Serena and Mandy Pt. 01


This the first chapter of an at least three-chapter story. The first chapter involves mostly Serena, and Mandy enters in the second chapter. Comments are – as always – greatly appreciated, and all comments are read, and read more than once. Thank you, JB

In a training program, Philip discovers the girl of his dreams.


I had to use the john, and it woke me up. I sat up and my head hurt like hell. I had truly drunk too much the night before. This was the hangover from Hades! I stumbled over to the bathroom, did my business, and got a huge glass of water and stumbled back to bed. My head was monstrous.

Once back in bed, I was awake enough to think about Tylenol. Then I noticed her: Serena was sleeping in my bed, looking angelic. What is it about beautiful women when they sleep? If I were an artist, the vision of angelic serenity that was Serena just then would have inspired a painting worthy of any museum. Good thing Picasso is dead; he would have stolen Serena to be his next muse.

It was summer’s last gasp, and it was warm in my apartment. Serena, who was sleeping naked, had kicked off the covers, and I was enjoying looking at her ass. It had the most perfect curves, and her skin was an unblemished symphony in rosy pink flesh tones. I checked the clock: 5AM.

I got up again, got some Tylenol, and made some coffee, since I had heard somewhere it helped with hangovers. Serena would have one too, no doubt, when she awoke. Like many a man, I had developed a crush on Serena, first for her beauty, next for how sexy she was, and finally after we got to know each other, for her sweet and thoughtful personality.

This made it especially fantastic that, finally, after many efforts, I had been able to take her home with me, get her drunk as a skunk, and then have her share my bed. I had this naked goddess in my bed, and yet we had never had sex. Last night was my chance, but we were both too drunk, and with me at least, the woman has to give informed consent.

So, I sat there, sipping my piping hot coffee, supplementing it with lots of gulps of cold water, and just gazed at the apex of beauty of the naked, female form. Serena rolled over onto her back, and I enjoyed the luscious shape of her small breasts, her long legs, her perfectly hairy bush, her flat tummy and – yes – the beauty of her face. The green of her eyes was a deep, perfect shade of green.

I drifted back off to sleep. I woke the way every man on earth would love to wake. Serena was kissing my chest, and working her way up to my mouth.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” she said.

“Good morning, Serena,” I replied. “I hope your hangover is not too bad. Want some Tylenol? Cold water? Hot coffee?”

She took all three and we sat together in bed, both naked, after I had made coffee and brought it to the bedroom. Serena looked over at my erection, pointing straight at the ceiling.

“Is that your routine morning wood, or is that for me?” Serena asked, looking straight at my cock. “Was that inside me last night?’

“It wasn’t. You were too drunk, as you’ve just proved by having to ask me, this morning,” I replied.

“God, I love men like you! Niğde Escort Thank you for being decent, Philip. Let me see, how would you feel about getting a little reward?” Serena said, maximizing her sexiness, and that was quite a maximum!

“I’m good to go. Birth control?” I asked.

“You just keep getting better and better,” Serena said, and she leaned over and kissed the tip of my cock. With her nipples rubbing my chest, she moved up my body and gave me an open mouth kiss that made my cock even harder, if that were possible. We kept kissing. I began to fondle her boobs as we kissed some more.

My fingers found her snatch and she was already wet. I raised my eyebrows.

“Kissing you turned me on. You’re a sexy man,” Serena said. Then she moaned softly as my fingers explored the pink insides of her delectable pussy. Serena parted her legs wider. “I like my men on top. I’m a missionary girl,” she said.

I climbed on top of her, and got in position. I kissed her and there was no protest, no resistance, but I just stayed there, nevertheless.

“Are you going to fuck me, Philip? Don’t you understand, I just slept naked in your bed? Please, I need you inside me. Cum inside me, too, okay?” she said.

My dream girl was asking me to fuck her. I didn’t wait for her to have to ask me twice, and I pushed my cock inside that entrance to her soul. I felt as if that was a moment I would never forget. Fucking the girl of my dreams, hell, the girl of my wet dreams!

Not just the girl, but the sex was memorable! As I entered Serena, she called out, “Oh yes! Give it to me, Philip! Fuck me good, lover boy.” She used her body to meet my every thrust, groaning softly as I plummeted into her. She wrapped her long legs around my hips, her feet meeting over my ass, and she hooked one foot around the other, making me feel as if I truly belonged inside her, and that she would never let me go.

I don’t know if she faked it or not; I never really can tell, to be honest. It sure did look, though, as if she had one hell of an orgasm while we fucked. I just went right on fucking the blazes out of her. I wanted the fuck never to end, but it did of course, as I emptied my balls deep inside Serena.

I lingered inside her as my cock went flaccid, and she kissed my chest. I kissed her mouth and she kissed me back with what felt like love at the time. I had no idea if I was special to Serena, or just a good man to use for sexual pleasure. I figured a girl as gorgeous and sexy and smart as she was could get any guy she wanted, anytime. I was amazed she wanted me, even if only for one night.

You see, there were two dozen of us in the special, intensive training program (ITP), six women and eighteen men. All the women were good looking, but Serena was in a class by herself. I also knew I had competition. Serena had been seeing Steve, exclusively, until this very fling with me. That’s why I was insecure about where I stood with her.

I didn’t know why Serena had decided to give me a try; she had seemed pretty committed to Steve. Before the training program, or ITP however, she had known none of us, Steve included. So maybe Steve, and Niğde Escort Bayan also perhaps me, were just ITP flings? Maybe she was just having a little fun, and there was a special guy back in Indianapolis where she worked?

I gently probed as we sat on the bed together, both still nude, sipping coffee and hoping our two headaches would, if not go away, at least become more bearable. As we sat there and talked, I learned more and more about Serena, who she was and where she came from.

“I’m a country girl,” she had said at one point. “I’m an actual farmer’s daughter, and all that implies.”

I knew the stereotypes. A ‘farmer’s daughter’ meant the girl looked innocent (check, in Serena’s case), that she was typically from the Midwest (check), and while she might seem innocent enough, in reality she’ll have sex with as many people as possible (a very likely check!). Her father would have a shotgun too, and he would threaten her sex partners if he were to find out. I had no clue about that last part.

I ignored the invitation to ask about her previous sex life, and instead asked about what her father farmed.

“Corn and soybeans, of course. We have a little vegetable garden, and we also raise pigs,” she said, with some pride in her voice. “What about you? How’d you come to work for the company?”

I told her my story. I was based in Kansas City, although I was a New Yorker by birth and culture. I had moved to KC only because of the job opportunity. I finally let the bomb drop, and asked the question that was bugging me. I felt I already knew the answer, but I wanted a reality check.

“Do you have a man back in Indy?” I asked.

“Philip, don’t get possessive. I like you a lot, or this morning wouldn’t have happened. We’re all in an intense little crucible here, and we need to blow off steam. We’re enjoying each other, okay? That’s all this is, okay?”

I felt as if she had kicked me in the balls. I just looked at her. Finally, she spoke and caught me up.

“Yes,” she said with some exasperation. ” Yes, okay? I do have a man back in Indy. Before you ask, no, he doesn’t know about us, and he never will, okay? I have a rather intense need for sex, you know? You’re handy and a great guy, so why not, you know? But you live in Kansas. It won’t work, even if I fall for you, which seems to be a rather serious danger right now. Hey, is that my friend poking up to say hello again? Yummy!”

Serena moved closer and took my cock in her mouth, and worked magic like no other woman ever had. Before that very minute, I had liked blowjobs, sure, but for me they couldn’t compare to fucking. That was before I had experienced the Serena treatment. Still, good as she was, I wanted to cum inside her again.

“Oooh, you’re so hard!” she said. “Am I doing good?” she asked.

“Yes,” I managed to utter. “I want to fuck you again.”

“I thought you’d never ask, lover,” Serena said, and when she called me ‘lover’ she sealed the deal, I knew I loved this sexpot of a woman. Serena lay on her back, spread her legs wide, and she blew me an air kiss, and then she winked at me. “Give me your best shot, Philip. I want you Escort Niğde desperately.”

Who talks like that? Somehow, she convinced me she meant it, too! I fucked her for all I was worth.

After I came inside her and we were enjoying some post coital bliss on my bed, side by side, I said, “You know, the movies changed yesterday. If there’s one you’d like to see, could I take you to it tonight?” The ITP training program was in Princeton, NJ, and while it was a small town, it did have a multiplex movie theater.

“Oh, I’d love to Philip, but alas I have plans tonight. In fact, I should go soon,” Serena said.

“Already? It’s only 10AM. I thought I’d take you to brunch?” I asked.

“That would have been delightful, my lover, but as I said, I already have plans,” she replied. She got up, her naked body on full display, and I really enjoyed checking out the bounce in her luscious boobs. I secretly took a cell phone picture of her naked body as she pranced about, scooping up her clothes from here and there.

Some more delicate questions, and finally a reluctant Serena confessed that she had plans with Steve, her temporary paramour at the ITP, and the man I desperately hoped to have replaced. Seeing the expression on my face, Serena said, “I made the plans with Steve earlier in the week, before I had any idea last night and today would happen. I’m sorry, lover.”

I got a thrill each and every time Serena called me lover, but then I began to wonder if she also called Steve lover, and doubtless also the man back in Indy, too. I began to feel used, and no longer so special.

Serena got dressed. She looked stunning, as always, and as she kissed me goodbye, she whispered into my ear, “I love you, Philip,” and she flounced out of my apartment, and down the drive, turning left towards her own. It was also towards Steve’s apartment, I realized. We were all housed in a special cluster of apartments.

She had left her panties. Why had she done that, I wondered? Did she want me to follow her and bring her back her panties? I’d be able to see whether or not she was going directly to Steve’s?

That was sick, I decided. Instead, I just texted her.

Me: You left your panties

Serena: On purpose. Enjoy them if you beat off to the picture you sneaked of me. Remember, it’s only for a weekend.

Me: It’ll be the longest weekend of my life

Serena: Flattery is a great way to get me back into your bed, lover

I sent her a heart emoji, and she wrote back,

Serena: I love you, too

I had never told her I loved her. I did in fact love her, but I had never said the words. She knew, though, she certainly knew I loved her. How many hearts had she already broken back home in Indiana?

I didn’t know what to think. Serena had fallen in love with me, and she was about to go off for a weekend with Steve? I could just imagine, all too graphically, how they would spend the weekend. Did Serena tell Steve, too, that she loved him? Was Serena serious? What exactly did ‘love’ mean to her?

I’d have to endure the weekend to find out. I called Mandy, an old friend in New York. Remembering Mandy and the way she was when I knew her, as I packed my overnight bag I slipped in a dozen condoms, too. You never know, do you?


Chapter 2 will be posted quite soon. Thank you for having read the story, and I would love your feedback, from stars, comments, favorites, personal email, etc.

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