Set up my his mother and sister


Mark flipped the indicator switch and turned off into the small road that led to the lake and to the cottage. He knew his mother and sister were there already — they had booked the cottage for six days, but Mark could only make the weekend. It was the first time the three of them had stayed together since his father died fourteen months before.

Mark drove slowly along the pot-holed road for a couple of miles until he reach the cottage by the farm at the end. It was the first time they had stayed at the cottage, even though the owners had been friends with Tom his father.

It had been a rough fourteen months. Maddy — Madeleine — his mother had heroically nursed Mike her husband through the cancer, and had taken it as you would expect. It was only now since the first anniversary that she had begun to get her life together. Mark was pretty sure she was forty nine, although she looked younger for her age. She was about 5 foot 6 inches, long fair hair, pretty face, slim. Some men had tried to interest her since Tom had died, but Maddy was nowhere near ready for dating.

Jen, his sister, seemed taller, blonder, and at twenty six, a younger version of their mother in looks, and sometimes they were mistaken as sisters. She was a strange mix — she was sassy, and had had many relationships with men, living with a couple of them for a year or so, until they found her in bed with another man — or once with another woman. Over recent months she had been living on her own, in her own flat, although from what Mark could piece together she regularly shared her bed with others. Mark struggled to keep up with her relationships, not even sure whether some were men or women! At the same time Jen was surprisingly kind, and adored her younger brother.

Mark was always considered the quiet one, the shy one, the baby of the family. He was — he didn’t have much confidence, and often complained that he didn’t have a girlfriend, and had never had one. His mother sympathised, his sister joked about it! He still lived with his mother, but worked for a local builder, and now had his own pickup truck. He was good at his work, and was already thinking about setting out on his own, or trying to buy out Max when he retired in a couple of years.

Mark was meant to go away with his mother and sister to this cottage, but was glad to have an excuse not to go for the early part of the week, when a neighbour needed some work done on his house at short notice — his roof was about collapse. Mark had done a good job, and was glad he hadn’t had to put up with conversations about boyfriends, knitting, fashion, aunts, whilst watching romantic movies on the telly. He could put up with a weekend, but a week…………….

Mark pulled up by the cottage, grabbed his rucksack from the back of the pickup, opened the front door of the cottage and walked in.

Mark was greeted as ever with hugs by his mother and sister, offered a bottle of coke, and regaled with stories of what they had been up to at the cottage. The two women were quite excited by what they had done, but to Mark it sounded like a few walks, a dinner at the local bistro and a couple of evenings at the pub! Mark was always the quiet one, as much as he seemed to have an inner strength, and the pattern continued through tea. Jen was poking fun at Mark, asking if he had got any women in while they had been at the cottage, and asking him whether he got laid! It left Maddy a bit embarrassed — but she had also been chatting with Jen, who seemed to have few inhibitions when talking about her experiences with men!

“Got a great movie to see on the video player. Francine lent it to me. Let’s snuggle up under a blanket and watch it together.” Francine was Jen’s best friend. When Jen had an idea no-one could stop her. By half past eight, tea was washed up, the light gone outside, the movie set up to play. “Even if you don’t like it, Mark, it only lasts an hour and a quarter………….”

Mark resigned himself to his fate — a romantic film gued over by his sister and mother, with no escape……. Jen was continuing. “Dunno about you, mum, but I’ve been in these Jeans all day. Let’s get into something more comfortable……………” Both women rapidly disappeared to their bedroom. They were sharing the bigger of the two bedrooms, having left the other for Mark. They returned a little later in their nighties. They were short nighties, made of thin cotton. Jen’s was covered with teddy bears, Maddy’s – his mum’s — covered with flowers. Mark couldn’t believe it, but it seemed like they had nothing else on at all under their nighties. Certainly both didn’t seem to have bras on, and he couldn’t see any evidence of panties. They were just his mother and sister — they were just comfortable with their son/brother — maybe he had thought occasionally about them, but you shouldn’t think about family that way, should you……..?

Maddy got the blanket, manoeuvred Mark into the middle of the settee, then Maddy and Jen leant anime porno on either side of him, pulling his arms around their shoulders. Jen turned on the video…….. They squirmed a bit to get comfortable as the movie started. It just confirmed to Mark that they probably weren’t wearing anything under their nighties as he felt their breasts rub against his arms in their squirming.

The video was a bit strange, although Mark did sort of get into the story. It was typical. A young couple who hated each other to start with, and the fights they had at work, but at last they were sent on a conference together, and there was a mistake with the booking and they had to share a room…….. It was all of a formula to this stage.

But then it changed. Was this what they called female pornography? Suddenly they were facing each other in their pyjamas. Then the man removed his, and stood tall, the camera lingering on his hard cock. Mark was acutely embarrassed — this isn’t the sort of thing you watch with your mother and sister. He heard his sister giggle, and half whisper to his mother across Mark. “Bet you would like one like that to play with!”

Mark tried to move but found his arms were pinned behind the backs of the two women. Had they done it deliberately so he couldn’t move? Of course he could get away, but not without disturbing them too much. They watched further as the camera followed the woman’s face as she dropped to her knees, put her lips to the man’s cock and kissed it, licked it, then took it in her mouth, gently letting the cock slide in and out obscenely between her lips.

Mark felt his mother tense, but she wasn’t going to move away. Mark was also aware that he was getting more and more uncomfortable in his shorts, but couldn’t move easily to do anything about it……

At last the man on the video pulled away, stripped the woman and lay her back on the bed. This time he spread her legs wide and the camera lingered on the woman’s gaping pussy, glistening with moisture. It was at the moment that the great thought entered Mark’s mind. There were two pussies, just like that pussy, naked, uncovered less than a foot from his cock. His cock which was now throbbing in his pants, a cock which was an inch longer and wider than the one on the screen! But he still couldn’t move. His arms were still stuck. It was family — you don’t do stuff with family…..

Then they watched as the man lowered his face to the woman’s pussy, and heard her gently moan as his tongue began to lick.

It was Jen who whispered again to her mother. “Oooh, I love it when a man does that to me. How about you?”

Maddy was too embarrassed with her son there to reply. But she knew she loved a man doing that to her…………..

The woman on the screen was squirming now, so the man pulled away, and the film got a perfect angle to watch the man slowly plunge his cock into her pussy.

The next few minutes were so hot as they watch them fuck, heard them talking to each other with loving obscenities, till the woman moan out “please, shoot your cum in me, I want you see filling me.” The man on the screen moaned, plunged hard into the woman who moaned out loud, herself in orgasm. Their bodies were writhing and shaking on the bed, as they had managed to both cum at the same moment.

The film really petered out after that as you saw the couple in bed later, then setting up home, still working together.

Mark was so embarrassed as he lay pinned between his mother and sister. His cock was throbbing hard. And there was nothing he could do. His sister was pushing her pussy onto his thigh. His mother was stroking her hand across his chest.

It was Jen who spoke first. “Oh, dear, I’ve got to go and play with my toys. Thank goodness I brought my vibrator. You ought to play with yours, mum, as well. That was so hot!” She was gone. Maddy followed in a bit. Mark was left alone to drink a beer, before going to the shower, jerking off and going to bed.

Mark couldn’t get to sleep. His mind was churning around what had happened. Had he been set up? What had happened. For sure something had changed — his mother and sister who until this moment had been family, were now somehow in a “sexual” relationship with him. Or at least he suddenly saw them as sexual people as well as family. And they were hot. Yet nothing had happened. And yet they were teasing him. Or were they? Had the video just been a coincidence? He was still rock hard when he went to sleep.

Mark slept solidly after sleep overtook him, until waking about eight the next morning. He needed the bath room, and gathered his things together to get a shower. The bathroom was next to his bedroom, with the larger double room where Jen and Maddy were sleeping the other side. There were no sounds coming from the larger room. Mark remembered how long his sister and mother would take in the bathroom in the morning, so wrapped a towel around himself and went to shower. He dropped the towel, asyalı porno stood in the shower then looked towards the window. On the window sill he saw them.

He showered quickly, wiped himself down, then went to the small pile on the window sill. A couple of pairs of panties, and on top two vibrators. One a silver colour, the other bright orange. He sniffed them. Put his tongue to them. Touched the panties, feeling the crotches still damp. He recognised the two pairs as pairs he had seen at home. Somehow it looked arranged. Had they put them there deliberately for him to find them? He assumed they had been using them the night before. In their pussies. Damp……………

Mark suddenly jumped as he heard a knock on the door of the bathroom and his sisters voice. “Come on, hurry up, it’s the only bath room we have….”

Mark thought quickly — he moved the panties and the toys to beside the sink. It would show he had seen them. Then he wrapped a towel around himself and scuttled back to his bedroom. He heard sounds — presumably his sister — moving around in the kitchen but didn’t look that way.

Mark had put on his shorts and sat back on the bed playing a game on his laptop. He was absorbed, and hadn’t realised he had been playing for an hour or so. There was a knock on the door. This time it was followed by his mother’s voice. “Breakfast in bed for the master of the house!” Before he could move the door had been opened and both his mother and Jen entered his bedroom carrying trays.

His mother and Jen fussed around, putting whatever breakfast they had put together on plates on the top of the sideboard in the room. His mother and sister were both wearing fairly short dressing gowns — he didn’t know if they were wearing anything under them………….

“I’ll give him his cereal.” His sister Jen picked up the bowl with the cereal………

“No, I’ll do it.” Maddy his mother made a grab for the bowl, ending up with Jen and his mother struggling to hold on to it.

“You stupid idiot……………” Maddy shouted at Jen after the bowl of cereal had been spilt all over Mark’s lap. Mark was happy he had put his laptop to the side before it had happened. Again she pointed to Jen: “Get the towel………….”

The next few minutes was embarrassing for Mark. They wiped his lap, mopping up the milk and cereal. They didn’t seem at all careful about where they wiped, and he felt hands on his stomach, and legs, and also running across his cock over the shorts. His mother and sister mopped as if they hadn’t noticed. Particularly hadn’t noticed that his cock was now going rigid. But they had, and as his mother said “cleaned up now……” he felt her squeeze his cock through the shorts. And she had lent forward in such a way that he could see inside her dressing gown, and she definitely wasn’t wearing a bra — he clear saw her breasts, gorgeous, round breasts, with dark nipples on top.

After they had mopped up and pushed on his cock and got him another bowl of cereal they chatted a little — in a rather strained way, talking about trivial things like how comfortable the beds were, whether they had slept.

After he had finished his breakfast he was about to get off the bed when his mother spoke. “Dropping that cereal was all your fault.” She spoke looking hard at Jen. “You’ll have to get over his lap and let him give you a spanking.”

Mark was suddenly dumbfounded again. On one hand he would love to give his sister a spanking, but somehow this was a moment that was too embarrassing. Anyway he probably would never have the confidence to do it…….. He was shocked as his sister did move to the bed, and lie over his lap. Pulling the dressing gown up above her waist. He was rock hard again, turned on by the pair of black lacy panties Jen was wearing.

“No no, you have to get spanked on your bear bum. Get those panties off.” Mark’s mother spoke in mock severity, pretending to boss his sister.

“I’m not taking my panties off. He’ll see my pussy!” Jen was objecting but Maddy wasn’t having any of Jen’s objections.

“Of course he will. That’s part of your punishment. Anyway most men like to see a pussy.”

Jen was still fighting. “Then show him yours! Anyway it should be you over his lap, not me.”

“You’re just too embarrassed. He’ll see your pussy and he’ll see it’s all wet. He’ll know what you want………….” She paused. “And he’ll see your most private hole of all. Bet you want him to finger that as well.”

Mark was suddenly feeling an outsider to this mock argument, but was throbbing with arousal hearing his mother and sister talking in this way. Was it rehearsed? He wasn’t sure. He knew Jen could talk like that, and maybe could talk his mother into saying things as well. He was about to say something, although he didn’t know what. He was suddenly distracted by Jen wriggling, her body pushing on his cock, then standing up again. Mark didn’t get the chance to say anything as Jen his babes porno mother continued.

“I just want what you want. You want him to push his cock up your cunt and fill it with his spunk.” Maddy looked mock indignant. “Yes, he can put his cock up my cunt later, when he wants to. But now he is going to have your cunt to play with and he’s going to spank you. Take those panties off!”

Jen suddenly seemed to get deflated. There was a pause, which gave Mark time to butt in. He wasn’t quite sure where he got the confidence from. “Perhaps I should spank you both.” Even Maddy and Jen were surprised by Mark seeming to try to take charge.

There was a long pause. Maddy broke it with a laugh. “Okay, you can spank us both. You can spank me later. But it is Jen’s turn first.” She turned to Jen. “Go on, lower your panties to your knees and get over his lap again.”

Mark didn’t know why, but somehow the panties pulled to the knees was hotter than no panties at all. And he could see Jen’s rose, and her pussy was glistening between her legs. He had enjoyed the mock argument his mother and sister had, but he thought maybe this gave him license to play and do whatever he felt he wanted to, to the hot woman lying over his lap. But at this moment he knew he wanted to fuck his mother first. He wanted to lose his virginity in her pussy.

Mark let his hand drop to Jen’s back and he began to caress her just above her ass. He was really nervous, not sure what to do, but this was probably the most exciting moment on his life. She was gorgeous. Hot. Revealed. Available. He could smell the wonderful aroma of a woman aroused. He would just do what his instincts told him.

Mark, caressed her back, then begun to slide his fingers down the crack of her ass, until he stopped at her asshole. He tickled it. At first Jen tensed, but didn’t move. Then in seconds as he tickled her there — her most private spot of all, he felt her relax, then heard her moan softly in enjoyment. Mark took this as a sign of encouragement — he continued to swirl his finger around the gorgeous rose, until he knew he wanted to explore more. He moved is finger, and began to caress the lips of her pussy. They were warm, and damp, and getting wetter. They were soft and sweet. He wasn’t sure where to go, until Jen moaned out “put them in me! Put your fingers in my pussy. Right in!”

Mark had two fingers exploring the lips of her pussy. He was gaining in confidence as his sister was clearly enjoying what he was doing. After a moment’s pause he plunged his two fingers as deeply as he could into her pussy. Her moan-cum-scream surprised both Mark and his mother Maddy.

For a few moments he finger-fucked her pussy, his thrusting in and out forcing moans from Jen who seemed out of control in arousal. She cried out again. “Play with my clit. Please…………”

It took Mark a couple of moments to work out how to do it, but he slid his other hand under her, and felt around until he heard his sister moan “Yes, Yes, there………..”

As he thrust two fingers in and out of his sister’s pussy, his other hand playing with her clit, Jen moaned louder, squirming, her body rubbing against Mark’s cock through his shorts, Mark completely unembarrassed by her touching his hard cock, the cock resting against her.

Suddenly Jen moaned out loud, her body shook, as she abandoned herself completely to her orgasm, which seemed to go on for ever. It was the most amazing thing Mark had experienced, ever!

At last Jen came down from her high and rolled off Mark’s lap. Lying on her back beside him, gasping for breath. It was Mark who felt out of control. He knew what he wanted, what he wanted to do. He leapt to his feet, ripped off his shorts so he stood naked, his stiff hard cock sticking out obscenely in front of him. He reached for his mother, pulled her dressing gown off, pulled off her panties and threw her back on the bed. He grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide. Her pussy was there for him. Wide open, glistening with damp.

Mark paused, then leant forward and pushed his mouth to the pussy, into the lips, his tongue thrusting in as deeply as possible. His tongue was thrusting in and out, tongue fucking her, before he moved his tongue to her clit, this time finding it almost instantly. He was lapping the clit, making his mother moan and squirm. It didn’t take long, she screamed out in orgasm, her body thrashing under his face. She tried to pull away but he kept his tongue on her clit, licking, forcing her to orgasm longer and longer.

At last it was too much and he released her, letting her come down from her orgasm, until she was gasping, lying on the bed. As she did her legs slid together. Somehow Mark had lost his inhibitions, had confidence to say whatever came into his mind. Through his cock! He even had confidence to order his mother to do things.

“Spread your legs. Open your cunt for me.”

She did. Mark quickly climbed on her, aimed his cock between the lips her pussy, then thrust deep into his mother in one stroke. She was sopping wet, so slippery, so warm, so wonderful. He was fucking her. He was filling her cunt. With his cock. He was going to shoot his spunk in her. Already — he was no longer a virgin.

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