Seducing Sheila Pt. 02


This is the oft requested continuation of my collaborative story with AlohaSheila. We are so glad the teaser was well received. There will be a Part 3, but for now we all hope you enjoy our story.


We got out into the sunshine and started walking down the main street. I think I surprised Sheila when I hooked my arm through hers. She smiled, pulled herself closer, and briefly rested her head on my shoulder and then placed a soft kiss on my cheek. This public display of affection had a fairly instant effect on me. I felt little thrills run through my body and a very definite increase in the tingling between my legs.

The walk home was less than ten minutes, but seemed to drag into an eternity. We didn’t talk, we just walked. The anticipation of what was to come was sending wonderfully erotic thoughts and images through my mind.

When we got to the cottage I gestured to the door and said, “Welcome to our humble abode.”

Sheila smiled and said, “It looks delightful.”

After opening the door and putting our bags on the kitchen table, I shocked myself by turning to her and putting my hands on either side of her face, pushing her back against the kitchen wall and kissing her. It was passionate and heavenly. She responded in kind. The kiss deepening. An urgency filling us.

I felt her hands wrap around my waist and then grab my blouse, untucking it. She hurriedly started pulling it upwards. I lifted my arms, letting this amazing woman take control. Once it was off she threw it on the floor behind me and then reached around, unclasping my bra and exposing my tits to her gaze. My nipples were stiff and crinkly, the areolae with their little goosebumps showing the level of my arousal. My bra joined the blouse on the floor.

There was an animal urgency in her actions that just made me melt even more. She undid the belt on my skirt and lowered the zip, dropping it, along with my knickers, down over my hips and thighs, exposing my smooth, bald pussy which was dripping wet and so desperate to be touched. I stepped out of the fabric pooled at my feet. Here I was, with my shoes the only thing technically preventing me from being completely naked in front of her. The feeling was deliciously decadent and wanton.

She pushed me back slightly, looking at me and the realisation hit me that I was naked and I hadn’t seen a single inch of her undoubtedly beautiful body. I moved toward her and, as I began to reach for her, I looked into her eyes. She was smiling and in a soft, husky voice said, “Yes, Anna, undress me. I need to be as naked as you.”

Her words electrified me.

I turned her around and hurriedly slid the zip down the back of her light, colorful dress and pushed it off her shoulders. I drew it down her body and let it cover her feet. She stepped out of the fabric as I undid her bra and pushed it down off her shoulders. I took the top of her very brief, lacy white knickers and pushed them down over her hips, revealing her delightful looking bum.

There was a sort of torture in this whole affair. I wanted to see her, drink her in with my eyes, savor every inch of her. She turned and I finally saw her, as I was, fully naked. Her breasts were beautiful. Not large, not small. Her areolae were dark pink and really large, maybe an inch and a half across. Her erect nipples were slightly darker. She had a landing strip of pubic hair pointing down at her clearly engorged clit and puffy lips.

We slid into one another’s arms and I thrilled as our bodies meshed together, our kiss once again became deep and passionate. I felt her leg slide up between my thighs and push against me. Feeling my pussy lips on her thigh, I moaned into her and started pushing my hips slowly, gently, back and forth.

I broke the kiss and took her hand in mine, practically dragging her to our bedroom. We kicked off our shoes and fell onto the bed. Our bodies entwined and the urgency of our actions returned. Our passion heightened even further when I felt her hands skim down my back, pulling me close to her. I wrapped my leg over her thigh and pulled her even closer to me.

I pushed her onto her back and straddled her hips, placing my hands on either side of her head as I lowered myself down and kissed her lips, then her neck. She moaned and after another delicious kiss, I moved down towards her breasts. Sliding slowly back, I bent my head and took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked on it, gently nibbling the rubbery nub with my teeth. I could feel her reaction as her body tensed and she gasped. Her breathing quickened and she shivered quickly under my touch.

Sliding to her side I let my hand wander down over her tummy, lightly teasing the little strip of closely cropped hair and slid them over her soft mound and between her lips. My fingertips found and surrounded her clit, which was deliciously wet and large. She responded by opening her legs slightly, inviting my touch, and arched her back, pushing against my fingers. I started moving my fingers over şişli escort her clit, slowly beginning to tease it from its hood. Left and right, speeding up, softly against the urging of my fingers, feeling her shift slightly to enhance the pleasure I knew she was now feeling, pushing her closer to the edge of her orgasm.

She moaned and then cried out, “Yes. Yes, Anna. Yes! Fuck. Fuck! I’m close. Make me cum. Fuck.”

She started shuddering and a thrill went through me as she dug her fingers into my hair as she came. I didn’t stop, but I did slow down until I was just softly stroking the area around her now super sensitive clit. She had grabbed my wrist as the sensations became too intense and had clamped her legs on my hand to stop, or at least try to stop, the intensity she felt after she came. Her breathing slowed and she released my hand from the soft hot prison between her legs. I moved my body up next to her, kissing her softly as she came down to earth. My hand trailing from between her legs slowly. The wetness and heat on my hand bore silent witness to her passionate release.


I had started my trip through Europe almost ten days before and had happily skipped through a small town in the south of Italy, seen the treasures of Rome and the Vatican and then hiked through some of the castles in Germany. I had seen where Mozart was born and trod the cobblestones of the Romantic Road.

The wines in France excited my palette and I enjoyed the sights and sounds of the Parisian nights while basking in the soft glow of the Eiffel tower at night with a glass of delicious red wine in my hand as the remnants of an exquisite meal were cleared away from my table.

The next stop on my whirlwind tour was the UK. I had my list of things to see and had completed all of the normal sights of the city of London. It was time to explore the countryside and the green fields and tidy rows of farmland of the English countryside. That’s how I ended up in this quaint little town on the Sussex coast.

The short train ride from the city was pleasant, travelling through green hills and fields, and I was looking forward to a day of meandering through the hills and finding myself a small bit of beach where I could enjoy the sound of the sea. Being from Hawaii, I was used to the calming effect the ocean had on me and during my dash across the continent I hadn’t had much time to enjoy the relaxation it normally provided.

I had spent a few hours on the beaches of Italy, the ones with small pebbles at the foot of the cliff towns, and actually spent a few hours topless at one of the ‘riviera’ beaches in France, just so I could say that I had done it, but with the number of things I wanted to see beckoning me I hadn’t really relaxed. Now I was nearing the end of my excursion and my ‘must see’ list was nearly complete. So, after the train ride to this small seaside town, this side trip to the small coffee shop where I now found myself was both allowable and relaxing.

I was seated close to a window in a cluster of five or six small tables. The cozy little shop had tons of simple charm and and a pleasant, casual atmosphere. There were only a few people in the section where I was sitting. An older couple who were simply drinking their coffee and staring out the window without saying a word to one another, a teenage boy who looked to be local who was standing close to the door, and an attractive woman who may have been close to my age sitting at a table tapping on her laptop. She had long, passed the shoulder, red hair that was slightly wavy.

I seated myself close to her thinking I might be able to strike up a conversation and perhaps get a few tips on how best to get to the local beach for some relaxing time alone to reflect on my recent adventures. I sat with my tea and scone and waited for her to look up or take a break so I could strike up a casual conversation and get some local insight to the area. The thing is, she was deeply focused on whatever it was she was typing and there didn’t seem to be a natural stopping point coming in her activities. I sat watching her for about fifteen minutes as she typed, sipped her drink and spoke quietly to herself before typing some more. I was just thinking that I may have to instead pose my questions to the older couple who were still sipping their drinks in a shared solitude when she stopped, looked at the screen, took another sip from her drink and shook her head. She sighed, looked up at the ceiling to relax her neck and then looked over at me. I quickly shifted my eyes so she wouldn’t think I was doing exactly what I was doing, which was staring at her.

“Hi,” she said and I looked back up at her, noticing for the first time her hazel eyes, “Um, look I need to run to the loo. I don’t suppose you could keep an eye on my laptop while I’m away for a few minutes, could you?”

She had a soft, slightly upper class, English accent that was so intriguing, at least for me, and her voice caused me to smile.

“Sure, go.” I escort şişli said, “I’ll keep it safe.”

She got up and headed to the back of the shop. Her blue plaid skirt and light grey top presented a tasteful appearance and she moved with a nice, measured gait. I turned my eyes from her softly swaying skirt over to the laptop she had entrusted to my care. It was nicely ordered text and, being more than a little curious, I leaned over slightly to sneak a look at what it was she had been laboring over so intently.

What I read was a snippet of a nicely written and explicitly described erotic story. I quickly skimmed over the few paragraphs that were exposed on the page. The last three lines were a different take on a common theme. A woman taking the nipple of another woman into her mouth. I was surprised and, being a woman who had some experience in this area, slightly excited by her prose.

I was silently contemplating which of the three sentences I liked best when she returned to the table. I was caught snooping. There was no escape.

After apologizing for my lack of good manners and intrusive action in reading her words we introduced ourselves and quickly fell into a wonderful, relaxed conversation. Anna, I found out, had already published one book and had just finished the book that she was writing. Her work at the cafe was just finishing what she said were post edits before sending it to her Agent. To celebrate the success of her recent accomplishment, she asked me to join her at a local pub. The chance to spend more time with her was enticing, so I happily and quickly accepted.

She was well known at the pub and things became more relaxed, more intense and more interesting when I discovered that she, like me, was a lesbian. I smiled and our conversation continued. I noticed a ring on her finger and asked her about it. She told me she was engaged to be married to a young lady named Jodie.

I have done a number of things I am not fully happy with in my life, but I do have a set of rules and a standard of conduct by which I try to live. One of those rules was not to get in the way of relationships. I have no desire to be ‘the other woman’ in anyone’s life, which meant that now, no matter how beautiful, enticing or appealing Anna was, even if I were only here for a few more days, she was in a no-go area for me and I told her as much.

It was then that she surprised me by suggesting that both she and Jodie would be open to bringing someone else into their relationship. The idea of being a third was not anything I had seriously considered and wasn’t sure it was something I could honestly do, but my attraction to this beautiful and interesting woman was overwhelming. Further, the prospect of meeting her fiancée and exploring her thoughts and ideas about an expanded relationship was exciting.

I was tingling and then she surprised me by leaning over toward me. I looked into her eyes, smiled and the next thing I knew she was kissing me. I loved the feel of her lips as they pressed against mine. The feel of her tongue as it haltingly touched my lips and then the spark of her tongue touching mine as I opened my lips to invite her in. We quickly decided to leave the bar so I could meet Jodie and confirm that my attraction toward this red headed woman was indeed acceptable to her fiancée.

When we left the pub, my heart was beating wildly. I was heading to the home of this beautiful woman whom I had known for only a couple of hours, to ultimately meet her fiancée, and I had kissed her. Well, technically she kissed me, but I had not exactly fought her off. She seemed okay with my confession that I was attracted to her and we had kissed. I was worried about interfering with her relationship and not wanting to cause trouble or anything and yet she kissed me. I’m sorry but that was an amazing thing for me. She had a fiancée and evidently she was going to be okay with us kissing. I was both happy and concerned in equal parts with the events and revelations of the past few hours… especially those of the last few minutes.

As we left the pub, I slid my hands inside the pockets of the dress I was wearing and I was surprised when I felt her loop her arm inside of mine. A shiver danced across my spine. I held her closer and kissed her cheek. We walked toward an adventure I could not have imagined having when I had left London that morning.

Walking along a country road in the company of a what is charmingly referred to as an ‘English Rose’, toward a cottage where I would be introduced to my new friend’s fiancée was not on my itinerary, but I wasn’t strictly bound by any timetable and was much happier, though more than a little nervous, about what result the change might bring. Our walk seemed to be taken in a dream. The sights were there and I was aware of everything but I couldn’t tell you how long it took us to arrive at the light grey stone cottage she pointed to.

“Welcome to our humble abode,” she said proudly, with a happy lilt to her voice.

With eskort şişli our conversations and shared interests, a bond had been formed and had tightened as the day progressed, only to be entangled by her confession of being engaged. Throughout the previous hours of the day my interest in her had grown and the sparks of my desire grew hotter until at that moment they were doused. Then, within moments, those sparks returned, rekindled by yet another confession about her and her girlfriend looking to expand their relationship by moving toward an open relationship with another. Given that hope, I walked with her, arm in arm, to their cottage and a meeting with her fiancée.

The small cottage where she and her girlfriend lived was now the site where the rekindled sparks were fanned to inferno levels. There were no romantic gestures, no slow, quiet moves. After we had deposited our bags on the kitchen table, the atmosphere was one of pure lust and desire. I was pushed against a wall and the tongue that had more hesitantly sought an opening in my lips not twenty minutes previously was now urgently tangled with mine.

The time for subtle looks and tender, teasing, actions was over. She didn’t want it and neither did I. The quick stolen kiss from the pub was now replaced by a more focused, frantic and desirous one. Her tongue searched for mine and her mouth captured it.

For me, there was nothing more I wanted at that time than to feel her against me, taste her lips and delight in the heady aroma she seemed to exude. In moments her clothes were scattered in a small pile on the floor and she stood naked before me. In contrast, I was still fully clothed. My voice, barely recognizable, I instructed her to undress me. Her hands made fast work and soon I was as naked as she, shivering slightly with the combination of excitement and a cool breeze that flowed through the house. My nipples reacted to the unplanned coolness of the room but before that fact had fully registered with me, I was directed to their bed. As I landed on the soft surface, I encountered the mixture of their perfumes on the sheets. Knowing that mine would soon join theirs increased the wetness I felt between my legs.

For the time being, Anna belonged to me and I to her.

What followed was one the of the most delicious seductions I can remember. Anna knew what she was doing. Teasing me, lifting me. Her clearly practiced fingers bringing me closer and closer to the release I knew was there, just on the edge. I couldn’t help myself as I went over the top. I fiercely grabbed her hair, shuddering and shaking. Once my orgasm started to subside everything felt too much. Anna’s fingers were still stroking me and I really couldn’t take it. My legs clamped together and I grabbed her wrist, trying to tell her she should stop. She eventually got the message and I relaxed somewhat as she removed her fingers from my clit, slid up next to me and started kissing me once more.

I wanted to return the amazing feelings this woman had given me. Once my body had come back down to something that I might describe as normal, I pushed her back so that she was lying prone on the bed.

I kissed her, my hair draping over her, and let my fingers wander down over her body, stroking over her breasts, delighting in how her nipples stiffened under my touch. She moaned. She groaned. I let my fingers wander down over her stomach and down over her mound. I felt how ready she was. Her clit was hard and ready, and she was so wet.

She opened her legs wide to me and whispered, “Yes, Sheila. Yes. I want to cum for you. Make me cum.”

Spurred on by her words I used my fingers to start stroking quickly, pressing hard, on her clit. I sped up and was rewarded with her hands grabbing behind my neck, pulling me close to her as she started squirming, cursing.

“Oh close. So fucking close. Don’t stop. Make me cum!” She screamed.

She suddenly clamped her legs together and moaned out, “Oh fuck! Yes!”

As she had done with me, I held her as she shook and slowly calmed down. I stopped touching her and brought my fingers up to my lips. I tasted her. God. I loved the combination of her taste and the scents that had been circulating us since we first encountered each other. It was more than either. It was a flavour. An experience like none other. Something totally new.

After our wonderful lovemaking, we kissed softly for some time and then somehow we both fell asleep.

It was one of the most restful, peaceful sleeps I had had since I started my madcap vacation.

I woke suddenly, aware of a change in the feel of the room but wasn’t sure exactly what it was. I opened my eyes and my mind quickly reoriented itself to where I was. I was in Anna’s house, in her bed, with her arms holding me lightly against her. Her breasts against my back, warm and soft, the two of us wonderfully naked and resting after a wonderful and passion filled session of lovemaking. I could feel her rhythmic breath on my shoulder. She hadn’t moved or felt whatever it was that had awakened me. I lay still, waiting to hear or feel whatever it was that I felt. Footsteps. The click of heels on a stone floor. Someone else was in the house now. Her fiancée, Jodie. It had to be Jodie.

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