Sex Is Life: PAVITRA Diary – Part 1

Sex Is Life: PAVITRA Diary – Part 1deleteddeleteddeletedMy first normal birthday in the last 10 years. My husband recently left for UAE, It’s his first job in a foreign country. We are both excited for his new job opportunity as our life was going to changeAs we all know there is a sacrifice for everything you get. So in our situation, we had to live apart for at least a year. I am all alone and nothing to do, so I started my day with a hot coffee and watched TV for almost the entire day. I ordered dinner and some pastries for dinner.While waiting for the order, I surfed the internet for some hot stories. I found many hot stories and after reading a few of them. I thought of giving words to my life experiences. So, after thinking for a week, I finally decided to start writing my book. I came up with the title ‘Sex Is Life – Simran’s Diary’.I am Simran and this book is on my 10 years of erotic experience. Like most of the stories, I decided to share my body stats before proceeding, but I think watching a pic will give more details than reading a stats (Body Figure and size). It is an edited pic just to show you my stats.I live with my mother Reena. She lived independently and raised me with all that she can offer.CHAPTER – 110 years ago.My mom is working in multiple houses as a maid. We live in a very small house where two people can barely manage to sleep. We have a kitchen with a small washroom attached to it and we use a public toilet.Nayar Uncle was our landlord and my mom’s boss. He allowed us to stay in this house without any rent as my mom share a close relationship with him.The Journey Begins – Turning 19November 16th, 2009: It’s my 19th birthday and Nayar uncle had sent a gift through my mom. It was a black unstitched salwar kameez piece. I was really happy as it was the first gift I have ever received. I looked at the mirror and imagined, “This black suite will surely look beautiful on my beautiful body.”I was very excited to get this dress stitched but unfortunately, I had to wait till next month (Money Problem). Well, I pulled my self together and was happy just to receive it and had no regrets. But I didn’t know that life has more surprises waiting for me.It was around 2 p.m. when my mom made some kheer(sweet). She asked me to share it with Naveen Uncle who is our neighbor and lives alone. He is 50, muscular and has a fair skin tone. He is very polite and has a good relationship with us. He works offshore and stays at home for max 5-6 days.He has almost everything in his house including bed, washroom with toilet, TV and a laptop. I liked watching TV, sometimes I used to make tea for him just to watch TV. He was aware of this and didn’t mind. I locked my door and went with a bowl of kheer(sweet).He welcomed and invited me in and asked, “So what’s the big occasion Simran!” I immediately replied with a shy smile. “It’s my birthday.” He came closer to me and wished “Happy Birthday, Beta.” He kept holding my hand after a few seconds slowly groping my hand asked, ” Simran?”And stopped with a question mark on his face. I promptly replied without trying to get my hands away, “Yes?…” And he continued ” Your hands are so soft but little hot! Are you having a fever?” I immediately replied, “No uncle. I am perfectly fine.”He left my hand and said, “Oh, I think you are just hot than,” with a wicked smile. But I did not understand and continued watching TV. I was watching some TV series. After 10 minutes I felt his toe touching my ass cheeks from behind.I was wearing black leggings which I always wear when at home and a blue kurti(top). My kurti was long enough to cover my back and my back was still covered with it. I did not react to his touch. After a few more minutes I felt his toe groping around a bit.I immediately turned my face back. I saw he was busy doing something on his mobile and was laying down on the bed. He did not look at me and was still using his phone. I relaxed, thinking it was unintentional. I moved a bit towards the edge and started watching the series again.The series came to an end. I got up from the bed saying, “Bye uncle, I will switch off the TV and leave.” He immediately replied in a very gentle way. “Simran, if you want you can watch TV till your mom comes back. It’s your birthday today to enjoy it.”I was so happy listening to this and immediately sat on the bed again. Only this time my ass cheeks were touching his legs. My kurti bottom flew on top of his leg while sitting back. And to my surprise, he did not move his legs even a bit and was keeping it as it is.I wanted to move again but ignored and started changing channels. 20 minutes had passed when he asked in a sleepy voice, “Simran, I am going to take a small nap, please wake me up before you leave.” I replied with a yes and continued watching music channels.After an hour I looked back at him and was shocked to see him. His right hand was inside his shorts which were slowly moving. I didn’t believe my eyes and rubbed my eyes trying to look carefully. I saw that he was really jerking in his sleep. I was really shocked and was stunned for a moment.I left quietly shutting his door and came back to my house. It was already 6 p.m. and thought to take a small nap. But my mind was filled with questions. The image of him jerking was continuously flashing sakarya escort in front of me. I was still in shock thinking if that was real?And if he was doing it intentionally, and what not. All these questions were bombarding my brain cells. I finally snapped out of it after my mom came home from work. I started my daily chores of washing utensils and helped my mom with making dinner.At around 9 p.m my mom asked me to invite Naveen Uncle for dinner. I was feeling very nervous but still went and knocked on his door. Two minutes have passed but the door is still locked. I thought he still might be in sleep and called him, ” Naveen Uncle.” Knock knock.I heard the door being unlocked. He opened the door and was just standing in his underwear with a huge bulge on his crotch. He was looking straight into my eyes and asked in a sleepy voice, “Do you need something?” I murmured slowly “Uncle, mom is calling you to have dinner with us.”He excitingly replied, “That’s great Simran, I will be there in a moment.” All this time my eyes were on his crotch. There was a strange feeling which I had never experienced. I came back and now my brain was again exploding about the feeling I experienced.It was completely new and for some reason, I liked this new feeling. While having dinner my mom was continuously chit-chatting with him. I was busy making hot chapatis to serve. While chatting with my mom he whispered something very slowly to which my mom whispered back.He completed his meal and moved towards the washroom to wash his hand. My mom was busy picking up his plate. He went to the washroom rubbing his hand against my ass cheeks. That strange feeling struck again, which made me horny. It was a pleasure for a mini second but it felt really good.I made the bed after he left. I couldn’t sleep and I was still thinking of his actions. This was the first time I felt horny. It was around midnight when I heard our door being unlocked. It was my mom sneaking out. This was the second shock of my life.Later when my mom came back after an hour, I was sure that she was at Naveen uncle’s house. She came quietly and slept beside me thinking I was in deep sleep. All this was too much for me, I was brainstorming but finally slept.I couldn’t hold myself. The next day before my mom was off to work I asked her directly, “Why were you at Naveen uncle’s house in the night?” To which she murmured, “Nothing Simran it was just some chit-chatting.” She immediately left to work in a hurry.And after two days Naveen uncle left for his offshore duty. The same day I received a wonderful gift from my mom, it was a branded mobile phone with a camera and music player. My friend has the same model and I really wanted it. I was so happy and completely forgot about everything between mom and Naveen uncle.Listening to music was my new time pass. My entire week was full of excitement and entertainment.It is Monday morning when my mom said, “Simran, Nayar uncle’s nephew is in town and he will be staying here for a couple of days. His examination Centre is close by. So it will be convenient for him, make sure you keep this house clean and tidy.” I promptly replied, “Sure.”He came home at around 9 p.m. with my mom. My mom used to work at Nayar uncle’s house in the evening. So he will be traveling with mom daily to our home around the same time. We were of almost the same height. He is dark and has a bulky physique.“He is in Mumbai for only a couple of days and will go back to his hometown. So take care of Uttamesh like a brother until he is here,” my mom explained. He did not mind a small space and was easily adjusted to our small house.First Day – After dinner, I made our beds and we all slept together. But it was uncomfortable for all of us. We barely managed the night. But from the Next day, my mom started sleeping at Nayar uncle’s house for a few days. It was not a big deal as she used to occasionally sleep at Nayar uncle’s.The next day we both slept comfortably. In the night around 3 am I woke up to go washroom. But couldn’t move easily. His hands were on my top and his legs were on top of my legs. I carefully pushed his hands and legs without waking him up and went to the washroom.After I came back from the washroom, I realized that he was sleeping with his underwear only. Without giving any more thoughts I went to sleep. But again in the morning around 6 A.M when I woke up, his hands were on my shoulders and his one leg was above my legs.I could also feel his erect tool on my back. I was stunned for a moment and then immediately in anger pushed him away. To my surprise, he was still sleeping. I got ready for my college, (well I am still studying) By the time I was leaving, my mom was back and saw him sleeping in his undies.He got up in a few minutes and started looking for his clothes. He was so embarrassed but my mom made him feel comfortable saying, “It’s all right, beta. Get ready I will serve you breakfast,” and continued making breakfast. He came as usual with my mom around 9 p.m and we started making dinner.After dinner, I went to the washroom to get fresh. I wore a black silky short which was little below my knees and loose top without a bra. It was my daily routine and I used to only wear a bra for college. After I came back from the washroom I saw escort sakarya Uttamesh still having his dinner and my mom had already left.It was already 10 PM. So, I made our bed and went to sleep. Uttamesh scanned my entire body with his lusty eyes and was caressing his 5-inch half-erect cock over his shorts. I was in deep sleep facing the ceiling. He came closer and slowly placed his fingers on my shoulder.Then slowly moved his hand to my exposed neck and slowly turned towards one of my breasts. After groping for a few seconds, he moved his hand around my thighs caressing it very slowly. He was feeling it with full pleasure. After a few minutes, his one hand slowly caressed my left breast from over my black top.His other hand is now feeling my soft belly. His hands are feeling my entire body. He placed his hand above my shorts and is moving his hand in rhythm. His hands are now slowly feeling my entire body parts. Sometimes his hand is on my boobs and sometimes feeling my face, lips, and earlobes.He carefully pushed away my hands which was covering my upper body. Now my entire top was clearly visible to his lusty eyes. He pulled my top very slowly till my round white melons with brown nipples were fully exposed. He is feeling every inch of my boobs. He started pressing my boobs roughly and pinching my nipples.His face is only an inch away from my left boob. While slowly moving his hands up and down on my shorts he gave a small kiss on my nipples. My nipples are so hard. his wet lips feel so good. He started pulling my shorts down. My panty is getting exposed inch by inch. He pulled my white panty which made me completely naked.In seconds started rubbing my pussy lips. After a few minutes of caressing and rubbing and licking my boobs, he got up and started removing his shirt. Then his pants and now is completely naked. He is sleeping beside me with one hand on my right boobs and his one hand is taking good care of my ass cheeks.He is pinching my nipples again and brought his 5-inch black thick cock near my hole. He tried to get inside but he is unable to do so. He understood that it is an unexplored treasure. With more excitement, he moved his cock to my ass cheeks and started rubbing his cock all over my butt.After adjusting my smooth long legs, he tried to insert his shaft into my virgin hole again. After 2 to 3 more tries, he desperately gave a powerful push. His mushroom slid straight inside me. My eyes were wide open because of the pain and I am completely awake.“Oh, no! It is happening for real and it’s not a dream,” I realized. As I snapped out of it I tried to push him away angrily. But it was a waste. He is holding me in his arms from behind and his body was all over me. I resisted for a few seconds and finally gave in.He is now on top but his hold is still firm. He placed his cock head just above my entrance and in split seconds pushed his entire meat inside. Tears rolled out my eyes as it was very painful. But at the same time, there was a strange pleasure while he was stroking me nonstop.I was forcefully used by a black and fat 21-year-old pervert. My senses were lost and in shame just turned my head towards the wall. He chocked my neck and continued stroking me for another 4-5 minutes. He removed his cock outside and unloaded his thick whitish cum all over my stomach.He wiped his hand on my thighs and passed my shorts to clean it. I immediately took my shorts. With a disgusting feeling wiped it and went straight to the washroom to clean. I was really tired and was unable to move. But somehow managed to clean me and came out.By the time I came back, he was already asleep. I just crashed on the bed in seconds.Masturbation-Not EnoughMy mom arrived in the morning, woke me up and asked me to get ready for college. In the washroom, while taking bath I moved my finger to my pussy and strangely started enjoying touching myself. It was the first time I was feeling myself. It feels so good to touch it.I kept on exploring my vagina lips with one of my fingers. ‘Knock Knock.’ I was completely lost after hearing the knock. I quickly wiped myself wore my clothes and left. While in college I was only thinking of the pleasure I experienced and for some reason wanted it more.After college, I quickly reached home without interacting with any of my friends. As usual, the door was locked. I used my keys, unlocked it, drank some water and laid on my bed to relax. My hand automatically moved to my boobs. I started feeling my boobs from over my kameez(top).I am moving my hand slowly to my belly. It feels so good to move my hand all over my waist. Slowly my hips are moving against the bedsheet in the rhythm. I am moving my hand all over my breast. My other hand is slowly moving towards my salwar.I slowly pulled my kameez and started moving my hand on top of my salwar feeling every inch of my vagina. I am untieing my nada (rope) of salwar and removed it. I slowly moved my hand from my navel to my pussy lips. I finally reached my clit over my panty.It feels so good to fondle it. It was the first time I was feeling my clit. I started rubbing my clit over my panty which was already wet now. There was a strange smell making me more and more exciting. I kept rubbing my pussy. I moved my panty aside and now my hands are gently caressing sakarya escort bayan my pussy lips.I inserted my hand inside my panty. My fingers are moving all over my wet juicy hole. I pulled my hand back and started rubbing my clit in a rhythm. I came again. I began removing every cloth on my body and laid naked. I am feeling my entire body now.One hand is still on my clit and the other is now slowly moving around my ass cheeks. Now moving towards my boobs. I pressed both of my boobs vigorously and moved my fingers from clit to the entrance of my wet juicy hole. I started thrusting my finger inside slowly moving up my pace.By every stroke, my hands were moving faster and faster. It was my third orgasm but I still wanted to continue. But after looking at the time I went to the washroom and changed to my regular home wear. I made some snacks and after some time took a small nap.It was 7 pm and mom arrived with Uttamesh, in a few hours dinner was served. We had our dinner and as always mom left to sleep at Uttamesh uncle’s house. I made my bed and laid down and started listening to music on my phone. I was horny again and wanted to get used by Uttamesh again.First Kiss – MissionaryI really didn’t like him but my sexual desire took control. So I was eagerly waiting for his move. Half an hour has passed and still no sign of him trying his move. I was disappointed and thought of making a move. I thought of holding his hand but somehow stopped myself.One hour has passed my playlist is almost over. When I turned to him, I saw that he was busy studying. He looked at me and I immediately turned my self, avoiding any eye contact. My heart was beating faster than normal. Now I had to do something but my brain had stopped working.So I went to the washroom to hide my feelings. I relaxed, washed my hands and just before I was about to go out, I stopped. Without any thoughts, I removed my t-shirt, panty, and bra. I finally came out of the washroom wearing a black tank top and black shorts. The tank top is barely covering my breasts.As I went towards my bed he looked at my body. There was a spark in his eyes after looking at my exposed plumpy cleavage. I did not make any eye contact and went straight to bed. I faced the wall and slept facing the wall. My back is now facing him.My tank top was short and my milky white waist was clearly visible to him. He finally started making his move. I felt him very close to me. He kept his hand gently on my waist and started caressing my waist. Moving his hand to my navel and kept moving it.He moved his hand from inside my top and reached the base of my boobs touching my boobs with his thumb. Very slowly I moved my hand back and placed on top of his undies. I was slowly rubbing his cock. It was fully erect and I kept feeling his cock.He had already pulled my top exposing one of the boobs. Air breeze touching my boobs made my nipples hard. Now his hand is on my shorts moving around my pussy. I was extremely excited and grabbed his cock very hard. He moved his hand inside my shorts rubbed it gently. I moaned.His lips were touching my exposed shoulder. My entire body was trembling with pleasure. He continued rubbing my pussy and kissed my neck. I stroked his dick harder, biting my lips. I looked at him and gave a passionate kiss. It was my first kiss and I was really enjoying it.I moved my body freeing my other hand and started pressing my boobs. His finger is inside my pussy. He is now fucking me with his finger and removed his undies. I turned to him looking in his eyes and rubbing my hand on his bare naked cock.We both started moving our face to each other very slowly. His lips were now firmly touching my bottom lips. I pulled my lips apart and gave him passionate smooch while stroking his cock. I could feel his pre-cum in my hands. We smooched for 5 minutes.After kissing him again, I bit his lips and was stroking his cock really hard. He is moving his hand all over my back. He pushed my head down. but I was still kissing his neck and shoulder while my hips were moving to and fro with pleasure.I moved my hand to my pussy and with one hand was stroking his black cock. Unable to control he moved on top. He kept his dick on top of the tiny entrance and started moving his cock all over my pussy. I was shivering with pleasure. Feeling my boobs with my hand and feeling his cock on my pussy at the same time.He moved his cock to my clit and started rubbing it. In seconds, my pussy was dripping juices and I came for the second time. His cock is slowly entering my vagina filled with the orgasmic juices. He pushed it in with full force, his black meat was completely inside me. He is stroking really fast.His hands are holding my waist. I kept pressing my boobs vigorously until he slowed down and was gently moving his dick too and fro. He made me completely naked. I was lying exposing every treasure of my body spreading my legs to him.He is again stroking his cock really fast. After about 5 minutes, unloaded his entire cum inside me and without removing it slept over me for a few seconds. Later he went to the washroom. I looked for my shorts and tees, wiped his cum, wore the same shorts and slept.After he came from the washroom he came close to me and whispered, “Thank you. I will surely miss this. I hope we will meet again.” He gave me a small kiss on my cheeks and slept. That was a goodbye as it was his last day in Mumbai. The next day he left for his hometown.My life was now changed, and I was not a virgin anymore.What did you think of this story??

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