Seducing a Friend Ch. 02


That night I decided I was going to make a plan to seduce my friend. I was going to show him that I wasn’t just one of the guys. And not only that I was a female, but also a sexual creature with sexual appetites. I only had a week or so to convince him that he wanted to sleep with me and I didn’t have a moment to waste.

Contrary to Harris’s belief, I am not a sponge. I have had quite a few sexual escapades and not everyone thinks of me as “one of the guys.” I am not unattractive and in fact have a very nice body if I do say so myself. I’m 5″6 with medium length, wavy chestnut hair, dark eyes and a perpetual tan from playing outdoor sports. I’m quite solid, but do have some nice curves. I have something of a naughty side too. One that Harris has never before been privy to. I’ve got a tattoo of a dragon that snakes its way down the lower part of my torso until the top of my thigh. I had to lie down in the back room of the tattoo parlor in a black thong for hours just to get that tattoo done. It was kind of hot exposing myself that much to a guy with a shaved head and multiple facial piercings named Rex. But I digress. The point is that I like sex. It’s usually emotionless, just a quick fuck to calm the heat in my blood or a drunken romp back at his place. But thinking about Harris, I realized that I wanted more than that. A warm body wasn’t going to do it this time. I needed to see the lust in his eyes, to see the realization hit him that I’m just what he needs too.

The next morning I came down to breakfast in my pajama shorts and a tee shirt. His was sitting at the table munching on some toast and drinking a cup of instant coffee. I reached up to get a clean mug, took out the coffee and some sugar and made myself some coffee too.

“So what are your plans for the day?” I asked, sipping my coffee.

He grimaced and answered, “gotta go home and start cleaning up a bit so the crew can start work on the kitchen tomorrow.”

I made a sympathetic face and put a hand on his shoulder. “Sounds like fun. I know exactly what you need. A nice refreshing swim in your pool.” I couldn’t help grinning as he looked at me in mock outrage.

“My Onwin pool indeed,” he scoffed.

“And drinks out with the group. What do you say, O’Hannigan’s at 9:00? I’ll rally the troops. You just have to show up.” I didn’t wait for an answer, just turned and went upstairs.

Instead of a shower, I opted for a nice long bath. I turned on the faucet and waited for the tub to fill. My thoughts turned yet again to Harris. He wasn’t just a delicious body. He was smart and funny and read Tolstoy and Oscar Wilde. He was ambitious but not to the exclusion of all else. But most of all he was a good person. When I was sick with strep throat a few years ago, he brought me chicken soup and made sure I was comfortable. When our friend Steve’s fiancee left him, Harris stayed up with him the whole night keeping an eye on his alcohol consumption level and letting him rant even though they both had work the next day. His delicious body didn’t hurt. I let my mind’s eye roam over his pecs and toned arms, moving down to his long legs and tight ass. I may have even started drooling a bit. At that point I guiltily pulled out my trusty purple dildo and turned off the faucet.

I slid in to the tub slowly, letting the water caress my overheated body. I lightly ran my hands down my neck and over my breasts, tweaking the nipples and then moving down my stomach and over my thighs. I ran my hands up and down the inside of my thighs a few times before I returned to my nipples. I rolled them between my fingers feeling them harden and then put one hand back to the bare juncture between my thighs. I started swirling a finger around my lower lips, never quite touching my clit. I rubbed myself up and down between the lips feeling a heavy wetness that wasn’t just bathwater. I gently inserted my index finger into my hot, wet hole feeling a longing to be filled. I reached for my dildo and poised it at my ready hole.

I imagined Harris bracing himself over me as I slowly pushed the dildo into my tight pussy. Halfway in, I slipped it out only to slide it back in, slightly deeper this time. I pumped it in and out slowly until I was able to fit it all in and then Onwin giriş picked up the pace, grunting every time it was in as far as it could go. In my mind, it was Harris straining as he fucked me hard enough to launch me against the wall of the tub as his balls slapped against my ass. I could feel a welcoming tingle sweep from my lower extremities to my belly and knew it would be soon. The tingle grew and I was fucking myself with the dildo as hard as I could until I shattered, my inner walls contracting against the dildo and more sticky wetness leaking from my pussy.

I cleaned up the dildo as best I could and threw it in the back of the cabinet under the sink. I felt guilty about fantasizing about Harris that way, but not enough to stop. I was going to continue with my plan to seduce him that night at the bar.

That night, I pulled on a short black v-neck dress and stiletto sandals. I let my hair down and even put on some makeup. And yes, I do know how to apply makeup. I work in marketing and know the importance of advertising one’s self as well as the product. I put on some sexy underwear to boost my confidence and headed out the door.

We were all meeting at O’Hannigan’s, and I was the last one to show up. The guys all lifted their eyebrows when I walked in but didn’t say anything. “The gang” consisted of Terry, a short blonde nurse, the aforementioned Steve, a software programmer with lank brown hair and deep-set eyes, Dana, of medium height and build with olive skin who was Steve’s newest girlfriend (we still didn’t know very much about her except that she worked at a pharmaceutical company and was very serious), Greg, a large, bearded, winsome musician (he worked in construction as a day job), and of course Harris and myself. We had all met in college, with the exception of Dana whom we’d only met a few times, and tried to get together at least once a month or so. I greeted everyone and the conversation resumed. Terry was commiserating with Harris (she’d had to replace her entire electric system a few months back) and Greg and Steve were trying to draw Dana into a conversation. I plopped down next to Terry, who commented how nice it was of me to let Harris stay over for the week.

“I ended up with my sister and her kids.” She said glumly. “Remind me never to have children. All they do is whine and cry and poo. And my sister, god love her, tried to set me up with three different guys in a span of two days. Nerdy, Awkard and Grandpa.”

“Was Grandpa at least rich?” I asked.

“Nope, just cranky,” she replied.

Harris turned to me. “You’re not going to try to set me up with all your single friends, right?”

“Most certainly not. Then what’s left for me?” I joked. “Although, I do have this friend Bob, nice guy, good looking. Just say the word and I’ll set it up.” I dodged the napkin he threw at me and went up to the bar to order a drink from my buddy Kevin, the bartender.

“What can I get for you tonight, Chris?” He asked.

“How about a Long Island Iced Tea?”

“Coming right up.” He started pulling bottles off of shelves, and asked me as he poured, “So what’s with your friend? He’s staring at you. He’s been staring at you all night.”

“Who?” I asked, resisting the urge the turn around and look.

“The tall one. Harris is it? Every time he thinks you’re not looking, he’s making puppy dog eyes at you. I kind of want to puke.”

“Excellent! That means my plan is working.” I suddenly had butterflies in my stomach.

“Your plan? Oh boy. I’m almost afraid to ask.”

So I told him about my plan. I figured that as a bartender, he’d probably heard everything under the sun and maybe had some tips. He nodded sagely. “You want my advice?”

I leaned forward on the bar.

“Your problem is that he thinks of you as a platonic friend. You need to change his mind-set and make him see you as a woman. Although, it seems you’ve done a pretty good job with that one tonight.” His eyes flicked to our table in the back. “You have to tease him a bit. Flirt with other men around him and he’ll realize that plenty of men are interested in you sexually. Casually touch him and he’ll casually touch you back. Just remember, guys aren’t very good with subtlety so you may have to be a bit obvious.” He set my drink in front of me and wished me luck.

He’d given me something to think about. I sat at the bar for a few more moments deep in thought, sighed, and returned to the table.

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