah,” Alex said. “Ella is very pretty.”

“She is,” Aria agreed. “Shall we get ready for dinner?”

Alex walked into the bathroom and started the shower. Aria gasped when she saw the bathroom. It had twin sinks, a large Jacuzzi tub, and a large, glass-enclosed shower. Aria opened the sliding glass shower door and walked in. Alex was already washing himself.

“This bathroom is amazing!” she said.

“It is,” Alex smiled. “But you know what else is amazing?”


“Your body.”

Alex wrapped his arms around his wife and pulled her to him. He pressed his lips to hers. Aria returned her husband’s kisses, kissing him hard on the mouth. She wrapped her arms around Alex’s neck. Their lips played along each other. Aria moaned and opened her mouth. Soon her tongue intertwined with her husband’s. Their tongues danced around each other faster. Aria felt her mound swelling. She could also feel Alex’s erect cock pressing into her. She pulled herself away. She reached down and began to slowly stroke Alex’s erection.

“Fuck,” Alex groaned.

“You’re so hard,” Aria smiled. “I like it. Now fuck me.”

She turned around and bent forward slightly, spreading her legs apart. Alex grabbed her hips and began to slide himself along her swollen slit. Aria moaned as her man’s cock teased her pussy.

“That feels good,” Aria gasped. “Keep doing that.”

Alex continued sliding his rock-hard cock against his wife slit. Her moans excited him almost to the point of orgasm. He rubbed his erection against his wife’s clitoris.

“Fuck!” Aria whimpered. “That feels amazing! Your cock is throbbing on my clit!”

Alex continued sliding along her clit, each stroke eliciting a moan or gasp.

“Get inside me,” Aria begged. “I need you inside my pussy.”

Alex pressed the head into her. Aria moaned as his thick six inches began to enter her. She whimpered slightly genç porno as she felt him stretch her tight pussy open. She moaned as he penetrated her and slid fully inside her.

“Fuck, you’re tight today,” Alex groaned.

He held her in place and began to thrust. He started out slowly, gently thrusting in and out. Aria moaned. It felt like Alex was hitting every nerve ending inside her. She slowly bounced back on him. Soon they were in a rhythm. Alex sped up a little; his cock hit Aria’s G-spot.

“Fuck!” Aria gasped. “I think you’re hitting my G-spot!”

“Nice,” Alex groaned. “It feels amazing!”

Alex continued thrusting into her at that same angle. Aria’s moans became louder with each passing minute. She could feel herself building to climax. Every nerve in her pussy was firing now.

“Fuck!” Alex groaned. “I’m so close!”

“Me, too!” Aria nearly screamed. “Don’t stop, Alex. Give me your cum!”

“Yeah, you want my cum?”

“Yes, Alex! Shoot your load deep into me!”

Alex began to thrust faster and faster. Aria could feel him throbbing inside her. Every time he hit that special spot she felt like she would burst. Her legs began to quiver. She couldn’t help it anymore. She cried out in pleasure.


Alex noticed her legs quivering and knew what that meant. Knowing his wife was about to exploded all around his dick made him lose all control of himself. He now began to pound her as hard and fast as he could. His groans became louder; he hoped the room was sound-proof.

“Yes, Aria, take it!”

“I’m gonna cum!” Aria screamed. “Yes!”

Aria felt the climax coming. Her legs were about to give out; she couldn’t hold back any longer. Her head went back. She let out a final scream as her climax hit. Her pussy pulsed like crazy; she could feel herself gushing. Her legs shook all through her intense orgasm. Alex felt his wife’s orgasm. Her warm, wet juices flooded around him. Her pussy clenched around his throbbing cock. He groaned Aria’s name as he reached his climax. His cock exploded inside her.

“Oh, Alex, I can feel you filling me,” Aria whimpered.

Alex shot his load deep into his wife, filling her. Some of his cum even dripped from her. He stood there for a moment, waiting for the flood to subside. Finally he felt himself going limp and pulled out, his cock covered in a cocktail of their love juices. Aria took a seat on the shower bench.

“Are you okay, honey?” Alex asked.

“Yeah,” Aria said, panting. “I just can’t feel my legs. I’ll be fine.”

“Should I ask the restaurant to hold our reservation?” Alex asked.

“You might need to,” Aria said. “I don’t know if I’ll be able to walk.”

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