Seduced By Caitlin


Seduced By CaitlinAnother fantasy with my young associate.I asked Caitlin to join me for a large multi-day meeting among defense counsel at a large hotel in Virginia. I explained that it would be a good experience for her. I had arranged for adjoining rooms in our hotel so it would be easier to discuss the days’ events. During the first day of meetings, Caitlin and I sat together so we could talk. Caitlin was wearing a very conservative blue suit and a white cotton blouse. She looked very much like a lawyer I thought to myself. As we sat through the day-long meeting, Caitlin shifted in her chair to let her skirt ride up to mid-thigh. She often let her thigh rub against mine and I didn’t move, letting her know that I liked it. After the lunch break, Caitlin returned, but took her jacket off. She had unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse so that when she leaned over to talk to me, I got a clear view of her breasts. She had taken off her bra during the lunch break. More than once after she caught me staring at her hard nipples, I got an inviting smile. The meeting finally ended, and Caitlin and I agreed to meet for dinner in the hotel restaurant. I went to my room to catch up on what I missed during the day and then showered and dressed for dinner. A simple cotton dress; I skipped a bra but did slip on a pair of nice black panties. I went down to the restaurant and waited for Caitlin at the bar. Caitlin is a gorgeous slim blonde 5’ 9” or so, small breasts and wonderful legs. I watched her approach the restaurant in a black miniskirt and black jacket. We went to our table and Caitlin removed her jacket. She wore a very sheer (essentially see-through black top with an equally sheer black bra. After we finished dinner, Caitlin suggested a drink at the bar. “My treat,” Caitlin said as she inched closer to me. She held eye contact and smiled unassumingly as she gauged my reaction. She then stroked my arm lightly with her hand. “I’m not sure if that is a good idea” I whispered and flashed a smile. Caitlin reached over and brushed a stray hair away from my forehead and let her fingers lightly touch my lips as she withdrew her hand. I knew I was blushing from her touch. I could smell her perfume. It was light and airy, and I liked it — a lot.“Have you ever been with a woman before?” Caitlin whispered. I was stunned by her question. “No” I stammered “I’ve thought about it, but never really had the opportunity.” “Well now you do,” Caitlin said, grazing my cheek with the back of her hand across my cheek. Her gentle touch sent shivers through me and I could feel wetness between my thighs. I closed my eyes and sighed softly, “We shouldn’t,” I stammered nervously. I felt heart racing and hoped Caitlin couldn’t hear it. “But you want to,” Caitlin said playfully “you’ve been staring down my shirt all afternoon.” I looked down at the floor as my cheeks flushed crimson red; I could feel the familiar squishy feeling between my legs, and I was sure my panties were soaked. “No,” I whispered, kaçak iddaa a lie that I knew Caitlin saw right through.Caitlin moved closer until my body was pinned between her and the bar. Her hand slipped around my waist as she pulled me even closer and slipped her thigh between my legs, causing my dress to ride up exposing my thigh-high stockings. “Let’s go up to my room” she whispered in my ear. Her lips grazed my earlobe and I let out a low moan. Caitlin’s free hand touched my thigh and slowly moved upward.I felt a tremendous surge of wetness between her legs. “Oh god,” I sighed. I wanted to escape Caitlin’s grasp, but couldn’t. My body was trembling, and I could feel the warmth of Caitlin’s breath in my ear. Honestly, I realized I was too excited to move. I held my breath and bit my bottom lip as Caitlin’s fingers continued to draw a line up her thigh.”Or we can go upstairs to your room,” Caitlin continued. Her leg moved higher between my thighs and I felt my hips open to receive her. I then felt Caitlin’s fingers move between my thighs and touch my wet panties. I moaned softly as Caitlin’s finger softly touched the sopping fabric of my panties. “You’re wet,” Caitlin whispered as her tongue traced the outline of my ear.”Uh-huh,” I squeaked. I could Caitlin’s warm sweet breath tickle my ear. I could smell her perfume and could feel the searing heat as her hand explored my panties. I hesitated as I let these feelings wash over me. Finally, and very much unsure of the wisdom of my decision, I whispered “Yes, let’s go upstairs.”We walked from the bar. Caitlin’s hand stayed on my back as we left together as a couple. My heart was pounding with excitement as we waited for the elevator. “Oh god, I can’t do this” I thought. Caitlin’s hand left my back and took my hand in hers. “Relax,” she said softly as she looked into my eyes. The elevator doors opened, and I quickly stepped inside. The car was empty, and I was glad to see that we were alone. Caitlin pushed the button for our floor and turned to face me. As the doors closed Caitlin moved closer; she took my hands and pulled me closer. She leaned in and kissed me tenderly. I felt Caitlin’s body against mine as our lips met. I tensed momentarily and then melted against Caitlin’s warm body. My lips parted of their own accord and Caitlin’s tongue slipped into my mouth. Her lips were soft and supple and unlike anything I had felt before. The kiss was amazing. I felt Caitlin’s tongue look for mine and I moaned softly into her hot mouth as I pressed myself against her. Caitlin’s day-long seduction had me more turned on than I had been in years.We kissed deeply while the elevator climbed to our floor, and when the chime sounded, we reluctantly separated. I was breathing heavy, and my body was on fire. I took Caitlin’s hand and we walked hand in hand to my room. I stumbled with the electronic key until the door finally opened and we quickly stepped inside. As the door closed behind us, Caitlin reached for my face and began a kaçak bahis long, deep kiss. My mouth opened and our tongues entwined in a deep French kiss.I could feel Caitlin reach around and then felt the zipper of my dress slowly descend. Caitlin slipped my dress off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor as we continued to kiss. After my dress puddled on the floor, Caitlin stepped back and looked at me. Goose bumps covered my nearly naked body as Caitlin looked at me. “God you are beautiful,” she said quietly.”So are you,” I said quietly. “I wanted this to happen the minute you took your jacket off tonight.” Caitlin motioned to the bed and I laid down dressed only in my panties. I felt vulnerable and instinctively crossed my arms across my chest; I’ve always been self-conscious of my small breasts. Caitlin smiled at my insecurity; “They’re perfect,” she said reassuringly as she gently touched my face.I felt relieved and an immense desire to make love to Caitlin. I rolled onto my side to face her. “Let me see you,” I said softly. Caitlin unsnapped her skirt and let it fall to the floor, then she pulled her shirt up over her head exposing her small but pert breasts. Caitlin stood in front of me in her sheer bra and black panties. She was gorgeous. “Oh my god,” I moaned at the sight. I reached to pull her closer to me. I reached for the waistband of her panties and slowly slid them over her slim hips and down to mid-thigh, exposing a small patch of trimmed blonde pubic hair. My fingers trembled as I ran my hands through her bush and teased the inside of her thighs. I could smell the faint musky scent of her arousal and it excited me even more.Seeing the desire in my eyes, Caitlin pushed me softly onto my back and climbed onto the bed beside me. Caitlin rolled over between my legs and began to gently rub the inside of my thighs. I could feel my hips moving, encouraging Caitlin. As her hands reached the top of my thighs, she began to trace my lips through my panties. “You are so wet,” she whispered and reached for the waistband of my panties. She slowly slid them down my legs and off. I could feel Caitlin coming up to kiss me and felt her push her pussy hard against mine.”Oh god,” I moaned at the intimate contact as our pussies slid together. Caitlin lowered her mouth to mine, and we kissed passionately as our hips ground together in a sensuous pace. Our tongues entwined and the room filled moans of desire. My body was on fire. The seduction and foreplay had combined to bring me to the brink of orgasm before Caitlin had climbed between my legs. The weight of her body on mine, the intimacy of their pussies sliding together exchanging fluids and the erotic deep sensuous kisses all brought me to a fast, powerful climax.As my body quivered beneath her, Caitlin continued to grind her pussy hard against mine, bringing me to another, softer orgasm. Caitlin looked at me, held my face in her hands and kissed me deeply. I was weak and breathless as the last waves of pleasure rolled illegal bahis through my body. “That was amazing,” I said weakly between soft tender kisses.Caitlin allowed me time to recover, kissing me tenderly as she caressed my body. Then, Caitlin’s fingers went to work. Her fingers began to tease my nipples and they hardened at her touch. I could feel my body respond to her. Caitlin’s other hand began to roam down my stomach, searching for my sex. She let a finger slide up and down my slit, teasing my clit with each stroke. Slowly and gently, she teased me. Looking into my eyes, she softly slid two fingers inside me. I could feel my pussy clench with desire, and I moaned loudly into Caitlin’s ear. Caitlin softly pumped two fingers in and out of my pussy. Her fingers curved upward and flicked my button with each stroke and my hips gyrated to meet her fingers. “Don’t stop,” I pleaded. The words seemed to come from somewhere else. “Do you like this?” Caitlin whispered. “Oh, God, yes,” I hissed as I ground my hips and my wet pussy against her hand.I was wetter than ever. I could feel my juices running between the crack of my behind. And then it came again. I moaned with pleasure as the first wave rolled through my body. “Please don’t stop,” I begged. My eyes were clenched tight as I moaned loudly. My body spasmed and quaked uncontrollably and I felt my pussy juice, covering Caitlin’s hand and the bed beneath me.Caitlin pulled her soaking wet hand from my pussy and let me come down. Then she rose onto her knees, unsnapped her bra and straddled my face, slowly lowering her pussy to my mouth. I saw the slick wet folds of Caitlin’s pussy and my heart skipped a beat. As Caitlin spread her legs, her lips parted like a flower. Her pinkness was beautiful, and her scent was amazing. My tongue flicked out and caressed Caitlin’s moist lips. The taste was electric and a delicious mix of salty sweet. I sucked her clit into my mouth and let it slide between my teeth as Caitlin moaned loudly. I pushed my tongue deep inside her as her juices ran down my face. My tongue found Caitlin’s clit; her legs quivered as her climax approached. “Right there, don’t stop,” Caitlin hissed as her body shook as she came hard on my face.Caitlin rolled off me to lie beside me in post-orgasmic bliss. We continued to kiss as I explored her body. I kissed and nibbled Caitlin’s neck as she moaned softly. I slid between her thighs and took each of her hard nipples into my mouth, biting and teasing them. Then I worked my way down between her thighs and inhaled the scent of her arousal. I covered her pussy with my mouth and began to work her sex between my teeth. Caitlin lay against the headboard on the hotel bed with me between her widely spread legs. My mouth was locked over Caitlin’s pussy as she seemed to be in one continuous orgasm. Her legs trembled and she breathed in loud short gasp-moans. Finally, Caitlin pushed me head away, but pulled me up for a loving kiss. I couldn’t tear myself away from Caitlin. I just held her tightly for what seemed forever. Caitlin pulled me up beside her. “Let’s get some sleep,” she told me as she caressed my face and began to get up. “Caitlin, would you like to sleep with me?”

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