Subject: Seth, Part 3 Hey Guys, Got some good feedback on this one so I guess it will continue. Thanks for your support. It helps my enthusiasm. This chapter may have too much sex in it….HA! All my stories are pure fiction from my twisted mind. I use real places but made up people. The situations are fantasies. Nothing more. I lose interest in writing the stories when the readers lose interest so please let me know how I’m doing. I’ve been know to slip suggestions into the stories. I’m not your father. You know the laws in the area you live. You know the chances of STD’s. But live life how you wish on your own terms and do not judge others. Life is too short. Love. Please support Nifty!! Donate:: http://donate./donate.html Where we left them:: I decided to make light of it as I know he was the emotional type and would soon be embarrassed. “That seals the deal. You’re stuck with me for life. You’ll never be able to get rid of me.” I smiled and gave an ever slight chuckle. “Promise?” was all he said but he cocky grin was back. “Promise. But dinner is probably burning as we speak. So let me off your cock.” I said getting up. “Just keep my cum inside of you. I want to watch it run down your leg in the kitchen. It will fucking turn me on.” he said. As I walked naked to the house I felt him run down my leg. I didn’t look back. I knew he was watching. I went into the kitchen and as I was looking in at the roast I was concerned. It was more than done. I was afraid it would be dry. But I knew we would both eat it. Part 3:: That night I laid in bed beside a sleeping Seth. He was on his side facing me, his right leg over mine, while I was on my back. We had just had sex again. Then he fell into a satisfied slumber. While I laid there listening to his very light snoring I couldn’t help to ponder how things had changed for me in less than 48 hours. Seth, for one thing, had finally taken my virginity. I went from fantasizing about my big brother to worshiping every inch of him. Actually holding and tasting every inch of that body of his. And as happy as I was about that I still worried about what the future will bring. Can we make this last? What will Seth do for work? He’s an ex-con. What will we do about Cullen? Seth seems to want to protect him from us. My worries were keeping me from sleep. But eventually sleep won. A couple of hours later. I woke in the morning with my arms around Seth’s torso. His back to me. The large spoon in front of the small spoon. I stared at his expansive shoulders. My worries from last night crept back in but at the same time I was so happy. Happy to be spending such intimate time with my brother. The kind of time I had yearned for ever since I could remember. My cock was hard against his ass cheek. Then I heard Seth sigh. A sign he was waking up. He took a deep breath and then grabbed the hand I had around his chest. “Stick it in me bro.” was all he said. “What?” I said in shock. “Stick your cock in me. I want your load in me. I want it in me all day. I want you to know I belong to you as much as you belong to me. It’s ok. I’m not a virgin.” he said softly. Then he reached back for my cock and lined it up with his hole. “Are you sure?” I never even thought this would happen. I never even fantasized about it. I was always the bottom in every scenario. And the fact that he said he’s not a virgin knocked me for a loop? “The mornings are the best time. I want you to know what it’s like. To have me. I love you Ry. I want to be partners in every way.” his voice stayed quite and even, “Believe it or not my ass gets hungry every now and then. And I can’t think of anyone I want to satisfy it other than you.” I was still in shock but I had to ask, “You’re not a virgin?” “Not since high school buddy. Me and the quarter back flipped. We would switch who came in who first. But we always flipped. Then when I first got into jail, in the showers, well…” “They raped you?” I asked holding him tighter. “Yeah bro. It’s ok. Made me stronger. I learned to fight back eventually. Got a lot stronger. They left me alone after the first year. I started protecting the young newbies. No one got raped on my watch. They only got fucked if they wanted to be.” he tried to assure me. “And so did I. And sometimes I wanted to be.” “Still the hero. I love you so much Seth.” I still held him tight. “Then fuck me bro. Make me your bitch even if just for a little while. I want to know you find me as fuckable as I find you man. I need your cock for right now.” he said as he rubbed his trench up and down my cock. “Don’t need lube Ry. I’m used to it. I can take it.” he reached back and guided me to his hole. His ass still going back and forth, working my cock in, making his ass ring suck in the head. I felt his hole latch onto me. He started to suck me in. He was experienced. More experienced than me. I was still flabbergasted by this new revelation. But it didn’t stop me. I was still hard. I learned long ago that I liked my ass worked but I wanted to know what it felt like. I wanted to feel the inside of Seth against my cock. And there is no one on earth that I would want to experience this with. Once my head slipped in he slowly applied pressure moving back on me. I heard him wince a time or two but he never stopped. He worked his ass back onto me till he bottomed out, “Oh fuck yeah” he said, “Haven’t had a cock in me since before the half-way. Fuck me man. Don’t be shy.” I grabbed onto his hip and pulled out a bit. The friction was intense. We didn’t use lube. I felt as though I’d be rubbed raw. But at the same time the pain was worth it. Something so primal. It didn’t take long though. Between my pre-cum and his ass juices it became easier. And, besides, his ass muscles wouldn’t let me go even if I wanted to. He knew how to work a cock. He was unknowingly giving me a lesson in how to bottom. Or did he know? “Just think Ry. I’ll have your cum in me when we pick up my son. Only we will know. Isn’t that twisted? His uncle’s cum up his daddy’s ass? Is that too much for you?” he asked wondering if he went too far. “Oh fuck” was all I said. Giving him the answer. I probably was just as twisted as him. “Oh yeah buddy. You like that. The two of us sharing a secret. A pervy fucking secret. I want your cum Ry.” he said sucking me into him more. His ass muscles were incredible. Working my cock for me. But I still managed to thrust into him on my own. “I love the fact that we’ve both been in each other now. It’s like how it always should have been bro.” “Oh fuck Seth” was all I could say. My own primal urges getting in the way of my voice. A deep moan came up from my core. I couldn’t hold back much longer. “That’s it baby. Fill me up man. Fucking hot stud. My little bro.” he said under his breath. His face almost in the pillow. “Then I’m going to fuck you. Want us both to be full when we pick up Cullen.” the mention of his son’s name made me lose it. I shot into him with a roar. “FUCK YEAH BRO” he yelled. “Fucking breed my ass fucker”. I collapsed onto my back onto the bed. But Seth was energized. He whipped around and I saw his cock was full. He had a crazy look in his eyes. He reached for the lube and smeared it on my hole and his cock never taking his eyes off of mine, “My turn fucker. Fucking turn me on like no other bro. Knew you were just as fucked up as me. Twisted as fuck. Fucking love you man.” then he lined his cock up with my hole. I was still coming down from my orgasm. Didn’t have the energy to fight it. Not like I wanted to. He slowly entered me. I could tell he was holding back. I knew he wanted to just go in full tilt. But he held back. Restraining his lust. He was sweating so much with beads running off his head right onto mine. An evil smirk on his face while his eyes bore into mine. He was right, I was twisted as fuck, because everything he did and wanted to do turned me on. Once I was comfortable he fucked me hard. He didn’t let up till he shot off inside of me. It didn’t hurt once. It was just the opposite actually. I was so relaxed from my orgasm that my body didn’t fight him off once. It was perfect. şişli travesti “I felt your cum in my ass as I fucked you” he said when he laid down beside me. “It was incredible. Maybe we’ll do that more often” I smiled over at him and said, “Whatever you want bro. Nothing you want will scare me off.” “Nothing?” he asked with his eye brows arched. “Not a fucking thing man.” I wrapped my arms around him and snuggled my head onto his chest. His warm sweaty body was heaven to me. Our scents of musk and sex surrounded us making me feel safe and loved. “I love your scent Ry. I love man stink anyway but yours is perfect. Still have a bit of boyishness to it. Fucking turns me on too. So much about you turns me on.” he caressed my back as he spoke. His hand cupping my ass every now and then. We fell asleep for another hour. I woke at about 11 and looked over at Seth. He was still asleep with his arms around me. I shook him. “Bro, we have an hour till we pick up Cullen, get up” “We have an hour man. What’s the hurry?” he mumbled as he pulled me closer, “A little more sleep” “Well I figured you’d want to shower or something” I reasoned. “What for? We’re probably going to pick up Micky D’s and go to the river or something. I think the kid likes our stink” he said smirking. How did he pick up on that so fast. I always had a feeling about Cullen and it was evident on the day we picked up Seth that he was sniffing his father when he didn’t think anyone was looking, “What makes you say that?”. “Come on man. You didn’t notice how he tries to discreetly smell us. Well it was mostly me on Friday. But I caught him a couple times. He never did that alone with you?” he was waking up more. The conversation was intriguing us both. “Well, to be honest, yeah I caught him a few times. But he wasn’t with you long enough for you to notice.” I said. “When you’re locked up every little thing another person does is magnified. I’m sure it will wear off after a while but when all you have is time to do you notice everything.” he said and it made sense to me after he explained it. He got up and went to our Jack and Jill bathroom and took a piss with the door open. I had a clear shot. As his stream was hitting the bowl he looked over and smirked at me. “Should I have saved it for you bro? You look thirsty.” he chuckled. Something we hadn’t tried yet but I was more than willing. I wanted to know what it felt like to be drenched in his piss and then used like a whore. I don’t know where these thoughts come from but they’ve always been a part of me. “Maybe some other time” I chuckled as I got out of bed and made my way down stairs to start the coffee. As I was busy at the sink filling the coffee pot Seth came up behind me and caressed my ass. I shivered a bit. Then he traced his middle finger down my trench and teased my hole with it. “You still have me in you?”, he said working his finger in. I whimpered a bit and then said, “Yes, do you? Do you still have me?” “Oh yeah baby bro. I’m going to carry it as long as I can. Absorb you into me.” he continued as his finger made it up to his knuckles. I put the pot down into the sink and then put both hands on the counter. I could tell he wasn’t done yet. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Thinking about making another deposit. You’ve go me so hot bro. What we just did. Having you in me. I can’t think of anything else. Grab my cock.” I reached back and felt he was hard again. His thickness throbbing in my hand. I couldn’t help but whimper and moan again. “You like the idea. Taking me again. Right here?” he asked. “Yes”, I was sore and worn out from this morning but was also in a lustful daze. I lifted my ass to him and pointed his cock towards my hole. He just had to squat a bit as he pulled his finger out. “Still have enough lube bro? I don’t want to hurt you.” he said. Still considerate before he fucked me. “It’s enough”, I said. He wasn’t as gentle this time. He went straight in. Thankfully I was open enough not to cause too much pain. I pushed back as he pushed in. It was quick. I jacked off as he thrust. We both came at almost exactly the same time. Then he held his cock in me. Pushing me against the counter. “Now that I have you bro I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of you. You always made me crazy, even when we were young, but I always restrained myself. I never wanted to hurt you. Now you’re a man.” It took him a while to let me go. We both savored him keeping me ‘corked’ for a while against that counter. When he did finally back off of me I couldn’t resist to get on my knees and clean his cock. “Oh fuck bro! Cleaning my slimy cock? Hot mother fucker.” It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. And it felt so right to be doing it for him. We had our coffee and then took began to get ready. Both of our hair was short, well Seth’s was buzzed off, mine was cut close to the scalp, so we really did forego a shower. Even I could smell us so I’m sure Cullen would get a nose full. I would never have gone out like this before but there is something really naughty about it. And since we’re both still ‘experimenting’ it’s fun. Seth makes everything seem fun. Seth put on his mesh basketball shorts. They were tight around his waist and butt but had wide legs. And then a sleeveless tee shirt cut all the way down the sides and then tennis shoes with no socks. I put on some regular mesh gym shorts, a tank and also some tennis shoes with no socks. I brought towels as well just in case we jump in the river or something. We headed over to Cullen’s grand parents house. When we arrived Cullen was waiting out front with his grandmother. He saw us and turned to his grandmother, gave her a kiss, and he was headed to my car in a flash. We waved at her as he climbed in the back. We decided to go through the drive through at Micky D’s and take our lunch with us. Then we went to the Comal River. We ate at a picnic table and then thought that maybe we would rent some tubes and play in the water. When we had gotten to the park it wasn’t real crowded yet. The real crowds would hit after 1 or 2. So we were able to grab a picnic table pretty easily. We sat at a table eating and Seth was the first to broach Cullen moving in. I thought for sure Cullen would have done it first. “Son, I was thinking, about you moving in. You have one more year of middle school to go and then you’ll go to high school. I still need a job and to get my life back together. So I was thinking that at the beginning of summer before high school would be a good time to do this. You don’t want to change school in the middle of middle school and in high school it doesn’t matter. But you can come over every weekend. Get your room set up just how you want it. It’s only a year. What do you think?” Cullen didn’t look too disappointed but you could tell he was. “I understand dad. Gram said that is probably what would happen. That you needed to get settled and use to life again. I get it. I’ll try to be patient but I really want to live with you. I can wait. It’s not like I have it bad at home or anything.” “Good. We have a plan then. I’m proud of you son. I’m happy you understand. Now let’s go play in the river” Seth said as he hit the table and got up to throw away our lunch debris. I went to the car and retrieved the towels and Seth and Cullen went to rent three tubes for us to float in. Seth had actually called Cullen’s grandmother on the way to the house, on my cell, to let her in on his plan before he told the boy. She was in agreement but was happy to have weekends free for the most part. This would give everyone time to get used to the boy’s transition to our house. Especially Seth. The year would fly by. When I got to the pier Cullen had his tube and Seth had a tube under each arm. He had already shed his shirt and I could see that he was being admired from both women and men around the area. Cullen looked star struck himself. I realized that it was probably the first time he had seen his dad shirtless since he was little. I was amused at his reaction. The day turned out to be good old fashion fun. Cullen was able to horse around with beylikdüzü travesti us and everyone was relaxed and happy. Only once, while Cullen was out of ear shot, did Seth get naughty. “I think a little of you leaked out when Cullen jumped me. I felt his little hard on on my back and my hole spasm’d a bit. I’m going to hell.” Seth chuckled. “Well you had me so full I had to let some leak out. Your boys are swimming around probably looking for another hole to invade” I was laughing at this point. It was all so wrong but it was fun. Seth started to laugh too. Cullen floated up to us and said, “What’s so funny?” Seth leaped out of his tube and onto Cullen’s, “You are!” he yelled tickling his son. The, out of no where, Cullen started to cry. Seth got a panicked look on his face and then looked around as the boy wailed. I thought it was odd since Cullen never cried and then just as Seth really did start to panic Cullen yelled out, “Got you!” and started laughing so hard I thought a lung would come up. “Why you little turd!” Seth splashed as much water as he could at the boy. I laughed at the charade the boy was successful at. He had me going as well. By the time the day was done we were all worn out. After we turned in the tubes and got to the car Seth wrapped a towel around his waist and then pulled off his shorts underneath. I looked at him a bit perplexed and then looked at Cullen. Seth was naked except for a towel. “What?” Seth said, “They are soaking wet. I’m not sitting in your car like that. I suggest you do the same.” he looked at both of us as he said it. Cullen simply said, “Ok” and put his towel around his waist and pulled off his shorts. Being the odd man out I joined in before I was teased. Here we were three guys in nothing but our towels in the parking lot along side the river. I got in the car first and Seth made sure Cullen was buckled in before getting in the passenger seat. As he did his towel loosened and the part that was tied on his left hip barely held on. His thick thigh nearest me was on total display and I could see one of his nuts. He saw what I was looking at and just shrugged and smirked. I found it difficult to concentrate. His fucking leg was even sexy. Knowing that I was looking made him bone up a bit. I actually saw him start to raise the towel. To distract myself I said, “Cullen, we’ll stop by our house so that you can get some dry cloths, ok?” “Sure Uncle Ry. I guess I should have brought extra but I didn’t know we were going to the river. Gram wouldn’t like me coming home all wet.” Cullen agreed. I tried to ignore Seth all the way home. It took about 30 mins and we were turning in the driveway. “Drive into the garage Ry.” Seth said. He had already tripped the garage door opener. It was a two car garage with a two car double door. There was barely anything in the garage so I could basically pull into the middle. As soon as I put it in park he closed the double door. “Cullen, what you say you put all our shorts in the dryer for about thirty minutes, I have to ask Ry something. We’ll be right in.” Seth said to Cullen. “Sure dad. That way I can wear my shorts home and gram won’t be upset. Can I watch TV?” Cullen asked while collecting our shorts from us. “Sure son. We’ll be in in a minute or two.” Seth said as Cullen made his way to the two steps and the door that lead to the mudroom off the kitchen. As he reached for the door knob his towel fell. He couldn’t grab it with his other hand because he had the shorts in it. So after he got the door open he bent down and picked up the towel. But instead of putting it back on around his hips he just put it over his arm, the one that was holding the shorts, and then went inside. “Bet you we find him naked watching TV.” Seth said. “What did you want to talk about” I changed the subject. I was already fighting an erection. I didn’t want to go into the house with a tented towel. Seth opened his towel all the way however and his cock was half hard. “I wanted to talk about your having your mouth on my cock while I play with your hole” he said pulling me over. “But Cullen…” I tried to argue. “You heard him. He wants to watch TV. We have a little time. I’m hungry for you babe. Come on.” he knew I didn’t have much resistance. And he looked so fucking sexy on the passenger seat without a stitch on. That beefy body with hair in all the right places and a light tan that never goes away. His stomach wasn’t perfectly flat but it was muscular with just a bit of padding. I leaned over the console and took him in my mouth. My towel fell away as well. His left hand quickly found my trench and searched for my hole. As apprehensive as I was at first I couldn’t help but to get carried away. He pulled me in, always had, and my resistance to him was low. He spit on his left hand as I sucked him. It was getting hot inside the car. We were both sweating. He applied his spit to my hole. “Climb over here and sit on me Ry.” I was shocked at first but then my little head won over my big head. I wished I could keep him in me all day and I knew it. Why argue. But the only way I could do it was to face away from him. We didn’t have lube or poppers. I knew there would be pain but we didn’t have time to worry about such things. Had to do this before the boy wonders where we’re at. As I pushed myself down he grabbed my nipples and pinched them hard. So hard I yelped but I was able to sink all the way down on him. “Old prison technique” he chuckled, “Take your mind off the pain with some other pain. I see it worked” “Fuck!” I said as loud as I dared. “You sneaky bastard”. But I wasn’t really upset. He was in me and I was pleased. “Now fuck me quickly before he looks for us.” Seth grabbed onto my hips and started to thrust up into me. “Don’t worry little brother. I’ve been horned up all day. It won’t take long. Spending the day with my two sexy boys. I know I’m a bad dad and brother for thinking such things but you both do things to me. I’m sure things I could go back to jail for.” he muttered into my back as he drove into me. It was rough and quick. We didn’t have much time. “Just give me your cum Seth. Knock me up man.” I encouraged him to hasten it up. And he did. His powerful thrusts with his hands slamming me down onto his thighs. My brother knew how to fuck no matter what the circumstances. I was first. I shot all over the dash. As my hole pulsated during my orgasm he shot a load into me. It was over just as quickly as it had begun. We were both flush with heat and sweating like pigs. I leaned back on him and his arms went around me anyway. We both didn’t mind the heat. “I love you Ry” he said. “I love you Seth. Now let’s clean up and get those towels back on. He’s probably raided the candy drawer by now.” I got some rags from the garage and cleaned up the dash as Seth refastened his towel. I did the same and we went in. We saw that the dryer still had about fifteen minutes on it so we went in search of Cullen. We found him in the living room laying on the floor in front of the television. Naked as the day he was born and not a shy bone in his body. No denying he was Seth’s boy. “What you watching son?” Seth asked, amused, as he laid back on the couch. He was on his back with one arm over his head and one leg stretched out with the other on the back of the couch. Some how the towel kept him decent. Cullen looked behind him at his dad and said, “Just some old mummy movie. There was nothing else really on.” then he got up and walked to the couch, “Can I lay with you dad?” “er….sure son” Seth was torn. His son was totally naked and he was close to it himself. I saw that inner struggle before. The same he had with me many years ago. Cullen didn’t wait however. He just climbed up on top of Seth and laid stomach to stomach. Cullen’s penis was at the top of Seth’s towel so at least that wasn’t skin to skin. After Cullen got settled I could see Seth’s body relax and he brought his hand to Cullen’s back holding him in place. Seth looked over at me, I had taken a seat in a side chair, and he smiled a bit. It all looked so natural and right. Nothing istanbul travesti pervy about it. Just a father and son watching TV together on a Sunday afternoon. We didn’t have to get Cullen back till the evening so I said I would make sandwiches for a late lunch. It was already almost five. I went to the kitchen and found everything and whipped it up quickly. I had almost forgotten that I was only in a towel. When I was done I went back to the living room to tell them everything was on the counter to help themselves. I found Seth snoring lightly and Cullen with his face in Seth’s pit. He didn’t see me come in so I backed out a bit and watched for a moment. Cullen was taking the opportunity to explore his father while he could get away with it. I noticed that Seth’s hand had fallen to the top of Cullen’s butt. But I was sure he was unaware of it. Cullen was breathing in deep and it looked like he was taking tentative licks. His bubble butt rising into the air as he did. It brought me back 10 years. When I was doing the same thing to the same man. Cullen was like us. But so young. I decided to break this up quickly and just announce myself from the next room. “Hey guys, lunch is ready, why don’t you come in here and get it. And Cullen your shorts are dry do you want them?” I said from the kitchen. “Yes please!” Cullen asked. I heard him jump off the couch and run behind the counter’s island with his arm stretched. Obviously trying to hide his erection from me. He would be thirteen in just a few weeks so I was sure his hormones were overactive. I went to the dryer and retrieved his shorts and ours as well. I put mine on before going back into the kitchen and giving the boy his. Then I went to the living room and threw the other pair to a stirring Seth. I noticed he was hard under his towel.”You might put those on before you join us and make a scene big boy” I laughed. Seth looked down and say his dilemma and put on his shorts right away. They only did a slightly better job at hiding his attributes than the towel did. He looked at me shyly. I couldn’t wait to tell him about the scene I had walked into a few minutes earlier. I was half hard myself and felt my heavy appendage swinging around in my gym shorts. Hopefully the boy was hungry enough that he wouldn’t notice the state we were in. But when I looked at him I saw that he noticed. He looked from his father’s crotch to mine while he made his plate. “Well we need to get going soon. It’s a school night after all. And I’m sure your gram is making you some sort of dinner so don’t eat too much.” I needed to set some normalcy in. Later, as we prepared to leave, Seth just went to the car in his shorts. I put on my tank but stayed barefoot. Cullen was the only one fully dressed. We were just going to drop him off but I would make sure he got inside safely. When we arrived at the grandparents house I got out and walked Cullen to the door. It opened as we got to the porch and his grandmother said hello and hoped we had fun before taking the boy inside. When I got to the car I saw right away that Seth had ditched his shorts. He was going to make me crash the car. “Alone at last babe.” he said with a smirk and his left hand on his nuts. “You are incorrigible. How am I supposed to drive safely next to all this?” I pretended to be upset. “It’s only a few miles. You’ll be fine. Just pull in the garage again. I feel like staying naked for a while. Maybe a few days. Would you mind so terribly?” he pouted a bit. I laughed, “I guess I can live through it.” “Good, take off your shirt at least, so I don’t feel totally like a pervert.” he said with a grin. I pulled off my shirt before starting the car and I threw it at him, “Happy?” “I’d be happier if you were as naked as me but all things will come in time. And I do want to get home safe so that I can do things to you. So carry on.” still with that smirk. I got us home and pulled into the garage as requested. But before I left the car I pulled off my shorts and threw those at him as well. “Now you have your wish.” “About time. Can we have some beer now?” he asked getting out of the car. “Sounds good. You get them I’ll be in the living room.” I went in and put our cloths by the washer and then went into the living room to get settled. Seth came back with a couple of beers and sat next to me. We both took a taste of the beers and he said, “Kiss me.” so we kissed, well a bit more than a kiss, it started to turn passionate. But I stopped him for a moment. “So when you fell asleep on the couch with Cullen on top of you?” I started. “Yeah…?” he knew I had something to tell him. He waited. “I walked in at one point to tell you guys lunch was ready. Cullen had his face in your pit smelling you and licking at it. His butt was up in the air and your left hand was cupping his right cheek. I could tell you were asleep and didn’t know but you were hard as a rock and so was he. When he pulled his ass up in the air I saw his cock hard against your towel. Against your hard on.” Seth eyes were wide as I told him the story, “So I backed up slowly into the kitchen and decided to call out from there. He jumped off of you and came into the kitchen and hid behind the island so I wouldn’t see his hard on. I retrieved his shorts for him to give him an out. I had to put on mine as well as the towel I was wearing was tented obscenely.” “Fuck!” Seth said, “And I thought I was just having a sexy dream. It was real. And, well shit, he is like us. How did that happen. The only three guys in the family and we’re all gay?” “Well, he is young, could just be experimenting” I reasoned. “Do you really believe that?” he asked me “From personal experience, no, but trying to be an adult I want to.” I said unconvincingly. Seth sat back on the couch and let all the air out of his lungs. “I should be totally turned on with how fucked up I am but I’m a bit overwhelmed. Me! I guess it’s because he’s my son. I’m happy we made this year pact with him. So he was licking my pit?” “Yeah” I answered. “Show me.” his devil grin was back. “Now?” I was shocked. “Yeah. Concerned father was out enough. Perv is back. Show me” he said lifting his left arm behind his head. His huge bicep hitting the side of his face. “Come smell me bro. Show me what he did. It’s wrong but it still turns me on.” I instantly got hard. He put the bottle between his legs and grabbed the back of my head with his right hand. He pulled me into his pit and rubbed my face in it. It wasn’t as fragrant as this morning because of the river but he still had some time to build up some musk. Musk that I couldn’t resist. I started to lick and gnaw at his underarm. Whimpering as I did like an obedient boy. “Fuck yeah bro. That what he did? Did he chew on me like that or you adding your own twist?” he asked “I can’t help it. He was careful not to wake you. I’m not being careful.” I went back at it. My left hand fell to his cock. It was hard and throbbing. So quickly. “We better go to the bedroom bro. I have a feeling I’m going to plow you all night long.” he said standing up and leaving me wanting on the couch. I watched as he made his way up the stairs never looking back. Knowing that I would follow him. Stay tuned for Part 4…. I will revisit other stories and add to them when I figure out where they need to go. Post Deployment Dad and The Family Hogan has continued with “The Carrigan’s meet the Hogan’s”, but I’m not sure that story will continue. Thanks for reading!! Some other stories of mine: http://www.//gay/incest/searching-for-my-identity/ http://www.//gay/incest/when-dad-got-out-of-prison/ http://www.//gay/incest/wildcat/ http://www.//gay/celebrity/lust-in-space/ https://www.//gay/incest/runaway/ https://www.//gay/incest/my-uncles-trailer/ https://www.//gay/incest/the-family-hogan/ https://www.//gay/incest/buck/ https://www.//gay/incest/college-break https://www.//gay/incest/enough/ https://www.//gay/incest/salisbury-to-san-diego/ https://www.//gay/incest/searching-for-my-identity/ https://www.//gay/incest/trailer-park-heat/ https://www.//gay/incest/post-deployment-dad/ https://www.//gay/incest/the-carrigans-meet-the-hogans/ *Please support Nifty*, donations are needed to keep this service going. There is nothing like this out there and it would be a loss to let it go. Anything helps. Go to the Nifty main page to find out fty/donate.html

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