Seducing My Daddy Ch. 02


“Oh god Daddy, I’ve missed this so much.”

It’s been three days since my last encounter with my daddy, since we both came to realise how good he feels inside me. My mom hasn’t been working as late since then so we’ve had little opportunity to do anything besides kissing before she gets home. Tonight, though, she won’t be home for at least four hours and Daddy is really making the most out of this…

On his way home from work he’d texted me, instructing me to be wearing nothing but one of his good dress shirts when he arrived. After a few minutes I replied with a picture of me in just that, lying on my parent’s bed with my hand between my legs. It took less than a minute from when I heard his car pulling into the driveway to having him naked with his face buried between my legs like he is now. Licking and nibbling at my clit, Daddy’s close to bringing me to my first orgasm of the night already, as I pull his hair so his face buries further into my pussy.

Just as I’m about to climax, Daddy stops licking submissive cuckolds porno me and instead shoves two fingers into my pussy and fucks me hard with them until I’m writhing on the bed and screaming his name.

“Daddy! Ah, fuck, Daddy fuck me harder with your fingers!”

Just then, he dives his head back down to my pussy while continuing to finger-fuck me, as well as unexpectedly inserting his pinky finger into my ass. I climax straight away, holding his head between my legs by pulling his hair while rolling my hips in order to grind against his face. I’m practically pulling his hair right out as my orgasm ripples through me. After about a minute, Daddy changes his pace to slow, gentle licks as I try and catch my breath — softly moaning each time his tongue makes contact with my clit.

He moves up, bringing his face close to mine. He leans his head down and, just as I think he’s about to kiss me, slams his dick into my pussy. I cry out from both sex parties porno pain and pleasure, and he covers my mouth with his hand. Daddy uses his other arm to lift my leg up so it’s over his shoulder while he drives his big dick into me over and over again, hard and fast so I’m screaming into his hand.

He removes his hand and uses it to hold my other leg over his other shoulder. I use the opportunity to kiss his up his neck, nibble on his earlobe then moan:

“Choke me Daddy…”

He pauses and stares at me wide-eyed for two seconds before the most lustful grin I’ve ever seen washes over his face. Daddy shifts so he’s on his knees in front of me, using one hand to hold my legs in place — my feet just barely over his shoulders — and the other hand to wrap around my throat so I can hardly breathe. He resumes slamming into me hard and fast, grunting as the sound of flesh slapping against flesh echoes throughout the house. Both my hands are wrapped around his spankbang porno wrist so he doesn’t lose his grip on my throat as orgasm after orgasm ripples through me.

Daddy releases his grip and I struggle to catch my breath as he slows down ever so slightly, “Daddy’s going to cum in you so much baby, are you ready for Daddy’s cum?”

I stare up into his eyes and nod; trying to look as innocent as possible as I anticipate being filled up by my father once again.

“Get on your knees baby girl…”

I immediately roll over, get onto my knees with my forearms on the bed and arch my back, looking back at my Daddy and biting my lower lip with excitement. Daddy grabs my hips roughly as he thrusts into me, his fingers dig into my flesh as I moan into the pillows.

“Oh Daddy, fuck me Daddy, don’t stop, oh god you’re so big, fuck me with your big cock…”

Daddy suddenly pulls my hair so hard I think it’s going to rip right out as he cums in my pussy. He collapses on top of me, trying to regain his breath as I do the same.

“Oh baby girl I love you so much. I…”

He doesn’t get to finish his sentence before the bedroom door swings open and slams against the wall. Daddy jumps up and quickly covers both of our naked bodies with the sheet as we turn around to see who the intruder is.

“Oh god… Mom?”

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